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🧬 Finding Your Unique Life Calling Through Human Design: A Conversation with Raquel Reyna

Have you ever felt like you’re living someone else’s life? Struggling to discover your true purpose and thrive in a world that wants to put you in a box? You’re not alone.

Human design expert Raquel Reyna joins The Grief to Growth podcast to discuss how this revolutionary personality system can help you break free and unleash your full potential.

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Key themes explored in this episode:

  • Overcoming trauma and discovering your true calling
  • Understanding the five human design types
  • Learning why “one size fits all” success strategies fail
  • Preparing for the individual era beginning in 2027
  • Becoming radically self-reliant

Let’s explore Raquel’s insights around these topics and more.

From Corporate Ladder to Spiritual Teacher: The Winding Road of Self-Discovery

Raquel’s story demonstrates firsthand the courage required to leave behind societal expectations and step into your soul’s purpose:

“I transitioned from climbing the corporate ladder where I was a global representative for a company. And I appeared on shows like The Tyra Banks Show the view to embracing your true path in her 40s. She discovered she’s a splenic projector projector or splenic projector, I have to ask her how to pronounce that, and human design. And she was and that was a catalyst for this dramatic shift…”

Making a midlife career change is scary for anyone. But Raquel found the clarity she needed in human design’s revelations about her true self:

“It really was the catalyst for me to transform my life. And it changed my life so radically, and on such deep levels, that I realized I needed to assist other people with the knowledge.”

This sentiment echoes what many guests on The Grief to Growth podcast share – that our deepest pain often becomes our greatest gift when processed properly.

Your struggles contain the seeds to unlock a purposeful life aligned with your uniqueness.

What is Human Design? An Introduction

For those new to human design, Raquel explains how it works:

“Human design is a system and it merges the astrology. So it uses the astrology system, it uses the chakra system. It also uses an ancient study called the eaching. And the Kabbalah, with the modern day Sciences of the neutrino physics, and quantum physics. So it merges all of these things together. And it gives you sort of a blueprint.”

Unlike personality tests or vague “follow your bliss” advice, human design offers a practical experiment with a definite life strategy to test for each individual:

“It says that each person has a different strategy for success. And because, you know, I had so much my pain in this life is more around financial, I had a lot of financial loss, a lot of career struggles, and a lot of bankruptcies and being homeless being broke, and not really understanding how to live on this earth.”

This speaks to the overwhelmed yet underwhelmed spirit many feel today – we have endless options for living thanks to modern affluence and technology. Yet, we lack the clarity on what choices move our life’s purpose forward.

Human design acts as a sort of GPS guiding you home to your true self:

“I often explain this as this map code as a GPS system. And what’s interesting about this is the E Ching is where you find your gates in human design. And the E Ching is actually correlated to your DNA code.”

The Five Human Design Types: Which Are You?

A key piece of information human design reveals is your specific “energy type” – what Raquel calls your aura:

“There’s five different order types in this system. And we’re the aura type. There’s also the manifester. So a lot of people have heard that before, you know, the manifester.”

The 5 Human Design Types

  1. Manifesters – the “go getters”. Designed to initiate and make things happen without needing others. Most aligned with general success strategies. But only 8% of people.
  2. Generators – the “workers” Designed for sustainable energy and long hours in the right situation that satisfies them. But a whopping 70% of the population – so much frustrated energy when doing the wrong work!
  3. Projectors – the “guides” Designed to collaborate and guide/support others versus initiate alone. Require invitation/recognition to thrive.
  4. Reflectors – the “observers” Designed to pause and reflect before action. Process through open awareness.
  5. Splenic Projectors – A specific kind of projector dealing with anxiety management needing flexible environments. Very low energy capacity best spent following intuitive insights.

As Raquel discovered, she is a splenic projector. No wonder she struggled with corporate America’s demands! Her energy blueprint simply isn’t wired for that.

This is why human design provides such freedom – it liberates you from default life scripts that may not suit WHO YOU ARE.

“We’ll never be able to work long hours, we can’t really keep up with everybody else. And we can’t initiate like a manifester in order to make things happen…It really took me off the hook to be like, Oh, wow, I’m not designed to live like that. I’m not designed to work that many hours. I don’t have it in me.”

