Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Daniel John- Are Christianity and Mediumship Compatible?- Ep. 86

I met Daniel about a year ago in a group for bereaved parents. Daniel was volunteering his time to help the parents out. I could immediately sense he is a sincere and generous guy with a high ethical standard. Daniel was raised as a Christian, as was I. When his mediumship opened up spontaneously in January of 2017, he didn’t know what had hit him. He wasn’t sure he believed in mediumship and he thought if it were real, it incompatible with his Christian faith. Daniel studied and prayed hard before deciding that this was a gift from God to be use for God’s purposes. Fast forward a few years and Daniel has done hundreds of readings that have brought healing and increased people’s faith in God and the afterlife.

We discuss Daniel’s journey and his new book “Why Are We Here?”


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Hi there. Welcome to grief to growth podcast. Your host is Brian Smith, spiritual seeker, best selling author, grief survivor and life coach. Ryan believes that the worst tragedies of life provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Ryan says he was planted, not buried, and he is here to help you grow where you’ve been planted by the difficulties in life. In each episode, Brian and his guests will share what has helped them to survive and thrive. It is his sincere hope this episode helps you today.

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Hey, everybody, this is Brian Smith back with another episode of grief to growth. And today I’ve got with me my friend, Daniel, john. And Daniel’s been on I think a couple of times we’ve had conversations on on grief to growth. But Daniel is a certified spiritual medium. He’s a Reiki Master and he’s the author of the new book. Why are we here reflections on life from a spiritual medium. So, Daniel with that, welcome to greater growth. Thank you, Brian.

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Thank you for having me. Daniel, it’s I’ve known you, I guess for maybe a little over a year now, we met through a group on Facebook that you were doing some work with voiceover angels, for Angel. And

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now it’s really been really interesting getting to know you and watch you as you’ve developed as, as a as a medium and as a person and with your faith, and with your book. And so your book discusses all that, and discusses like, how you came out as a medium, and how your faith has evolved and and those types of things. So let’s, let’s go ahead and start with that. So how did you discover that you were a medium? or How did you become a medium?

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So I think I think, you know, those are gifts that are given from the Holy Spirit. So I think it’s always been there. I don’t think it was time to really come to fruition until a few years ago. And the short version I was I was sitting next to a woman at a restaurant, and

I started getting these like feelings, visions, pictures, just things started coming to me names and ended up being somehow some way even though this was against my religion or

You know, even against what I believe to be possible, her husband who had passed away six months before, you know, he had passed away right in front of her. And she was having a hard time. And I didn’t really know any of this. I knew he had passed because she was we were co workers at work. And she announced when she was introduced to our team that her husband passed, but that’s all I knew. So I sat next to her at a restaurant and a work event. And he came through and she after it, so it’s 45 minutes of just like his name and things. And I thought, you know, did I read her mind? Or did like, where did this stuff come from? And I was like nervous about all that. But I know that after the reading, she was so grateful and so full of love and was so happy to connect with him. Somehow, someway. I realized at that point, I need to figure out what that was about. And if I can help people, which is something I always love doing, then I want to figure out what that was about so I can continue to help more. Yeah, so you’re just you’re having this conversation with her and spontaneously things started coming to you that she was apparently validating

Yep. And that was my first official quote unquote reading. And I talked about that story in the book of how that was the first time I’ve ever happened in an accident, and also towards the latter part of the book about, you know, the process, because it’s not how, even though you and I are having a conversation right now, it’s, it’s very, very subtle, and you have to pick up on those things. But the main goal is to help others because some people when they experience grief, they handle it different ways. And some people lose their faith in God and my job and I’ve been told this, their spirit is to help people rekindle their faith with them. Yeah, so so you, you, you don’t believe that mediumship is possible, you actually believe it’s against your faith, but now you find yourself giving a reading. So how did how did that hit you emotionally after this happened? I mean, I was confused. I didn’t know what happened. You know, and even back then I didn’t even know they were that I mean, I just remember being told, you know, and I was raised Catholic and saved the ninth grade. And I just remember hearing that. I really didn’t then I read Scripture, but

I was more of a New Testament, I read more of the New Testament. But when I, when I finally came out this getting a little ahead, I, I looked at some Old Testament scripture and found out that wow, this really, you know, this is a really, quote unquote, against the Bible. So then I went on this journey of just praying and trusting and reading books and asking God and you’re just finally coming to the point and realizing, and this is a spiritual gift to them that I’m, like, supposed to do supposed to use to help others. So yeah, very confusing, actually. Yeah, that’s, that’s an interesting journey. And you and I were talking before we get started, I think you and I’ve taken similar journeys, where we have this kind of fundamentalist faith, for lack of a better word that says, This is right, and this is wrong. And then something comes along in our life, and it challenges that. And in my case, I had a relative who turned out to be gay. And when he passed away, I was told he was in hell. And I’m just like, this doesn’t make any sense to me, that this person who was one of the best people I’ve ever known in my life, is gay and the church wouldn’t accept him because of that.

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Therefore, God is going to punish him eternally. I’m like, this doesn’t make sense. So I went on the same journey as you. I’m like, I gotta find it. How do I read the Bible properly? What? Where did it come from? You know, all those things, and then we find out that there’s been a lot of misinterpretation.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
I feel that same way. For sure. Yeah. So.

Brian Smith 5:20
So you have this gift of as a media, but you’re still not really sure. mediumship is a real thing. So your next step, I guess you actually went to see a medium, right? Yeah, yeah.

Daniel John 5:31
So it was a few months of in the book, I also talked about some things of the world. I had to kind of give up the, you know, to realize and embrace this gift. But yeah, being a skeptic. I had to go see a medium for myself. Absolutely. And it was, like, you know, there’s certain things that you can like, you know, I was thinking, maybe she’s googling it, or maybe she did this, but, you know, I talked about in the book, but I tested her I limited my responses. I watched her, you know, mannerisms. You know, I listened to what she said.

Without giving her too much information, and without a doubt, I walked out of that reading with like, Okay, this is real Oh, by the way, she mentioned that this was something that I was supposed to do. And that’s that I had a feeling about that there was a part of me that thought that if I can do that, I should be doing it. And she hinted at it without me even saying anything about it. Yeah, and I think it’s really the thing about you that I’ve known you for a while now, you’re all about helping people. So you’re not a person that got into mediumship to make money or become famous. In fact, you still have a full time job. This is what you, you know, you do to help people. And I know for a long time, I don’t think you even charge for your readings. Is that right? I did, I did him free for a while. And then I kind of leaned on some other mediums and I talked about this in the book as well about why I do charge. I came across very, very reasonable, but you know, like, I have a studio and so there’s a cost to that. So yeah, free at first just to make sure that I was doing it. But But you know, that being said, I volunteer as you know, for, you know, voices of our angels. Yeah, you know, I’ve given 20

You’re 30 and I talk about this in the book as well reading. So just, you know, people who reach out to me that the Holy Spirit guides me to give them a free reading where I don’t need to collect money, but I explained it as a balanced thing. And I do keep my costs very reasonable. But I’m big on tithing, you know, typing, as you know, is in the two biggest religions in the world. And I don’t think that’s a mistake. So I love getting back and I really love helping people. It’s the love. Yeah, I think it’s really interesting. I actually run a Facebook group where I try to bring parents and mediums together. And one of the questions that keeps coming up is people are like, I just think it’s unfair that people charge for gifts. You know, if it’s given to you as a gift, you should give it away but as you just touched on a couple things there what may one thing is, it’s an exchange. The other thing is you have expenses as a medium got overhead, you have a studio, I know a lot of mediums do a lot of training.

