Day 999B- Celebrity Medium Thomas John

Tonight I’m hosting a meeting with the celebrity medium Thomas John. If you’re not into mediumship you probably don’t know he’s the medium many A-list celebrities seek out, he does sold out events and he has been featured nationally in print and on television (and has an upcoming television show).

Thomas begins the evening telling us his life story and answering some general questions about the spirit world and how all this all works.  Then, he begins with the readings which is what I really want to tell you about.

I have to set the scene first. I’m still a skeptic.  I know there are frauds.However, I truly 100% believe that mediumship is real. The evidence is overwhelming.  I’ve had readings with people who had no motivation to lie to me. I’ve had two blind readings where the medium knew nothing but my first name.  One was for a study. The other was booked and paid for by a friend.  But, I’m not going to be a sucker.  I analyze the situation and I look for potential fraud. As of today, our closed group has 2,881 members. In the group, 66 people have registered to be on the call. He does not have access to that information either.  122 people end up actually on the call.

I’ve been to gallery readings before.  I always wonder if the medium has planted people in the audience and just picks the people they’ve planted. Obviously, they can’t look up details on the attendees, but they could plant people in the audience. I’ve seen Cindy Kaza twice.   I do recommend her, BTW. I have virtually eliminated that possibility for her because she’s in a different city every night, playing comedy clubs.  After I saw her show, I went to her Facebook page and stalked the people she had read who had come to comment.  They were all locals with real Facebook profiles.  If she’s planting people, she has a stable of people in every city in the country with a comedy club.  A massive effort. But, I digress.  Back to Thomas John, my friends attended a Thomas John show a few years ago and were the recipients of a gallery reading that blew them away. They know they weren’t plants.

Thomas is reading for free for a group of grieving parents.  He’s already booked up with appearances and television show. He’s not here to drum up business. He has no motivation to try to fool us.  There’s no financial gain for him and he doesn’t need the publicity. He’s donated two hours of his time to this.  So, no motive, no opportunity. I don’t see how or why he’d be trying to fool us.  Why would he bother?

In the half an hour or 45 minutes he’s doing reading, he reads three people  I’ve seen many mediums who say things like “I have a J name or I have a Robert”.  Everyone has someone in their family with a J name.  Almost everyone has a Robert.  Thomas does some of this but, he also gets very, very specific.  Keep reading… Thomas says he has a message he thinks for a mother and father. Very few fathers are on this call. I see only two.  As he throws out some general information and hones in on a particular mother, we switch the video feed to her and Thomas starts the reading.  Then, as he’s getting this incredible information, the husband appears in the frame.  As far as I know, they are the only couple on the call and none of us knew he was there until this moment.  I’m impressed that Thomas seems to maybe have sensed the father was there.Now for the specific information. I can only give a small sample because there was so much. Tonight, Thomas gets names like Frost (the middle name of one of the kids) and Sequoia, the name of one of the kids’ surviving brother.  Frost and Sequoia, not exactly Robert and James. He tells a mother that she has kept her son’s room in tact and there is a chess board in it.  He correctly identifies one person’s cause of death as poisoning (very rare- it was an intentional poisoning).  He tells a mother of a minor child that she spent time separated from her child (it was three years that she didn’t even see him).  That same mother he identifies as having really bad arthritis (she described it as chronic pain).  He talks about sexual abuse with that child, also correct.  He describes the way she was told about her child’s passing as “inappropriate”.  I won’t share the details but it was the most inappropriate way I could possibly think of.  Her ex-husband was downright cruel, sadistic, and grotesque in how he told her.  He gets an exact birth date of November 12th.  These are just a few of the pieces of very specific things he brought through many of which he would have no way of knowing even if he had looked these people up.

All during the readings, we are commenting in the chat box and texting each other completely blown away by his abilities.

I know there will remain skeptics about mediums and that’s OK. For me, i’ve seen enough to know there are absolutely people with real, amazing abilities that are most simply and completely explained by believing what they claim, that they are connecting with people “on the other side”. There are peer reviewed, blind studies.  As I always say, there are bad mediums, good, mediums, exceptional mediums, and there are frauds.  Just because there are frauds and bad mediums doesn’t mean there aren’t people who can truly make a connection that can change your life. Even though I believe in mediumship, I am flabbergasted every time I meet one who is truly the real deal.

Of the 122 people in the call, only three of us were able to get readings from Thomas in the time allowed. But, we all came away uplifted.  If one of our kids was there, all of our kids were there. And if they were there, they are still right here.

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