Day 873- Cars

Tonight I’m on a mission.  I come running out of a building to a parking lot where I’m looking for my car.  I can’t remember where I’ve parked. I think my car is blue, but there are no blue cars in the lot.  I pull my keys out of my pocket and hit the button to make the lights flash.  Nothing. I can’t find my car. I’m stuck. I can’t remember how I got here or where I’m supposed to go. So, I decide to abort the mission.  I will myself awake. I’ve done this before when I find myself in a dream that is going nowhere. The  difference is this time I feel a new sensation.  As I am coming out of the dream instead of just popping awake in my bed, I feel myself dissolving in dream land- like I’m being teleported on Star Trek.

After a few minutes I fall back asleep and I’m on a mission with another agent. We’re checking out of the lot with our assigned vehicle.  As we’re in line to check out, getting last minute instructions, the instructor (Will Smith I think) says “Has anyone ever had an experience where you find yourself stuck?  You can’t remember where you are or why you’re there?”  I say “Yes. This just happened to me. What do I do about it?”.  He reaches inside of the car, puts his finger on my palm and says “Like this?”  Then, the thought hits me.  This has to be a dream. This would never happen in real life.  The dream starts to dissolve and I start waking up. This time I feel another sensation I’ve never felt.  I feel myself coming back in to my bedroom, floating and I lie down backwards into my body as my dream body and my physical body meld back together. Then, I’m awake in the bed again.

I fall asleep a third time. I’m trying to park in a parking garage and I’m confused by the system to get a ticket. I leave the car in a drop off area and walk in to try to figure out the machine which is unbelievably complex.  The attendant walks up to me and helps me out walking me through the three step process to get a ticket which is actually a huge sheet of paper that has the exact location where they have valet parked my car while I tried to figure out this machine. He jokingly tells me I have done absolutely everything wrong I could, including leaving my car in the wrong place which is why they had to move it since it was blocking traffic.

The idea of being lost in my dreams, unprepared, on some sort of mission and having no idea what is common. Driving impaired (unable to see clearly usually) is also common. Lucid dreams, where I realize I’m actually dreaming are fairly rare. But, when I have woken myself from a dream, I’ve never done it the two ways I did last night- one time dissolving and feeling myself leave the dream slowly. The other time climbing back into my body as It was laying there in my bed.  I hope it’s the beginning of more lucid dreams or maybe even astral travel.

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