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I’ve read The Team books two or three times. They contain some of the best afterlife and current life wisdom I’ve found anywhere. I met the author, Frances Key over a year ago when I participated in a book study of the first book. On October 9, 2010, at the age of 86, Gloria Crystal “Teddy” Key passed away at her Florida home, her family by her side.

Nineteen days later, her beautiful voice began to communicate with her eldest daughter, Frances, about the scope and wonder of her new perspective from the afterlife state. Through a variety of experiences including automatic writing, direct contact, and sudden downloads of information, this remarkable collection of insight was handwritten in less than a year. Divided into four books, the Team material has astounded a growing circle of readers with its unique analogies, wit, depth of wisdom, and unusual outlook on the human experience.


The poem read at the end is here:



Brian Smith 0:01
Hey everybody, this is Brian Smith and I’m back with another episode of grief to growth. And I’m really excited about this episode today I’ve got with me, Francis key, who is someone who wrote a series of books called the team. And if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve heard me mentioned the team before. They’re some of my all time favorite books. I’ve read the books like each each book a couple of times, it’s a series of four books. So what happened is at the age of 86, Francis mother, her name was Gloria crystal, Teddy was her nickname, key, she passed away to Florida home or a family was by her side, when 19 days later, she began to communicate with her eldest daughter, who’s Francis, who I’ve got with me today about the scope and wonder of her new perspective from the afterlife state. And Francis went through a variety of experiences, including automatic writing, direct contact, and sudden downloads of information and put together this collection of information that she’s titled The team. So as I said, it’s a series of four books, the book one, Book Two, Book Three, and then the fourth book is called, I believe it’s called Beyond the team.

So I want to introduce Francis key. I’m excited to have her. And we’ve met a while ago, we have some trouble getting this worked out, but we’re finally together.

Frances Key 1:14
Okay, yes, we’re here. We’re here at the right time, I’m sure.

Brian Smith 1:17
Yeah, absolutely. Francis, I was, as I was saying, in the introduction, the books are just to me amazing. And I say that because I’ve read them multiple times I’ve shared with a lot of people. But I want to let people know how the books came to you. So explain me what that experience was like?

Frances Key 1:37
Yes, well, it’s been 10, full years. Now we’re talking hardly believe. And I always like to explain to people the background, the relationship I had with my mother, before she died, because I considered her my best friend, and spiritual teacher throughout my life. So we had this

shared bond, and

we’d had a number of different kinds of spiritual experiences together in our lifetime. Anyway, we really had a foundation.

When I was very young, I used to do,

I used to write poetry. And I would tell my mother, that something took over my hand and would write these very, very beautiful poems that were way beyond my age. And she kind of counseled me and what that was, and she understood that I had this natural tendency. before she died, she constantly told me you should do that kind of writing again, and write down some of the spiritual things you’ve learned in life. And I’d always say no,

I don’t feel drawn to that. And I tell her, she should write a book because she was so wise. And I said, just make it 80 concepts from an 80 year old before you died, you know, just go No, I’m too old. I’m too tired. Well, little did I realize, and I truly had no inkling that I would have this level of connection with her after she died. And that, indeed, she would get the book written that she thought that I should have been writing and, and that I thought she should have been writing. Wow, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:16

Frances Key 3:18
I was with her when she passed, I was with her when she took her last breath. And I felt at the moment of her passing, something I didn’t understand. But I grew to understand. And it was, I felt like a part of me left. And a part of her entered a part of her state in a way and a part of me left. And I think this literally happened because I’ve come to learn from these books. And believe me, I’m a student of the material, not a master of it. I’m not even the author of it. I study it like anybody else. So I’m growing in my understanding of it. But I came to understand that we have different aspects to the soul. And that I think what occurred was

Unknown Speaker 4:11

Frances Key 4:16
departed the earth. Because on the other side at all times, at all times, I hope you can hear me clearly. So I felt like something within left and something of her remained. And it allowed this connection, this communication to take place.

