Dr. Lotte Valentin- The MD Who Had Two NDEs

Dr. Lotte Valentin was an atheist until two NDEs shifted something inside her. Suddenly, gifted with intuitive foresight, Dr. Valentin realized she was on the “wrong” life path, and went to medical school at the age of 54.

Dr. Lotte Valentin, “The Intuitive Physician”, is an N.M.D., author, medical intuitive, evidential medium, ancestral healer, and an international keynote speaker! She is the author of Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul, an inspirational story about transformation, healing, and spirituality, which won 1st place in the category of Spiritual Leadership in August 2021 from Living Now Book Awards! This award recognizes truly world-changing books that contribute to positive global change.

Dr. Lotte has had two Near-Death out-of-body experiences which resulted in her becoming clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and activating her life path. She was then guided to attend medical school as well as become an author and evidential medium. Dr. Lotte completed her medical school prerequisites and was accepted into medical school at the age of 54!

Dr. Lotte is also the host of her own podcast Dr. Lotte: Science with Soul to help people create a path to healing their own life physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and bridge the gap between science and soul.

Find her at www.DrLotte.com and www.DivineSpirtualEssence.com


Lotte Valentin 0:00
During the next 12 years after my near death experience, I became more and more clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. So I started seeing things I would see images of things that were going to happen, where I would hear things clear audience, or I would feel things in my body clairsentience. And, you know, after 12 years of, of seeing things before they happened, I would, it becomes it comes to a point when you hear the spirit world and it’s been 12 years of receiving messages. It’s now part of who you are, because you’re always listening, and they’re always there. And so, that is how I ended up going to medical school at the age of 54.

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Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth and I forgot to ask you how to pronounce your name before we get started. So I do want to ask you that.

Lotte Valentin 2:19
So my nickname is Lottie. And my last name is pronounced either Valentin or Valentine is actually the Swedish spelling of the name Valentine, which is why it doesn’t have an E on the end.

Brian Smith 2:31
Okay, cool. All right. Well with that I want to introduce Dr. Lottie Valentin. She’s had two near death and out of body experiences which resulted in her becoming clairvoyant, clairaudient and Claire sentient. If you don’t know what that is, we’ll define that once we get started. And it actually activated her life path. She was then guided to attend medical school as well, and become an author as well as become an author and an evidential medium. She completed a medical school prerequisites it was accepted into medical school at the age of 54. She’s also the host of her own podcast, which is Dr. Lati science with soul to help people create a path to helping to heal in their own life physically, emotionally and spiritually and bridge the gap between science and soul. And I know my guests love to hear near death experiences I love to hear about the near death experiences. So I think this is gonna be a really exciting episode that I want to welcome Dr. Lottie, Valentin.

Lotte Valentin 3:23
Thank you so much, Brian, it’s an honor to be on your podcast.

Brian Smith 3:27
Thanks. I’m really excited about having you here. Today. We did a little bit of chatting before we get started. I love your personality. And I think this is gonna I know this is gonna be a great episode. Like for you to maybe start with talking about your near death experiences and how that kind of set you on your life’s path?

Lotte Valentin 3:44
Sure. Yeah. So I had two near death experiences. And the interesting part of it is that even though I was born and raised in the country of Sweden, which is in Northern Europe, and in Sweden, back then there was no separation of church and state. And so you were a Lutheran when you were born. And if you did not want to be a Lutheran, you had to tell somebody. And when you needed a passport, you actually went to the church to get your passport. And so I was confirmed with all my friends, it was just part of what you did when I was 14. I did not believe in anything that I was taught. I did not believe in life after death. I did not believe that was that there was something called the spirit world or that you actually survived your bodily death. I didn’t believe in angels. I didn’t believe in anything. I thought, you die. It’s black, you’re gone. And that’s it. So then I had my near death experiences, which completely changed my view of life and who we are, you know who and why we’re here on Earth. So my first near death experience happened after my third child was born, and that was in 1992. And I hemorrhaged right after give Being birth. First of all, I gave birth between a 7.4 and a 7.2. Earthquake. So the, the epicenter of that earthquake was out in the desert. So I gave birth, we lived in Southern California at the time. So people who are familiar with Disneyland, it’s an Anaheim go all the way east. So the eastern part of Anaheim, that’s where the hospital was, even though we lived in Huntington Beach at the time.

And when that first earthquake hit, I was contracting about three minutes apart. And that was one of the times in my life that I thought I was going to die. And I bring this up, because there is a difference later on with my nd II. But thinking that you’re going to die, and the hospital was rolling back and forth. And there were windows from floor to ceiling and those big windows and the ceiling piles. You know, you just think everything is gonna crumble upon you. And midwives, the nurses, my husband, everybody was just hanging over me holding on to the table where I was lying on the bed, I would have levitated off the bed. If they hadn’t held me down. It was that bad. So we lost all the power in the hospital. And my labor stopped. Because when you’re running from the tiger, if a tiger comes and you’re giving birth, you’re gonna stop giving birth and get yourself to safety and then give birth. And that’s exactly what happened. So my life is flashing before my eyes and thinking, Oh, my gosh, this is it. I’m gonna die. I never thought it was going to die this way. And my poor boys, my boys were six and three. My parents were visiting from Sweden to help care for the kids. And then the earthquake stopped. My labor eventually picked back up after 20 to 30 minutes, I gave birth to my daughter, we had a second earthquake is so important to went through the same thing again. And then finally, when they gave me the baby, I just arched backwards and just started screaming, saying, Take the baby, I’m in pain. And then that was the first time I hemorrhaged, and it was a mountain of blood clots that came out and they were, you know, massaging my uterus. They put me on Pitocin IV drip. And we had no power in the hospital. The whole hospital was running on generators, and we had you know, aftershock after aftershock. So 10 days later. And I keep having pain, neck standing up like pelvic pain. And it felt like if you put a fist inside your stomach and push downwards, that’s what the feeling was. Well, after 10 days of this, I hemorrhage a really large blood clot. And we went to the ER. And they did you know examination and they said, Oh, nothing much is happening. Now it could have been a second lining. And this is 1992 No, no ultrasound, no blood work. And they sent me on my way after a few hours. And then the next day, same thing again, hemorrhage again at home. And my husband called the hospital explained what had happened. And I yelled to my husband as it was 10 o’clock at night I said this, I’m not going they’re not going to do anything. And it was decided I see a doctor the next morning. So I see the doctor next morning, same thing, manual examination, nothing much is happening and sent me on my way. No lab work, no ultrasound, then a hemorrhage again, we go back to the hospital. So now it’s Friday evening, we go back to the ER and I tell them look, this has happened now. You know, this is the third time I’m doing hemorrhaging. And they said, okay, so manual examination, and they look it over. They say nothing much is happening. What keeps you from observation? Close the door. I’m lying in this er by myself with a closed door, no bell, no way to call anyone. And I start bleeding again. So at this point, no, I’m pretty young. I’m 34 I look very healthy. You know, we’re living in Southern California. So you’re, you know, it’s June. So I’m tan, I look healthy. So people don’t think there’s anything wrong, right? So, uh, randomly, this nurse opens the door to check on me. And she sees you know, that all the papers I’m lying on are bloody and, you know, her jaw drops and she’s just, you know, the horror on her face. And I hear the call on the loudspeakers, you know, OBGYN stacked to the ER OBGYN staff to the ER. And I’m just like, they’re, you know, just being innocent thinking, Well, you know, finally somebody is going to, you know, figure out something’s wrong with me. So he cuz this older doctor comes running jog literally out of breath, with a younger doctor, probably the rest of the physician behind him. And they come in and they do another manual examination. And while they do that examination, another large blood clot comes out. And they’re there. They’re big. They’re like the size of a baby’s head each time. So at that point, I had this was the fifth time now I’m hemorrhaging in three days, so I had very little blood left. And at that point, I tried to sit up and tell the doctor, I’m not feeling too good. And so he knew right away, you know what had happened and how much blood I must have lost. So he just pushed me down onto the bed in the ER, and the room filled with staff, you know, all these people came in, but at this time, I can’t keep my eyes open. And they keep tipping the table backwards. So my head goes down, my feet goes up, trying to keep as much blood as they can in my brain in my heart.

