Day 961- The Helen Keller of the Spirit World

When it comes to intuition, I’m about as left brained as they come.  I’ve been exploring spirituality, mediumship, ESP, intuition, all that woo woo stuff for a few years, but I have no ability. I’ve sat in workshops. I’ve tried Facilitated After Death Communications (FADC), and been told I would be able to connect all to no avail. As Gary Schwartz has said of himself, I am the Helen Keller of the spirit world.  I don’t see or hear spirit.  When I do have a “feeling” I write it off as imagination.

So, today when I had the opportunity to sit in on a communication with spirit class, I thought I’d just hang in the background because I never get anything in these things. I figured it’d be a large group and I could just blend in.  Oops.  There were only 9 of us on the call. We had an introduction, did a couple of exercises, then the medium put up a picture of the child of one of the women in the group (again, there were 8 women and me on the call).  We were supposed to invite his spirit in and she was going to guide us through what we could get from him.  He was 16 when he passed which was pretty easy to guess from the picture we were shown. I guessed his personality as being a “jokester” (that is the word that came to me).  When told to imagine what one word he would write on an imaginary chalkboard, I came up with “Mom”.  No one dies alone.  So, we were asked to imagine who met him on the other side. I got one word “grandmother”.  When told to imagine what song he would give us, I came up with Lovely Face by Julia Fordham. And, lastly, when told he was now handing us a gift bag, with a gift for his mother and we were to open the bag and take out the gift, I got a yellow rose.

Now, it was time for the reveal.  Nearly everyone in the group described him as outgoing and friendly.  A couple of people got that he was meticulous about his appearance. Tywana got “Sharp Dressed Man” for her song.  All of these were validated by his mother and the consistency of the message was amazing.  Several people thought he was met by a grandmother, a pretty easy guess, but his mother looked pretty young and he was only a teenager. It was quite possible he didn’t have a grandmother in spirit.  Which is what I thought when grandmother came to me.  It was odd how many of us (including the professional medium) got grandmother.  He does have a biological grandmother in spirit and the mother of his step-father who raised him. He had never met either of them in life, but that doesn’t matter. They knew him.  He probably was met by a grandmother.

His mother confirmed his personality as being meticulous, friendly, and a sharp dresser.  One person got Massachusetts. She could not think of a connection to Massachusetts.  He was a mama’s boy, which might be why I got Mom as my one word. But, that’s a pretty easy guess for a teenage boy and his mother. I’m not impressed with getting “Mom”.

When it came time to reveal our songs, I didn’t want to share mine because first of all no teenage boy would know a Julia Fordham song and the only line that came to me was from the chorus.  I looked up the lyrics because I knew no one would know the song. I read them to the group

I’m standing in my kitchen, I’m driving in my car
Lying on my bed in my room wondering where you are
I keep meaning to call you, but I never find the time
Doesn’t mean to say that you’re not weaving through my mind!
What I wouldn’t do right now to see your lovely face
What I wouldn’t do right now to see your lovely face
What I wouldn’t do right now to fill in all this space
That I’ve gone and built just for myself

Sitting in this restaurant, I’m running ‘round some park
Swimming in some clear blue water wondering where you are
I keep meaning to tell you that things aren’t what they seem
Doesn’t mean that you’re not weaving through my dreams!
What I wouldn’t do, what I wouldn’t do
What I wouldn’t do right now to see your lovely face…

Maybe that had some meaning for her. I think it did.  This was the first thing I actually revealed to the group.  I hate being wrong. “Can’t be wrong with a song.” I thought.  But, when she was asked about Massachusetts, she said they didn’t have a connection to Massachusetts. She lives in Texas.  Ah ha! I thought.  Maybe I did get something right.  The Yellow Rose of Texas. I got a yellow rose. When I looked in the bag (in my mind) and saw a yellow rose, I thought “OK.  Maybe a rose. But why a yellow rose?  Who gives yellow roses?” Bingo.  Yellow Rose of Texas. So, I spoke up. I said “You said you live in Texas.  I got a yellow rose.”  She then said that he husband had given her a yellow rose a few days ago.  She had been driving around with it on the dashboard. She had just thrown it out yesterday.  “Oh wait.” she said “It hasn’t made it out of the car.” She was doing the meeting from in her car because she was actually working at the time. She reached into the bag and pulled out… a yellow rose.

The wild thing is that she thought that this was going to be something she could just listen to. She didn’t realize she was going to be asked to do exercises that required concentration/relaxation. I think Alyson chose her son’s picture since she couldn’t actually do the exercises very well because she kept getting phone calls and the crew she was supervising was right outside of her car. It’s a good thing she stuck with it because she got some amazing validations from eight strangers that her son is still right here.

And, maybe I have more of a spark of intuition than I know.

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