I met Daniel a couple of months before this interview. Daniel was doing volunteer work for an organization I’m associated with- Voice Of Our Angels. I moderated an event he did where he gave reading to parents whose children are in Spirit. I was impressed with Daniel’s mediumship abilities. But, I was more impressed by his giving spirit. Daniel is a father of three small children and holds down a full-time job. But, he is developing his mediumship and works as a medium in addition volunteering his time.

I wanted to have Daniel on to talk about mediumship and being a Christian. Daniel was raised Catholic and was “saved” as a teenager. Daniel is passionate about his relationship with God. So, when his gift was revealed, he studied and prayed about whether it was God’s will that he does this work. We had a fascinating conversation about how we read the Bible and what it says about “consorting with mediums”.

Daniel gives free readings on Monday evenings on his Facebook page (see link bel0w).

for more information on Daniel, see his website at: https://www.danieljohnmedium.com

Daniels’ Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/DanielJohnMedium

Daniel has recently opened a meditation/reiki healing/mediumship center in Geneva, NY: https://www.thezomestudio.com

Listen to the episode here:

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