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Penny Wittbrodt’s- Near Death Experience

I’ve known Penny for several years. During that time, she’s had more than one near-death experience. Penny and I met when she had an undiagnosed condition that caused her to go into anaphylactic shock and “die” occasionally. We couldn’t talk for weeks because Penny was in the hospital recovering.

The two of us quickly became friends and Penny told me about her experiences on the “Other Side.” She eventually came and spoke at our IANDS meeting and mesmerized everyone in the room.

In this episode, Penny shares her experiences and what she has learned from them. I’m glad to report she hasn’t had an anaphylactic attack in a few years.

Ever found yourself staring into the unknown, feeling an uncanny mix of fear and curiosity? Picture Penny Wittbrodt, a seasoned nurse with a knack for critical care. She’s seen it all – life hanging by threads and souls finding peace in departure. Penny has had several near-death experiences. In this interview, she shares her experience and what she learned.

But what happens when she becomes the patient herself?

An unexpected brush with death hurled her from hospital hallways to ethereal realms, forever altering her perspective on existence. This is not just another near-death experience tale but a profound spiritual journey that underlines love as the most potent force.

This interview invites you to explore this fascinating account. Dive deep into lessons about life (and beyond), understand how forgiveness can transform your spirit, and learn how divine love can be your guiding light in daily living.

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Penny Wittbrodt’s Near-Death Experience: A Journey from Nursing to Near-Death Experiences

A life of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant, awaits us all. For Penny Wittbrodt, a retired nurse from Kentucky who earned her associate degree in nursing from Eastern Kentucky University in 2002, it was more like an escalator that suddenly became a spaceship.

Penny’s Nursing Career and Specialization

The first part of Penny’s career focused on cardiothoracic and critical care nursing. It was intense work; you can’t handle the human heart lightly. But she found purpose in the hustle-bustle of saving lives daily.

In 2011, though, things changed for her dramatically. Her practice expanded to include caring for terminally ill patients whose days were numbered but whose spirits needed nurturing as much as their bodies did.

Transition to Palliative Care

This transition wasn’t easy; working with those actively dying requires courage and compassion beyond measure. However, this challenging path also led Penny towards experiences most would deem extraordinary if not supernatural.

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The Near-Death Experiences: An Unexpected Journey

Penny Wittbrodt’s near-death experience came about unexpectedly after a severe anaphylactic attack. It was like being thrust into a wild river ride with no oars to steer or guide her.

The Anaphylactic Attack

An allergic reaction gone wrong led Penny on this unforeseen journey. In a split second, Penny was hurled from the world of the living to one on the brink of existence and mortality.

As it turned out, a severe anaphylactic attack became her unexpected ticket to another dimension.

Crossing Over to the Spirit World

This wasn’t your typical day trip – far from it. This sudden transition had Penny crossing over into what many believe is uncharted territory—the spirit world. She likened it to Dorothy stepping into Oz—only instead of sepia tones turning vibrant colors, reality gave way to ethereal experiences beyond our everyday comprehension.

Penny saw visions that challenged common perceptions of time and space; things seemed infinitely large yet intimately close all at once. The sights were mind-bogglingly different but felt oddly comforting—a paradoxical blend that left her awestruck.

Like Penny’s story, near-death experiences (NDEs) often include visions of otherworldly landscapes and encounters with beings of light.

Penny’s unexpected journey changed her in ways she could never have anticipated. It was a transformative experience that reshaped her understanding of life and death and how she viewed herself within the grand scheme of things. Just like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, Penny discovered that there is so much more to existence than what meets our mortal eyes.

Caught in a fierce anaphylactic attack, Penny Wittbrodt’s brush with death was her ticket to the spirit world. Like tumbling down Wonderland’s rabbit hole, she discovered reality is more than what meets our mortal eyes. #NearDeathExperience #LifeBeyondClick to Tweet

Lessons from the Other Side

Understanding Life and Death

One of Penny’s most significant takeaways was a new understanding of life and death. She saw them not as two separate states but as points on a continuum. This shift in perception removed the fear she once associated with dying.

In place of fear, Penny found comfort. After all, if we view our physical existence merely as one phase within an infinite journey, then what is there to be afraid of?