And I have a nurse on my right and a nurse on my left, and the nurse on my right is reading my blood pressure. And the nurse and my left is trying to place an IV, but I’m not going into shock because I’ve been hemorrhaging for three days, I barely have any blood left. And so when that happens, it’s really difficult to get an IV place, which is why if you go to the ER today, they’ll place an IV, and they’ll just give you a saline solution, which is just body water, right? Because now they have access to your vein in case something goes south, now they can just inject medication, well, back then they that wasn’t the standard procedure. So now they’re having a hard time accessing my my vein. And as this is happening, and I hear all the people, I feel like I’m just falling through space. And all I can think is the first is probably my blood pressure dropping first of all, because I just feel like, I jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. And I’m just falling to the ground. And as the nurse on my right quotes, the blood pressure, she yells out 50 over 15 Hurry. And it’s in this panic voice, which you know, later, going through all the PTSD of having these experiences, I would wake up hearing that voice and thinking I was dying. And it was shortly after that, that I realized that I was dying. And that was very different from the feeling of giving birth. When I thought I was going to die my life, my life flashed before my eyes, oh my gosh, I never thought I was going to die this way. Now I knew I was dying. And I’m thinking What’s taking her so long, the nurse on my left, but I didn’t know why she was having such difficulties, right. And I’m lying on this table. And I can feel my soul is starting to separate from my body. And I’m holding on it’s like hanging on hanging on the cliff and the Grand Canyon with your nails. And you’re just just hanging on for your life. And at that point, I knew I was dying, which was very different. And the atheist that I was, at the time did not believe in anything, what did I do? I prayed to God to save my life. Because it was all that I had left. There was no other hope than that. And so I just pray to God and I say, Please let me live, I have three children under the age of six, they need a mother. And so with that, I got sucked out of my body. So now all of a sudden, I’m floating, maybe three feet above my body. But when I’m outside my body, the first thing that I that comes to me is how can I still be me? How can I still be here? How can I be outside my body and my body is down there, this is not support, you know, it’s not supposed to be this way. Because my belief system was that that can’t happen, it would be impossible. So I’m on the other side, but there is a there is knowing that there is no time, there is no time on the other side. And I can access past present and future information. Because time does not doesn’t exist on the other side. But there’s also this unconditional love of just feeling like a peace. And you know, everything is

just just peaceful and you feel just very loved. But I didn’t see anybody in this first and II that’s all I got was that. And I knew that I belonged to the body and that I was somehow attached. And you know, people talk about the silver cords and these things and I just had a knowing that I was attached but did not see any silver cords or anything but I knew I belong to that body. And that was my home. That’s where I live just like you live in your house or your you live in your car. Imagine living in your car, your whole your whole life. And then your car dies, like your body dies, you step outside, you’re still there. Right? So that’s the feeling I had that the soul is really my true me the body is just a shell where I live when I’m having an earthly experience. So with that I get sucked back into my body. And I saved my life. And then the next morning right away. So now of course I stayed in the hospital and all that. And the next morning my sister in law had just passed away about a week earlier. And I know she’s at the corner of my ceiling and I can hear her saying everything’s going to be okay. And at this point I think I’m going crazy. First I had an out of body experience. And that I couldn’t explain, didn’t understand. And now I’m hearing my sister in law who has already, you know, passed away. So I’m afraid of sharing the experience. So the nurse comes in, they sent me a weak Norwegian nurse, because they figured she would probably bond with me later, better than anybody else goes, I was Swedish. And she asked me, she said, Did you have any unusual experience, you know, the, during the day before, and I was petrified of telling her that I was just No, no, nothing, nothing special, you know, I did not have any experiences, because I figured if I shared this, they would lock me up in the mental ward. Because that, you know, it had really rocked my own belief system that this can’t happen, it must just be in my brain, you know, I’m having some kind of hallucinations. So with that, I got sent home. And then I was then I developed something called bone marrow suppression. So I was really sick. And I had electrical interference, the VCRs wouldn’t turn on, the watches would stop and all these things that can happen to people that have a near death experience, it’s like we get out of out of balance, right. So now we have the electrical equipment doesn’t work well. And so now we know from all the research that this is something that’s common, that happens to people that are revived in some way. So then I have bone marrow suppression, I’m really sick I have. So I’m not making enough platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells, and I’m really sick for the next six years, and particularly the first two or three years. So I’ve always had this feeling of my soul never having merged back with my body. So you know, I joke is this emerging problem, like the soul didn’t merge back in with a body war? Was it just because I was so sick, and I walked that fine. And I was, now that I’ve gone to medical school, I’m just horrified over the fact that, you know, I just I kept bouncing from doctor to doctor, because every time I went to the doctor, they would say, Oh, you’re way too sick? Why do you have pneumonia? Again, it’s, you know, it’s August, and people don’t get pneumonia in August? And why, you know, how did you get this big bruise. And because I wouldn’t be, even if I just put my knee on the floor to help my children tie their shoes, I would get a bruise the size of like a tennis ball on my knee. Because I had no platelets, so low platelets, low white blood cells, I would get sick all the time, I will get pneumonia, you know, once or twice a year. And that took a good six years for that to really even out and made me you know, live more normal, a normal, more normal life. I couldn’t stand up while I was cooking food for my kids. So I had a stool in the kitchen, I would sit down when I was cooking at the stove, because if I stood still too long, I would literally pass out. So so it’s during this time, when I’m constantly feeling my soul is leaving my body. And I’m, I’m always holding on to my soul. No, no, no, we’re not passing out. We’re not leaving in. I got to stay here. My kids need me. But then my second nd happened in the middle of the night. And you know, is this a spiritually transformative experience? Or is it a near death experience, it doesn’t really matter, because the outcome of the experience is what matters, it is the outcome of how we changed me as a person, and what I’m here to do to help other people. And so in the beginning, I was very hung up on the terminology, well, because I’m so scientific, I want proof for everything. And that’s just you know, how I came to the world with my own father being a physician, and one of my brothers is a surgeon. So I was raised that very scientific,

