Grief 2 Growth Bonus Episode 19- Bridgett Tulloh- To Meditate or Not

Bridgett Tulloh is a life coach, business coach, and the host of the podcast “The Truth About Living”. I’ve known Bridgett for over a year now.  We have had several in-depth conversations.
A while ago she posted something on her Facebook wall about meditation and it not necessarily being for everyone. Bridgett approached our conversation from that point of view. Bridgett is a long-time meditator and has even taught meditation. But, she gave it up. I told her I’d love to have a conversation with her about meditation and how it works for me. So, we had that conversation, and we recorded it for your listening pleasure.
We started out with a bit of a difference of opinion. I think we each made some good points. I hope you’ll find the conversation beneficial as you decide what role meditation should or should not play in your life.
You can find Bridgett at:


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