Day 962- Are You Talking About Me?

I love my dream world where physics doesn’t exist as we know it here. As I’m on a cross country bike ride, I invent a new way to cut through head winds by laying out on my side and kind of side stroking the way you would in a swimming pool. The bike actually disappears and it’s more like swimming through air than biking, but it works in my imaginary world.

After the bike ride, I’m walking along talking with my friend Robert. We’re talking about our kids and he’s telling me his daughter is 5′10″ which he thinks is really tall.  I tell him my daughter, the volleyball player, was 5′10″ when she was 15.  Just then I hear Shayna behind me saying “Oh.  Me.  You’re talking about me.”  She’s thrilled that I’m talking about her.  I turn around to see her jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face, happy that she’s being acknowledged.   I say “Yes, Shayna.  I’m talking about you.”  Robert turns to see who I’m talking to and sees no one there. I say “Oh, you can’t see her because she passed away a few years ago. She’s dead.” Robert tells me that there is no death. That death is just an illusion and, of course, she is still right here.  He goes on, but I can’t remember all he said, just the feeling I got knowing that he was right and that there is no separation even though it sometimes seems like it.  I wake up in tears. I’m not sure if they’re tears of joy or of sorrow. But, I cherish the knowledge that even the apparent separation is not forever and I’m one day closer.

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