Are you a manifester? Generator? Find clarity on your unique path wiring.

Why “The Secret” Fails – One Size Does NOT Fit All

Raquel’s journey also reveals why popular mainstream success strategies backfire for so many people:

“It’s kind of like everybody’s heard of it. And it works on a level with the law of attraction and those spiritual principles. But why the, but it doesn’t work for everyone, and why isn’t everybody living their best millionaire careers and lives and, and so human design kind of helps a little bit, get clear on why that is.”

As she breaks down further:

“8% of the population will really succeed kind of utilizing those tools, and they’re called Manifest errs, and they can go out and initiate things and make things happen. According to this knowledge, they are the aura type that built all of humanity. So for the last 411 years, according to this knowledge, we were built and ruled by the manifester or a type. And so that’s changing though…”

Cookie cutter advice benefits those already wired for it – leaving many confused and self-blaming when it doesn’t work for them.

Here we see why human design is so revolutionary. It empowers you to break free from mass manipulation methods disguised as “success strategies”.

No more tortured attempts to force square pegs in round holes!

Now you can start optimizing life around WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

Trendspotting: Why the Individual Era Is Coming in 2027

As Raquel shares, humanity is shifting into a new “era of the individual” – making self-awareness essential:

“There’s a collective shift that’s happening come 2027. So in four years, where there’s gonna be a new shift, more towards that individual. So that individual that’s here to break away to do things their own way to just discover a life that’s more unique to them.”

People can feel this shift coming as outdated societal structures destabilize:

“So many people are having this like discomfort around things that they’re pushed into, that they don’t really feel a part of, and they’re feeling this bubbling up this discomfort, this calling to be something different, is because we’re literally changing the mechanics so that everybody is going to be moving into the era of the individual. So everybody needs to self actualize. And that’s basically what it’s saying.”

Corporations are being pressured to adapt with more flexible remote work options against their usual controlling interests.

School systems are being challenged by new educational models better tailored to unique young minds.

Even global financial systems face mounting distrust as decentralized options like Bitcoin rise in adoption.

As Raquel warns, when existing structures inevitably fail us in the years ahead, we must have the self-knowledge to navigate life solo:

“If you’re relying on a, you know, thinking that the government is going to take care of you or the you know, your your old business models going to take care of you, or these old structures that we used to rely on the 401 K, or whatever all these models are breaking down. And what human design is saying in the next four years is the time that you need to become more self reliant.”

Redefining Radical Self-Reliance

Naturally, this talk of becoming radically self-reliant could seem isolating or selfish.

But as we discussed, it’s truly the opposite:

Brian: “It is scary. Because you mentioned fake news. Ai, there’s, you know, some people are thrilled about AI. I think AI is the greatest thing other other people say ai ai is going to destroy us.”

Raquel: “The idea here, and what I write a lot about in the book is, you might not be able to rely on anything you’re seeing, you might not be able to know what the truth is… instead of have even needing the truth, choose a side, you just go inside yourself and say, This is my truth…instead of trying to, like, push our agenda onto other people, we just accept everybody’s ideology, what people are believing and choose our own truth.”

Developing inner clarity from human design liberates you to stand firmly in YOUR truth without needing to force it on others. Ironically, this levels the playing field so everyone can feel seen and heard.

As Raquel explains, human design is about self-understanding – not selfishness:

“When people were taught, in the past, you’ve been taught, sacrifice the self for the good of the country, right? sacrifice yourself, for the good of the family, sacrifice this self for the good of your corporation…Yes, we want you to have business success. But we want the individual to be healthy, whole and satisfied in the work that they’re doing. So that’s the transition.”

The goal is transforming structures so they empower well-being across the board.

A world that nurtures individual uniqueness is one that benefits all.

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Discover Your Human Design and Your Life Path

Ready to Discover Your Unique Design?

I hope these insights from Raquel Reyna light an inspiring spark within you.

Are you ready to uncover your human design and life-calling clarity, too?

Grab your free human design chart at Raquel’s website here →

Let the knowledge guide your self-empowerment journey. With greater understanding of your true self, you uplift those around you.

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Human design provides a promising roadmap. One that liberates our best possible lives when we have the courage to live them.

I wish you radical self-love and acceptance as you walk your one-of-a-kind path in this world.

You’ve got this!

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