having a very scientific approach to life, where if you can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. So this second near death experience happened in the middle of the night. And I would often wake up and take my head off the pillow because I had so little blood that I would feel faint, my head would pound my hands and feet would be ice cold. And I would just take my head off the pillow and then try and get more blood in my my head or pull my legs up. So again, I wake up and I feel you know, really faint, and I take my head off the pillow. And you know, the soul is always trying to live. And I’m always feeling like I’m holding on to it. But this time, it just, it just took off. It was you know, one second you’re in your body and then another split second. It’s, you know, a 1,000th of a second or something. I mean, it’s just you’re there and then you’re not it’s so fast that transition that you know, my little mind here on earth can’t really comprehend how fast that is and how it can happen so quickly. And people often ask me, do you live through your head or do you live through your chest? I honestly have no idea because one second I’m inside and the second on next second. I’m out. So who knows what how you get in and out or if there’s actually some like Portal that we use to get in and out. So so the second Monday happened in the middle of the night, I take my head off the pillow and I just get sucked out of my body They just like an ER. But this nd is so different from my first one. And I always joke that they didn’t get to have give me the full effect the first time, they were too quick to say my life. So I had to do it again, to get myself on my life path. Because it’s the second experience that really changed my life path and understanding what I’m here to do. So I get sucked out on my body, and I tumbled through space, there is no timeline, there is no light, I’m just tumbling through darkness. So imagine that you’re flying to the moon in a rocket and they just drop you off, you just tumbling through space. And then I get to this place that I call the mid station. And it’s only because there is an awareness that if you go into a skyscraper, and there is 100 floors, and you push the elevator button on floor 50 You know that their floors above you, but you’re, you don’t see them because you’re on floor 15, you know, there’s floors below you. So that was the feeling that I ended up at this level that like different levels and different bouncing stations are not supposed to be here, then this is where you end up. So you get sent back because I didn’t have a choice. And people sometimes talk about, I was given a choice. There was no choice I was the setback. And so I get to this, this, what I call the bouncing station. And the first thing I hear is the most beautiful music. And it is more beautiful than any music I can make here on earth. It is angelic. And I see this log cabin floating in space. And it’s just funny to me, what we see, you know, some people see, you know, fields of flowers, I see a log cabin. And I look inside the log cabin, because I’m thinking the music must be coming from the log cabin. And it’s empty. So I look to the left. So I’m without my body. I’m just like in spirit, but I’m still rotating. So I look to the left, and I see an identical cabin to the one on the right, I look inside, but it’s empty. But as I’m now you know perplexed over where’s the music coming from, there is a growing white light behind me, just as if you’re standing in a spotlight, and somebody’s shining a spotlight behind you. And with that I rotate around. And the light is the brightest, whitest, most beautiful light that you can imagine.

But with this light, there is a knowing that you are with divine source. And there is a knowing that you like you come from this light, this is where we go back to when we die, it is just pure, unconditional love. And we carry we carry this light within us and we return to this light at death. But in this light, so this light, this envelopes you it extends to everything. But in the light, there is an outline of angels, and the music is coming from the angels. But I didn’t believe in angels. I didn’t believe in God, I didn’t believe in the afterlife. So this is still How can this be? How can I still be me? So then I become aware of Two Spirit Guides. And there’s one on my right and and he says to the other spirit guide, what’s she doing here? She can’t be here. She has to go back. And I’m like, no, no, no, wait a second. How can I be here? How can I still be me and be here. And then the spirit guide from my left says as if they somehow have control over what we get to remember he says if I told you you wouldn’t remember, but you will remember this and then it’s like a movie screen or it’s like images just appear. And it is as if I’m standing on the moon looking down on earth because I see Earth like in the distance as as if from outer space looking down. But then around the earth there is this diamond shaped glittery fishnet now remember this is now in 1994. So we didn’t have internet yet.

And in so this glitter if you’re what I call the fishnet, and I only call it the fishnet because growing up in Sweden, I would spend my summers on an island with no electricity or running water. And I finally graduated to be the rower because I had three older brothers to be the rower for my grandmother to lay the fish nets in the ocean to catch fish for the family to eat. So you know, by the time I’m like seven or eight, I finally get to row the boat. And when she lifted these nets out of the water in the early morning sun, you have all these water droplets on the fishnet and this sort of shimmer and glitter in the sun. So to me, I’m looking at this, which is now when you Google it, you can Google in a grid around the Earth, and that’s literally what it looked like. But at the time, we didn’t have the internet and I had no knowledge or any thing like this. So to me, it looked like a fishnet. So I see this glittery fishnet around the earth. And the spirit guide tells me, everything on earth is connected to each other. But everything on earth is connected up to this grid. And with that, I get sent back. So, you know, one split second later, now I’m back in my body. But that is really what has activated my life path, the knowing, first of all, the knowing that our soul, our spirit survives our bodily death, we are still there, you know, and it’s just a matter of paying attention, you know, spirit world sends us messages all the time to say that they are fine, and they are with us, and they’re checking in on us. But it took me, you know, a quarter of a century because this is 1992 and 1994, it wasn’t until about 2015, that I finally became comfortable talking about it, because for so many years, I would think it must have been an hallucination, there must have been the brain. And then the more I learned, the more I realized, oh my gosh, all these other people I’ve had these experiences to, I’m not alone. And with that, I think was what really opened me up and say, Okay, it’s time to, to share this, because this is for everybody to know and to hear and, you know, help so much we, you know, we lose people that we love all the time. And, and to know that they are okay, and they are still there, they’re still with us, we just can’t see them, they can see us and hear us. But we have a hard time to, you know, know if they’re there. And that’s because we are having our life experience in our bodies, we can’t have, you know, and like an unlimited access to that life, because they would we have the focus on having our earthly experiences on Earth in our body, and the mind is so limited in that capacity, and often fail, it’s just them. It’s just so that we can have our experience is still so that we can have our soul learn and grow from, from hardships, right. And that’s how it’s going through these difficult periods in life that really transforms us. It’s that being in that darkest spot, just like putting a seed in the ground, putting out growing a baby inside the womb, you know that new life comes from that darkness, just like when we experience hardships, and darkness during our own life. That is when we really grow. So Oh, you look like you’re gonna ask me something?