Unknown Speaker 4:39

Frances Key 4:41
three days after she told my sister I’ve heard son, I fell in my nickname strategy. And I said, all the frankness is gone. And she said, Well, this doesn’t sound normal. This doesn’t sound healthy. You should talk to a counselor. I said, No. It’s I couldn’t put into words that something had gone. And something had entered. So 19 days after she died, was on an airplane to New York City and members live. And I go back and forth all the time to Florida. Anyway, on the plane, I looked out at that incredible, beautiful VISTA of clouds. And I was feeling very emotional. And I just said the question to my mother. It’s Is there any distance where you are for me, I could hear her voice. Her beautiful Australian very distinctive voice, not a vague, unusual voice that you aren’t sure who’s talking to you. But it was really clearly her. It was in my mind, but it felt also like it was audible. And she said not. There’s no distance, the way you experience it. And she said, how she could drop into somebody’s state of consciousness, like you might drop into visit someone in a neighborhood. Anyway, from that first statement, I just started asking questions and receiving these answers immediately. And the main thing she pointed out in that conversation was, you are not alone. You are not even functioning as one person, nobody is for you are a member of a team, the spiritual team as close to you is breathing. So I began, I got out a piece of paper, and I just started writing down everything I was asking and her answers. And a lot of personal at that, at that point. For that hour and a half plane ride, it was more my own personal experience of her. But then it started to branch into more universal concepts about where she was about how she was about it. And as much as about why we’re here, and the purpose of our lives as as about the other side. And I thought this would be a personal experience. But when I got off the plane, it continued. And it actually continued for about a year and a half very intensely. Hmm. I wrote the first book that she dictated in three weeks, but one, and then the rest, it was all handwritten, because it just was part of the process, and then had to be tucked up. So the rest came, and I was able to release them, you know, throughout the next few years. But when I read this material, I really can’t believe it myself. It’s so far beyond anything that I personally would be able to, to write, or even speak. That’s why I feel like I’m just a person talking about the books unless I read from them directly. The language, the kinds of concepts that I had never been aware of. And many people I talked to who study for many years about spiritual concepts have never been aware of it was like a layer than another layer than another layer. In book one, it was an experience of just my mother. It was completely her voice. And then by the rest of the other end, she said that spoke one at the end of it. But with the other books. It felt like I had other connections that that there was a team. And this team, some had were more scientific. And some were more medical, some were more playful and creative. And there were different, almost different energies and the chapters kind of reflect that. It always reflects her. But you can feel sort of in beyond the team where it goes into almost like a quantum physics type kind of information and some of those chapters. There’s different. Different expertise. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s how the books came to be. Do you want to ask me something else about that before I proceed? Well,

Brian Smith 9:28
no, I think I think you did a really good job of telling us kind of how they came to be. And you know, it’s interesting because I you know, I’ve done a book study together before in the books and you said even at the time you said, Well, I’m just a student and the books that that they that they channeled that you channeled them, but I love that story also, but you writing the poetry, you know, as a child that this is stuff that you were channeling at the time and your mother having this wisdom and the two of you working as a team as a team was just perfect for what the concept is, you know, of the of the whole book and the thing I was that fascinates me about and I love the name, even the team because we think we think, okay, what’s the purpose of our life, but we think, well, we come here for individual growth. And then sometimes we hear well, we have spirit guides, we have a team of people here, but they’re all here to kind of support us. But and this concept of at least I got, the book says that we’re actually all part of a team, we’re not even really individuals.

Frances Key 10:24
Yeah, Book One, it really is so amazing to me how she describes that we are representatives of our team, That, to me, that’s such a meaningful concept about how we how to live our lives, you know, and she says, if you think of a business, or a person going to a conference, a business conference, that before they go, they stand up as the representative that the person who’s speaking at that conference, but before they go, they’re prepared by an entire team of people, you know, backstage or back home in the conference room, and their meetings and their brainstorming and their troubleshooting. And this kind of thing is done before that person speaks. So and then, and then you return to your team and you debrief them, you tell them well, I went to the conference, this is what went right. This is what I could have done this better, or I found out we really need to work on this. And everybody vicariously absorbs that information. Of course, some of our teammates are right here with us physically by our side, and some are on the other side. And we exchange positions, when we pass away, we work from the other side, the work is still the same, we’re just doing it from a different location. Yeah. And others enter here, and they have their physical experience, and they do their work as well. But all of that is absorbed by our team. And in that way, all the wisdom is leveraged so that everybody doesn’t have to do everything or experience everything or incarnate incarnate to do and experience every single thing. You can learn vicariously, and you can absorb. If you’re just like we absorbed from one another. Yeah, we take that information and we incorporate it into our lives, what you’ve gone through, I am learning from what I’ve gone through you’re learning from, we don’t have to do exactly the same thing to get that the impact of it.

