Day 908- Why Don’t I Get Dream Visits?

When our loved ones cross over, they almost always send back messages.  Animals behaving strangely, electronics glitching, lights flickering off and on, songs on the radio, all kinds of synchronicities have been attributed to signs from those who have gone on before us. But, I think the favorite sign of everyone is a dream visit.  We long for those times when we can see and even hold them again.

Last week a friend of mine had an amazing dream visit from her son that she shared with our group.  I have to admit I felt a twinge of jealousy. I’ve had a few dreams with Shayna in them, some quite vivid. Usually when I realize that it’s Shayna I wake up almost immediately. A few times I’ve been able to hug or or have her sit on my lap. In spite of this, I’ve gotten no really super great visits where she shares a secret with me or tells me everything is OK and she’s fine where she is.  Why do some people get dream visits and I don’t?

I was listening to a medium last week give her theory and it makes a lot of sense to me.  First, our loved ones have different skills there just like they did here. Some can do dream visits. Others maybe not so much. They might have to send us signs in other ways (and Shayna clearly does).  We should not demand specific signs. We have to be open to what they can do.  The other thing I found more intriguing though is that maybe we have dream visits that we just don’t remember.  According to many, we astral travel every night or just about every night. We meet with angels and guides. We even meet with departed loved ones.  Rarely do we remember these travels.  Maybe there’s a reason for this.  If we are visiting with our loved ones and we are feeling the bliss of heaven, some of us would not want to return if we could remember. The forgetting is a protection that allows us to stay connected to this world.  This would explain my longing to go to sleep every night. I so look forward to that deep, dark, dreamless sleep that I fall into most nights. It would also explain that sense when I wake up of “Damn, I’m back here again.”  I think this might also be why not everyone who has an experience where they are clinically dead and come back remembers having an NDE.  My guess is most or all do, but either by choice or by design many do not have the memory of the other side because it would be too hard to adjust to being back here

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