Brian Smith 27:39
No, no, go ahead. Yeah, yeah. So it’s

Lotte Valentin 27:41
that transformation that happens during those hardships. So you know, that whole, those first six years were, of course, very difficult because I was sick, and I had two near death experiences. I did not know what to make out of these experiences. But now that it’s been, you know, almost 30 years since my first near death experience, and all that growth has taken place. I now understand why I had to have that experience. I was I always wanted to be a healer. I always wanted to be a doctor, as long as I can remember, as my father was a doctor. And I was surrounded by medicine my whole life. But I’m I married an American that I met in high school, came to the United States, my English, you know, was so difficult to understand. Or take classes, I was afraid of taking the science classes. And I had already started studying at Stockholm University. But I ended up transferring into Boston University. But again, I was afraid of doing the sciences. So I figured it would be too difficult with a language barrier. So I majored in Business and Computer Science, or management information systems, and then became a programmer in a systems analyst working for IBM in New York. So you know, very different start, but the healing was always there. And I often feel like you go down your your tracks in life. And then the spirit world is kind of saying, Ah, she’s on the wrong track. Let’s fix this. Let’s give her you know, she opted for this, you know, she had five, five options to get on the right path in his life. Well, now she’s on this path. So let’s have her have a near death experience and shake up her belief system. So she gets on the right path. And it’s, you know, during the next 12 years after my near death experience, I became more and more clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. So I started seeing things I would see images of things that were going to happen, where I would hear things clear audience, or I would feel things in my body Clairsentience and, you know, after 12 years of, of seeing things before they happened, I would it becomes it comes to a point when you hear the spirit world and it’s been 12 years of receiving messages. It’s now part of who you are because you’re always living spending and they’re always there. And so that is how I ended up going to medical school at the age of 54. Because after 12 years, I called my friend and I said, That’s it, you know, I did it, I heal them. I’m like ready to go back to work. And I was looking online for anything that had to do with healing. I knew having gone through these hardships myself, I needed to work as a healer in some way. And I found this degree and it said, naturopathic, medical school. And then, as a medical school, I can’t go to med school, I’m in my 40s, this is crazy. You know, there’s no guarantee I would even be accepted. I’m older. And I have to do all my prereqs you know, chemistry, biology, organic chemistry, physics and math. And, you know, I was a business undergrad, I had nothing in science. And I turned off the computer and I said, Okay, that’s it. I’m not, I’m going to look again tomorrow, that’s got to be something else. And as I’m walking from the living room to the kitchen, the spirit guide drops in on me. And at that time, I couldn’t see the spirit guides, but I would just hear them in the beginning or like, feel their presence. And the spirit guide told me I had to go to medical school, I had to be a doctor. I had to combine east and west. And I had to bring messages and healing to the people from like, I don’t even understand what you’re saying messages and healing. And you’re to write two books. No, wait three. I don’t like write a book. How am I supposed to what am I supposed to write about? So with that, within a week, I was enrolled in the prereq classes. And I did not even have, I couldn’t even take the freshman biology because I had to take advanced high school biology first because I had no science classes. So I literally started from Advanced Placement, high school biology and chemistry, and worked my way up to do the prereqs. And then applied to medical school and was accepted at the age of 54, after my kids had grown up and went to med school, graduated in 2016. And as soon as I graduated, so this is interesting, because then as soon as I graduated, I went, I didn’t even have my license yet. Took my board exam in August. And then now it was September, so I don’t get my results from the boards until October because it’s a national exam. So I meet this woman who doesn’t know anything about me. And she said, I’m, I’m a medium and you have your mother with me. Are you open to receive messages. And even though I had gone to medical school based on messages from my own spirit guides, I was still thinking, no, she there’s no way there’s no way she can know anything about me. I have you know, I grew up in Europe, my life is so different, she wouldn’t even be able to guess. So, of course, it is very clear that it’s my mother and she tells me things about fishing and being on the island. I mean, you can’t make this up. Right. So with that, she says, you have your mother is saying you have to go to Arthur Findlay College and study mediumship. And I said I can’t do that I just graduated, I can do my residency, I’m I got to earn money. I got student loans. And I you know, I don’t even know if I passed my boards yet. I don’t even get my results until October. And she said three times it just kept saying you know you have to go. And she also said your mother tells me you were to write two books. No, wait three. I was like, wow is the same message that I got. So it was very apparent. Nobody knew about these things. So six months later, I am at Arthur Findlay College in England, studying mediumship. And it wasn’t until I got there that I started to understand. You know, they call it a message, you give a message from the spirit world and to the person. Right? So you’re doing a reading, and you’re bringing messages of healing to the people. So now you know this is how many years later. Alright, so this the message that I received in my living room was in 2004. Now it’s 2017. So that’s how many years later it took me to understand what do they mean by messages? What is that?

Announcer 34:08
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Lotte Valentin 35:09
And then I had a reading with my teacher. So now I’ve been there, you know, several times, but had a reading with my teacher. And my teacher said, I have your mother with me. And she’s telling me that you’re writing a book, all I had was an outline of the chapters at this point. And she says, You’re my, your mother tells me she’s writing your writing book. And she says, You have to write two books, no way three. So it’s always that same message. So at this point, I said, Okay, I’ve gotten I’ve gotten the message. And I’ve gotten the message from to other people, I’ve got to go home and write my book. So then I wrote my book, which is this one. And it’s called med school after menopause, the journey on my soul. But it’s really a book about transformation, and healing and spirituality. And so I, I describe a lot of the things that happened to me when I became clairvoyant, in order to help other people bring out that intuitive abilities that we all have. And the book won an award, like six months ago from living now Book Awards, and won first place in spiritual leadership category. So I’m really excited that it won an award, as well. But I’m hoping this book will help other people bring it bring out their own intuitive abilities, but also to help with anything such as grief, because there is proof of the afterlife, and that we are such divine spiritual creatures. But many of us just like myself, I mean, we walk around in our little body shell, thinking that this is it. But the world is so much greater and so much bigger than we can see when we are just inside our bodies.

Brian Smith 36:57
Yeah, absolutely. Well, wow, thank you for sharing that. That’s That’s an incredible journey that you’ve been on. One of the things I love about your experience, and I love all your experiences, they’re all there. It’s interesting how different they are, but how similar they are. But a lot of times people say, Well, you’re it’s just what you expect. It’s an expectation. So if you expect that you’re going to see this, you’re going to see see this right, but you were materialists, I understand first time you had one, right?