This idea mirrors ancient spiritual teachings like those found in Buddhist philosophy. We also find notions about the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The Power of Love

A key element in Penny’s encounter was experiencing God’s unconditional love firsthand—a transformative event that highlighted for her just how pivotal love truly is.

Not only did this divine affection give her a sense of belonging, it also inspired her to spread warmth wherever she went post-experience.

This aligns with religious doctrines that emphasize love—like Christianity’s “Love thy neighbor”. But it isn’t exclusive to religion either: even secular philosophies often underscore empathy towards fellow beings.

Near-death experiences are unique journeys offering unparalleled perspectives. Penny’s story underscores this by showing us how such encounters can alter our views drastically while reminding us about universal values like compassion.

So, if you ever fear death or forget the power of love, remember Penny’s story. Her lessons from the other side might offer some solace.

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Transformation Through Forgiveness and Positive Thinking

The spiritual transformation Penny underwent after her near-death experience was deeply influenced by forgiveness and positive thinking. Let’s delve into how these two aspects played such a significant role.

The Role of Forgiveness

Penny learned that holding onto resentment, anger, or past hurts only hindered her growth. She realized the importance of releasing this emotional baggage to move forward.

Forgiving herself for any perceived failures was also vital in fostering self-love and acceptance. By letting go of guilt, she made room for healing.

Forgiving others freed Penny from the chains of negativity associated with past events. It allowed her to let love guide her interactions with everyone around her instead. Studies on near-death experiences have shown similar transformations among survivors – demonstrating forgiveness is not just liberating but can be transformative as well.

Controlling Negative Thoughts

In addition to practicing forgiveness, controlling negative thoughts became crucial in positively shaping Penny’s post-experience life. The power of positive thinking cannot be underestimated – it shapes our reality more than we often realize.

To achieve this control over negativity, mindfulness became a tool she frequently used. Positive psychology outlines some strategies. Being aware helped keep harmful thought patterns at bay while promoting peace within Penny’s mind and soul.

Key Strategies Used by Penny:
MindfulnessBeing present in the moment, aware of thoughts and emotions without judgement.
Forgiveness PracticePurposely choosing to let go of past hurts or resentment towards self and others.
Positive AffirmationsDaily reminders to keep a positive mindset despite life’s challenges.

All these practices helped Penny stay grounded, promoting an attitude that uplifts rather than brings down. Her journey serves as an inspiring example for all those seeking growth through adversity.

Key Takeaway: 

After a life-altering near-death experience, Penny’s spiritual transformation was driven by forgiveness and positive thinking. She learned to let go of resentment and guilt, freeing herself from negativity. Mindfulness kept negative thoughts at bay while daily affirmations helped maintain her positivity. These practices allowed Penny to turn adversity into an opportunity for growth.

Guided by Divine Love

After her near-death experience, Penny found herself drawn towards a path illuminated by divine love. This overwhelming force gave her life a new direction and became the compass guiding every decision she made.

Embracing God’s Love

Penny discovered that embracing this newfound source of love was about more than just feeling comforted or secure. Penny realized that to experience this divine love, she had to let go of her apprehensions and preconceptions about what it meant to be cherished without conditions.

The beauty of this divine love is that it doesn’t judge or discriminate; it simply loves. And as Penny started accepting and internalizing this truth, she noticed profound changes in how she interacted with others around her.

In fact, one could say that each day brought fresh opportunities for Penny to demonstrate this divine love through kindness, empathy, and understanding – virtues that are all too often overlooked in our fast-paced world.

A New Life Philosophy

Penny’s transformation wasn’t merely spiritual; instead, it had far-reaching implications on every aspect of her existence. She realized the power inherent within each individual to create their reality through positive thinking and forgiveness – two cornerstones in shaping an attitude rooted in acceptance rather than resentment.

This perspective helped reframe past traumas not as burdensome memories but as valuable lessons teaching patience and resilience under adversity. Similar stories have been reported by other individuals who’ve undergone near-death experiences too.

Spiritual Awakening: A Continuous Journey

Much like any other form of personal growth or development, though, spiritual awakening isn’t a destination you reach overnight. Instead, it’s a continuous journey marked by small yet significant milestones that add up over time.

For Penny, every step taken in love and faith was an affirmation of her connection with the divine. It served as a reminder to live each day mindfully, cherishing life’s simple pleasures while also striving for spiritual growth.