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Almost every medium I know does a lot of giving back, you know, free things. And our time is worth something, you know, all the time that we’re doing that you’re doing doing reading, you’re not spending doing something else. You’re taking away.

way for your family or something else. So it’s interesting to me that every other gift that people have the gift of being a surgeon, you know, will gladly pay a surgeon will gladly pay someone a plumber to come to our house and fix our pipes or an electrician. So I’m going to perform a service but there’s something about mediumship that and it’s also people even pay their pastor, right. We don’t expect pastors to do work for free. So I I do want to get that out there, you know, support you and your profession, that it’s it’s fine to charge you you have to charge you have to you have to make a living.

Daniel John 8:33
Yeah, there’s a lot of a lot of points, but I think the main thing is, is one it’s a balanced thing. You know, it’s I’ve even traded with other practitioners where if it’s a Reiki, you know, whether it’s Reiki or acupuncture where I’d give a reading and do exchange or something like that. But yeah, the balanced thing is, it’s a deeper explanation. Through all my readings, I’ve understood that there is a balance that needs to happen and sometimes money is an exchange is it and the other point that you made is very valid like what

I’m doing readings, if I have some days, you know, on weekends, I’ll have like three readings in a row, and I’m not with my kids. So and I and I charge very reasonable I can I try to keep it like to where it’s not expensive. And we also have to pay, I pay all my taxes. So when you boil it down, I really don’t make a lot of money at all, when you have the electric bill, the studio, the rent, you know, I have to use those money for some readings to pay for that stuff. So it really is a balance and it helps out. But at the same time, I do think it’s important to not to play the other side of the fence is where I do give a lot of free readings. I give them away I donate them I try to donate my time so that I am big on tithing, like I said, and I try to balance that and lean on the Holy Spirit to guide me in when I should charge and when I shouldn’t. And on a human level. I don’t like charging money. I really don’t like collecting it, but it does it pays the bills and supports the family. For sure. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So your book. I just finished it. I got it this week. It’s a great book. It’s really interesting. I guess it’s kind of a

Brian Smith 9:57
combination of a memoir and also kind of

A Guide for life you give a lot you get some advice in there like about how to raise your vibration you talk about you know diet, which is something I haven’t seen in a in a spiritual book before. So let’s let’s kind of go through some of the things in the book in terms of some of the advice you give let’s, let’s start with diet. I thought that was an interesting chapter.

So it’s funny my I had two editors for my book and the first editor was like, why are you including a chapter on diet and a spiritual book. And number one, I’m actually a former personal trainer, and focus on nutrition. So I feel like that’s something that a lot of people need a little help with. So it’s a very basic chapters chapter 17. And it just includes things that we shouldn’t shouldn’t eat and the main reason is in another chapter in the book is that we are energy and all the things that we do to our body, including diet have an effect on us. So when we when I talk when the book processed foods and you know certain foods like alcohol and sugars and things like that, it changes our energetic vibration. So diet is just one piece of the puzzle i thought was very important to include in the book.

Yeah, like, I think that’s, you know, the thing is we are, we’re spirit but we’re also human, we’re also body. And they, the our spirit interacts with our body, I think to extent. And as you said, you know, if our body’s not feeling well, then it’s going to it’s going to bring our vibration down for lack of a better word. So I thought that that chapter was really important, even though you took away all my favorite stuff.

I mentioned that too, is like, all right. I just mixed all the good stuff. I know. Yeah. But we can. Well, yeah, I was gonna say, but I do. Like you gave me permission that moderation because I first I was like, Okay, I can’t I can’t have a beer anymore. But you said, Yeah, you can have it moderation. So yeah, I appreciate that. So.

So in the book, you talk about your faith, and I know your faith is very, very important to Union. We could tell already just you know, the conversation starting out here. So how would you describe your faith journey? Where are you now? You mentioned you started off Catholic. You were saved. You

He said, I think he’s an eighth or ninth grade. So, talk to me about your progression in your area, not your progression but your journey.

Daniel John 12:08
Through the whole life K through six Catholic, you know, pretty strict Catholics saved in ninth grade I was with an organization called Youth for Christ. And at that point, I started following the teachings of Jesus and I have not stopped that. I’ve kind of changed what I call my religion. I’m a follower of Jesus and His teachings and a Christ follower. But I’ve also looked into the teachings of Buddha and Mohammed and some other religions because I feel like it’s good to be open minded and expand. Now I call my religion love. I follow the teachings of Jesus. So could you call me a Christian? Yes, because I follow the teachings of Christ. We talked about earlier I’m, I’m far from a fundamentalist because I lean on my relationship with Jesus through my heart. I use scripture as a book to spread love. I don’t use it to judge or to dam or condemn or I feel like Jesus speaks just as much

As he does, you know, back then he speaks now just as much as he did back then. And so I read the Bible daily, I use scripture to spread love, and my religion is love, but I really follow the teachings of mostly of Jesus. So you can call my son, I relate to Christianity, but I also have a lot of, you know, and just really quick, I’ll share it. I don’t believe in maternal health.

I don’t believe Jesus is the only way you know, john 14 six says, I am the way I’m the only way to Lord and a lot of fundamentalists think that he is. I grown to accept that his teachings, my interpretation of the Bible is and it’s jhanas Is that you? His teachings are the way I also believe, like you’ve mentioned about your friend earlier that I believe God made a homosexual person that way in this lifetime for a specific reason. I don’t think that you know, on Corinthians six nine, for instance, where it says homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God and we’ll research on that. So long story short, I use the Bible to spread love. I follow the teachings of Jesus

And what he taught me is to love, have compassion for others forgive, and to just look at the positives all the time and do the best you can in this life to help other people be the best they can. So yeah, yeah, I’m like right there with you and I struggled for a long time with, do I still call myself a Christian or not? And I choose not to at this point, just because there’s so much explaining I have to do if I say I’m a Christian, well, I’m a Christian that doesn’t believe in eternal hell. I’m a Christian doesn’t believe that Jesus had to die to save me from an angry guy. You know, I’m a Christian. It doesn’t play that. You know, like, I think you kind of went through the math like I did to there’s like 7 billion people on the planet, like 2 billion of us are Christians, maybe. And so that means two thirds of the people in the world are going to go to hell. And by the way, there’s like 30,000 Christian denominations. And most of them say the other ones are going to go to hell, because when I was growing up, Catholics are going to hell, because Catholics didn’t, didn’t speak in tongues. And if you didn’t speak in tongues, you were going to hell. So all that stuff.

Brian Smith 15:00
Just just I’m like, okay, I can’t. I’m a big follower of Jesus. I think Jesus is a special master as some people would say, a special being I follow his teachings. I think he is a great example. And I think like you said, when I started doing my extra Jesus in the Bible, and I saw that verse, I’ve heard people say the same thing when Jesus said, I am the way the father, it’s like not he didn’t mean I just spoke of his teachings. So he was he was saying, My example with the life that I’m living, the things that I’m telling you it’s and it’s all about love. Like you said, yeah, it is Christ consciousness. Right? So Jesus name it was Yeshua, right. And then we call him Jesus the Christ because the Christ is the consciousness. And then when we talk about which we’ll probably talk about next about mediumship in the Bible,

Daniel John 15:46
you know, well, we’ll get to that. I know you want to get to that, but yeah, I followed his teachings, but I’ve also looked into Hinduism, Buddhism, even Judaism which is, you know, very similar with Christianity, but are some of the whole versions but also a