Lotte Valentin 37:25
Yes, yes. So there was no expectations at all, for me, because I didn’t believe in any of it. And it took me 12 years to even, you know, believe in the clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences that I was having. And I can tell one story, which is really interesting, because I woke up one morning. So this is probably around, like 2008 or so. So is in this first 12 years, and I’m becoming more and more clear, clairvoyant and clairaudient. And I woke up one morning, and I saw three images in like, almost like three, like a slideshow. So Image one, I see we had a van at the time, and I was driving two of my kids to San Francisco each day, because we lived in East Bay, San Francisco at the time. And these two kids were at the San Francisco Ballet School, and they trained six days a week. So you know, every day I would have to drive them in, across the bay bridge and into the city. So I wake up and I see this big black scratch on the passenger side on the van sliding door with the kids getting them out. And then the second image, I see my daughter in the backseat, I see my middle son in the front seat. And then the third image, I see myself leaving a note on the windshield of a black sedan car. And I tell my two kids, this is what I saw. Because at this point, you know, they’re kind of in tune with what’s going on. So I tell them about what I had seen. And we figure out that it’s got to be this one intersection. After we crossed the Bay Bridge, we get off the highway, we go down to the light and then we turn left onto the surface streets. Because most of the streets are one way streets in San Francisco. And even in the suburbs, where we lived there were you know, two or three lane streets, you know, going to from the highway. So we figured out that’s got to be the intersection. So every day for the next week. My kids noses are pressed up against the window. Mom, the coast is clear. You can go because we’re thinking this is it. This is the intersection. So 10 days, but 10 days have gone by now. And we’re in our bookstore, in a town called Walnut Creek, East Bay, San Francisco, and I’m getting trying to get out of the bookstore but there’s a lot of cars, there’s a big UPS truck, offloading all these books, and people trying to get into the parking lot. I’m trying to get out to this narrow little street. And as I’m turning the corner on turning right onto the street, the right side of my car scrapes the car. That is parked. So and what’s the color of that car? It’s a black sedan. So at this point, I know exactly, you know what had happened. So I get out of my car and look at the scratch. Of course, this this black scratch, going across this sliding door looks exactly like the image. And here I am leaving my phone number and information on the windshield or the black sedan car. So nobody was hurt. And you know, but going through, you know, the scenarios, I couldn’t understand. I could say, why is it that I don’t see any people? Why would I leave a note on the windshield. If there if it was an accident, there was no I didn’t see police or ambulance I just saw the windshield of this black sedan car. But that was why because the car was parked. So these types of things, you know, happened and still still happen. And but now the spirit world is kind of part of my own my life. And I always work with the spirit world, when I work with people, because I’ve worked as I split my time. So I work as a physician some days a week, and then I work spiritually with people. So I do either mediumship readings, psychic readings, people get to a crossroad in their life, or they want to connect with a loved one in the spirit world. Or work. Of course, with this is what my teachers told me at Arthur Findlay College that you’ll probably it’s going to be something medical that gets involved because you have this degree now. But so what has happened is that I work a lot with people as a medical intuitive as well, because I work you know as as a Medical Medium, and a medical intuitive because I often work with the spirit world and the spirit world with telling me things, either I’ll hear it or they’ll show me an image. And so that way, many times, people have been around the block and seeing doctors for 15 years, they don’t know what’s wrong, they keep saying, you know, I did an MRI to the CT scan, we ran the bloodwork, but they’re telling me nothing’s wrong. But of course, there’s something wrong, you’re not sick for 15 years and nothing’s wrong, it’s just that our tests on our equipment is not good enough to see it. But it is interesting, because many times it will be some something that I’m familiar with, because also that’s why people are guided to see you. Because, you know, I don’t even know any of my colleagues. And there is like 100 students in my class, I know, the weird things I know about certain things, because it’s just how my life has these things have been presented to me. And all I can say it’s, it’s there for a reason. And it’s for me to help other people either through mediumship, they’ll, you know, the spirit world would help me find what’s wrong with the person. And sometimes it also goes into ancestral healing. So I studied what’s called ancestral healing or Family Constellation therapy, which is a form of counseling methods. Now, going through medical school, we of course, learn, you know, do a lot of counseling classes, because we have to be able to, you know, diagnose somebody with a mental condition, or send them along to a psychiatrist for further evaluation, right. So, we do get a lot of that, but we don’t get that spiritual components of it, or, you know, the parts that we can’t really explain, because medical school is very scientific. And if they can’t prove it, and there’s no research behind it, that we’re not going to learn about it. So I’m working as a medium, it started out by me, um, seeing patterns, repeating within families, that, you know, the, those abused in the family or the father was an alcoholic, and it repeats, and the person marries the same person, the father, you know, that the father was, and the pattern sort of repeats. And so that’s how I got interested in studying the ancestral ancestral counseling. So I started with Mark Mullin, who wrote the book, it didn’t start with you. And I think he’s coming up with another book in the fall. And so I’m in this class, online with, you know, doctors and counselors from all over the world. So it’s absolutely fascinating, because you didn’t know anything about these people. And we had to practice the tools that we learned. But now it has become a form of, for me, it’s like a spiritual healing. So when I see people on the medical intuitive side, and all of a sudden, the spirit will show me images and then say, then they’ll say is your Is this your childhood experience? Your parents were like this, or they tell me about their parents in the spirit world comes in it is this merging of, of my not medical knowledge and the training that I have merged with the working with the spirit world, and also working donor shamanic Lee, you know, trained with shamans as well. And you sometimes you can do a journey to find more because you the information, you know, you you hold that information, your body knows what’s wrong many times, but we as physicians can’t pinpoint it because the tests that we run, can’t tell us, you know, your lab work came back and it’s normal, but you’re still sick, you’re still having these terrible experiences. And you’re not, you know, feeling good. But sometimes, you know, working that way, either it becomes an ancestral healing that takes place, or sometimes it’s just information that I hold that the person needs. Because I had some crazy patients, you know, back or some family member, or I just know what it is that they have, and then say, you know, what, this is the thing, what you have, what I think you have is this, and it doesn’t show up on MRI sets when it can’t see it, you know, or CT scans, or whatever. So it’s become this very fascinating integration of my medical degree, my mediumship training, a psychic intuitive abilities and shamanism, that has all sort of been integrated. And so I love to work with people that way, because I can help you I work with people all over the world, you know, because now we’re working spiritually, and you’re not seeing me as a physician. So,

Brian Smith 46:00
yeah, awesome. I do want to ask you a question about the difference between a Medical Medium and a medical intuitive.

Lotte Valentin 46:07
You know, it just, it just depends on how you define it. So a medical intuitive, to me would be somebody who has intuition or psychic abilities and can tune into you, you can get to tune into your body. There are times you know, I usually meditate before I work with somebody, and sometimes I’ll see things in their body, or the spirit world, you know, also is showing me so how much is my isn’t my intuition and how much is coming from the spirit world. Worse is versus a medium Medical Medium, right? A medium is somebody who communicates with the spirit world. But if I say I’m just a Medical Medium, I would just be working with the spirit world, but I work intuitively psychically, as well as medium mystically. So I carry because I use all of all of those aspects in order to help that person. You know, it’s like saying, I’m a psychic, you know, if you’re a psychic, or if you’re a medium, if you’re a medium, you’re always also a psychic. But if you’re psychic, you’re you’re a psychic, you’re not necessarily a medium. Right. So that’s that’s the difference of looking at it, but it’s kind of similar to me and medical, intuitive. It’s, it’s language.

Brian Smith 47:25
Yeah, that’s what you meant said makes sense. I see it as medical, intuitive, you’re connecting to that person that you’re that you’re that you’re figuring out what’s wrong with them. And the Medical Medium is also connected to the other side. So you could be one or the other. You could be both. So yeah, I think that’s a very good answer. I’m curious, because you do, you’re, you’re a medical doctor now. So you do Western medicine? Do you bring energy healing? And also do you? Or is that something separate?

