Making a Difference

You might not think that giving back is a necessary part of life. I believe that we all want to be fulfilled and to have joy in our lives. Part of the way we are wired is that we want to be valued, to be remembered, and to be respected. To achieve that, we must give back. We must make a contribution to the greater good.

Giving back doesn’t have to be what we think of when think of charity. This doesn’t mean that we have to donate money or fly across the world to volunteer in a third world country. Our place might be raising our children to be great citizens to contribute to the world. We can give back by being better neighbors and citizens. We can find projects or causes that are dear to us and find a way to donate money or time to them.

If you’re giving back, you will be happier. You will feel a sense of purpose. You can give back in any way that feels good to you.

Are you giving back as much as you’d like?

Helping Others Help Us

When I needed help the most, I had people there for me, people I never expected would be there. It was only a few months after that that I realized that part of my healing process was giving back. There’s this strange phenomenon. When we help others, it heals us. Parents thank me all the time for the work I do. They have no idea how selfish I am. I get joy from watching their grief lifted. It’s a rush.

I teach for the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Through a series of synchronous events, I found myself in leadership in Helping Parents Heal, an organization of approximately 12,000 parents whose children have gone on before them into the next dimension. I am the primary leader in Helping Parents Heal Online- at the time of this writing about 4,200 parents. I host meetings with parents all across the country, connecting them to spiritual healers. As of March 2018, I also serve on the board of Helping Parents Heal. I volunteer time for the SoulPhone Foundation and Greater Reality Living. I am on a mission to help people know that death is not the end of us and that our loving relationships continue in this life and into the next, even when one of us is across the veil.

Got Questions? Comments?

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