Brian Smith 12:42
Yeah, I love that. And I’ve seen that hinted at in other places,

Unknown Speaker 12:46

Brian Smith 12:48
sorry, can hear me. I’ve seen that. I’ve seen this concept kind of hinted at and other places, but never as thick as fully developed as they are in the books that you’ve written. This idea that we can share information. And I think it kind of explains for me like one of the mysteries of is like reincarnation, we talked about, do we come back over and over again? And what’s the point of it? I think, I think this kind of helped us explain some of that. We don’t necessarily come back as the same person because we’re all part of this, this larger group.

Frances Key 13:26
Right? And, yes, she says a lot about reincarnation, she said, there’s a lot more to it than just you’ve your full soul comes, has experiences, leaves comes back with karma has experienced, it’s not like that, right? It’s much more. It’s much more connected to to your team. And it’s also connected to the fact. And this is so exciting and important to me. That just like the human brain has all these segments to it. That is our brain right now, we are doing many, many, many things at the same time. You know, I mean, we have a part of our brain that’s handling our breathing and heartbeat that we don’t even regulate consciously, that happens on its own. If you have a part of our brain that’s thinking about the technology, we have a part of our brain. There’s mathematical part and a language part you have all these parts to your brain. And it’s explained in the books it’s like that for the soul, we have all these segments or aspects to the soul. And when we come when the body when the body is born, and it’s so important to think about with our children or our loved ones who have died, that they are so much more than just the child or the person that we knew them has, that they are this infinite soul, who use this body For a time for a purpose, and only aspects of the soul come in with the body are connected to the body. Just like when you walk into a math class in college, your math part of your brain is engaged. But the other part your brain, you’re doing all kinds of other things, the same thing happens to the soul. And so when the body dies, that aspect, completed that work with that life. But it may be another aspect entirely, that comes back for another life. And all that information of that aspect goes back to your full self, there’s a chapter called the rest of you. And it says, it’s like you’re sitting on the bank of bank of a river and you’ve got your foot, you’ve got your toes in the water. But the rest of you is up on the bank, the rest of you is, is on the other side. And only part of you is extended down into the physical world. So each of us is so much more than what is even here. At this time. I know I got off on a tangent, but we were talking about oh reincarnation. So it’s not our full self that comes in. So even if we reincarnate, it isn’t the full self, it’s another aspect that needs to do something else this time. And we, we trade off with our teammates. It just it gives the example in the book if if a really strong person is present, they’re going to pick up two of those heavy suitcases and let the the child or the weaker one, you know, carry the rolling suitcase. So we may come into a lifetime. And we may take on a great deal of if you want to call it burden, difficulty challenge. And we may do that for a teammate who’s weaker, or who needs to rest. So we’re all doing this. And it’s much more than just, you know, live guy come back with karma. It’s not as personal as all that we do. We do it for others, we take on things for others, that might not even be our own. And another person’s difficulty another person’s karma. It’s our opportunity for compassion.

Brian Smith 17:32
Yeah, yeah, that that’s another really, I think, interesting concept. Because, again, we think of ourselves so individualistically and we think well, how does this affect me? You know, my illness, my mike my burden, the thing that I’m carrying, but it may not be for us personally, it may be for the other person or for our caregiver for example.

Frances Key 17:55
Yes, yes. Um, no, she constantly refers to the lookout tower of the soul said if you can take time every day in your meditation, or even just in your thought, just sitting and thinking. In a light, your thoughts go into lookout tower of the soul, like you’re going up in an airplane. It’s just so much vaster, wider, broader,

Unknown Speaker 18:25

Frances Key 18:27
than just our turnout. I’m so drawn right now to read. To read a few things, sir, here. There’s a chapter in books three called where relationships abide. And it says here and she touch speak to or look at one another, you assume that you’re interacting through your bodies. However, if the soul were not present with the body, you would have no awareness of this interaction. The true interaction, it’s in a realm that is free of the body. It is an interaction that precedes and goes beyond deaths. So this is what make makes our relationships eternal. Where do relationships abide they abide in the realm of the soul. This is not only so when the body has died. It is true when both bodies are still alive. This is because the relationship doesn’t ever dwell in your bodies in the first splice in both death and life. Your relationship dwells in the soul.