You know, Islam and some teachings from Mohammed. And it’s really interesting. There’s a lot of similarities I talked about in the book, there’s tithing and praying and, you know, fasting and visiting your home, you know, you know, the church, quote, unquote, there’s a lot of similarities. There people are open minded enough to to understand that there’s more than just one religion, and also to last thing, you know, Jesus is available through the Scripture, but I think he’s, and I mentioned this before, I think he’s available now. I felt like I’ve had conversations with the Holy Spirit. Wouldn’t Christ consciousness, though, now that by just what just reading a book, and I think I think things change, and I think the Bible is a book to be used to store love, and that Christ Consciousness is available to us. All right now today, it’s not stuck in a book 2000 years ago. Yeah. And I completely agree. You know, what’s interesting is I was going through my transformation, I was going to different churches, and ended up at the United Church of Christ. And one of the things was, God is still speaking, it was something that they said and another thing that was never placed

Brian Smith 17:00
Regardless place the comma. So I started thinking, Okay, well, why did God stop speaking? 2000 years ago? You know it apparently he spoke to Paul and that was it and guy just, you know, pulled away and said, You know you guys are on your own. So when I talked to my fundamentalist friends and they say I was talking to one of them about, like near death experiences and I said that, you know, I talk to people all the time and have their death experiences, etc. And it’s like, whatever, they don’t believe in those as well. I think Paul had at least a couple near death experiences. And he’s like, what, what do you mean? So I tell him about the road to Damascus, right? He sees a bright light, he hears a voice, he falls to his knees, he struck blind. You know, all these things. I’m like, it sounds a lot like the people I talked to who’ve had near death experiences. And because yeah, but it was Paul. I’m like, but why do you believe Paul that wrote this 2000 years ago, but you don’t believe john that I spoke to yesterday that had a similar experience?

Yeah, well, then it’s like, well, yeah, Brian, Brian, you know, I come down to it’s all about the it’s about the Bible. It’s all about the Bible.

Which is just such a, I hate to say it’s a brainwash perspective, because why should we think I mean this? This was written by man at some point. And as they say inspired by the Holy Spirit, okay, fine. Why did the Holy Spirit stop speaking? And I gotta tell you when I when I read Neale Donald Walsch conversations with God The first time I read it, guy was reading blasphemy. You know, this guy’s like, you know, God said, God download all stuff to me, but I read it I’m like, but there’s so much truth in what he’s saying. And then I thought, Why couldn’t it be true? You know, but we’ve all been as Christians we were taught this is that God stop speaking then don’t listen to anybody else. Yeah, it’s crazy. There’s actually Krish I’ve read a couple near death experience books that were written by Christian writers. There’s a couple of them I’ve read and they’re very good. And they speak about, you know, one of them can’t think of James garlow world one of them. He has an interesting perspective on cute spirit communication. But yeah, there’s actually Christian writers who write about NDS and how important they are

And how similar they are and how pretty much that heaven exists. Is there a point?

Well, Howard Stern was a total atheist when he had that experience and he now is a Christian pastor. He came back and he became a Christian. After his near death experience and talks about Jesus and the Bible and odd stuff, he’s a UCC pastor, I think he’s retired now. Mary Neal was the Catholic when she had her near death experience still, I consider myself Catholic, as far as I know. So I’m sorry to interrupt you. I read her book, but she the one that got in the boating accident, yeah. Yeah, it’s a good. I like yeah, it’s good. Yeah, that was a really, really interesting. As for me, being a person who’s had a child transition, you know, and she talks about, she knew that that her son was going to pass and her that her whole journey with that, that just, you know, that really fascinated me. But it’s really, it’s,

Unknown Speaker 19:52
it’s interesting why some Christians think that near death experiences are of the devil. No, because the Bible doesn’t say anything.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
About that, but for some reason they’ve made it up that, you know, I guess they say the dead No, nothing, you know, stuff like that which is, again, as we call it, the Old Testament or Hebrew Scripture kind of passage, based on an understanding that they had at the time. But I don’t want to steal your thunder, but you talk about why you think mediumship is okay. And it’s a biblical basis. So, go ahead and tell me what you think about that. Yeah, it’s chapter six is the biggest chapter in the book. It’s actually part of the reason I think spirit guided me to write the book because there there are a certain amount of people that are open minded enough to say, Okay, I was taught this, I always believe this, but there’s this, you know, and there’s not just me, there’s other authors as other, you know, mediums. They’re saying these things, and I don’t know, part of me feels like it’s true. So that’s why I wrote it. I made a YouTube video about mediumship and Christianity. Long story is a 20 minute video and it’s very compact, but a long story short is

Unknown Speaker 20:57
when I first started doing this

Unknown Speaker 21:00
You know, if I would have listened to what I thought was the truth, or what I was told was the truth before, or even what a book told me was the truth, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today. And where that is, and this is kind of this novel backwards is I get

Unknown Speaker 21:17
I’ve done over 1000 readings and the emails, the phone calls the messages of healing and faith in God and you know, you know, you’ve lost you’ve had a daughter transition, and you’ve actually made a she’s come through I think for a couple of readings we’ve done and it’s so peaceful and healing and loving. So when I gave the readings to the woman in Boston, and I realized she was so happy and thankful and then I realized after coming out when someone wrote me an email, there’s all these Old Testament scripture and you are channeling to the devil and you’re going to hell and all these things like that. I took a step back was like alright, well maybe I need to quit maybe all these like healings and loving and faith in God all this stuff is just like a hoax and maybe it really is the devil fooling me. That’s why like literally bought the

Unknown Speaker 22:00
40 hour version of the Bible, I read it, I absorbed it, I prayed and had God lead me to book after book. And during this time, just as I am now, I drive a lot for work. So I would listen to a book or two a week and absorb and I absorbed more listening than I do. Reading. Thank God for audible. And I live literally about 100 plus books in the first year and a half about mediumship, the Bible and everything in between all kinds of spirit spiritual things and ask God be those books. So long story short, you can look at Old Testament scripture, and it’s a real long story short, and you can look at some of the things that are written there and think that they apply 100% of black and white today, but I strongly feel that they don’t. And in the book I talk about and one of the one of the there’s lots of verses, but I do Deuteronomy 2222. Where you know, it says that if a man and woman

Unknown Speaker 22:48
are found being unfaithful, they both shall die. Right. Then john a three when Jesus is brought a woman from the Pharisees, what do you do with her? She was caught being unfaithful Jesus doesn’t

Unknown Speaker 23:00
condemn her. He doesn’t even he doesn’t kill her. He just asked her to stop sinning, no basis of everything that I do. And then everything that anyone should do is based in love. Are you doing because of love? Or are you doing it because of fear? And it’s one or the other. And you know what people have certain gifts. We all have gifts, and some of them abuse them. Some of them use them for not good things. It’s like any other profession. There’s people that you know, like you mentioned, doctors malpractice, you know, mediums you have some people that are charlatans and do this just to make money and things like that. That’s what I believe in john four. One it says test the spirits. Why are we supposed to test the spirits if we’re not supposed to communicate with them? You know, Jesus was a medium. If you look in Matthew 17, he channels Moses, Moses has been dead for a long time. Matthew 17 I got goosebumps is one of the biggest Bibles or one of the biggest chapters in the verse, that’s when God announces that Jesus 17 five, this is my son, this is who I you know, has come here for love. You mentioned everything like that, but so you can look it up.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Testament scripture and see that it says in Leviticus and Deuteronomy and kings and Chronicles that you’re not supposed to consult mediums I answer to those those exists for a reason. Number one, we should not be communicating connecting with spirit. If you’re not protected in God’s light and you’re educated and you’re doing it for love. If you’re not, I highly recommend that you don’t, you can. God blessed us with freewill as freewill as souls as human beings. It works the same way. There are souls that are in the earth plane that have chosen not to return to the light to heaven, because of the free will do not want to connect with them. I have to say prayers before every reading, I have to say prayers. After every reading, I have to shine a white light on me I have to ask for his permission. These gifts are from the Holy Spirit. So am I listening to Old Testament scripture? Maybe there are people that shouldn’t do mediumship and should listen to Old Testament Scriptures why they exist. It’s not so black and white. That’s what I would say. There’s a short it’s not so black and white. There are people that have been given gifts and it says in Corinthians chapter 12, verse four through 11 gifts of spiritual