Her story serves as an inspiration to all – proof that even in our darkest moments, we can find light and guidance if we’re open enough to receive it.

Key Takeaway: 

Penny’s brush with death ignited a profound spiritual shift, steering her towards a path of divine love. This potent force revamped her outlook on life. She started channeling this newfound love into empathy, kindness, and understanding others better. With positivity and forgiveness as her guiding lights, she embarked on an ongoing journey of spiritual development. Penny’s tale is an uplifting nudge that even in our bleakest moments, we

Sharing the Near-Death Experiences: From Speaking Engagements to Publications

Penny Wittbrodt’s Near-Death Experience wasn’t the end of her learning. Penny Wittbrodt’s transformative journey didn’t end with her near-death experience. Instead, it marked a new beginning as she started sharing her profound insights and lessons through various platforms.

Public Outreach Through Writing and Speeches

The life-altering episode urged Penny to take up the pen, turning personal revelations into narratives of spiritual transformation. Her writing became an outlet for self-expression and healing while providing comfort and guidance to others navigating their grief.

A shining example is her contribution in “The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences”. This book features inspiring stories from those who have danced with death and returned enlightened.

Beyond the written word, Penny also used speaking engagements as a platform to connect directly with people seeking solace or answers about life after death. It gave them firsthand accounts from someone who had seen beyond our physical realm – adding credibility that no second-hand story could match.

Influence on Media Platforms

Media channels also played a significant role in spreading Penny’s enlightening narrative far-and-wide. She has been featured in numerous interviews across podcasts, radio shows, and online publications, each echoing her experiences of divine love post-near-death encounter.

Brian Smith conducted an interview worth noting for his podcast series Grief 2 Growth, where he discusses how individuals can transform their lives following devastating loss or trauma. Herein, Penny’s account provided a comforting perspective to those grappling with grief.

Continued Engagement

Penny’s story has not only resonated with individuals dealing with loss but also struck chords within the larger spiritual and medical communities. This connection underscores the power of shared experiences and open dialogue in healing processes.

Simply put, she’s using talks and written pieces to share her brush with death.

Key Takeaway: 

Penny Wittbrodt’s near-death experience sparked a transformative journey she shares through writing and public speaking. Her narratives offer comfort and guidance to others, while her media appearances spread her enlightening story far and wide. Through these platforms, Penny resonates with those dealing with loss and engages the broader spiritual and medical communities.

FAQs in Relation to Near-Death Experience and Spiritual Transformation

What are the four core elements of a near-death experience?

The main aspects include an out-of-body event, moving through a tunnel, encountering spiritual beings, and reaching an otherworldly realm.

What are the symptoms of a near-death experience?

Symptoms can encompass intense feelings of peace, detachment from the body, rapid movement towards light, and meeting deceased loved ones or divine figures.

What are positive near-death experiences?

A positive encounter typically involves feelings of love and tranquility. People report connecting with a higher power or seeing comforting visions during these moments.

What do you learn from near-death experiences?

Near-death experiences often lead to deep insights about life’s purpose and values. They usually bring lessons on forgiveness, the power of love, and controlling negative thoughts.


Life can throw curveballs, but how we respond truly shapes us. Penny Wittbrodt’s story is a testament to this.

An encounter with mortality does not always lead to a spiritual awakening; however, for Penny Wittbrodt, the near-death experience became a catalyst for transformation. Yet, for Penny, an unexpected brush with death became the pathway to profound change.

We’ve learned about her career shift from critical care nursing to palliative care. We’ve journeyed with her through a near-death encounter and returned enlightened by lessons of love and forgiveness.

More importantly, we now know that negative thoughts are controllable, not life sentences. Embrace divine love daily – let it guide you just as it did for Penny post-experience.

The takeaway? Live every moment fully while embracing the power of positive thinking and forgiving freely!

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  1. Thank you,Brian, for having Penny as your guest. Her story of her NDE was wonerful! Really appreciate all the information your site brings to us.

  2. Wow, I got such great information from this one! It really clicked when she said she is not questioning God/source/the universe, she is questioning religious dogma. That is exactly me and I have been struggling on how to verbalize that. I also loved the story about how bright and glowing she was in the store and the story about the two girls in the car accident and how the one was only here to help the other one with her lesson. Outstanding!