Elissa Hope's NDE

Elissa Hope’s NDE- She Met God Face-To-Face

Elissa Hope’s NDE brought her into the presence of God. At just 14 years of age, she was sent back with a mission that she has spent her life fulfilling.


Have you ever wondered what lies beyond this earthly life? Elissa Hope, the author of the best-selling book “Hope from Heaven,” has a profound story to share. At the tender age of 14, Elissa faced death during a dental accident and encountered God in a life-changing near-death experience (NDE). This divine encounter not only granted her a glimpse of heaven but also set her on a path of purpose, love, loss, and ultimate healing.

As we discuss Elissa Hope’s NDE, we’ll explore Elissa’s incredible journey, the spiritual insights she gained, and the comforting messages she brings back for all of us seeking solace and understanding in the face of grief. Her story reminds us of our eternal nature and the enduring power of love that transcends even death.

Elissa’s Hope’s NDE

The Dental Accident

Elissa’s NDE occurred during a routine dental visit gone wrong. An overdose of nitrous oxide cut off her oxygen supply, causing her heart to stop. As Elissa recounts, “I had no pulse, I was dead. And they were gone. They told me after they got me back with CPR, and they told me that they were going to give up on CPR because they just could not get a pulse.”

elissa hope's nde
Elissa’s Spirit Left Her Body In The NDE Encounter With God

Journey to Heaven

As her body lay lifeless in the dental chair, Elissa’s soul embarked on an extraordinary journey. “My soul left my body. And it traveled through a long dark speeding tunnel that seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles at like such a quick pace.”

Meeting Her Guardian Angels and God

Emerging from the tunnel into a brilliant light, Elissa encountered her three guardian angels. They presented her with a choice – stay in the eternal bliss of heaven or return to earthly life with an important purpose to fulfill. Torn between two worlds, Elissa’s decision was solidified when she came face-to-face with God himself.

“God said to me, ‘What’s the matter my child? Why are you crying? Why are you so upset?’ I said, ‘I have to go back. My mom really needs me.’ And as soon as I said that, God said, ‘I understand.’ And he turned to my three guardian angels. And he said, ‘Send her back immediately.'”

Elissa hope

The Choice to Return with a Purpose

Trusting in the divine plan, Elissa chose to return. “He said to me, ‘But I’m sending you back with an important purpose.'” This purpose, she was told, would be revealed when the time was right. Elissa Hope’s NDE would become the guiding force for the rest of her

Spiritual Insights and Life Lessons

The Turbulent but Bonded Relationship with Her Mother

Elissa’s guardian angels prepared her for the challenges ahead, particularly in her relationship with her mother. “They said, ‘You know, your relationship with your mother, it’s not going to be a bed of roses. It’s going to be very turbulent. But you will have a special bond, where you’ll be able to read each other’s thoughts and finish each other sentences.'” This prophetic insight proved true over the years.

Discovering Her Twin Flame in Todd Ervin

Decades after her NDE, Elissa’s path led her to Todd Ervin, the supermodel she had declared her “prince charming” as a teenager. Their connection was profound, a love she recognized as that of twin flames – two halves of the same soul. “Twin flames are one soul that was split into two bodies and share the same consciousness.”

Coping with Grief and Loss

Tragedy struck when Todd suddenly passed away, plunging Elissa into unfathomable grief. “Two weeks after he died, God’s Spirit came to me and healed me completely… It was pulsating in me. I never felt anything like it. I can’t explain it. It was even more incredible than when I stood before God and heaven because I was 100% healed.”

Receiving Signs and Messages from Loved Ones

Since her NDE, Elissa has maintained a strong connection with the spiritual realm, receiving frequent signs and messages from departed loved ones. The morning of Todd’s memorial proved especially remarkable.

“I wake up the morning of his funeral, and I look out my window… straight in front of me in the water, are a pair of gorgeous swans… I knew that it’s a spiritual message to me of some sort. So I ran back in my house and I Googled, ‘What does a pair of swans mean spiritually?’ And sure enough, it comes right up that swans are the twin flame spirit animal.”

Elissa hope

Embracing Her Purpose as God’s Messenger

Writing “Hope from Heaven”

The full scope of Elissa’s divine purpose crystallized on the morning of Todd’s memorial. “My full purpose of why I was sent back to my life was revealed to me on the morning of Todd’s memorial service.” She knew she was called to be a messenger of God’s love and hope.

Helping Others Find Comfort and Healing

Elissa has dedicated herself to offering comfort to those grappling with loss. “I want everybody to know that true love never dies. It is endless. You just leave your body behind physically, but your soul is eternal.”

Key Takeaways on Love, Loss and Eternity

True Love Never Dies

“I always say, I like to leave off with the message that true love never dies, ever. So we all, you know, we leave our bodies behind physically, but your soul is eternal. So your loved ones, they are always with you, loving you, protecting you and guiding you.”

We Are Eternal Spiritual Beings

Elissa Hope’s NDE awakened her to the eternal nature of the soul. Our earthly incarnation is just a brief chapter in an endless spiritual journey.

Transforming Pain into Purpose

“I wouldn’t trade anything that I have gone through in my life, because I just feel so good about where I am in my life spiritually now… For me, I’m, I feel better when I’m giving rather than receiving.”

Heaven is Real

For Elissa, heaven is not an abstract concept, but a very real place that she experienced firsthand. “I mean, it’s just the brightest light… it didn’t hurt my eyes at all, it was so beautiful… it was just incredible.”

Elissa Hope’s remarkable journey offers a beacon of light for all who struggle with grief and loss. Her story affirms that love is the most powerful force in the universe, transcending time, space and even death. Though we may endure pain and challenges in this life, we are here for a purpose, and we are never truly alone. As eternal spiritual beings, our loved ones are forever by our side.

You can find Elissa at her website elissahope.com and on YouTube and Instagram

If Elissa’s message resonates with you, visit [community URL] to connect with others exploring life’s mysteries and finding healing through shared wisdom and compassion. Elissa’s book “Hope from Heaven” is available on [purchase link]. No matter where you are in your journey, may you always hold onto hope and the knowledge that true love never dies.

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