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Embracing the Journey: Spiritual Growth and Near-Death Experience with Reverend Honi Borden


Spiritual growth seems to be a natural extension of the near death experience. In the latest episode of “Grief 2 Growth,” we had the privilege of hosting Reverend Honi Borden, a renowned ascension guide and messenger from the afterlife. Honi’s journey is not just about spiritual exploration; it’s a testament to the profound transformations that can occur through life’s most challenging experiences.

Things To Look For

  • Early Spiritual Awareness: Honi’s spiritual journey began in childhood, significantly influenced by her near-death experience at a young age.
  • Transformative Near-Death Experience: A pivotal event in her life, Honi’s near-death experience opened her to deeper spiritual insights and an understanding of her purpose.
  • Ascension and Spiritual Growth: Honi’s work as an ascension guide emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and raising one’s consciousness.
  • Encounter with Jesus (Yeshua): A profound part of her journey included an enlightening encounter with Jesus during a near-death experience, offering a unique perspective on divine love and spirituality.
  • Spiritual Awakenings and Realizations: Honi’s experiences led to significant spiritual awakenings, shaping her life’s path and her role as a spiritual guide.
  • The 2012 Near-Death Experience: Her second near-death experience in 2012 further deepened her spiritual insights, emphasizing continual learning and growth.
  • Perspective on Jesus and Divine Love: Honi offers a unique view of Jesus, not just as a religious figure, but as an embodiment of universal, divine love.
  • Purpose of Earthly Incarnations: She shares insights on the importance of our earthly journeys as opportunities for spiritual evolution and learning.
  • Embracing Life’s Challenges for Growth: Honi’s story encourages embracing life’s challenges as avenues for profound spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Honi Borden’s Spiritual Growth Journey

Honi’s path to spiritual enlightenment began in her early years, a journey marked by a significant near-death experience. This experience wasn’t just a brush with the unknown; it was a doorway to a deeper understanding of the universe and her place within it. Honi’s recounting of this period in her life offers listeners a glimpse into the transformative power of such experiences and set her up for a life full of such experiences.

“That fear, as a seven-year-old, something happened, and in that moment, within that moment, there was a sound, there was a voice… and I understood everything. I understood I was not just that seven-year-old.

The Concept of Ascension

Ascension, a term often shrouded in mystery, is demystified through Honi’s experiences. It’s about evolving spiritually, raising one’s consciousness, and understanding our connection to something greater than ourselves. Honi’s insights provide a clearer understanding of this complex concept, making it more accessible to those on their spiritual journey.

Encounter with the Divine: Meeting Jesus in the Afterlife

One of the most profound moments in Honi’s journey was her encounter with Jesus during a near-death experience. This encounter was transformative, offering her a unique perspective on the nature of divine love and light. It’s a story that challenges conventional beliefs and offers a deeper understanding of spiritual figures.

Spiritual Growth and Realizations From Near Death Experience

Honi’s spiritual awakenings and realizations form the crux of her journey. These moments, filled with profound insights, have shaped her life and her mission as an ascension guide. Her experiences underscore the importance of openness to spiritual growth and embracing the unknown.

The 2012 Near-Death Experience

In 2012, Honi faced another near-death experience, a moment that further deepened her spiritual insights. This experience, rich with lessons and deeper understandings of the spiritual world, highlights the continuous nature of spiritual learning and growth.

In that moment, as my consciousness began meeting that luminous consciousness… I heard the words as he appeared, it was Master Living Yeshua, Jesus the Christ… and my consciousness got to experience that spectrum of what that sort of light, the taste of it.

Perspectives on Jesus and Divine Love

Honi’s perspective on Jesus is refreshingly unique. She views him not just as a religious figure but as an embodiment of divine love accessible to all, irrespective of religious beliefs. This understanding of Jesus and divine love opens up new avenues for spiritual exploration and connection. You have to hear her tell how she views Jesus now and how we should all understand this enigmatic figure.

Divine Ascension
Spiritual Growth and Near Death Experiences

Understanding Our Earthly Incarnations

Why do we incarnate on Earth? According to Honi, our earthly journeys are opportunities for immense spiritual growth. Through her insights, we understand that our life experiences, however challenging, are crucial for our spiritual evolution and learning.

We are part of everything that has always been created… we’ve been all of it, the tree, the rocks, at least from this planet, and all dimensions as a reality

Key Takeaways and Reflections

The episode with Honi Borden is rich with lessons and insights. From understanding the impact of near-death experiences to embracing the journey of spiritual growth, there’s much to take away from her experiences.


Reverend Honi Borden’s journey is a beacon for anyone seeking to understand the deeper aspects of spirituality and the impact of near-death experiences. Her story encourages us to look beyond our current understanding and embrace the potential for growth and transformation.

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