Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Diana Blum- Beautiful, Sad Grief- Ep. 33

Diana experienced the death of her spouse at the age of 37, now 17 years ago.

Diana’s husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and was gone in 111 days. She was left behind with a broken heart and 3 teenage sons who struggled through adolescence without a father. Before he left, he told her he would help her from the other side. His words were true; he has been guiding her throughout his physical absence through signs and synchronicities.

She says that the love and loss of her husband has been a journey of finding and loving herself.

She believes grief is a journey that lasts a lifetime. A process of developing a new kind of relationship with the departed; a soul to soul connection.
She has learned through the years that grief is like the ocean tides. It ebbs and flows and comes in and goes out. Sometimes rough and hard and high, other times gentle and soft and low. But it always comes in and in it always goes out. What remains is love. Love doesn’t die.

Her most prestigious role in life has been a wife to Mark, and a mother to her 3 now grown sons. She holds a 200 hr. certification in hatha yoga, 300 hour yoga therapy certificate as well as a Trauma informed brain sensitivity training.

She has written and recorded 5 songs around a grief/loss theme titled, Beautiful sad. She says sad is beautiful because it means we have loved and lost, BUT we HAVE loved. She hopes the music will find its way to those needing comfort from the loss of a loved one and to consider the possibility that those departed from our physical presence, aren’t gone, they have only gone ahead of us.

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