Werner Heisenberg

Everything Makes Sense

Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.

Werner Heisenberg

Sign from Shayna

This morning, a friend asked me on Facebook what Shayna sends me. I said she often sends feathers and dimes, but recently, I haven’t received feathers.

Ten minutes later, on my walk, I spotted this:

mourning dove feather
Mourning Dove Feather

Synchronicity Part I

I’m often asked to review books and/or interview their authors. Yesterday, I received an email asking me to review “Everything Makes Sense- A Close Notice of Life and Consciousness“.

Frankly, I don’t have the time or desire to read every book by every author, but this one jumped out at me. I quickly downloaded the PDF (the book isn’t available publicly until next month). The PDF file is sitting open on my computer desktop. The first page is “What people are saying about…”

Keep that in mind. Here’s the second part. Every synchronicity has two parts. What makes it a synchronicity is the timing of how they come together.

Synchronicity Part II

I’ve been following Alex Tsakaris for a few years. He hosts the Skeptiko podcast. I’ve toyed with the idea of asking Alex to be a guest on his show, but I didn’t have the confidence to reach out to him. Recently, he’s done a series on Artificial Intelligence and spirituality. Getting onto his show or having him on mine is a big “get.”

I got up the nerve to ask Alex to be on my podcast, and he accepted—yesterday. Yesterday, he accepted my invitation, and we scheduled our interview.

Back to the PDF sitting open on my desktop. I glanced at it this morning and this is the first paragraph I saw.

Everything Makes Sense

I couldn’t stop reading Everything Makes Sense, a deep and poetic book from an extraordinarily gifted writer. The book investigates human consciousness through the lenses of meaning and desire and should be required reading for all neuro-materialists holding onto the biological-robot/meaningless-universe meme.

Alec (sic) Tsakiris, host of the Skeptiko podcast and author of Why Science Is Wrong … About Almost Everything and Why Evil Matters: How Science & Religion Fumbled a Big One

I hadn’t decided whether to invite the author to my podcast. Apparently, Alex got an advance copy, too. I guess this is a sign I should have the author on. Now, I’m really looking forward to reading the book and to hosting Alex.

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