Lotte Valentin 47:54
Right, so working as a physician, you can do cranial sacral therapy. So I’m trained in cranial sacral therapy. And with that, of course, there is energy because you’re working with your work with your hands or on the body. Right. And so you could technically say that you’re doing energy healing. And when I work with people spiritually, some medical intuitive or ancestral healer, many times people sign up for medical intuitive and an SOP and ancestral healing. Right. So it really doesn’t matter what you sign up for, unless, you know, specifically I think this is, you know, ancestral healing. So I want that kind of session. Right. But um, you know, when you’re working, when I work with people, we, if it’s an ancestral healing, we do a healing at the end of the session for about 1015 minutes, okay, where I bring in spirit guides, I bring in, you know, and beings of the light and anybody that can help with this healing. And it and I find that that is very healing for the people. I mean, I I feel things I see things, and many times I’ve had clients also tell me, you know, that they saw things or they felt things. And I said, Alright, do you want to go first, you don’t need to go first. And we compare notes. And it’s amazing how many times we see the same thing. You know, they see the same spirit guy. That’s what did it what did it look like? It looked like this. And that’s exactly what I saw. And so it’s fascinating that we’re somehow tuning into the same messages, right? But we can do that. When when you work is a medium that we we do something called sometimes we link up together. So we have to so when you train at Arthur Findlay College, they’ll say okay, Laurie and Brian, you guys go next, and we’ll go up and stand in front of everybody and then say, okay, decide which one of you is going to start and let’s say okay, Brian, you start, you bring in the Spirit and you say, Okay, I have I have a father figure with me and this father worked. You know, he’s took the train to the city. He carries a briefcase. He says you’ve worked with lots of papers. And then I’ll tune in, and I’ll say, okay, he’s telling me that they’re, they lived in this countryside, you know, but he took the training and his very warm and loving kind of personality, and there was several children in the household, and he often read stories to the children at night, then now it’s your turn, you get the next next message. And so we’re linking up to the same spirit, and we both are communicating with the same spirit at the same time. And so, and many times, when you get the message, I’ll still hear your message, I get the message, I’m just waiting for you to stop talking. So I can continue. Right? And you go back and forth. And it’s, it’s absolutely fascinating, because not only and then, of course, you know, we have to place that spirit with somebody in the group, right? Somebody that’s in the classroom, like another 12 people or so, usually, it’s 100 people, but there’s, you know, like six classes we all have, the groups are not anywhere from 12 to 15 people or so, with each teacher. And then we have to say, you know, who, you know, who recognizes this, okay. And then of course, there’s somebody saying, yes, my dad, right. And so it’s just fascinating, because we have that ability. And we all have that ability, we are spiritual, intuitive creatures, that, that have this ability. Now, of course, everybody’s not going to work as a medium or a psychic. But we all have the ability, we can all learn to recognize the signs, and that’s what I’m trying to do with my book, is to help bring that out in people. You know, how did I How did I learn how to do this, you know, my scientific background for a long time.

Brian Smith 51:36
That brings up a really important point, I think, because I work with a lot of mediums and intuitives. And I work I’ve known some of the best ones. They’re just incredible. And they say, everybody can do this. But some people seem to be born with this ability, that where they see spirit, and I think all of us are born with the ability, but then for most of us, it kind of gets goes dormant. And then a lot of times it’s N D that seems to awaken this ability. So what about the average person that says, Oh, I can’t do that?

Lotte Valentin 52:09
Yes, you can. So I think that I mean, that would have been me, right? That would have been me before my NDAs. Now, I know from my teachers or Arthur Findlay College, they say you were born medium. And and I said, and I of course we’ll say No, I wasn’t. Because proven to me, how could you say I was born medium. And this because I see I remember, start thinking back, you know, you saw colors around people. And then all of a sudden, I was like, Oh my gosh, I remember Yes, I remember like going behind my dad going down the path. And I would see colors around him. And I would see this and I saw energy fields around the plants. And you know, all this would come back to me. But it took my teachers or them in the college to tell me that I did have it. And I suppressed it. Because I would I remember I talked about it in my book to how I saw the energy field around it the flowers on the kitchen table, and I told my best friend, and she says no, there isn’t. And I just felt really stupid and okay, there must not be right, nobody else can see it. So you you learn to suppress it the very early on because you know, you, you just tell your friend and they can’t see it, it must. You don’t want to be this stupid kid who you know makes things up so you just let go of it. So I think that’s a lot of our society in the Western world. It’s it’s just how we were raised if you were raised in a society that acknowledged that and said, Oh, you know, you can see the energy this you know, this child has, you know, is going to go out and train with a medicine woman or medicine man, but we’re not living in that society. We just say it can’t be we can’t prove it. So it doesn’t exist.

Brian Smith 53:50
Yeah, and that that brings me to you talk about energy fields field around things I’ve heard a lot of people have in the ears and they’ll talk about like, I saw colors like couldn’t see here as the energy fields around plants and flowers, all the things that you’re talking about. My theory is that kind of that’s here. We just can’t see it because we’re looking so much with our physical eyes. What do you think about that? Yes, absolutely.

Lotte Valentin 54:12
It’s, it’s all available to us and there is energy fields around all the plants and all that we know now that plants have this amazing communication system right? They send out warnings if there’s a fire in the woods, the trees communicate with each other. And you know, everything you synchronize and and train with everything, I mean, your heart, your magnetic field around yourself. I mean, that’s how we measure EKGs and activity in the brain, right? We have the equipment to measure it. But we resonate and and trained with other humans with other animals and even things that doesn’t have a heart. We resonate and entrained with plants with trees. You know, when people say, Oh, that person has such a green thumb. Yeah, they do because they talk to their plants. would have treat their plants as their babies, they you know, the water them all your boiler plant, let me fix these dry leaf, let me get that off you and the plants flourish, they’re being nourished, right. But everything, we are interconnected to everything on Earth, right. That’s what they told me to it’s everything is interconnected. But we truly are because we resonate and train with everything that exists. You know, you see, you know, things on a video on YouTube, Facebook, people that go back into the jungle and meet the lion they trained or 30 years ago that lions still recognizes them, they still treat them gently, and how intelligent animals are. And they can, you know, I believe they also see and feel things that we can’t see and feel. But, you know, it’s just, we’re all interconnected, it all rubs off. So the way I look at it for each person, I can heal, we heal the world. Because once I work with somebody, and I can create healing for them in physical healing, spiritual healing, and energy healing, they there is a shift that takes place their own epigenetics, the way they express their own DNA, and their physiological reactions are going to change because something changed within them. And so, you know, it’s when you have those hardships, and you create healing around that, you now sort of become a light to other people, you you resonate, that healing and love, unconditional love and acceptance to other people. Well, imagine if we healed everybody in the world wouldn’t have all these wars and fights across the globe, right, we would have a more peaceful existence where, you know, but for each person we heal, we create healing for the world, because now that electromagnetic field around this person is different. You know, it’s like when you walk into a room, and the person is mad, everybody gets, you know, the rubs off and everybody gets mad. But if the person will, who walks into the room is, is loving, and just loves everyone and gives everyone a hug. Even if the people were mad, they’re probably probably going to be in a better mood, right? Because that person is now giving off love. Right, but so for each person, we hear that changes with each person.

Brian Smith 57:23
So I wanted to ask you this question, because this comes up a lot, too. And I talked to people that were to people about people have been the ease. You mentioned that I think you were not given a chance or choice about coming back. But some people say that they were given a choice, some people say they’re not given a choice. If you had been given a choice, do you think you would have chosen to come back?

Lotte Valentin 57:43
Yes, because I, I was a mother, I had three children under the age of six. And it was devastating to me to think that my kids were going to grow up without a mother. And it’s, I think it’s the, for me, it was being the mother that sort of anchored me to the earth side. You know, I had such strong mother instinct to, you know, be the mama bear for my for my kids, and nobody’s gonna touch my mom, you know, my cubs. Right? That instinct was so strong. You know, just going through being sick for so many years. And, you know, it’s always been, you know, my kids. And I think that’s on purpose. That’s my incarnation. That is the ticket, I chose. What’s going to keep me on the earth side after having this wonderful experience in, in the on the other side, right? Because that unconditional love and light who wouldn’t want to be in that all the time? Right. And here we are struggling with our day to day life and, you know, getting getting things done and just dealing with everything that we’re dealing with in the world and living through the pandemic. And there’s always problems, right, that we’re dealing with. Being on the other side. sounds so nice, but but I think for different people, you have different reasons. And I think in the beginning, it was that was my anchor to bring me back was my children.