Unknown Speaker 25:00
discernment, speaking in tongues, prophecy, their gifts. It’s written by Paul in the Corinthians to say that we all have these gifts to help other people. It’s written in Peter, First Peter, chapter four, eight through 11, and talks about using your gifts, your spiritual gifts to help others. So by listen to the old dogma, right, or what I was taught before about mediums, then I wouldn’t be experiencing the love, the healing, and everything that goes along with mediumship. And like for you, for I do a lot of readings for parents who’ve lost children. And if they committed suicide, or I’m sorry, if I’m trying to work on my word, and if they were responsible for their own passing.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
You know, that’s fundamentalist not to speak for all of them, but a lot of them from conversations would think that they’re an eternal hell. They also know as a parent, am I going to be saved and spend my life in eternal bliss of all my child is an eternal damnation, or you know, is maybe that’s not true. And so when I channel these souls that have fallen on their own hand or committed their own

Unknown Speaker 26:00
After taking a case give READ WRITE wording in there on the other side in the spiritual realm, and I know not know, because I don’t claim to know anything but I believe all my experiences in the hundreds of souls I’ve connected to, that have taken their own life. There, okay. They tell me things that would just blow your mind. So you can either be stuck in Old Testament scripture and saying, nope, I don’t want to do anything with that. Or you could say that, hey, maybe what I’ve read what I’ve always believed, and what I’ve been taught may not be true. Because there’s people to your point right here right now that are telling me different things. And there’s this little part of me, this is who I want to reach those little part of people that say, you know, maybe there is some truth to this, maybe my child is okay, maybe they’re not going to interpret my uncle who was Jewish or my other person who didn’t believe in Jesus or this other religion, you know, that wasn’t believing in Jesus, they’re not an eternal hell, that they are okay. And so that will be what I do and you can to answer your question long story short, we can either look at scripture as black and white, the only truth of God

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Or we can say, hey, maybe God still speaks today, the Holy Spirit still still speak today, Jesus actually still speaks today. And there are other things that may be a reality, or a possibility that may be different than my, my thoughts and beliefs and Old Testament scripture. Yeah, I think you made a lot of excellent points there. And some of the things that I went through, you know, a one of the things that I went through when I was going through my transition, I guess, is that I was reading the, I hate to use the word Old Testament because it’s actually in the front, two people who are Jewish. So it’s, I call it Hebrew Scriptures. But when we took when we talked about the Hebrew Scriptures, those are written for the Jews, first of all, and we’re Gentiles. So it’s like, we were never under the law. We read those as if they applied us. The other thing is in the same book that says where you know, you shouldn’t consult with mediums, or you shouldn’t be homosexual, and also says you shouldn’t eat shellfish. And it uses the exact same word that it’s a quote, abomination. And it was these were, these were dietary things. These are restrictions that were put on the Jews to make them separate. So

Unknown Speaker 28:00
There’s there’s so much that we could talk about there. But this is why we really have to dig in and understand, like even the concept of being a homosexual there was no concept of homosexuality back then. So it was they didn’t understand that there were there were some people who just had that orientation. So when Paul talks about when Paul talks about a man lying with another man, he’s actually talking about

Unknown Speaker 28:21
pedophilia, where men were like, grown men were boys. So it was it was a different thing. So that’s my whole point. We got it, we got to really dig in and understand.

Unknown Speaker 28:30
And it all comes down to love. That’s all what it means. It’s the only English word to explain is love. Are you doing something based in love? or fear? Like for instance, marriage, you know, you can look at certain scriptures it says, Man and Woman forever, whatever. Or, you know, from my experience, I’ve had souls telling me that they were supposed to be with this person for a chunk of time, and then there was supposed to be with another person for a chunk of time, and that would if you looked at it, to Scripture, that’s like wrong, but in reality is it love If two people can mutually agree

Unknown Speaker 29:00
They’re gonna separate and then they end up being happily married. I have friends that are friends with the new husbands and wives and everyone’s happy and full of love, but it’s against scripture. So like, Is that wrong in God’s eyes? I highly doubt that. And that’s just one small example. Is it love? Or is it fear? And that’s what it and I talked about that in the book. It’s one of either other in which one are you choosing? Yeah. And when people talk about mediumship, as being from the devil, I like okay, well, the devil is doing a lousy job then because he’s bringing people all kinds of peace and love and understanding and expanded view of themselves and a better view of mankind. And I’ve seen people heal through medium readings. I’ve seen people heal through reading near death experiences, and just just lighting up and say, Wow, this is really true. And it confirms what the Bible tells us, right tells us we’re eternal beings, that we you know, that we that we live forever that we’re not we’re not just our bodies. I mean, all these things are brought out from the work that you do. So it’s just amazing matter. It’s like you said the Bible says testicular

Unknown Speaker 30:00
BY the SPIRIT, what’s this? What’s this producing? What’s the fruit of your of your work? Right? Then you can have someone who’s given this gift, who chooses to use love and help others. And you can have someone who, with free will has a gift and chooses to charge too much. You know, makeup stuff, you name it. It’s love over fear. And I will talk about Have you ever, ever, ever heard of Rob Bell? But I just read his book, and I really enjoyed it. And he talks about, you know, it’s almost like a logical explanation. And he talks about does God get what he wants? Because you see, I asked you to, you know, Does God get what he wants? Yeah, of course, God gets what he wants. He’s everything. Right? So does he want all of this children to return home and be in eternal bliss with him? Yes. So if God what he wants, wants what he wants, and gets what he wants, and he wants us to return to an eternal life with him and you know, live in bliss, then how in the world is anyone supposed to be able to go to hell because if it even exists, because if God gets what he wants, then

Unknown Speaker 31:00
He’s not getting what he wants. And that’s not even possible. So it’s just he goes through that there’s a big chapter in his book talking about like, that’s not even possible that this eternal hell exists. Because it God always gets what he wants. That’s to return home with him. And I firmly believe no matter what religion, no matter what you do, even if it’s the worst thing in the world, it’s self judgment. And eventually, according to, from what I’ve understood, time doesn’t even exist on the other side, but from our human perspective, we will all return home to with him. You know, I mentioned the book Jesus called the heaven Moses called the promised land. The Buddha called it Nirvana. Right It’s all the same thing. We get to all return home and it’s not just the Select elite few that choose Jesus, that some of them right I choose Jesus, you choose Jesus, but there are other people that the 1.2 billion Muslims and the 5 billion other people religions in the world they get to go home to to God and be with Him forever. Welcome back to grief to growth and just a few seconds. Did you know that Brian is an author and a life coach, if you’re grieving or know someone who is grieving his book,

Unknown Speaker 32:00
grief to growth is a best selling easy to read book that might help you or someone you know, people work with Brian as a life coach to break through barriers and live their best lives. You can find out more about Brian and what he offers at www grief to growth com www dot g ri e f the number two gr o w th calm or text growth gr o w th 231996. If you’d like to support this podcast visit slash grief to growth slash g ri f the number two gr o w th to make a financial contribution. And now back to grief to growth.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
You know

Unknown Speaker 32:53
yeah you know it’s interesting you when you met your rod ducks I remember reading his book years ago when he first started kind of going down this path and I forgot that

