Small Business Entreprenuers

Working for someone else isn’t for everyone. If you don’t pursue your own dreams, someone will hire you to pursue theirs. Owning your own business isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work. There is risk involved. But, there is risk with working for someone else. Job security is a thing of the past for many companies. The social contract that said they would take care of you as long as you remained loyal to them went away about three decades ago.

Whether you already are an entrepreneur or would like to explore the possibility, I can help. I have owned and operated a successful internet retail company since April 2002. As a sole proprietor, I have developed skills ranging from building the websites (I built my first online store back then and I built this website) to email marketing, to social media presence, to digital advertising. There are also considerations like how you will take payments, how you will ship, packaging, manufacturing, and on and on. Over the nearly two decades I’ve been doing this, I’ve developed skills and expertise that can benefit you. I have helped people envision their own businesses and set a plan to get there.

Small Business Consulting Skills

Does owning your own business appeal to you? Do you own a business that you’d like to make better?

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