Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Carolyn Clapper- The Next World Medium- Ep. 96

Carolyn Clapper is among the best mediums in the world. I know many top notch mediums and when it comes to the level of detail, accuracy, and information no one could possibly know any way other than a psychic connection, I cannot think of anyone who surpasses Carolyn.

Carolyn has seen spirits since she was a little girl. But, her life changed forever when she was re-born after a Near Death Experience on 11/11/11 and returned to Earth miraculously healed from meningitis with a mission to serve Spirit.  She is a medical medium working with a team of doctors in Spirit, an evidential psychic Medium, and a psychic who helps with cases the police can’t solve.

I’ve known Carolyn for several years. How we met is included in the episode. You’ll have to listen to find out. I keep telling her one day soon I will tell her “I knew you when” because I just know she’s headed for international stardom. And, I’m one of the first to get to interview her.

You’re gonna love this one!

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Brian Smith 0:01
Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth I’ve got with me today my friend, Carolyn clapper. And Carolyn is a world class meeting. And she’s I know, I know a lot of mediums and Carolyn is definitely one of the best, if not the best medium that I know. We’ve been friends for, I guess about three or four years, we met through Facebook, I’m not sure how exactly we met, I’m going to read a short introduction, and I’m going to have a conversation with Carolyn. But growing up Carolyn saw spirits and she had psychic experiences. But it wasn’t until our NDA with meningitis in 2011, this experience of transition into becoming a full blown medium, her abilities were magnified by hundred times or more and she got this boundless ability to connect to the spirit world. So Carolyn, I don’t I don’t want to read much more of your bio. I’m just gonna let you tell your story. So we’ll just go ahead and I want to say hi to Carolyn clapper.

Carolyn Clapper 0:53
Hi. Thank you for

having me on?

Well, connection.

Brian Smith 0:58
Yeah, hopefully we’re gonna be able to do this Carolyn. She messes up electronics. So it took us about half an hour to get connected with zoom, and then the phone call dropped. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna keep pressing forward and hope spirit will cooperate with us here.

Carolyn Clapper 1:16
It’s crazy. It’s just like, No, I’m just laughing. I can’t even it’s hard to take seriously after we’ve been playing around with with the computer for so long now. So hopefully, we’ll stay connected. But thank you for having me on. I really well, we we’ve been trying to do this for a while our schedules haven’t worked out, you know, but you know, things work out, I guess the way they’re supposed to. So we’ll see how it goes. But what I want to do is, I want to first of all tell me, like what your childhood was like? What was like experiencing? What you did? And then what happened on 11 1111.

Okay, well, how long do you have if you want me to go over my childhood? And are you like, are you a psychologist? Because this could be very helpful.

Brian Smith 2:01
to frame the question better, how was your experience?

Carolyn Clapper 2:07
So I’ve always, I’ve always seen spirit since I can remember. It was just a matter of so I had a very weird chap. I don’t know if anybody has had a normal childhood. Honestly, I’ve spoken to so many people, but mine was weird, equally as weird as the weirdest childhood that you’ve ever heard of, probably. So I grew up, I was born in the home that I was raised in. For the first 17 years of my life. I was born upstairs in my mom’s bedroom. And there’s relevance to that, to that, I think, okay, so I was born in the house. And it was a very active house. There was so much weird activity in that house since I can remember. And everyone in the house would experience that you know, from a light bulbs like blowing out and then being replaced by old lightbulbs, like with a different wattage, but they would have, you know, thick coats of dust and debris on them. So it was like, obviously, with no fingerprints. So, nobody, it couldn’t have been trickery of like one of the kids or whatever, you know, they mean, we Yeah, we’d have had this like weird activity that people probably be like, yeah, that’s poltergeists type stuff. But really, it wasn’t scary, because it wasn’t kind of alarming. But it wasn’t like threatening, you know. So my sister’s there was three of us and my sisters experienced some things and my mom would always, you know, she was a single parent raising us and she would always kind of like, downplay it, like, Oh, it’s fine. You know, like, because we’d be scared, really? Oh, yeah, Monica. So this house that we grew up in, had a lot of activity. And when I was about eight years old, I started seeing who was behind the activity, which is unique to everybody else in the house, like everyone would experience things the cats would chase like invisible mice. And it was just kind of a joke. Like, we’d make fun of it. And it was like joke around about it. You know, toys would go off on their own cells would turn their heads. Yes, really creepy stuff for kids. But anyways, we’re a little bit freaked out, but we would just like chalk it up to okay. You know, spirits exist everywhere and they’re not going to harm off. Our mom told us that they were fine that they love us if they didn’t love us that they would hurt us. I guess that we’re loved. Okay. And when I was eight years old, I was sleeping in my mom’s bed. I was kind of a scaredy cats. I had run in to my mom’s room when I felt something weird. And I would jump in bed with her and one night I woke up and I looked at him in the house. When there was a little girl standing there just staring back at me. And I’m like, I froze. And I, it was kind of scary, because it was unexpected. And I was looking at her and she looked at me and she looked equally as the prize to see me looking back at her. As I was, it was like, we’re both having the same response, which was really weird. And she was dressed in these old timey clothes were probably around the same age. Anyway, she looked at me and saw me looking back at her turned around and rushed back the other way down the hallway. Right. And so I tried to scream, and I couldn’t. So that was scary. I felt like I was screaming, like for my mom to wake up and nothing came out.

So this is kind of the story of never told anybody.

