Day 932- Roast Beef Sandwiches

So last night I’m lying in bed reading my book and I think about the roast that is in the sous vide machine downstairs.  Tywana bought a 4 pound roast and I’m thinking we’ll be having a lot of roast beef sandwiches.

The book I’m reading is on spirituality and I’ve just read about how the past and the future and the present are all really just the present and loop back on each other in an interactive feedback kind of way.  When we cross into spirit, we’ll get this. For now this is stuff I don’t understand, but I’m trying.  Then, I come across this passage:

“Members of spiritual sects characteristically strive to keep their egos under wraps and their hearts pure.  From what I’ve seen as a therapist, healer, and psychiatrist serving such communities, the attempts to repress or hide anything incompatible with their notions of spirituality- and that’s a lot, including roast beef sandwiches!- are the main reason these cults ultimately fail.”

OK. Why did she choose to mention roast beef sandwiches? I’ve never heard anyone use that as a big temptation to be resisted.  That’s random.  Or is it?

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

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