Brian Smith 59:08
Yeah, I think that’s really, I love that question. Because people answer it differently. I’ve heard I’ve heard of mothers, even with the young children who said, Well, I heard I found that it was going to be okay. And I was still ready to go but you know, I but I was sent back so I guess it’s an individual thing. But the thing I take away from it is it’s so great being there. It’s such a it’s such a draw as from what it sounds like to me.

Lotte Valentin 59:33
Yeah, absolutely nothing to fear, you know, people who are afraid of dying. It is it a continuation of your life just without your body.

Brian Smith 59:43
Yeah. So um, you mentioned also during your experience that one of your guides said to you I could tell you this but you would remember to do you believe that things you saw things there that you didn’t weren’t able to bring back?

Lotte Valentin 59:57
I always wonder if I saw other things but I can’t get access to all I get it’s, you know, that which is a very, you know, vivid and like it happened yesterday. But that’s how it is, you know, people who have these experiences, but I’ve heard other people talk about something I’ve heard and other nd stories said that they had some similar experience where they were told not to, they couldn’t remember.

Brian Smith 1:00:26
Yeah, I’ve heard people get very specific things like there was this. And then I was told you’re not gonna remember this part. And then there was this. So it but I think there’s, and you touched on this earlier, there’s only so much we can handle being here about knowing but the other side of it would just interfere with the things that we have to do while we’re here.

Lotte Valentin 1:00:47
Absolutely, we’re supposed to have an experience. And if we knew too much, we wouldn’t have an experience. It’s meant to be in a little bit like this. Yeah. And he’s in the dark.

Brian Smith 1:00:59
You touched upon this too, but I want to go into a little bit deeper. Because again, a lot of times people are like, okay, everything is so great over there. If everything is so wonderful, then why don’t have to go through the hell of living here.

Lotte Valentin 1:01:14
Right. That is, you know, the ticket we incarnated for so I believe we come we have many, many lives, and we, you know, keep reincarnating and coming back. And, you know, what tickets? Did you choose this time, you know, I have ticket, you know, 528, this time and on my ticket, it says, I’m going to have these experiences, and let my soul grow in these different ways. And then you know, we have all these different because we have free will, right? So we have all these, like I say, like different train tracks, we go down different tracks. And so you’re on track two as the wrong track, though, you need to be on track three, but on track three by now. So we’re going to have a little near death experience you that’s, you know, the track that took you to the near death experience, but you could have avoided it if you took track three from the beginning. So if I had majored in medicine and become a doctor, when I was young, instead of Business and Management Information Systems becoming a programmer, had I gone down that track from the beginning, would I still have had my near death experience? I don’t know. Because, to me, the meaning of my life, right? I always knew I was a healer, I always knew that’s who I was, you know, play doctor all the time as a child. And knowing that, but then not following that, saying, Oh, it’s not practical, the mind comes in your way and takes you down a different path. This is more, you know, this is safer, I can do this, I’ll still have good income, right? But it’s not your heart. It’s not who you are. It’s not your soul’s purpose. You know, my soul’s purpose wasn’t to be a program or an assistance animal is it was to help other people heal in all these different ways. And I had it with me from the beginning. Right. So I incarnated, seeing or as incarnated seeing energy fields, and, you know, being the spiritual kid, which was then suppressed. So, you know, the question is, you know, what, what is our path? What’s that ticket we hold on to? Which becomes the meaning of life in the end?

Brian Smith 1:03:16
Yeah, well, yeah, that’s yeah, that’s, that’s a great point, too, because I heard someone who had a terrible near death experience was crushed under a car and had terrible spinal injuries, etc, etc. And she said, she thought it was to get her back on the path. And she’s like, if I been on the path, because I think she was an atheist before. Also, if I had been on the path, maybe I wouldn’t have had to have that experience. But she also said, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, because of the knowledge that came out of it. So would you agree with that, that would average everything you went through?

Lotte Valentin 1:03:49
Yeah, I think my life would have been very different. Because it is, it is from the hardships and that you become the person you are. And, you know, going through having been sick myself, I have a lot of empathy for my patients that are sick. I’ve been in that boat, I know what it’s like, you get very isolated from other people, because you can’t participate in in the activities that you used to participate in. And so you became very isolated and you’re tired. Life seems very dark and dull. Right? Because you don’t have that the energy that you’re used to have, either. But I think it’s the experience that I had is what made me who I am today.

Brian Smith 1:04:31
Yeah, I I think it takes a certain amount of suffering to develop empathy. I think you it doesn’t have to be the exact same thing. But when someone comes in and says, I’m feeling this, you can relate to it because you’ve been through something similar. And we have to go through that. I think the grow that that characteristic of our soul.

Lotte Valentin 1:04:51
Yeah, absolutely. You know, life isn’t if we sat on the beach in Hawaii and drinking pina coladas every day. How much would our soul grow up All

Brian Smith 1:05:00
right, right. That’s

Lotte Valentin 1:05:01
not very much

Brian Smith 1:05:03
conversation. Yeah, I was just telling my wife like yesterday, you know, it’s like because we all think we want that ideal life. We all think we want to be able to live that life with no pain and no suffering. But if you think about it, you take it out to the extreme, how much how much what we grow? What kind of people will we be?

Lotte Valentin 1:05:19
Yeah, it’s the growth. It’s the hardships that makes us grow.

Brian Smith 1:05:24
Yeah. So how do you how can people reach out to you? How can people work with you? I know you touched on it briefly your medical, medium medical, intuitive, you do readings. So tell me the various things you do and how people can reach you.

Lotte Valentin 1:05:37
Yeah, so I have two websites, and they’re linked together. One is Dr. Lottie d r l o TT, e.com. And on that I have more about my medical practice, but also other information about interviews that I’ve done, and a link if you want to, you know, if you want to work with Dr. Lada spiritually, click here, and it takes you to my other website, which is divine spiritual essence.com. And on that website, you can book you know, sessions to work with me individually for medical intuitive, ancestral healing, or what I call a wholehearted session, because it’s working with the spirit world, bringing in a loved one, or helping people find their path, you know, they’ve come to a crossroad in their life, I don’t know if I should do this or should do that. And to get that outside, psychic, intuitive not tune in and say, oh, you know, to me, you’re this person, this is what I see you doing. And they’re like, oh, my gosh, I’ve been thinking about that. But I was afraid of going down that route. So that’s a wholehearted session. So those are basically the three different spiritual ways that you can work with me, or also you can work as a mentor, sometimes people are starting to have spiritual experiences themselves. You know, I saw my mother came in, I swear it was my mom, I heard this, I did that, you know, and then just having a session to help them bring that out more. And, you know, how should I do? And do you think this could have been that I was communicating with my mom, right? Or whatever they have going on. So that’s called a mentorship, a mentorship session. And sometimes I teach classes as well. So I have a newsletter on my divine spiritual essence website. So when I do teach classes and upcoming things, they will go out in that newsletter. And also my podcast, introduction of my guests goes out in that as well.