It’s just interest. I mean, never told anyone in an interview, I should say. But I would tell my friends is, you know, all these stories. When I was a kid, I always had the best ghost stories because they were real. They were happening. And everybody would like try and tap mine. And it just was never happening. So this little girl existed in my home, but I couldn’t communicate with her I could, I was just actually afraid. I was really scared. I think I slept downstairs underneath the table for like three days following that event. And then there was another event when I was, I don’t know, 15 or 16, I got really sick. And I had like, I think I had mana was the time I was the whole sex. And I I kept wanting a glass of water. And I was so dehydrated. And I I just I kept wanting to get up and I was envisioning it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get out of bed. And I was kind of half in and out of consciousness because I was so sick. I kept passing out like falling asleep and then waking up and falling asleep. And I saw three women standing in my room and they looked like school teachers. They had their pair up in bonds, and they were like, dressed in these old timey clothes again, and you know, I’m like they were talking. And I’m like, shut up. I was laying there going, can you please stop talking? I’m sick. Like, this is so rude. Like you’re in my room. And you’re talking and I’m trying to get some sleep and I’m really sick. And they looked at me and then just kept talking. I couldn’t understand them. Yeah. And then that’s all I remember from that. That’s all I remember from that time. But there are events like this growing up, right where I, I guess that time I said it out loud to them. But I didn’t get anything back. You know what I mean? Anyways, Pan forward years later, I moved from that house, you know, to a different city. And I ended up coming back to that home later when I was in my mid 20s. And I rented the home with my then husband, okay. And events started happening again. So activity just started up again, like full blown, like, lights would turn on on their own. We actually had so much activity, that we would make it a game like we would come home and we’d we’d guess like we I don’t know, like, we’d make it a game whether or not the basement light would be turned on when we got home. And whoever won like one, whatever. You know what I mean? It was like really stupid. And it was frequently on and it was a real hard life to switch on. So it wasn’t something it’s one of them once you get a jam off, you know, the house was built in the 1800s. It was old. It was kind of creepy in the basement. You don’t want to go down there.

Brian Smith 8:42
So it’s like an episode anyway, the haunting of Blair Bly house or something.

Carolyn Clapper 8:46
I mean, for real, this house is like wicked, active, it’s even gotten worse. Now. I like I’ve talked to the woman who owns it now. And it’s just, it’s like, pretty awful. Sorry. I’m like, going crazy. Had to straighten up my leg. Anyways, so long story shorter. I grew up in this house, I was able to see things. Went back to the house. I never had any confirmation of it until I was back there as an adult in my 20s. I started watching over a woman that lived two doors down from that house my entire life. And I became her emergency contact person, right. And so we would go you know, she’d call me for everything. Like her friend. She’d washed her fridge and she had to get it back together. She couldn’t. So I go over there, right. And she was a real interesting woman and we get to talking. And one day we got to talking about the haunted houses and in the Racine area, right where I grew up. And I tell her my stories and she confirmed she knew every person that I saw. She’s like the women that you saw those were the daughters of the man that built the house. And you’re describing them verbatim. She’s a very elderly woman and so she knew the entire history and the people who lived there. So that was my question. Israel, conformation, which felt really, really good and kind of freaked me out at the same time. Yeah. I moved from that house and activity stopped for me. There was nothing I actually missed it. I thought, you know, it was so quiet when I moved into a new home, I just there was nothing there.

Brian Smith 10:17
So the activity, you when you were growing up was always connected to the house.

Carolyn Clapper 10:22
Always. Okay. Well, with the exception of like, two times, but I’ll skip that for now cuz I’m gonna be long winded. But yeah, pretty much always it was connected to that home. Which I thought wasn’t that weird because I was born in the home. So if there was spirits there, you would think, well, maybe they have, like a connection to me. Because I arrived in that home, you know, and they were there. Okay, so that’s my connection to my childhood home. Moving forward, there’s a gap of time where I didn’t see anything for like 10 years, maybe not, not quite, but you know, just under 10 years. And then I came down with meningitis in 2011. And that’s where everything took a turn for me. But I was living in, you know, about 45 minutes from where I used to live. I was living in wauwatosa. And I was going through a divorce at the time, so it was just me and my son there. And he was very young. He was like six years old. And I had gotten frequent migraines, and somebody who’s had migraines for since I can remember the crippling and I thought I was just having a migraine. I took my image tracks, and I laid down and I thought, you know, the foot clear up the foot bear up. But it didn’t. And I didn’t get back up again. I laid in my bed and I was in and out of consciousness. I don’t know how long I was in and out of consciousness for my son was running around, and he would come like it would be light out. And then it was dark. He’d come into my bedroom, and he’d have little presence for me like little gifts, like cars. He’d take like lollipops and try to take my temperature and I was I was really sick. I think my temp hit like over, you know, 103 The last time I checked it. And oddly, this kind of saved my life. But I had taken a picture of my temperature at one point, and I posted it on Facebook, I have no idea why, of course, like everybody posts everything on Facebook. I’m like, look at my template. It’s crazy high. You know, like, I don’t know why I do that. And a girlfriend of mine, whom I haven’t spoke to in years, reached out to me over the phone by text and she’s like, are you okay? Well, I couldn’t speak at this point. I don’t know why. At this point. I didn’t know why I couldn’t get a word out. But I couldn’t speak and I could text but I wrote help. And she texted me back and she’s like, I’ll be right there. And then she fell asleep. Like, almost. So then an hour later, she texted me again. And I wake up to my phone. And I can’t move like I just felt like fused. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak I tried to speak to my son and I couldn’t get a word out. And I texted her again, help. And I passed out again. When I was in this state, it was like it was just such a strange state that I was in. I was so sick. I was so so sick that I kind of lost track of time lost track of reality. And I didn’t know what was wrong with me. And I started seeing my mom who has crossed over she had just crossed over like a year prior two years prior, excuse me. And she shows up next to my bed, right? And I can center and I can feel her and I can see her in my mind’s eye. And she starts playing this memory back in my head as I said she was a single mom as we’re growing up. So she would have to go to work and we’d get left home sick. Like if we were sick. We just you know, get some popsicles get better, you know, why start hearing her say, in my head, I start seeing this, this this scene play out from when I was about, you know, seven, eight years old and I was sick at home. And she’s looking at me and she’s saying Carolyn,