Unknown Speaker 33:00
The title The first book he kind of came out with where he kind of hinted on what we call Christian universalism, which was my first step away from that eternal health thing. And the Christian Universalist believes that Jesus sacrifice saves everybody, I don’t believe is a sacrifice saves anybody at this point, but that’s that was my first step out. But when Rob kind of hinted at that man, they that he talked about fear, they just, they just hammered him. And there’s a guy named Carleton Pearson, who was a pastor, Pentecostal pastor came up under Oral Roberts, and had this mega church and was just super popular. When he started talking about universalism. I mean, everything just went away. I mean, he lost, he lost everything. And I followed him as he went through that that thing, and it’s just interesting to me how this this idea that everybody can be saved for so many Christians is it’s so it’s filled with fear to like, you can’t tell people that. And I read a guy, William Talbert wrote a book called The irresistible love of God, one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
He talks about Calvinism and arminianism. You know, these two basically branches of Christianity. So one says that guy gets whatever he wants. Calvinism says, guy gets whatever he wants, but God only wants to save certain people. So God is predestined, that these people are going to be saved. And these people aren’t guessed. All the Calvinists are predestined to be saved. So God has irresistible grace, you can’t you can’t resist it. But he selected you. And he has incited you by the way, there’s total depravity and you you’re just done. It just created you so he can throw you to hell. And the other side is arminianism, which says, Well, God wants to save everybody, but he just can’t, because you have freewill, and he gave you free will as a gift. So you can choose to send yourself to eternal damnation, right? And I’m like, these are the two major branches of Christianity. If you think about it, almost all Christian churches fit into one of those two paradigms. And this guy chooses a third way says, Yes, God gets whatever he wants, and God wants everyone to be saved. And that means you’re going to be saved.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
If you want it or not, that doesn’t mean that he precludes your free will, but you will eventually return to God. Now, that brings into things like, you know, maybe there’s reincarnation, you know, maybe there’s multiple lifetimes that we take to get back and the Bible hints at that as well. Mm hmm. Yeah, I included a chapter on reincarnation in my book, and I’ll see ya there. But you know, Matthew, there’s a couple verses in john three, three, when he talks about, you know, born again, by the water birth, I mean, you know, or even in Matthew 17, where he says, john, Elijah is is john the baptist, you just don’t know it is his soul came back. And so to your point about reincarnation, I never believed in that, that God made me for me and I talked about this in the book. Yeah, he made for you. But he also made the higher part of you that’s living many experiences lifetime and I’ve actually channeled people that have told me, they’ve lived other other lives of people. They’ve, they came back I did a reading last month where I was channeling and this has experienced some weird things that are against logical thinking. But I was doing A reading for a while.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
And it was her, it ended up being her grandmother’s soul living as her. And the way she validated was a lot of a lot of things. But I was like, Does your mom tell you that you act and look like you’re like her mother? And she’s like, all the time. And it was actually her soul coming. It’s crazy to think I mean, most people hear that and think, no way, because it doesn’t make sense. Her mother came back to live as her daughter in this lifetime to experience all kinds of things. And she back like she literally validated that with things that I wouldn’t even know something about a cop and something about things like you know, boggle your mind. But yeah, so there’s, there’s these, you know, I don’t want to call them truths because I feel like I would be ignorant to say that I know or this is the truth. You’ll never hear those words come out of my mouth. You’ll hear me say I believe I think I feel because there really is no way to know so if I feel like for someone to claim they know the truth. I feel like it’s you know, the word often gets misused, but it’s ignorant. It means lack of knowledge. If you don’t know none of us know if anyone can say No, you don’t. That’s Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 37:00
The thing is, Daniel as we go through this, but I encourage people because as I said, there’s a lot of fear. I think this ties in Christianity and I was I grew up in it right? So they taught you don’t trust your own heart, your heart is evil above all things. So basically trust us, right? Listen to what we tell you. Don’t listen to your heart, which I now know is the opposite. We all we’ve all been given intuition. We’ve all been given a heart and we all have, we know the truth. When we hear we get you and I both been getting these goosebumps, right? We get these God bumps, some people call them when we hear the truth. And when we hear someone speak the truth, it’s like, it’s not like we’re learning it. It’s worth remembering it. That’s why it resonates so deeply with us. And I would always tell people, like, understand your Bible, don’t just read your Bible, that’s fine. But understand the bible history. Read different translations understand like for right now, example, the word hell, there’s the report, it’s disappearing from the Bible. Because most of the places where was translated hell was a mis translation every place in the Old Testament.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
It’s a mistranslation because I use the word Schiele, which is the grave, but when you read the King James, you think everybody who’s dead goes to hell. And even when you read the New Testament, Jesus uses the word ohana, which was an actual physical place that that Jews knew. They knew he was talking in parables when he said it, but it got translated in our Bibles as hell. So this this takes a lot of work to dig out.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
Yeah, the gahanna, which Rob Bell also talks about was like a trash area where they burn trash and like the gnashing of teeth is the animals that were trying to eat the food from the trash. It’s not, you know, in my opinion, is not an eternal hell. And it’s funny you say that because, you know, listen to your heart, because the first chapter in my book, so and I literally am not kidding, I had the conversation with this friend of mine who is a fundamentalist, you know, by the book, Christian who doesn’t really understand or believe that what I’m doing is right in the eyes of God, and he said, verbatim, I don’t listen to my heart because my heart tells me all kinds of bad things. I only listen

Unknown Speaker 39:00
To the Bible, and I just, it’s the opposite of what I’ve always been taught of love is God speaks through your heart. He knows you. And I always mentioned you know, it’s a semantic, physical, you know, body part thing, but is to not listen with the ego mind with all the things in the world that we know we shouldn’t do, and to listen with our hearts and to trust what God is telling us in the book. I have a couple experiences where, you know, one of them was I’ll give a little hint towards the book because I was going to go on this all inclusive paid vacation. Yeah, I actually turned it down because my heart was telling me and through spirit was saying, You’re not supposed to go, there’s going to be this is just not meant to happen. So as soon as I listened to that and gave it away, my heart led me down a path and has always led me down the path to, you know, of this of my highest, you know, to help others. Yeah, I have to be really careful because I don’t want to condemn anybody else’s path or anybody’s faith or anything. But there is a branch but let’s say at least of Christianity, that’s basically cult like right? Anybody that tells you not to listen to yourself and to listen to us or listen to you.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
book are our interpretation of a book, by the way, not just the book, but our interpretation of the book that someone has taken away your freewill and someone’s taking away your power. And so I, I will say this that I will say I think is true. We all need to listen to our own hearts. And I think that God speaks through us and we need to turn inward and say, What is the truth? And so if you’re looking at something, and it’s good, right, it’s bringing people peace, and it’s bringing people joy, and it’s bringing people love. And someone says, Well, no, that’s, that’s, that’s not a good thing. You know, listen to yourself, listen to your intuition.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
And that was the hardest thing for me to do, because I would have I still get them about once a week. Maybe someone will tell me, I’m going to hell they know better. Jesus is the only way I’m channeling the devil. And they don’t know the parent who

Unknown Speaker 40:52
messages me and says that I was going to mention it earlier. I gotta never forget a woman. She lost her son. And I think

Unknown Speaker 41:00
It was so it was a while ago and she messaged me and said thank you for my reading. Thank you for bringing him through. I have not left my house in a year since he died. And I been going back to church I have faith in God again and I left my house I can smile now. Right? We pumps so that was and I think that was even a free reading which is the basket I love doing that with not taking any money. And I said that last week I got an email from someone saying I’m going to hell and channeling a devil if they could just see the peace and love and healing that comes from these readings. I’ve done over 1000 of them and I by blow my own mind. I’ve actually gotten full names before, but it comes from the Holy Spirit I credit the Holy Spirit. If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t have this. So yes, it for anyone who is watching and you have whether it’s mediumship or any kind of spiritual gifts and someone is telling you different I preached this all the time on my my, my show and everything is you need to listen to your heart and what’s God telling you in your heart. Even though someone else is telling you different we can’t get caught up in what other people

