Grief 2 Growth Podcast Episode 29- Penny Wittbrodt- Near Death Experiencer

I’ve known Penny for several years now. We met when she had an undiagnosed condition that caused her to go into anaphylactic shock and “die” every once in a while. There would be weeks we couldn’t talk because Penny was in the hospital recovering.

We quickly became friends and Penny started telling me about her experiences on the “Other Side.” She eventually came and spoke at our IANDS meeting and had everyone in the room mesmerized.

In this episode Penny shares her experiences and what she has learned from them. I’m glad to report she hasn’t had an anaphylactic episode in a few years.

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  • Wow, I got such great information from this one! It really clicked when she said she is not questioning God/source/the universe, she is questioning religious dogma. That is exactly me and I have been struggling on how to verbalize that. I also loved the story about how bright and glowing she was in the store and the story about the two girls in the car accident and how the one was only here to help the other one with her lesson. Outstanding!

  • Thank you,Brian, for having Penny as your guest. Her story of her NDE was wonerful! Really appreciate all the information your site brings to us.


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