Grief 2 Growth Episode 22- Lindsay McKinnon- Shining Light Parent and Healer

I met Lindsay a few weeks ago. A mutual friend introduced us. After talking with her a few minutes I knew I had to have her on the podcast.  Lindsay is the Shining Light mother of two boys in spirit. A year and a half after her boys transitioned in a fire, Lindsay was blessed with a baby girl.   Lindsay says immediately after her boys passed, she mothered them through their transition. 
Well versed in several healing modalities, Lindsay first worked on her own healing then began working on healing others starting with those her local community who were deeply impacted by her boys’ passing.  
Lindsay is a Qoya instructor, massage therapist, life coach, and equine therapist. She leads a regular grief group where people can come together via Zoom. 
If you visit her website, she has a free download for you.  
You can find Lindsay at: 
for more information see me at: 
? to book a free half-hour consultation visit:… find me on Facebook at: 
??… Lindsay’s website is and she has a free downloadable offer for you there if you visit.
Be prepared to be inspired as you listen to my conversation with Lindsay McKinnon.


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