Unknown Speaker 42:00
People feel believe and think we have to listen to God because He speaks to our heart or listen to our heart because he speaks through it. And I feel like a lot of people get restricted ahead of just 20 minutes before we get on here. I had a woman say that because of my teaching site, we were saying, because it’s me, but my teachings and the book is letting her to embrace her gift. And her life has been amazing because of it. It’s like, Oh, that’s the devil doing work. And she’s healing other people. And it’s all love And so yeah, it takes a lot of stepping outside your comfort zone, and you gotta deal I got to deal with some people like that. And we know what I do. I send them love. You watch my you see on YouTube, I posted the mediumship first Christianity or someone who gives me a negative review on Facebook, which isn’t from a reading it’s from, you know, the only one I gotten 150 was someone leading Old Testament scripture. I send them love and I respond with love because that’s what Jesus taught me. I think that’s great. And I you know, I interview a lot of people that have near death experiences, I put them on my YouTube channel and every once in a while I get all these people say, this is so great. This is

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Maybe feels so much better. I know my husband’s still here I know my child so here etc and then you get those people and I look at them and I feel sorrow for them because they’re they’re living in bondage you know they don’t understand that we’ve actually been set free because the way I look at it we’re loving in love we’re following our hearts and so I don’t let them get me down at all I feel sorry for them and I will I will engage with them and I’ll tell them you know, like we’re just saying you know, tests of spirit. what’s what’s the fruit of this what’s the fruit of this person coming back to saying that all as well I can think of this woman Heidi Craig interview. I was well I will be well and your unconditional love You’re never alone. Those are the three messages she brought back from the end. I don’t I don’t think Satan has given us that message. Right now. In the in the interesting part about that is it all comes from either and I talked about this in my YouTube video either comes from a book that was written 2000 years ago which is a great book and it has a very valid a lot of great stories in it. I miss it a quote unquote what I

Unknown Speaker 44:00
yield to the misinterpretation of Old Testament scripture, or it’s what you were just taught at one point I talked about it in my new YouTube video is a lot of people that feel that it’s against the Bible, you know, against, you know, it’s the devil’s work. They just heard it, or they were told that and so people hear things and we’re, you know, we get things and we absorbed them. But did we really figure it out for ourselves, or we’re just coached or taught back? And I think about half of my guess is I talked on the videos about half the people. They don’t even really know there’s Old Testament scripture that talks about it. They just heard from their church or from their family, or from whoever they heard it from someone else, they’re from someone else, that it’s wrong. That’s it. They don’t have these experiences with over 1000 readings and spirit communication where I’ve experienced the amount of love would would boggle some of these people’s minds that are just so closed off to it. If they would just take a second and reconsider what they’ve taught what they believe. You know, you have a 50 year old man always believe that, you know, as an MD and his whole life changes

Unknown Speaker 45:00
My role in the world is to take those people that are in the middle that are a little bit open to this, even though they may have heard that or feel that, to reconsider based on what I have in the book, what I’ve talked about the video and what many, many other teachers and mediums and preachers talk about, because there are some preachers that talk about, you know, the experience of spiritualist churches, they were supposed to connect with spirit, the Bible is full of prophecy. So we’re open minded enough to be open to something that may be different than what you always thought to believe in that is kind of like this whole chunk of conversation is what you and what I experienced to kind of get us out into true experience true love and operating a high vibration. Yeah, you know, it’s interesting, we talked about churches, and I was doing my research and coming out, you know, I feel like I kind of made an exodus out of that that bondage that I was in. But I was doing my research there like over 30,000 Christian denominations. It sounds crazy, but the number is, it’s really on calculable, but it’s 10s of thousands. So if you’re going to a church

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Just says this is this, this is this and this is the only way it is you can literally walk across the corner to another Christian church that saying something very different. I ended up as I was, I went to a UCC church for a while now I mentioned music. I went to a Unity Church for a while. And the Unity Church, actually, there’s a medium that was attending the church and was out and said, I’m a medium and the pastor talked about it. So there are there are churches that will say, and they read the Bible, but they also read other spiritual texts. And they’ve kind of they’ve kind of said, you know, it’s not this restrictive. And this is a good thing. They would do Reiki healings after service that like every once a month, they have healings, healing Sunday, and people healers will come in and do healing. Okay, in the Bible tells us so many hands on people. How is that not Reiki? I mean, that’s, that’s Reiki. Jesus, Jesus performed healings. That was a form of Reiki, you know, talk about in Revelations 120. When they say the seven candlesticks, the scene, it’s the seven chakras. He’s showing up as an

Unknown Speaker 47:00
energy, which is what he is. So it’s so much needed so much to it. But yeah, it’s if I had to, you know, say one thing to someone who’s watching your podcasts or someone who’s gone through grief and even questions of whether they should consult a medium or do it because of Old Testament scripture or what they were taught, reconsider all because there’s people like me, for instance, like you who are spreading God’s love and sharing a word of something that may be different than what they believed in. And the amount of healing that comes from a reading is, you know, and last thing the guy had a conversation yesterday was so close minded to what I do, didn’t even want to hear about it. If he would just be willing to listen and hear what I experienced because he’s stuck and thinks it’s the devil. He doesn’t want to hear it. He would be shocked he would be. If you could use his human heart and understand that what I do is from him from God and for love, then I think more people would be open to something like mediumship because it’s so healing, so healing, and I would encourage people

Unknown Speaker 48:00
To study other faiths not to, not to convert, but when you do, as you’ve done, and as I’ve done, you’ll find out the same basic truth underlies all of them. And I could I could take a Christian and give them the Quran and take the cover off of it. And most of them cannot tell me whether it’s the Quran or the Bible, because the truths are the same. And I remember there was a congressman, I can’t remember his name, I wish I could. But he was he hated Islam. He was he was a fundamentalist Christian. So Islam is of the devil, that Allah is the moon, God be believed Allah was not God and all this stuff. But then he actually studied Islam a little bit and understood and he wrote a book as it’s called something like a deadly misunderstanding. But he ended up writing an entire book on the on the Islamic faith, and how it parallels Christianity. And most people don’t know that the Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet. They believe that Jesus is the Son of God, not in the sense that he was forgotten by God. Because they said God doesn’t big yet, but they believe that Jesus is of God, they expect a second return.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
A lot of people don’t know how similar the two faiths are. And Jesus has a tomb right next to the two founders of Islam. He’s right. When he comes back, it’s the third tomb, which is Jesus. So that’s why I’m saying to people, I just encourage you to kind of break out of these these chains that you’re in and do your own studying your own exploration. And don’t be Don’t be afraid that it’s going to lead you away from your faith.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Mm hmm. And it’s okay to keep the faith. I’m telling you, I through readings, and I know, I don’t know if we’re going to get to this, but in my readings, it’s the most subtle impressions, feelings, it’s not conversations, I don’t see them. I don’t hear them. I just feel them. And they often say keep the faith, you know, and I have had people returned to their Catholic groups, to their Christian roots to their Muslim roots, you know, whatever, whatever, you know, religion they are and spirit encourages it. And you know, I don’t know if you ever heard the Course in Miracles, but I feel like the teachings of Jesus can be channeled or learned at all times. It didn’t just stop there.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
thousand years ago, and I’ve listened to a lot of that. And they he often says that there there is no religion. That’s right. And there’s no religion to draw it just so I feel like if someone is Muslim in this lifetime, that’s what they’re supposed to be if you get someone who wrote that book and convert, that was what he’s supposed to be your that is what faith is going to bring you to God. But it’s not just the pigeonhole because of the one verse because I don’t know anything other than john 14 six, and I couldn’t have been ignorant to that. But it just says that I am the way I am the light. I don’t think there’s many other scriptures that says he’s the only way. Many scriptures talk about all everyone. I mean, it’s throughout the whole Bible. It’s not just the followers of this one. amazing, wonderful who you and I choose to follow. So yeah, all in the same time. So you did you touch on this, let’s talk about this. How does mediumship work because I think people have a misunderstanding. They think that okay, Daniel sits down, the spirit walks in, sits beside and he looks at him the spirit just starts talking to him. So how does it actually work? Yeah, and I think that’s what my next book is going to be about. But I do hint at it too. In this

