Day 916- Life is But a (Lucid) Dream

Reality is relative.  Increasingly, physicists are speculating that we live in some sort of a simulation. The Matrix, which seemed to be pure sci-fi when it was released almost two decades ago, may be a lot closer to reality than we think.  We pretty much know without a doubt that whatever this physical reality is we are living in, it’s not base reality.  It’s a projection or a creation of consciousness.  I just read an article saying that physicists are now able to “reverse time” (on a quantum level).  How long will it be until we can reverse time on a macro level? Alternate universes, multiple parallel universes, are almost a given. Will we be able to jump universes, jumping from one reality to another?  I listened to a podcast this morning claiming this is possible now.

Since Shayna passed, this life seems more and more dreamlike to me. I don’t think it’s just denial either. I am increasingly waking up to the reality this is not reality.  This can be disorienting at times.  Every morning, I wake up and realize over and over that “this really happened”. Then, I listen to a podcast that makes me question that.  Is it possible that, the past isn’t as objective and set in stone as we think? So far, I haven’t been able to change it.  That I do know. Whatever level of reality this is, I’m stuck in it. There is no leaping to an alternative.

I believe that when I open my eyes on the other side this will all seem like a dream, a simulation.  I will once against be back in the real reality. Many of us have never fully fit in here. Born awake is a term that is gaining traction.  People are born here remembering what it was like on the other side where are fully connected, fully integrated, where war is unthinkable.  But, slowly, or quickly, we are forced to adjust to this reality. We fall asleep. Then, we try to reawaken.

This brings me to lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you are not in your waking reality, you are indeed dreaming.  One of the basic techniques to begin to astral travel is to learn to dream lucidly. The key is making yourself aware that the bizarre dream world is not real, gaining conscious awareness while still in the dream state, remaining in that dream state and beginning to control your dream world, deliberately.  An exercise to enhance lucid dreaming is to ask yourself many times throughout the day “Am I awake or am I dreaming?”  It seems silly, but by doing this, you ingrain the habit of asking this question and hopefully you’ll ask it as you are dreaming and be able to say “I must be dreaming.”.

This feeling this isn’t real is manifesting physically at times. It comes with being lightheaded and not fully attached to my body or this reality.  It can cause a panic feeling, and it has for many years.  I feel like I’m about to leave my body. It’s the exact feeling I have in a dream when I being to dream lucidly and wake myself up. It feels like if I let go, I’ll just slip right out of this body and into the next reality which I used to think of ceasing to exist, but now I realize is waking up.  More and more I feel like “dying” is really waking up from a dream.

I’ve been thinking the goal is to wake up while I’m on this side and fully embrace the real reality while in the flesh.  I’m beginning to think this is not possible. Even when I listen to people who are enlightened, more fully in touch with the ultimate reality than I am, they are still deeply immersed in this illusion.  I know because they still mourn when a loved one passes.  They still miss their pets who cross the rainbow bridge. They still worry about what tomorrow will bring. Maybe they do it less, but no one can truly escape The Matrix while still here in The Matrix.  I think the goal is to actually begin to turn this into a lucid dream rather than one that we just drift through.  The first step, just like with lucid dreaming while you’re in your bed at night, is to realize this is just a dream. Nothing here can truly hurt us.  All of the drama, all of the ups and down, is only temporary. Money and possessions will come and go. People will come and go. I’ve sometimes wondered what the other characters in my dream think when I wake up and disappear from their presence.  When we shed our physical bodies, we’re like characters disappearing from each others’ dreams.  We’re not gone, we’re just not in the dream anymore.

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