Brian Smith 20:07

Frances Key 20:08
So you and I would not be having this conversation. If our souls were not in connection right now. Yeah. And if our souls did not connect, right now, this conversation would end instantly.

And grieve. It says here it is not to negate the authentic pain, that it’s felt when a death occurs. The physical body interprets the loss of another body as a great absence. This is to be expected. But when we go through grief, to remember and say to yourself, I know that my body and all its accompanying senses, deeply miscible that in the place where our true relationship resides, everything continues as before. It’s not a matter of waiting until you meet again, it is a matter of knowing there has been no interruption in the loving flow of the true relationship in the first place.

Brian Smith 21:35
Yeah, I absolutely love that part. You know, and I think you combine that with the fact that you said earlier that when we come here, it’s only a small part of us that’s here, that most of us is still still I call it home, most of us is still back home. So when we think of our loved ones, you know, they’re that they’re not missing us at all, because we’re still there with them. We’re just still here, on the on the mission for a little while longer know, fulfilling our role, until we drop the body and they’re fully back back at home.

Frances Key 22:06
Right? Yeah, in fact, you just said what the very next paragraph said, and then read the books. And yeah, and it points out here. The love you have with your friends and family members has not died with their forums. Nor does it only live on in a memory. It’s still growing and expanding. The connection you had while they were here isn’t being expressed through a body that walks alongside yours, but it’s every bit as interactive and dynamic as it ever was. You continue to share hobbies together, learn new things together, laugh, create, make plans together as you did when you were both in the body. Souls can recreate earthly experiences if they wish. So you continue to go fishing with your grandfather on that beautiful lake, bake cookies with your and swing your child on their favorite swing, embrace your spouse, and so forth. There’s just so much more of us that is here on the earth. And there’s so much more of our loved one on the other side who has passed and we are continuing our lives together. And what you said, we’re doing our sign our assignment, this aspect of us that is for this body right now has an assignment to complete. And our bodies miss their bodies that are so our souls are together.

Brian Smith 23:44
Yeah. And I think I find it to be a very profound and comforting concept. That and I love the way you said that our bodies miss their bodies, but our souls are still still together. And we can we can learn while we’re here to tap into that higher self a little bit and at least reduce that that missing part of it.

Frances Key 24:06
Yeah, you know, I’m, I sat by my husband, when he took his last breath, I sat with one another. I have not lost a child. And as a mother, I can’t fathom that. That kind of loss. But I’ve I have friends who have lost their children. I have family members who have experienced that loss of a child and even by murder, by drugs by suicide. I have close people in my life who have died that way. So I understand when and I’ve learned when that wave of pain comes to just say, Oh, my senses miss their physical senses. My body misses their body I acknowledge I don’t try to squelch it or pretend or, or push it away. But I try as soon as I can to move my consciousness to the place where we are together.

Brian Smith 25:16
Yeah. Yeah.

Frances Key 25:18
Because we join them the most. You know, it, it’s sort of like, they’re in the next room. They’re up the stairs, and we join them, then stay in the basement. So that’s really the best thing that we can do. It’s to, through meditation, through thought through service to others, like you’re doing, because we teach what we learn. We learn what we teach, exactly. say, Okay, my body misses their body, but my body is not going to last forever, either. Right? So I don’t want to put all my, my focus on what my body feels and what my senses need. You know, I want to work from from the soul viewpoint as much as I can.