Unknown Speaker 51:00
book, but it’s not how you think I don’t. I don’t know the future. I don’t predict the future. I don’t know. You know, I only allow people to come to me one time because I feel like they’re supposed to build that relationship of God. You don’t need a medium. I say you do need God. But it’s subtle impressions. And I’ll just give one small example. And it’s my favorites in the book. I was doing A reading for a woman and I hear the summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. It’s just It’s a song. So I asked her Do you like Bryan Adams? Do you like 60 minute plays in my head? It’s not like an audible but I feel and I haven’t heard that song in years. And now she had previously told me that her her. I had to first talk about the name J. Who’s the J. And she said and she said I was married to a Jeffrey, but my current husband is Jody. So I mentioned some things about her dad came through and about, I validated some things about her divorce and her husband’s her dad’s passing long story short, so then the song comes in my head. Do you like Bryan Adams does the song mean anything to you?

Unknown Speaker 52:00
69 anything is at June 9, because we have to, it’s a game of charades. So we have to figure out what the spirits trying to say. So we can’t figure it out. She doesn’t know June 9 has nothing to do like Bryan Adams. So I asked if my mind can I move on on and I get this firm like, No, it’s just like this feeling. And I’m like, okay, your dad won’t let me get past this. So I’m thinking, you know, I’m thinking of the song and I’m like, to me quit. Jodi got married. I go, Jody, I go, that’s your husband’s name, right? And she’s like, yes. get goosebumps. And I’m like, Did your dad miss the wedding? Was he already passed? And she said, Yes. And obviously, you could think that because her ex husband was around the time he passed. And I’m like, well, he’s telling me to tell you that he didn’t miss the wedding. He was there with you.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
And that’s the way he chose to do it. And then so then we’re all like, emotional, whatever. I’m like, why am I seeing a star? I just see a star. She’s like, well, it was nighttime. And I’m like, No, that doesn’t feel right. She’s like, Michael, were there stars out? And she’s like, yeah, I’m like, No, it doesn’t feel right. And so we’re sitting there and like Star Star, and she goes, Oh my gosh, I cut a star out of his story.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
jacket and put it on my wedding dress so that he was with me. So like I there’s no way I would know that she couldn’t figure it out. So spirit uses all kinds of songs names groups of letters to communicate with with us. And I have to figure out what it is we have symbols, right so when I became that’s my symbol to talk about that the Spirit knows that the person I’m getting the reading to thinks that they remember how they were towards the time they passed and doesn’t remember them how they were in the healthy times. And it’s too much on their mind when they show me raisins. I’ve talked about California for whatever reason, and all kinds of symbols. So you’ll watch like 360s all the major mediums, but we all do have like a like a dictionary, you know, and this means this because it’s not as good as you may think. And and one of the last things before we go I know we’re hitting on the hour, is I always worried about reading other people’s minds. I didn’t ever wanted to do that. I would never want to like bring your daughter through and have it be some information that somehow is getting from you. So through so spirit over time has shown me things

Unknown Speaker 54:00
that a person does not understand. They don’t understand what I’m saying. And it takes a little bit of research to validate whatever it was. And it will be all kinds of crazy things. But it took a lot of those to help me realize that I wasn’t just reading your mind. And this was actually coming somehow, some way from the soul of your loved one. And that that was a huge thing for me. And I’ve had hundreds of validations stuff, something like that where you didn’t Dan would have met at the time. Yeah, you touched on so much really important stuff there. But for people that aren’t familiar with mediumship, I want to kind of emphasize what you said, and I’ve got a few minutes if you do so.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
The mediums are reading I think it’s kind of interactive thing. And it’s like an interactive game of charades. Because I you know, I won’t tell the story because you just did but, you know, it’s like you get a symbol and you give it to the person like Well, I don’t get this and then they give you some feedback and you kind of figure out together what that’s what that song meant. Right? But it takes a little bit of work. It’s not like it’s like Spirit came in and said yeah, I was there at the wedding you when you marry God

Unknown Speaker 55:00
So I think that was really interesting. But this was a question I was gonna ask you kind of brushed by it pretty quickly. You said you only have like clients have one private paid one on one session with you. It’s really unusual because I know people that go back to the same medium over and over again. They’re medium hopping, they’ll have medium readings over. So why is that your policy?

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Some people have snuck through. But it’s my policy because I feel like we’re, I feel like we’re supposed to navigate our path with God. I don’t feel like we’re supposed to be stuck on, you know, mediums or people to rely on certain people to connect to our loved ones so as to connect with God directly. But also be you don’t need a medium to connect with your loved ones. Like I said, Jesus was a mini channel of Moses and Elijah reading the Bible. And it was for a very big reason. So if you lose someone you love in physical form, and they’re still around, because eternal life exists, as Jesus showed us, and you want to connect with them, you don’t need me. My job is to help nudge you and push you on that path so that you can connect with them yourself. Why would

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Why would you have to spend time and pay at someone when you can connect with someone? all on your own? You don’t need to meet us. I’ve had I’ve had spirits Tell me through me. You don’t need him. Literally you don’t need Daniel, come through my mind. Thank you for doing the standard. You don’t need him. You can connect to me all yourself. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 56:18
go ahead. Well, I want to ask you is you talked about, you know, you don’t want people to be dependent on you or mediums at all. And I’ve seen people have a reading from a medium like a group reading setting. And they’ll say, Well tell Bobby I love him. And it’s like, what they because they don’t realize they can tell their loved one themselves. So in the book, you talk about an ongoing relationship with your father and you actually call the dialogue that you have with your father. So explain to people what that actually means and how they can have that with their loved one. Yeah, it’s all about trust Brian, it’s it’s even as a medium when I connect with my dad. It’s not solid. It’s not strong. It’s just I have to I almost feel like I’m making it up. But you know, I talked about in the book of a story I had on an airplane and they were

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Use things, whether it’s an animal or a situation or a group of words to validate what they’re saying, in other words, so when I connect with him, and I talk to him, and I feel like he’s talking back, I don’t hear him. It’s almost like you’re making it up. But when you trust that it’s really coming from his soul. And, and you really believe that not only will you become to believe it’s true, but once in a while you get these validations. Right, like, well, I don’t want to go to the story, but you’ll get something to wear something like it doesn’t make sense. It’s not possible. So it really had to be I couldn’t have made it up myself because it came from somewhere. So we all have that ability. It’s just it’s all about trust. And you know, I talked about with Jesus and connecting with Moses, right? I mean, it says it right in the Bible. If you look at john 1412 and Corinthians 11. One it says that we’re supposed to do the work that Jesus says, obviously we’re just talking about connecting with spirit. And I feel like if I allow people to come over and over again and we get stuck in the addictive, you know, I had to quit gambling for my gift but I there are people that get so

Unknown Speaker 58:00
so caught up with going to mediums and want to connect with our loved ones, when they realize they can do it themselves, there’s so much value in that.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
And I do have people that come to me and say, I connect to my child, for instance, all the time, but it’s just nice to come to you. And so I do allow repeats, I’ve started to like, go back and forth with this. Cuz I did two weeks ago, I had to repeat it in a row that kind of snuck through because I have a process, you know, yeah. And the readings were great. It really helped them. So it made me like, reconsider. So I stick with that. But if someone you know, not to promote someone sneaking through again, but I just I feel like God in the Holy Spirit shares with me to share to others, that you don’t need anyone here in physical form to help connect you with source with spirit with your loved one in spirit. And that’s why I kind of like felt that. Well, I think that’s a really important point. That’s why I wanted to really bring that out. Because I feel like I have not I’m not I feel like I have an ongoing relationship with my daughter. But it’s not it’s not a dialogue. I think people would think like well, damn,