Brian Smith 1:07:38
Yeah, and let’s, let’s talk about Japan, you got so much going on, you must be really busy. So tell us talk about your podcast, too.

Lotte Valentin 1:07:46
Yeah, so my podcast is called Dr. Laurie science with soul. And I bring a lot of people that can help other people heal, you know, spiritually, energetically or physically. So I interview physicians that work, that do things that are, you know, different, they’re not the typical person. So, a physical therapist or a functional neurologist, or a homeopath, and to help people, you know, introducing these other modalities of medicine that sometimes can be very helpful for people, but it’s very difficult to manure to maneuver, the medical system that we have created. And sometimes people don’t know how to find the right person. So I interviewed different kinds of physicians that way. Also interview in our shamans, mediums, my own teachers from Arthur Findlay College, and anybody else who can help people on their spiritual path or energy, you know, helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, basically. So people from all different walks of life,

Brian Smith 1:08:53
yeah, I love the way that you you have integrated science with the spiritual and that’s something that I think is so important, we become two separate silos in our society, and the spiritual gets ignored or kind of poo pooed by the scientific community, but the fact is, I think they’re, they’re part of the same continuum. They’re just different ways of studying the same, the same phenomenon. So I love what you’re doing with that.

Lotte Valentin 1:09:18
Yeah, absolutely. It’s, it’s something that’s missing in in western medicine. Yeah, we don’t you know, we because it is how our medical system is set up. It’s set up to treat medically, which is why when I work as a physician, I gotta I gotta put a code on everything. I gotta code what you have, I gotta prove it with labs, or imaging and say, Okay, this is what this is the plan right now you have, you know, this condition. But you know, it’s not that specific. It’ll be just kind of like the umbrella code for for something, you have a thyroid issue, but not what the thyroid issue is, or you have a digestive problem, but I’m not saying if you have colitis or Crohn’s disease or something else, right, so it’s just an umbrella code and then you do the labs, then you do the imaging and then you code it. And this is what you have. Now, when you have this condition, as of as a physician, what are you supposed to do? Okay, now I have to treat it with either a pharmaceutical, or now I’m in nature pass, so I can treat it also with botanical medicine, or homeopathy, acupuncture, as well as pharmaceuticals. So it’s just whatever works best for that person. You know, sometimes people have allergies to certain things, some, some people could be sensitive to herbs, and do great with a pharmaceutical. And the next person does terribly with the pharmaceutical and gets all the side effects and does wonderfully with herbal supplements. And that is the difference of you know, trying to find the right, the right medicine for each person. But the spiritual component of healing is huge. But we have lost that. Because of the time constraint that regular Western medical physicians have to have very little time. I’m, I’m have my own practice. So I spent a half hour with my patients on a follow up and an hour and 15 with their first initial encounter, because I want to know everything about you. Where did you live? What were you exposed to? As a child? Did you live on a farm? Do you have an environmental toxins? What was your home life? Like? Do you have Did you grew up in abusive household? Right? So all these different things matter? Versus when you go to the regular doctor, I have a headache. Okay, here’s a migraine medication next, right? It’s very different ways.

Brian Smith 1:11:31
That blew me away when you said you spend that much time with the patient on initial visit, because that’s, that just doesn’t happen anymore. And I interviewed someone just yesterday, it hasn’t come out on the podcast yet. He was an energy healer. And she was talking about, you know, a lot of our disease, if not, I think she might say all of our disease is cause it starts with our spirit. And now, so Western medicine, we’re treating the symptom, but we’re not treating. And I think you need both right? It’s not one or the other.

Lotte Valentin 1:11:59
Right? Absolutely. And that’s, you know, I think it’s dangerous people are on such a spiritual kick. And they say, you know, I often get patients because they know, I’m spiritual. I can heal this myself. I don’t want any medicine, right? But yes, there are times when the pharmaceutical is the correct medication for that condition. But sometimes people get so stuck in their ways. And they, they think, you know, I have cancer, I’m going to heal it with carrot juice. Yeah, well, in your case, your cancer, the type of cancer you have, no, I’m not an oncologist. But you know, just from doing shifts, or cancer shifts in school, you know, that, you know, many times the actually the chemotherapy, chemotherapy might be the best option for that person. And they, you know, they’re going to tolerate it, they’re going to heal, and they’re going to live another 40 years, versus somebody else might not. And they might need a different route. But we don’t know who holds What ticket. And so you kind of have to, you know, not say, there are also people who say, you know, my aunt is so negative, she gave it to herself. Well, yes, of course, there is truth to that. We know there’s truth to that. But also, now that person has a physical condition. And so you’re going to have to work with everything you have, you’re going to have to work with it physically. What do you have available to you in the physical world? Pharmaceuticals, herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, whatever that is energy, medicine, you name it. I tell my patients use all of it. If you can, I mean, your best bet you don’t know what what ticket you’re holding? Are you holding the pharmaceutical ticket? Or are you holding the spiritual ticket? Or you’re holding the characters ticket? We don’t know. So you’re gonna have to, to, you know, incorporate all of it, that’s your best shot. So, you know, don’t get too stuck up on, on thinking that also that you know, you gave it to yourself, even if they did, you have to remember that you came into your life with certain DNA. And babies are born with tumors. There are children that have cancer and not age one or two. They didn’t give it to themselves. They have wonderful parents They incarnated with that tumor for whatever reason. And also we know from ancestral healing, that we inherit trauma traumatic events from our ancestors on the DNA. And we now know exact genes like the FQ BB five gene is one of them, that we inherit trauma. So if your grandfather served in the war, and he thought he was going to die when you heard the sirens go off, guess what? Now he survived the war and his grandchild, his granddaughter, has panic attacks every time she hears the siren, though she never had an traumatic experience in her own life. And that camp comes from the grandfather’s DNA. So you got to you know, so we we are so far, you know, it’d be another 100 years I’m sure until we really understand the impact or how to heal somebody somebody because right now, Western medicine is very, not very good at chronic diseases. Western medicine is very good at emergency and you’re in a car accident, you have a heart attack, go to the ER, right, but chronic conditions we’re not very good at, because I think chronic conditions are more. They’re ingrained in the body. It takes more healing, more spiritual healing, energy healing, and working with what you have available as well. And yeah, wow.

Brian Smith 1:15:19
Yeah, I’m really glad we got to that because I think that is a really, really important point. Because we are such we tend to swing back and forth to extremes in our society, right. So we’ve got Western medicine, we’ve said, Put away spirituality and that we’ve got some people that are so new age that they’re like, I’m never even gonna take an aspirin. Because it’s not natural, not putting that in my body. And I love what you just said. It’s, it’s, it’s not either or it’s both and figure out what’s the best tool for and what you’ve done is you’ve expanded your toolkit, you’ve said I’m going to do both and that’s it sounds like that’s your mission. That’s why you’re here.

Lotte Valentin 1:15:53
Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

Brian Smith 1:15:57
Really great having you here today getting to know you. Do you have any last messages before we sign off?

Lotte Valentin 1:16:03
I would say it’s the message that is the at the end of my book, and that is that we’re all connected. We are all one and everything is divine. And so are you.

Brian Smith 1:16:19
Great with in a lot of you enjoy the rest of your day. It was great to meet you. Thanks, you don’t forget to like hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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