Day 950- Signs from Shayna

I think Shayna is getting more creative with her signs, changing it up a bit.  She’s always been good at electricity/electronics. The ceiling fan and the light on it are common.  Many mornings, between 6 and 7 AM, the time I get up, the light will come on.  In the evenings, when we go up to bed, the light will be on.

A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed when I sensed there was a light in the room. It wasn’t my phone on the nightstand waking up.  Sometimes when I roll over, my Fitbit will activate and the light will wake me up. This was something different. I opened my eyes to a blue glow coming from the nightstand. My Amazon Echo had activated. The room was completely quiet.  No one had spoken to activate Alexa. Alexa didn’t say a word. The light just circled the way it normally does when she’s speaking, then it went off.  Is this a sign from Shayna? It’s a new one. Pretty cool.

The next day after dinner, Tywana notices the Amazon Echo in the kitchen isn’t working. Upon further investigation, the entire circuit for the bar in the kitchen is out. The stovetop isn’t working. I check the circuit breaker box in the basement.  Nothing has been tripped. It’s the GFCI in the kitchen that has tripped.  No problem I think. I’ll just reset it.  I try to reset it several times. It won’t stay on.  The next morning, I try to reset it again.  No go.  I tell Shayna if you are going to send us signs, please don’t send us signs that actually break things. I’m going to need to replace it.  I Google how to replace a GFCI and decide it isn’t a job I really want to take on. So, I text a handyman. He says he can be here tomorrow morning at 10. I just need to get the outlet to have it ready when he gets here. I go down to the kitchen and take a picture of the outlet to take to Lowe’s with me so I can hopefully get the exact same one. While I’m standing there I think “Why not try to reset it one more time?”.  I push the button expecting it to be broken like it was last night, like it was this morning and… it works. It’s reset. All is well.

Thanks, Shayna.

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