set up and touch your chin to your neck. And so I’m just seeing this replay in my head over and over. She used to do this. We had a sore throat when we were little. She would do the chin check. So she’d have a sit up and tuck church into her neck. And every time we did we didn’t know what she was doing. But she tells us to do it and then she’d kiss us and she’d be like, okay, you’re fine. And she’d go to work. And she would call me if you need anything, okay. And we never ever, I never knew in my whole life why she did this. I’d forgotten all about it. So she’s playing this like memory through my head, three, four times in my head. It’s over and over. And over. And finally I hear her voice Claire’s day and she says, Carolyn, sit up and touch your chin, your neck. And registered. I’m like, okay, so I sit up, right? And I try it. And I couldn’t. It went like maybe this far, and I started projectile vomiting, which is just disgusting. But, but I couldn’t my neck was fused, you know, and I couldn’t. And then my girlfriend shows up, and my son Lester, and I tried talking to her. And she says, I can’t understand a word you’re saying was coming out, like alphabet soup, couldn’t understand a word I was saying. I pass out. And eight hours later, I wake up in the ER, like, I can’t remember anything like from then until the ER. And I can hear the doctors speaking to my axes picking my son up. And they’re like, they’re like, Look, we don’t know what’s happening here. We can’t get her temperature under control. I can hear them right. And I try to speak. And every time I try to speak and bam, I’m dry, heaving. And finally I get one word out. And it’s because my mom told me she was meningitis. And I said meningitis, and thank God, there was a nurse there who listened. She came up to me and she goes, What did you just say? And she got real close. I said at one more time. And she’s like, we didn’t even think about that, you know. So she ran and got the doctor and they kept my spine. You know, they they put me in isolation, because they thought that I could have something with mersa or something. But the meningitis test came back positive side, two strains of meningitis. And I had the bacterial meningitis. And they weren’t sure if I had viral also. And it was just crazy. It was a crazy week.

I feel like I’m just talking and talking sorry. So

I’m laying in the hospital bed, right. And it was just mishap after mishap when I was at the hospital and bless their hearts. Like they were trying so hard. They were helping me and they were giving me antibiotics, mega intravenous antibiotics, and I had a heart suntan and oh, my God, my heart bent I, I ended up telling them like my heart stent was in wrong and they’re like, well, how would you know, and I’m like, I just know, you know. And there’s a few times where I, like my heart would stop because they put the heart stents in too far. And they had to give me an ultrasound pullback. I just I was teetering on death’s door for for the entire time, my heartbeat was down to like 30 beats a minute, 31 beats a minute, it was constantly going off the alarm in the hallway. And the only time that my heart would raise is when my son would come. And they’d let him lay next to me. And then my heart rate would go up by double, I would go up to like 61 beats a minute. So the power of love is just incredible. Yeah, it’s incredible with your children, I’m telling you like, and you know, you know, better than anybody how incredibly connected we are to our children, like their spirit, their energy, it’s just like them being biased. Just it’s just, it’s, it’s just pure love. And that’s, so I’m going to credit my sling, I really think that he saved my life and a lot of ways. But when I was in and out of consciousness, and kind of in between two worlds when I had meningitis, I started to see myself out of body. So it’s like I was laying in the hospital bed yet, I was seeing myself standing up in front of me and seeing my own but like a hospital gown, right. So I’m like seeing my own app. And it wasn’t very pretty. It was really disappointing. But as I’m standing there, I’m seeing myself from behind, you know what I mean? And then I would all of a sudden go into that body. Right? And I’d be seeing from my eyes but in a different space. And I was welcomed by a committee is the best way I can describe it to there was a committee of people there about 30 people all dressed in white. They didn’t have wings, or halos or anything. They looked like I don’t know, they look like they were, I don’t know, they looked like they were like linen clothing or something like some. It was very just clean and tark almost have a comb, you know. And there was one woman who whom I was very focused on and she was the center person and she was the speaker. She had the silver hair and it was short and she was just, you know, she was speaking there. She was like looking at me and they were talking and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. And then she left We speak. And I asked her, if they would please let me stay for my son. You know, I was all but he really had to stay here and in this life because I wanted to stay longer, and I wasn’t like emotional or anything, it was just a matter of fact. And yeah, and she just she left next year, and she spoke to somebody looked back at me and spoke without her mouth, just like, through her mind, okay, like telepathy at me? And she said, yes, if you do this work for us. And I said, Yes. Just a matter of fact, I’m like it. Okay. I didn’t even know she was talking about like, yes, I’m signing me up. If I can stay for my son, sign me up. Okay. Whatever you want me to do. And they all went together into the glowing white light. They just all like lost their form and went together. And they’re like, this orb like light and went through my feet. up to your my core is through my head. And I was completely healed on 11 1111. I was 100% healed and discharged from Frater hospital, and I have the records. I’m writing a book right now. Because I kind of I’m like, so evidential base that it’s like, I’m like, Here, I’ll put it all out there for everybody. So they don’t question me. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. You know, because you know how people are. So

I was released on this day.

And I really didn’t, it was like,

it didn’t register what happened to me until later, you know what I mean? Because I was like, in it, and I was going through it. So it just doesn’t register doesn’t think until later, but like, when the doctors came in, and they were like, you know, how are you speaking twisted the lights on and the neurologists and stuff was there and he was like, look at my light, you know, and follow my light and, you know, repeat after me and what day is that? And you know, all of this stuff, and they’re speaking to me and I am completely clear. You know, the neurologist was like, your anomaly like I He’s like, okay, he goes, I heard that your mom saved your life. He came in, you know, cuz he’s sitting here with me. And he goes, I heard your mom saved your life that she told you that you had meningitis. I want to thank her. So you adults, where is she? Well, the nurses because they knew because I said my mom, they’re like, how did you know you had meningitis? And I was like, Well, my mom told me that right? And I was like, in and out, you know, but I’m like my mom told me. Yeah. And he’s like, put ahead and told him the whole story. Because he you know, so. So he he sits down, he’s like, Where’s your mom? I want to thank her. Like, she’s so smart. You know, like, how does she know this? Right? And I just slipped to them. And I’m like, go ahead. Fake these, like, his like, What do you mean? And he looks at me all, you know, what do you mean by that? said, Well, I’m sure she’s in here. I said she’s crossed over. And that just kind of, he’s like, you know, he goes, Okay. Yeah, he goes, you know, we, that’s, it’s like, it’s like he understood, you know, he was a doctor. And he’s like, well, we get this kind of stuff sometimes, you know, yeah, we’ve seen it all. We’ve heard it all, you know, and he’s like that. It’s incredible. You know?

Brian Smith 23:39
No, so at this point, you’re, you’re healed. And so what? When did you start? When did your mediumship open up? What was the first evidence we mediumship started open up after that.

