Grief 2 Growth Podcast Episode 28- P.M.H. Atwater

I have never had as much fun in an interview as I had with P.M.H. She is full of joy, as you’ll see by the first few seconds of the video. If you’ve been around the Near Death studies field for any amount of time, she needs no introduction.

Dr. Atwater is a pioneer in the field of the Near Death Experience. After having had three experiences herself, she quit her job, moved cross country, and started her own research project. Almost 5,000 interviews, over 40 years, and almost 20 books later, I think it’s safe to say she is one of the world’s best experts on the experience. It was a true honor to have this conversation with her.

In this conversation, we talk about her life, her NDEs and her groundbreaking video “As We Die”, a video for the actively dying, and the rest of us. It can totally change your perspective on what it means to die and how you approach it.

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