Grief 2 Growth Podcast Episode 18- Irene Vouvalides

I have known Irene for a couple of years. Irene and I met at a weekend conference. She has become one of our best friends over the course of time.
Irene is the Vice President for Helping Parents Heal and the Conference Chairperson. Irene’s daughter Carly has been inspiring Irene since her passing. Irene has been actively involved with Helping Parents Heal, starting a thriving affiliate group in Bluffton, SC as well as heading up our two conferences. The second Helping Parents Heal Conference will be in Charleston, SC in April 2020.
As you listen to this episode, you will see just how amazing and resilient Irene is having gone through the worst thing any parent has to go through. What I would like you to keep in mind is we all have an inner strength that we often underestimate. I am inspired by Irene and people like her to do my best to make Shayna proud, as Irene does to make Carly proud.
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