Carolyn Clapper 23:49
So so in the hospital, you know, after I had started to get better, you know, I was getting a little better before they went to me. So I was having, you know, I was able to speak a little more I was on drugs that helped the pain and things like that, okay. And at that point, when I was crossing in and out, I saw people, family members and loved ones in the battle, like so. Like, nurses that were working on me and like, friends that I actually people that were strangers to me that were like checking in on me, friends of friends that were calling the hospital being supportive, which was so sweet of them. I’d be like, Oh, I got your mom and dad here. And like, I didn’t know them, you know, and, and then they’d be crying and like, Oh my god, well, how would you know this and I’m loud and all they’re like, standing right in front of me. They’re chillin with my mom and dad, like, they’re got a glass of wine and they’re telling me what’s up in your life, you know? And I thought that was completely normal when I was in the hospital because I thought, well, I’m dying. Whatever, like I’m dying. So like, everybody sees people. People who are crossed over when they’re dying like, I’m not that special. There’s nothing like this is just the thing, right? I didn’t think anything of it I’m, I’m real fluid and free flowing, and nothing really jogs me that much. So even then I was like, Well, whatever, it’s there here. You know what? to expect it and deal with it. You know what I mean? It’s fine. Yeah. Like, I’m going to be with you a little homies over there pretty soon. And we’re going to be picking it together. And you know, I didn’t know I’d survive, you know, yeah. But moving forward, I had gone home Following this, and I had to continue IV antibiotics for about a week. And I finally got to take a bath. I was so happy you guys. Like it was like, I was so gross. At that point. It was really nasty. Anyway, so I finally got to take a bath. And so I went in to take my bath. And it was like the best feeling ever, right? And I draw my bath. And I’m sitting in there, and I’ve got my phone next to me. Don’t ask me. I don’t know why. Then my phone sitting on the floor, and my phone rings. And like, this is the first bath I’ve had in like, two over two weeks. Like it’s so girl, you know, like, yeah. So you’d think that I wouldn’t answer my phone, but I did. And it was a girl from whom I haven’t talked to, again, another friend that I hadn’t heard from in years. And I pick up the phone, and she was in distress, like she was in a really bad place. And I’m in the tub in a really good place. You know, this is so relaxing. And I didn’t really want to get into a heavy conversation with her to be honest. But I’ve helped her before. She’s somebody who’s like, you know, tried to take her life before and I had kind of saved saved her life a couple of times. And so I didn’t want to hang up, because she’s somebody who does, you know who I need to answer the phone to. If she calls me, do you know what I mean? I know that probably something’s wrong. So I answered the phone. And I was trying to keep it a little light, you know. And all of a sudden, it was so weird, Brian, like it was so weird. So all of a sudden, I get like this tunnel vision, right? It was so weird. Like, all of a sudden, I felt like I wasn’t in my own space. I got this tunnel vision. And I see where she’s sitting. I’ve never been in this house of hers. Because I haven’t seen her near she’s like, moved. And I’m sitting like, I can see her sitting on her couch. And she has a pink hat and a sex free pink hat and she’s smelling it and putting it up to her face. And I see her grandma, whom I’ve never met, and their grandma’s like telling me I died of cancer. And she’s spelling my hand. That was the hat that I wore right before it like when I died. That was my hat. And you know, and she’s really sad. And she’s this time, you know, she’s really grieving. And she needs to hear from me. And I don’t even know, I don’t think I registered what was happening. I just

I went with it. As I said, I’m real, free flowing. So I just it just happened, you know? And I’m like, I tell my friend, I say, you know, I’m explaining to her Hey, honey, are you it? I see sitting on your couch. I don’t even know how this like wasn’t a weird conversation. But it just wasn’t I started telling her about where she was sitting. And I said, you know, do you have a pink cat that was from your grandma, and it keeps smelling of it. And you’re really missing her? Did she pass up cancer recently? And she just starts bawling. And she’s like, Oh, my kind of cool. I’m having a hard time. And that’s exactly how do you know this? And I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know. I can just see it. And then I’m like, Look, I have your grandma here. I’m like, she’s telling me about a little figure in your in the room that you’re in that keeps moving. Like it keeps moving and shifting and freaking you out. I’m like, that’s her moving it, you know. And she started telling me like, very specific details about her life like conversations that she was having in the mirror to herself. A box that was put aside the head, her daughter’s things in it, she had her go to the box and open it and take out certain items. And all of them were accurate. They were there. It was a very long conversation. It was about an hour and a half. And I’m sitting in my tub, right. I’m like, I felt fine. I was like okay, this is good. It’s all good. And then I asked her grandma, did you want to stay with her? I’m going to get off the phone. Do you want to stay with her you leaving? And she said I’ll stay with her. And I told her do your grandma’s gonna stay with you but I’m going to go I’m in the bath. And she felt comfort with that she just felt so comfortable. Oh my God, thank you so much. I can’t, you know, it was all this like she was just brought her a lot of peace. And so, so I bounce off the phone with her right. And I had felt good up to this point. I felt fine, totally relaxed. I had like brand new energy. You know what I mean? And I’m like, I’m real calm. Until I realized I was back in my body. And I was freezing. I was like my bathwater gone cold. I’ve got goosebumps and freezing and I’m like, What in the hell just happened? and it scared. It scared me. It was so I don’t like I think some people would like that. But for me that for ripped me out. I was like, What in the hell happened to me? And I didn’t like it. Like I felt invasive. Like it just felt not good. I don’t know how to describe it. I got out and I was like, I had like a talking to God, if you will, you know, I kind of said like, what is happening to me? Like, what? What’s happening? Yeah, and I got an I got an answer. You don’t want to get an answer when you add, really want to get in it? So I got an answer. And it actually came in the form of the woman in the committee of the speaker. So I got an answer. And she took me back to what happened in the hospital and how they killed me and how I agreed. And it just put a comma, romantic, okay. All right, fine. If that’s what it is. It was like it just completely commoner. Yeah, so that’s, that’s the first like evidential type reading that I did. And then that just opened up a whole chain of events, that’s like, it would take way too long for an interview, but I’m gonna be putting it in my book, I think it’s really important and special stuff. It was like, the signs began to just flow through for me, I generally don’t see for myself the same as I see for other people. So my mom coming to me, in that type of situation was extremely unique. That was a rare occasion. When it’s really, really important. I think that we see that we’re capable of seeing our people like in the same way, but if it’s not excruciating, Lee important, then maybe we’re like, blocked from that for good reasons. So that we can still have this experience.