Brian Smith 26:27
Yeah, and that’s, and that’s Yeah, the book that they think they do a really good job, at least for me have lifted me to that higher perspective, that Lookout Tower. And I remember what another analogy in the book is, like, We’re on a mission. And some of us are down in the valley and some of our scouts, you know, up in the upper levels, and we and we take turns going back and forth right now, I happen to be on point, you know, I happen to be down down there the trenches, but super member that there is always at higher perspective. And I hear so many people in grief saying I will never see them again. And I it just breaks my heart. Every time I hear someone utter those words, I will never see them again. Because Well, it’s true physically, we won’t see them with our bodies again, we will see them again. And it’s always I think, for me, I’m always have to remind myself through like you said, through meditation, through prayer through service to others, through teaching this, which I do, you know, every day that I got to keep that higher perspective.

Frances Key 27:24
Right. And you know, that there’s another concept and it’s in Book Two called the vibrational spheres. Yeah. Do you remember that one? I

Brian Smith 27:35
love that. Yes.

Frances Key 27:37
I think it helps when, when we have lost a loved one to violence, or to suicide,

Unknown Speaker 27:48
or drugs,

Frances Key 27:50
things of that nature. You know, not illness, it’s one thing that we grapple with, but when these kinds of things happen. It really turned the lights on for me when that chapter came through, because we’re told that at all, throughout the universe, there are these enormous spheres that we’re all contributing to, with our thoughts, our actions. I mean, every hateful, angry thought or word I’ve ever spoken, has contributed to a year of that kind of energy. And every loving, kind, forgiving, generous thing I’ve ever done, has contributed to that ball of energy, if you want to think of it that way of bubbles everywhere. So we tap into the particular sphere. And what happens when we have overwhelming rage that turns into violence, because I’m sure some of your viewers have lost one to violence. My daughter’s my daughter’s boyfriend was shot in a home invasion. You know, a young man just sitting there on this couch. So what happens when these people are overtaken by these terrible, violent urges, or if they tap into drugs, and they can’t pull out of it, we’ve all had loved ones in our family and circle of friends who worked hard, went to rehab did everything they could to pull out of that. That magnetic pole of the draw really happens is that state of rage is is tapping into not only his or her own rage, but the rage throughout the eons of time that people have contributed. When people do these horrendous things, they are just awash in this magnetic pole to these spheres of that kind of energy. Like when people do superhuman things, they go in and pull a car off somebody’s body, they lift an entire car by themselves. They’re tapping into the heroism, the bravery, the courage, the strength of all those who have come before them. And this has helped me with forgiveness of myself. For things I’ve done that I, you know, you look back and you think, how could I have said that? How could I have done that, but we’ve been in touch with a ball of energy that was more powerful than even what we were even feeling at the time. And those people who are committing those crimes or cannot pull free, have been overtaken like a tidal wave by something bigger than in more difficult, dark than themselves. It’s helped me with forgiveness for myself, and it’s helped me with forgiveness for others. Because we’re always contributing something 24 seven, we’re contributing something to the spheres. There’s no way to not be contributing, because we’re creative beings, we’re always creating, with our words, with our thoughts with our days, we’re creating, and we’re putting this energy into these. So every I, it helps me to think that I’m helping a teammate, and I’m helping my team to become more aligned with those spheres of love, and kindness and forgiveness, every time I do it, I give it to them. And I’m also everything in those spheres are is available for other people to pull from. Every time you heal from a terrible trauma or heal from a grudge or heal from an anger. All that healing is put into the spheres and then people who need healing can pull from it. You know, it’s like a body of water that you drink from, and you pour into all the time and it’s there for everybody else. So it helps me work harder. It helps me work harder, because I know it’s being given to others.

Brian Smith 32:13
Yeah, that’s amazing to me. And and it’s funny, as we’re having this conversation I keep I’m reminded how much these books have influenced me because I like I said, I’ve read them over and over again. But that vibrational spheres thing is really important. We I think we tend to think of ourselves. So individualistically I’m responsible for my own actions. It’s my life. What am I here to learn, you know, things like that. But you know, you talk about the spheres, it just happened to me just this morning, I mean, someone sets up and that really triggered a lot of angry me. And I was like, you know, and I was like I wanted to react. And so I just went into my bedroom. And I was like, I’m just gonna meditate. And I just I let it go. And I just went to a different place. Because I decided not to tap into that into that anger, and to try to get back at that person who had done that thing to me. So that that concept of being able to say, No, I’m not going to tap into that. I’m going to tap into this instead. It’s I think, a very important thing for Yeah.

