Grief 2 Growth Podcast Episode 2- That Awkward Episode Where Your Host Is The Guest

Yes. This is that awkward episode in which your host is the guest. This feels weird because I don’t want to make this podcast all about me. But, I think this episode is necessary. In case you don’t know me, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you so you know what to expect from this podcast. A lot of things had to happen to lead me to the point of sitting in front of this microphone, speaking to you on this topic, today.

Grief 2 Growth came about because of the things that happened in my life to lead me to this point. I hope that I can share some of that experience in the coming episodes. We will have guests who will talk to you about how they have endured what life has thrown at them and thrived. Their stories will inspire and uplift you. And, we will have guests who can help you along your way.

In this episode, I tell you a little about my history; hopefully not more than you want to know. And, I share my vision for the podcast.

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