Day 940- A Profile In Courage- Tracy Soussi

Just about a year ago I met a woman at a conference in Florida.  I remember sitting with Tywana as we waited for the first session to start and seeing two women sitting in the lobby. We ended up sharing a table with them for part of the session and got to know them pretty well by the time the weekend was over.  Typically, when you go to a conference and meet people they’re in and out of your life in a few hours.  Who knew then the path our lives would take going forward?

Tracy was there almost a year to the day after the passing of her son Aymen.  Tracy is a doting mother, Aymen is her first born and her only boy. Their connection is so strong that Aymen’s passing nearly took Tracy with him.  She was hanging on by a thread.  Through a series of synchronicities, Tracy had met both Suzanne Giesemann and Mark Pitstick who were leading the training.  Through a different series of synchronicities, we had met Mark and had begun following Suzanne’s work.

Aymen, through Suzanne had given Tracy incontrovertible evidence that not only had his consciousness survived the death of his body, he was still very involved in Tracy’s life. Aymen told her she would be leading parents one day. Tracy was so bereft, this didn’t seem possible.  But, the work had already begun. Tracy had been recruited to work on the SoulPhone staff and was familiar with Helping Parents Heal. Tywana and I were affiliated leaders for HPH. By the end of the weekend, I had been recruited to work on the SoulPhone.  What we didn’t know at the time was that in a few months, Tywana and I would be working with Tracy (and Beth) as leaders for a new online chapter of Helping Parents Heal.

In the past year I’ve gotten to know Tracy pretty well.  Seven months after the Florida conference, we ended up at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute conference in Scottsdale, AZ.  Tracy and Beth were both there. Tywana connected with those two and five others to form Soul Sisters 8 and I think they have talked every day since then- four months ago.

Most of involved with HPH believe in soul planning now. We don’t think our kids transitions were accidents, or punishments.  They were planned with a larger purpose. And, for us leaders anyway, that purpose was at least in part to give us a big shove on our spiritual journey.  I’ve seen phenomenal changes in Tywana over the last two and a half years, more than in the previous 27 years combined. I’ve seen Tracy grow in strength, courage, and confidence.  It’s stil not easy. One of the good things about hanging with parents who have gone through this is we can be honest.  It sucks.  Sometimes it sucks a little less. But, it always sucks.  Yet, we go on.

Just a couple of days ago Tracy did a a radio interview on We Don’t Die radio.  Here’s a link:  Tracy Soussi- We Don’t Die Episode 227  As I listened to Tracy speak, it’s hard to believe it is the same woman I met last February.

Tracy is just one example of us Shining Light Parents who are on this most difficult, but perhaps most fulfilling (still to be determined) path. Tracy, Tywana, Beth and I running HPH Online have reached thousands (we have about 2,500 members) of parents, hopefully creating ripples that will echo into eternity.

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