Frances Key 33:12
Yeah. I mean, it’s a choice. It, I was telling somebody the other day in my family who was really, really angry about something and I said, you know, you can just play this out all the way on the anger route. Or you can reframe it. I said, think of it as a wild stallion, riding up to you snorting and following and naming and you can either observe that, or you can jump on this back and take off with him, you know, this wild has, we really, really have the opportunity to choose and it It’s incredible how strong and empowered you feel when you do what you did this morning. I mean, you took control. You had to feel very powerful. To say I’m going to choose this. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to connect with a different vibrational sphere. I mean, that’s the ultimate power. There’s a chapter called who’s in charge here. Do you remember that one?

Brian Smith 34:22
Yes, I do.

Frances Key 34:24
Yeah. And you know, in the Bible, it talks about Satan get behind me they have that line from Jesus, Satan get behind me. And it’s sort of parallel on that. So we want to lead with the soul. So we say to our body that might be lazy or might, who knows when to get drunk? We say to our emotions that might want to just go off on a ranch or rage. We say to our body and our emotions and our mind. wants to carry on with all kinds of thoughts that are only going to take us to the spiral downward would know it, you know, we have to say get behind me. I appreciate you body for what you offer, but I the soul, I am in charge get behind me. I appreciate you emotions. But you will serve me. I am the soul and you will serve me. Yeah. And the same thing to the mind. Right? So what you did this morning is you did that. He said, I’m leading with the soul. And you guys get behind me. I’m in charge here. I mean, we this is this is how we spare ourselves and so many other people. Pain and judgment. Because the judgment is like sticky glue. It sticks us to those situations and those people that that we are condemning the very ones we’re condemning. We’re sticking ourselves to them. Quite literally.

Brian Smith 36:07
Right, right. Yeah. So you, you told me before you start Yes, passages highlighted that you wanted to bring out to help people specifically. I have a lot of listeners like myself who have had children transition. And it’s a difficult thing. And you already talked about one of those things, right? We’re still with our children. And that helps me tremendously to think of my daughter, you know, of still being with her and her still being with me that she could still communicate with me and I could communicate with her a certain amount. But you and your mother still have, you know, a great relationship. So what else would you like to share with us as far as that goes?

Frances Key 36:46
Um, I feel like a kind of talked about a lot of it, but I’m gonna I will turn here and see where I’m lead. There’s a chapter called reciprocal influences, okay. We often have this thought and attend book for a lot too. We have this thought that

I’m quote down here, and I’m switching up right. And they’re up there and they can’t reach down here. But it says you are not only calling out for upliftment, not only reaching out with a yearning, not only seeking to become more useful and enlightened, you are making an offering, we are not only assisting you, you are assisting us, we are all partners in the plan, working from different locations, but with one vision, our influence upon one another is reciprocal. When you when you commune with us in any form, and these forms are endless music, writing, dance, meditation, prayer, laughter, contemplation, appreciation, so much more. When you commune with us in any form, then you are giving as well as receiving. When errors are made. We all learn. Yeah, there’s no condemnation, condemnation of an error. That’s so important. Please understand this is a two way creation, a two way mission a two way flow, which links up with other teams to form a zillion way creation, mission and flow. They, they can’t do say Do it all for us, just because they may have a higher perspective, like when you’re in Lookout Tower, you can look down and go. Watch out over there. I see that right, because the person on the ground can’t quite see it. So we want to keep our, our intuition open to our loved ones who have passed and to our team, to our teammates, because they have this big broad perspective, and they can guide us. And a big part of being guided. Is, is I want to say listening. But listening because we’re being flexible. If we are rigid in it, it’s got to be this way. I’ve got to do it this way. That person has to do this for me in this way this has to happen. We’re not we’re not being open to the many, many, many possibilities and the many ways things can be done. Yeah. So when we listen Let’s be flexible. Let’s be willing to even imagine we lose completely. Or we give out, like that intense call. Maybe that that rigidness is keeping us from what? I hope I’m saying that right? We’ve got to have some detachment. Yeah, all these things and situations and circumstances in our life. Sure, we have detachment,

