Day 960- Dream of Shayna

I’m walking through an amusement park and I look up and I see Shayna. She’s about 8 years old. I can’t believe my eyes. She’s right here.  I look around to see if I’m dreaming or this is real. I can feel the ground beneath my feet.  I can feel the sunshine and the air on my skin. I’m convinced it’s real. I reach out to Shayna but she pulls away. She says that this can’t be real, that we aren’t really together again. I tell her it is. She says the dentist (I don’t know why she said dentist) had said that she wasn’t going to die. So, she’s scared that if we accept being together again, she’ll be taken away from me.  I think that maybe she’s right, but I tell her it’s OK.This time we’ll really be together. I reach out to touch her. She pulls away and kind of kneels down, not wanting me to touch her, scared that it’s not real. I put my hand on her back and I feel her start to fade away until she’s gone. I wake up, covered in goosebumps.

The scene shifts. I’m outdoors and some people are having a beach volleyball pick up game. They ask me if I want to play. Sure, I say and start to take off my shoes to get ready.  Someone asks me how old I am. Without hesitation or thinking I say “I’m 31″.  I have no idea why.

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