Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Episode 4 (Bonus) The Roles Of Death and Illness in Our Lives

In today’s episode I spend just a few minutes talking about the roles of death and illness. But, this all came about as I thought about healing.

A few nights ago on Helping Parents Heal, we had an amazing healer speak to our group. This healer has had three near-death experiences and been miraculously healed herself. When you have a healer speaking to a group of people who have each had a child transition, you’ve got a built-in conflict because clearly our children were not “healed”. When a healer is telling you about what they have seen and done, you tend to ask why not my kid? Why did my kid die? Why wasn’t she healed of her illness? Was her guardian angel asleep?

These questions, posed by some of our parents, started the wheels in my head turning. As I thought about healing, my thoughts turned to the greatest Healer who ever lived. And, I thought about why there are death and illness at all.

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