Yeah, well, so moving forward, I did go and get checked by like, every doctor that I knew, I’m like, Okay, time to see a psychologist, time to see a psychiatrist. Time to go get my brain scan. Well, even though everything had been confirmed over the phone, by my friend, I still thought you know, I had meningitis. Your brain is swollen, you know, when you have that your spinal cord. And they thought, Okay, it’s time to, to get checked, and see if anything’s wrong. And I got a clean bill of health from everybody. In fact, every time I sat with a doctor, their loved ones would come through and tell me things that I would never have known. I’m like, Oh, my God, this is incredible. I mean, like, you know, some of them would start talking to them, like my, my doctor from the Middle East to my love very, very dearly. He’s like, Well, what do you see for me? You know what I’m like, Don’t ask. He and then I went ahead, and I told him what I find. And, and he knew it was his dad, his dad, you know, and he went through a funeral that people haven’t had, and so on and so forth. So, yeah,

Brian Smith 33:46
yeah. Why I know, you know, you and I met on Facebook. As I said, it’s been several years ago, I’m guessing three or four at this point. It was after after saying that passed. You and I became friends. And you volunteered to do a reading for me it was it was very kind of you. So you did a reading for me, but you wouldn’t let me record it. And I really wish you had because it was it was

Unknown Speaker 34:07
now I’m sorry.

Carolyn Clapper 34:09
I wish that I had let you too.

Brian Smith 34:10
Yeah, it’s I’ve had some I’ve had incredible readings by some of the literally the best mediums in the world, but you are just like me. So when people you know, when you say you know, you’re telling these stories, and they sound, the sound while they mean it’s like if you really liked it. You use stuff that like nobody could possibly have looked at you told me things that my wife thought at the hospital the day my daughter passed away, that my wife had never told anybody including me. So I’m taking notes and I’m telling them when she gets home, but she was away at the time. And I tell her this and she goes yeah, I had that Father hospital, but I’ve never told anybody. You told me something that happened my wife the day before some cake that she didn’t. Um, and then spontaneous cake. Yeah, the rainbow cake. Exactly.

Carolyn Clapper 34:58
I remember that. So

Brian Smith 35:00
And I was, I had a friend whose wife had passed away literally, like the week before. So and the reading was like, and it was like two hours long. And I’m just taking notes, you tell me things that are insane, his bedroom, and all this stuff. And I said, well, by the way, I have a friend, his wife passed away like a week ago. Can you tell me anything about that? And you’re like, you knew how they met that meta camp. You know, when they were young, you knew that she’d had the hip surgery she’d had or knee surgery. I can’t remember which it was. Like, like, five minutes, you told me on the stuff. And I called my friend up, I’m like, Is any of this true? Because I have no idea. I didn’t really even know his wife. And it was like spam. So I tell people, I tell you that because your most mediums I’m going to guess are like 60 maybe 70% accurate, a good medium, and you’re like, 500% accurate.

Carolyn Clapper 35:52
That’s what I that’s what I keep hearing and then my friend Bob is like, Don’t ever say you’re 100% accurate, because one time of you slipping up and somebody is gonna, like nail you to the cross. So I am like, I don’t claim that but I’m accurate because it’s not me. Not me. It’s like the credit doesn’t belong to me. It’s not. It takes a lot of energy. And it takes a lot of love. Like I love everyone I sit with. I love everybody like to a fault. Like it’s gross. Like I feel their pain and it’s like really? A you know, I have to pull myself back from them. So that’s actually a problem. For me. I don’t think that it’s a good thing as a medium. Are you there?

Brian Smith 36:40
I’m here your videos frozen, but I can still hear your audio.

Carolyn Clapper 36:44
Okay, so my my video froze. Yeah.

Brian Smith 36:48
it’ll, it’ll come back probably.

Carolyn Clapper 36:51
Let me look at connection of time. Now, let’s say, oh, verify blah, blah, blah.

Unknown Speaker 36:58

Brian Smith 37:01
Yep, we’re back. Good. We’re back.

Carolyn Clapper 37:03
Okay, Carolyn’s breaking all the time. I’m breaking the computers again. Okay, so

Brian Smith 37:10
what I was going to say, you know, Carolyn, because you’re, you know, it’s interesting. I interviewed Suzanne Geisemann last week. And I was telling us before we started and Suzanne is amazing, amazing medium, but she’s meeting by training. She after a stepdaughter pass. She started meditating. And she developed her her talent. I’m not gonna say it’s a gift. She developed her talent. And she’s she trains and all this stuff and, and a lot of names that do that. And I there’s some things that I call natural like you and like Thomas, john were just seems to be like, it just flows through you. And

Carolyn Clapper 37:44
can I just say thank you to Thomas, john, because I think he kicked some people over for medical readings for me, so thanks, Tom. Yeah, yeah, Thomas.

Brian Smith 37:53
Yeah. Okay. So yeah, I think it’s, you know, it’s really interesting to me, because people say I want to learn to cut to my son or my daughter or whatever. And so some of us can train to do this. But for you, it seems to be spontaneous and natural. But it does. Does it take a physical toll on you when you do readings, because I know you don’t do a lot of readings, I think it is a drain you.

Carolyn Clapper 38:15
Oh my god. It’s like that is putting it lately, like, people will ask me, you know, you know, like, do you do mentorships or whatever, or, you know, so many people are interested in going into this field, which I think is incredibly cool. I love how open people are becoming and, you know, it’s obviously it’s good to know that more people are open to it now. But as far as actually doing it, I’m always like, man, tread carefully because it don’t ask for what you don’t want. I even tell people that with readings with me, I’m like, Don’t ask me if you don’t want to hear. And I mean that wholeheartedly. It is so draining. And some people don’t understand that. I think that’s the one thing that’s really tough for me as the medium is that like most of the time, I’ve been super blessed because I’m like, I’m all word of mouth. So all the people come to me I feel like have been brought to me by their loved ones or spirit, you know, and it’s meant to be but once in a while, get somebody who’s a little bit like I don’t know, like a little bit less understanding or less empathetic to my position. I am somebody who has chronic migraines like I had that prior to this. I could have gone on disability like I took 18 imitrex a month before and that’s that’s way too many like I was having.

I don’t know what they call it.