Unknown Speaker 59:00
You can just sit down and talk to his father all the time. But it’s it’s it’s subtle things. You we talked about signs, you talked about coins and feathers and Cardinals. And I’ve never heard anybody talk about fruit flies before. But you said one of your signs of your father’s a fruit fly. If it’s okay with you, you know, really quick last year I was the number one rep in my entire company, I was the number one of 100 plus reps. And it was something that I talked about in the law of attraction and having a reality. And so we’re in a sales meeting. I knew I was number one. And the CFO of our entire company is just the CFO. We’re just one small division, this guy gets up and starts talking to the group. And so I’m sitting there watching this show, it’s early in the morning, and

Unknown Speaker 59:42
I see a fruit fly just crossed right in front of my face. And you know, it’s in the hotel, and I don’t even think it was in February, right. And I get this feeling. It’s a feeling of like, I’m very proud of you, son. And I was like, Wow, that was like that’s crazy that he did that was and then thinking was that real like when the cheers

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
They’re, well I look at my phone and the time is 941 Not only is 41 always been my number, it’s always been a number for me. I don’t know why I’m gonna be 41 a couple months. I think it’s a big year for me, but my dad was born in September 41 to 940. Okay, well, I see a fruit fly go across CFOs there, but I look at my clock and it’s 941 41 then, if it doesn’t get any credit, you know, just I didn’t include the story in my book. Please don’t think I did. Then he goes, he goes like this Now it’s 150 people there he goes. Where’s Daniel? JOHN? Right, john different last thing, but I am like 150 people, there are managers and I raise my hand it goes back guy up in Syracuse. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Like and I’m thinking like, like So not only did the fruit fly come across as 941

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
and then this guy calls out my name in front of everyone. Yeah. And my dad was saying how proud he was of me. Yes, validation. You get so until I had those validations with the time and the call out from the CFL.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
I would have thought I was just making it up because that’s how subtle it is. Right? And, and you as you know, probably eight or nine or the 10s Is she really, you know, she really connecting with me, you know, wasn’t really her. But once I’ve every 10 maybe or so I won’t speak for you, you’ll get this thing was like, Oh my gosh, it really was her because there’s no way I could have made that up. You can’t write stances. So yeah, the majority of time as you got to trust, you know, you’re not making it up. But you’ll get these validations if you pay attention and trust. Yeah, I think that is an excellent story. And I like the way because that’s the way it works for me anyway, because I’m an engineer. So I was calculate the odds of something. No, not literally, but like, Okay, well, I see a cargo you know, I live in Ohio. It’s state Burke. Carter is a fairly common here. But if you see a car No, and it’s 1111. And then your mother calls you or something, or, you know, it’s when these things tie together that that you realized and that was, I think that was a perfect story as to how it’s like someone could suppose it’s a fruit fly in a hotel. Okay, there’s lots of fruit in the hotel, but it’s the timing of the thing. Yeah, and all the validation

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Just want to share one more happened the other day, my family my in laws they lost we lost our my father in law or their husband and their father and they went to a medium last Tuesday so we went out to dinner on our way home from dinner. We’re talking about you know, the little bit of the reading and we’re just you know, in celebrating his life and thinking even just thinking about him in the car in front of us. Now my in laws owner of a restaurant and 86 is in the name. The license plate ahead was 8686. And the license plate was from Ohio, which made me think of this. And Ohio is actually where he passed away even though he lives in New York. And then 686 is not only

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
the name of their business, but it’s a lot of their like past codes and things like that. Nobody said that. names are there but 8686 is a lot of their past codes. So like all of their family and it’s on the license plate and the car front as well. We’re going out to dinner the night that they have saw medium for the first time since he passed with a male license plate which is where he passed away and oh by the way, the white car which all their family has

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Being an agent, you can’t make that up. So we’re all looking for like, what are the chances of that at? Yes. And that’s the thing that people need to keep their eyes open for because just real quick, I gotta tell you this story because Shana It was her anniversary date a few weeks ago, June 24, was five years. And so you know, it’s a rough day. So I didn’t ask for science. Other people ask for science and I didn’t want to be disappointed. So a drive driving my wife to therapy, and I look up in front of me and there’s a truck on the back of the truck. It’s not a bumper sticker. It’s like stencil on the back of the truck. It says I am right here, exclamation point. And then my wife, I didn’t even catch it. My wife goes, it’s a sign it’s from shade. It says I’m right here. And I look up in the end. There’s a sticker on the on the back windshield of the truck. That’s you know, these things that say home and it’s the outline of the state for the letter O people were on the T shirts and stuff. It’s a sticker and it’s Ohio and Shana was born in Ohio. We live in Ohio. So I’m like, you know, how can you that that was aside from saying I made like right over right over the head. And then the next day I’m on my walk and I see

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
There’s a big home sign and one of the houses I walk by every single day that I never hadn’t been there before, or just came, it just appeared that day. So those are the types of things. And I tell these stories, so people know what to look for. Mm hmm. So, yeah, that’s, that’s a great. I love that example in your book. And I share a bunch of other examples like that in my book, like when I found my spirit guides and things like that. So those I think those people have messaged me already, it’s only been about a month. They’ve started they’re starting to get their own signs just by reading the book and exactly, that is why I did it’s not I don’t you know, as an author, you know, we don’t make a ton of money on books. It’s more about helping others and what kind of impact you can have on everyone that reads your book, right? I read your book, the grief to grow it to help people understand and cope with grief. Yeah, me. It’s me, Chip. How does it work? How can I connect with my loved ones? And I think people read these stories and it opens them up somehow. And I had a girl just messaged me yesterday, she started dreaming of her grandma, and she was very close with her and she never dreamt of her until she started reading the book and like the book

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
opened up to that and it’s just it’s so awesome. And you know, this is not there’s someone breaks you something about how you, you know, you wrote a book and you help them there’s nothing greater than that. Nothing. Absolutely, absolutely. So let’s talk the book is, why are we here reflections on life from spiritual medium by Daniel, john and Daniel, where can people reach you? what’s your website? That’s Daniel john And you can actually buy a book off the shop section. And the book is 30 $30 but includes a 20% off coupon for a future reading. So it’s ever zoom reading it’s actually makes the book free and all the shipping and everything free. So but also includes my autograph includes shipping I have to pay sales tax on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
In the book itself, that you or you if you don’t really care about the coupon or you only need an autograph. You can buy it from Amazon for 14 bucks. Okay, cool. That’s great. That’s a great offer. I appreciate that. Daniel, it’s been good catching up with you again, I know I know you got to run.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
I appreciate you doing this.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Thanks for having me, Brian. I really appreciate it. It was fun. All right. Enjoy the rest of your day. Much love. Bye. Well, I hope you enjoyed the episode, I want to make it really easy for you to reach me. So just send me a text 231996 and simply text the word growth gr o w th. In fact you can right now just say hey Siri, send the message. 231996 and when Siri asks you what you want to send, just say growth. You can do the same thing with Ok, Google. Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for listening to grief to growth. Brian hopes that you find this episode helpful, and we’ll come back for future episodes. Brian’s best selling book grief to growth planted not buried is a great resource for anyone who is coping with grief or know someone who is if you enjoy the podcast and would like to support it, there are three things you can do to help. The first is to share the podcast with someone that you

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