Day 956- Shayna Drops In

This is a guest entry from Tywana.

Suzanne Giesemann started her Unity.fm radio show on 2/1/18.  I listened.  Told the Soul Sistas (my group of 7 Shining Star daily texting friends) that I feel as though I have come full circle since I found Unity a couple of months after Shayna transitioned.

I felt I wanted to tell Suzanne that also so I sent her a quick text about coming full circle and how happy I was that she was on the radio and helping others. I met Suzanne a year ago this month and spent time with her in September.  She did a reading for us almost a year ago now.  Suzanne texted back to say thanks and that she felt Shayna was showing her a special head band that Kayla or I wears.  I tell her yes that Kayla wears one of Shayna’s favorite ones.  It was Shayna’s special headband from Lululemon.  It was too expensive for me, but got Shayna one anyway.  Suzanne says she has a reading now but she is sending a hug from Shayna via her and that she felt Shayna, and she is so full of love for Brian, Kayla and I.

Then my cell rings.  It’s Suzanne.  My first thought is this is a butt dial because she said she had a reading.  But it’s  not a butt dial.  She says Shayna said “Call my Mom. She has a question for you.”    Suzanne asks “What is the question?”  I say well I don’t really have one but I had just finished meditating and was wondering, like I always do, if Shayna was there while I meditated.  Suzanne says hold on…..Shayna is showing me Mala beads.  I said well two days ago I picked up my mala beads and used them during meditation.  They have been untouched for months in my meditation room.  I also told her that here at my desk in the basement I brought down the book that my friend gave me when she gave me the male beads. That was just a couple of days ago.  I told her the title—Beads of Faith.  Suzanne says the title holds great meaning because Shayna wants you to have faith that she really is with you.  Shayna also told her that she and Grace (Heidi’s daughter) and Carly (Irene’s daughter) and others will be helping Suzanne with the reading with Joe on Sunday ( Joe is a guy on our facebook page that is having a hard time).  That is why they are also close to Suzanne right now and why I felt the need to text her about her show.  Suzanne also said Shayna feels she is settling in and feeling good where she is.  Shayna also feels older and more mature. I told Suzanne the girls always teased me about being a baby soul.  Shayna said we are older than we can imagine.    It  is ONE big web according to Suzanne.  I am blown away and crying so many happy tears right now.    #STILLRIGHTHERE all our kids.

footnote from Brian- Suzanne is an evidential medium. While she could have just said Shayna is here and says “Blah…blah…blah..”, Suzanne always asks the spirits for evidence that it’s them. In this case Shayna told her about the mala beads which Tywana hadn’t used until recently which tied in with the book she had moved from our bedroom to the basement in recent days.  This is evidence not only that Suzanne was actually in touch with Shayna but that Shayna knows what is going on in our lives.

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