I was having headaches because of my medicines. It was like rebound headaches there. Yeah. And that’s why I couldn’t tell if a meningitis whether it was migraine or meningitis, like that’s how bad They get some times for me. So that being said, That being said, I think it’s very common for people who are naturally gifted to get migraines. I know that’s a commonality that people who are empaths, even empathetic people or just in touch with other things, not even mediums. Like they tend to get headaches, you know, even from the planet like, like, from the pressure outside, you know, from the barometric pressure, whatever, like, we’re very sensitive to everything. So when I give readings, yes, it can become very draining. It’s a matter of learning how to separate yourself. And this difficult in the beginning. I had to learn to have empathy, which is weird, because I’m a very sensitive person, like I watched, and I’ll be crying. I’m like, my son laughed at me. It’s like, Oh, my God, you’re crying. It’s like a Disney movie. And I’m like, Ooh, I’m like, supino. And but it’s like, when I would go into this mode, with random run and readings at my job before, okay, it was complete strangers, I, I don’t know them, I didn’t really have you know, and like, whatever. I didn’t really have like, an emotional connection to them. And, you know, Spirit would come to me really pushy. And I had no boundaries. And I would just, like, there’s somebody here, do you want to hear Casey stuff? Do you want to hear from them? And they, it was always a solid? Yes. Everybody always said yes. And I would take on the emotions of that person, sometimes, like I would get the symptoms like, like if they died of I remember one in the beginning, like he died of liver issues from being an alcoholic, and I felt like I was gonna throw up, I had to go to the bathroom. I was like, Oh, my God, I’m gonna pick them up. And then I just got like, I felt like I was having symptoms of liver failure. It’s really creepy. So I had a really hard time to like, disassociate, like to set boundaries for myself, right? I’m way better at that. Now, way better. But it has taken me years to get good at that. And it was all self work. It wasn’t me opening a book or taking a class online or going to a school. It was me talking to God, it was me talking to source, you know what I’m saying? It was me going straight to source and saying, What can I do? What do I need to do? And it’s interesting, because I started developing, I’d get answers Not, not through my ears, I would get answers in my mind. And I would do them ritualistic type things. I would do them. And they helped. Later to find out once I started connecting more within the community once I became more well known. These are rituals that people teach and that they really like. It’s like everybody does. So they must be legitimate. It’s almost like I was getting confirmation as I went along. But I’ve still never read a book on mediumship or, or watched people shows the whole way through. I’ve caught little glimpses of people show here and there. And then I then I get bored, and I want to watch because I do this. I live and breathe this. I’m like, now, I want to watch like to cry. And we’re like, so like, I want to watch something else, you know? Yeah. It’s really draining, though. So,

Brian Smith 43:17
yeah, well, I think it’s really taken out how different people tend to do it differently. As I’m friends with a lot of meetings. I’ve talked to a lot of mediums and work with them in various capacities. So for example, I have a friend has a medium, this dude can do 15 readings a day. And I’m like, and but I’ve talked to I’ve seen other means I can only do one reading a week. Yeah, there are people that that it just really takes everything out. Um, so I think there’s maybe different ways that people do it. And and with someone like yourself, it’s just seems to I kind of pictures, maybe like a battery. And so when you’re doing this, you’re like, sending this energy out making this connection. And then when it’s over, you got to recharge.

Carolyn Clapper 43:58
When some people charge you, you’re right. Some spirits, some people, I call them people over them and it confuses people because they’re the same to me. So it’s like, whatever some spirits that when they come through, they’re like, they charged me like they actually give me energy and make me happy like your daughter. She charges me like, I love her. She’s one of my favorite people in the world. I mean, that I’ve ever met in this world, or that world. I just frickin adore her. Okay, so like she charges me like, but that’s probably that probably falls in line with like, who she was here. She’s got this beautiful energy. She’s like, I just she came through this beautiful light and she was sitting on my bed and she was just, like, ready to go. She’s like, okay, so you don’t remember how we met? And I’ll talk about that in a second because I do. Yeah, okay, good. But, um, because I’d like to, because it’s a shout out to her and I just I love her. But yeah, somebody like her. She gives me energy and she’s like, She breeds love. she exhales love and I don’t know just like this excitement for life like, Yeah, I don’t look she is life. Do you understand that sometimes just life and, and yeah, and some people are less so that way but she really is truly just she’s loving light like if people were to see her in the light that I see her and or whomever gets to whomever is blessed enough to be able to meet her in that way. She’s so shiny, like she’s just her smile is radiant, her eyes sparkle. She looks just like I had never seen her in photo when I had met you over Facebook. So here’s the thing. When I met you over Facebook, we were friends on there. I don’t remember why we were friends on it. It must have connected to somebody else. And I kept getting these like little these little updates or whatever on how many steps you would take and like a Fitbit. Yeah, yeah. And it kept showing up on my timeline. Well, I don’t generally care about that not to be mean or anything. Okay, okay. So like, I didn’t really take notice of it. I was just like, Damn, this guy’s ambitious. And I’m so lazy, like, I need to start walking. So I just started thinking, you know, I need to do more of this, I need to find my Fitbit. So I started taking notice of it, because it’s just showing up more and more. And there’s a lot of friends. I don’t see any other stuff on there. And we didn’t know each other. And I was seeing like every day how many steps you were taking? Well, this went on for a while and then one day, I get this sense. Okay, so I didn’t get her full on at this moment. I got a sense I bet. Like she’s pushing in on me, okay. And I hear and in my mind, and she says, is trying to catch up with me walking to catch up with me. Yeah, no. And I said, I said, Wait, I’m like sitting here. Like, wait, who is that? You know, they mean, cuz like, we weren’t even connected. I was just reading your Facebook steps. And I’m like, Oh, shit. Like, I’ve got to say this, right? Like, I? I was like, No, I can’t say this. Like, what if this person is not open to this, this is not fair for me to put on him. And like, give me more give me more sense. I’m talking to whomever I’m hearing because at the time it didn’t know. And like, give me more give me more. And then I see her then I she comes into my, my vision. Okay? And I see her. And I’m like, Oh my god, I think this is his daughter. Like she’s got to be a daughter or something. Like she’s like, that’s the sense that I got okay. And she goes, she goes he’s he’s walking to catch up with me. Tell him to wear the purple Converse. Yeah, purple shoes. Okay. And I was like, I said back to her. How am I gonna say this? And she goes, just say it to say it. And she’s so sparkly inside. Looks like I’m doing it. I don’t care. I love this girl. And I don’t care. I’ll just do it. Who cares if I look like a crazy nutcase? So I wrote, you know, for the first time, anything that you know, and I wrote that, and I got nothing, not that you didn’t like it. You didn’t love it. You didn’t respond at all for three days. And I was like, Oh, shit, what if I’m wrong? Because you know, when you don’t get that confirmation, what’s wrong? You’re like, wait a minute, am I wrong? So then I went to your page, and I’m like, Oh, God, am I wrong? And there was nothing on your page about her that I could see nothing at the time. This is like, I don’t know. Like now I think I’ve seen stuff about her that pops up on my timeline. But at the time, I couldn’t be there was nothing. So I thought, well, I don’t think I’m wrong. Because I obviously see her I don’t know why I’m seeing this.

And a couple days later, you were like you liked it. And I was like, Oh, good. And then you were like, Yes, I am. You know, and I’m like, and you said something you acknowledge the purple shoes. And I was like, sure. I’m like, thank God. And that’s how it sparked. You responded. And then I was like, thank you. I’m so sorry if that was invasive, but this is what I saw. And if you want to talk for a minute, feel free to call me and I’ll communicate for you. And you were like, let’s do it. Yeah, so it was a very, like, sporadic.

Yeah, no, I

Brian Smith 49:23
was walking to catch up with I’d forgotten about that part of it. But yeah, you know, it’s, it’s,

Carolyn Clapper 49:29
it came through to me.

Brian Smith 49:30
Yeah, it’s just how people come into our life. And then I remember you and I had become friends. And I was on another board with this woman who’s a professional skeptic. And she’s a mutual friend of ours. And she said, I don’t believe in mediumship I don’t believe in it, but she’s like, but I believe in investigating things. So I’m going to check it out. So she said, Brian, I know you know, a lot of mediums. Tell me the best medium, you know, and I’m gonna go to that person. And I’m going to prove this is this is not real. And that was it. That was our friend. Awesome. Yeah.

Carolyn Clapper 49:57
Thank you. That’s a huge My head’s expanding. No, just kidding. It’s that. Well, it was. It’s funny

Brian Smith 50:05
because Kim and I were friends to this day, and I’ve actually had her on the program. And we’ve talked about you. And, you know, you just blew her away. I mean, she came back, she said, There is no way that she could look at this. I think she even gave you a fake name and stuff, too. I think she went through all that she did that pipe.

Carolyn Clapper 50:21
Yeah. Anyway, no, just kidding. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:26
it’s, um, she told me later, she was like, she gave me a fake name. And then, and then she had her boss come to me, and her boss gave me a fake name, too. And it was so weird, because I’m like, I mean, I can’t get people’s information. But it’s a weird story. And they’re like, they’re, they’re coming out, they’re willing to come out with their stories in my book, or whatever forum. And like, really open up about details, because the readings that I gave them, because she’s at the bunker or whatever, like, global issues, governmental issues, dude, I was like, What am I who am I talking to here? You know what I mean? Well, her first reading was mostly just really personal. But yeah, when I read for her boss, it was like, just worldly global, like crazy stuff. And in fact, she came back later and said, that I had predicted the, but I can’t. I predicted a really big event that had happened and unfolded that she was connected to and everybody knows about us regarding sex trafficking, and where these things were occurring. And I’m reluctant even to say that online in Vegas, I just said it because, like, it’s just, it kind of scares me, I freaked me out.

Carolyn Clapper 51:44
I know, you, you also

Brian Smith 51:46
have worked with the police on cold cases, and stuff like that, and you and your amazing medical intuitive. So in the few minutes we have left, maybe you can tell me something about your medical intuition, maybe no personal details, but can you give me an example.

Carolyn Clapper 52:03
Okay, so I’m a Medical Medium, I consider that different than a medical into it, I used to consider myself a medical into it. But I think that that word in term is tossed around way too much. What I mean by that is people are out there claiming their medical intuitive, and that might mean that they might get a little something medically and it might be confirmed in a might not be. I work with five doctors in the spirit on the other side, I don’t see their faces, they’re faceless, they stand behind me, I go into a medical reading completely different than I go into a spiritual reading, okay, a spiritual reading, I go into it in front of me medical in back, totally different process, mentally, okay. And they go through the person from the right hand, and they go up through their body, same path every time. And I don’t know anything about a person’s medical history going into it, nothing at all, most of my all of my readings right now, because of COVID are done over the phone. And I, you know, I work both internationally and nationally. And they take me through people’s bodies, and they’ll show me everything from deficiencies to, to issues that happened as a baby, when they were 13, when they were, you know, throughout their life, the past, present and future trauma is what I see. And we have found everything from cancer, to leaking in certain vertebrates in the sign to, you know, the cheese, I mean, to set to see with, you know, bladder infections to rejection of metal, in somebody’s mind is a book that a woman’s writing, she’s a client of mine, and she’s writing a book about her experience with her daughter right now. Or it’s written, she told me that she had written me into it. And so that’s public, but her daughter I had seen go into surgery, and her back was open to the surgery, I’m seeing this you’re reading with them. And I see her in the surgical room, and her back is open. And the doctors It was supposed to be like, you know, three to five hour surgery, and it ended up being like eight hours. So they told me that the length of time it was versus what it was supposed to be. And I see the doctor standing there, they grabbed it open in one, Nick something and their spine and he’s like, ooh, like he, oops, you know, and I’m like, What do you mean? Oops, right. And this extended the surgery, they nicked her spine, and when they closed her back up, she’s had seizures and issues and stuff like that since then. It’s just been like, devastating to her life. And they had told me you know, through her reading, they told me that she had a metal allergy, but I see all this metal in her spine and I Like but then they tell me what titanium or whatever it’s like an it’s a non allergic metal. But then they tell me that inside of the screws, there’s nickel. Yeah. And it took her mother fighting like going to doctor after doctor after doctor a surgeon after searching I mean, to try and get somebody to relook at this. She did get it tested and she was allergic to, to the nickel in fact, and she had to go back through and get these removed. Yes,

Brian Smith 55:29
um, someone’s extremely allergic to nickel. And yeah,

Carolyn Clapper 55:32
there you go. Right. So it’s like, so they’ll tell me very, very specific things. Now, people will come to me like thinking, Okay, well, you can save my life. While not not really because all the credit belongs to spirit, of course. They have saved people’s lives through the information that’s come through prolong that, you know, prolong that to a degree or given somebody a better quality of life. But it’s not an we’re all gonna go eventually, unfortunately,

Brian Smith 56:06
yeah, I will say we can’t save anybody’s lives, we can only we can only prolong them

Carolyn Clapper 56:11
and give them information that I can only tell people what I’m showing. And that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Brian Smith 56:19
Well, I know what you get. And I’ve heard some of your stories is extremely specific, you know, it’s like, write this down and take it to your doctor. So like, I see something like in the lower half of your right quadrant, and that kind of a thing.

Carolyn Clapper 56:33
It’s really specific, like sometimes it takes me aback like there was a lady who I recently found, they’re like, she needs to have these patches. They’re showing the patches, and then they’re talking about stem cells. And I didn’t know they had stem cell patches that you can put on your body and like what are you like it? Some of it just seems so abstract to me that I can’t understand. And I’ll literally be like, do you have your computer? And they’re like, yes, I’m like, turn it on. Put on Google, I want you to type this in there. Just please do this for me for validation. And I’ll have people do homework for me while I’m like reading them. And we’ll type something and ended up come up. And we’re both like, Wow, that’s so crazy. Yeah. So, and yes, I’m not a medical doctor, I don’t claim to be I don’t have any. I don’t have any education in it. Anything that comes through me comes to spirit, okay. To me, I always say, must be taken to a medical doctor and be validated to a medical doctor, take everything, every single note and let them say You’re crazy. Who cares? Have it validated and an advocate for your own health because doctors are going to laugh at you when you say that they that you spoke to me. But then, you know, I’ve had people go in a guy who had ms that I just adore. I loved him so much. I knew there was something wrong with him medically. Because, I mean, it’s kind of a cheat. I went to his house and he was in a wheelchair. So da, okay. But I went there. But I went there for a spiritual reading for him. And I wasn’t intending to do any medical on them. And during his reading, his dad had come through and his dad had ms to he told me, but his dad didn’t die of Ms. He died of something else. And he had told me what and then he brought me to his son. And he says, Just tell him that he has a catheter in his spine, and it’s off to the right. It’s sires off to the left, and it was going into his muscles and his fat and that into his spine. And it was it was medication. And it was giving him 80% worse pain and his legs. So he told us that he I didn’t know he had a catheter in his bank, because you can’t see that it was like inside. And he confirmed that he has one went into his doctor, his surgeon, he was like, please, my medium told me this. You need to check it and they’re laughing. I mean, they’re kind of laughing it off. Like who? Yeah, he advocated three times. Just check it, please. She’s on point all the time. They checked it. And it was accurate, of course. And so they, so then they fixed it. And his doctor said, You have one talented medium. And that’s all that was like, his little gesture of recognition. And once I get that, and I’m like, it feels so good. It feels so good. Just to get that, you know

Brian Smith 59:28
by now that you’re just incredible. Your

Carolyn Clapper 59:32
well did you so spirit, no, but the people who work with me are incredible, right? But they’re incredible

Brian Smith 59:37
channel, a vessel that they use. And so I was I said I’ve worked with a lot of mediums. I’ve met a lot of mediums and if you could convince Kendall that you’re legit, because like I said, she said I’m going to prove that this does this is not real.

Carolyn Clapper 59:54
I just spoke with her yesterday. I did you

Kate this the second time, actually the third time In three days, she has come up and I keep telling her like, man, your husband, he will work his way into. He wants to talk to her. And he ended up. Yeah. And so I gave her a buzz last night because she came up in a reading last night, in fact, too funny. And now she’s coming up again. And she loves it. She loves it. Some investigating, we have to do off to talk about it later, it’s gonna be really fun. Like the last time I gave her a reading, it went off into this crazy direction, where they took me to her home. Oh, my God, Brian, it’s like I was because I guess you know how people call it like remote viewing or whatever. I’m like a remote viewer on crack. Because it’s totally different. For me. It’s like, I’m all up in their business. And I can see everything. So they took me to her home. And I’m like, going down in the basement, and they showed me this area. And it led to this entire like, like, they pulled me out of her home into the town that she’s in. And I want to investigate that area now. So maybe we can share it another time like her and I and you can it’s going to be a really fun story. I mean, it’s really exciting. I’m going to investigate, like all of this area that she’s in, and then have her like, have her validate it, like look for the validation, cuz she’s a debunker. So she can do it. I’m gonna put her to work. Exactly, exactly.

Brian Smith 1:01:23
I am glad that we finally got to do this. It’s been a long time coming here. But we’re saying I love the Gremlins are trying to stop us are, what the deal was. But when the scheduling issues and technical issues, but we got it in, we got it done. So I appreciate you doing this.

Carolyn Clapper 1:01:42
Yes. And I appreciate you having me. Thank you so much. I just adore both you and your wife and your family. And I think you’re incredibly strong. And you’re just a beacon of light. In this world. I think that your videos are so inspiring and more people should listen to you. And I don’t do a lot of interviews. I’m asked to do a lot and I’m honored to be

able to be interviewed by you. Okay,

Brian Smith 1:02:08
great. I’m glad I’m glad that Shayna came to you and you and I connected. So let me give your contact information. I know you’re extremely busy. But you’re Carolyn’s website is the next world And you can contact Carolyn through there. I know your your waiting list is pretty long, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
I mean,

Carolyn Clapper 1:02:28
I don’t know if I’m booking into February right now. It’s not crazy. Yeah. It’s not crazy. Life’s not like yours out. You know what I mean? Yeah, cuz that would be pretty crazy. But I only do one reading a day because some of my readings get really long. Like you can see how long winded I am. So obviously my reading

Brian Smith 1:02:50
several multi hour conversations. So I was wondering how we’re gonna do this. But I’ll have you back. Definitely. Sure.

Carolyn Clapper 1:03:00
Okay, awesome. I’d be on next time. We’ll talk politics.

Yeah. Yes, we will. We’ll wait till after.

Brian Smith 1:03:12
Oh, Carolyn. It’s been great. Thanks for doing this. So persistent and getting on.

Carolyn Clapper 1:03:17
Yes. Thank you so much for being patient with me. And we only had one mishap with their computers, which was incredibly good.

Brian Smith 1:03:27
Yeah, I mean, let’s let’s not push. What was that? All right. Have a great night. All right. Bye.

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