Brian Smith 40:35
we have a preferred outcome, but it’s from a limited perspective. And I think it’s a matter of having the trust that the higher good will be done, even if it’s not what we want, in terms of where we are right now. And that’s how it is for me, you know, I’ve had to accept things that don’t seem like they fit into my plan for my ego, for my, my body’s perspective. But I have to trust that the higher good is being done. I really loved the way you described the team because, again, I think this is important thing for me. I’ve heard people say, Oh, we’ve got we’ve got guides, we’ve got angels, and they’re there, they’ve got this super, you know, high perspective, and they’re just there to serve us as we’re here down, you know, doing doing our thing. And it’s really, I love the way you talk, it’s reciprocal, it’s two ways, what I’m doing is actually benefiting them as well. And they’re the same as I am that just happened to be in a different place right now. And at some point, will, will switch and will be, you know, in the high point, and they’ll be down here in the trenches.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
That’s right.

Frances Key 41:38
Yes, and we help them by, we help them when we lift ourselves up, we help them when we laugh, we help them and we feel joy again, we help them when we they can feel those kinds of things from us. Yeah, it’s a real gift, just like it would be. I mean, I was told to put ourselves in their shoes. If we had this, if we had departed the body just now think of your spouse, your other children, your friends, your close, whoever is important in your life, what would you what would help you the most from them, it would be to see them. Take what you had planted in them, Take what you had given, and go forth with it, carry the torch carry the torch. And that’s what I have marked here. If I can find it, is about carrying the torch. There’s so much we can do when somebody leaves to build. Because we’re all building upon each other. We’re all standing on the shoulders of everybody that ever went before in history. I’m talking eons of time, right when people get real cocky and think, oh, wow, I’ve done this. I’ve done that. until until this was invented, we couldn’t do this. Now until those roads were paved. We couldn’t drive to to connect with so many of the things we think we’re doing, we’re built on so many people. We shouldn’t get too egotistical about it. You know. It says here about carrying the torch. Having trouble finding exactly what it is, but it’s important. 44

had it I’m sorry. Okay, here it is. If a teammate dies without completing a portion of his or her mission, you can fulfill it for them if your commitment is great enough to carry you through. This is the impetus behind the drive to do something in memory of someone, whether it’s establishing a foundation in their name, or fulfilling a dream that person had but never got to live. If someone transitions to the other side and recognize it’s something important they had intended to accomplish didn’t, their yearning to make it right, it’s great. From their higher perspective, they survey the situation and assess which of their teammates might be in a position to complete the work. If they sense that you are willing and able, they might reach out to you in an effort to impinge a vision of this possibility on your mind. So

Brian Smith 45:04
yeah, I could really relate to that. And it’s interesting cuz I do I talk to a lot of parents and we feel like our children have left us with the with the mission. Something for us to go forward with and and what you said earlier about grief and about what the other person on the other side once for us I think is extremely important as well, because again, when when when your child drought passes before you sometimes we don’t feel like being here. And we are we are like, I’m going to be sad for the rest of my life. This is just you know, this is it. I’m done. I remember, right. I remember the moment that Shana passed, you know, it was total hospital she had passed, I thought, That’s it, my life is over, you know, it’ll never be the same. And it won’t be the same. But it doesn’t mean that your life is over, over. And it and it would not be fair, they would not want us to just lay down and give up. You know, we that’s not what we’re here to do. And so the people that are here behind them, this is what I love about these books is like, I’m not just living for myself, I’m living for the other people that are here physically with me, I’m here for the people that have gone ahead of me, for the people that I don’t even remember that I’ve lived other lifetimes with before. So it’s not about me. It’s about it’s about us. It’s about we. And I think that’s a very powerful thing, at least for me, in terms of lifting me out of what I was going through.

Frances Key 46:28
Right, right. And now we’re going to that our loved one wanted to be here. What, even if they, before they had wanted, we we do have the gift of life. I know clearly, three years ago, I was shown under dream that I was going to die and protested. I really did. And it’s a long story. So I’m not going to tell it now. But the series of events occurred. And I saw I had a vision of these angels on the porch of a of a church when I was driving by and I paused just enough to look because I couldn’t believe my eyes. And in that instant, I didn’t have the accident. The I slowed down enough where the person missed me by a hair and they would have come right through the driver’s side. Wow. So I realized from the two dreams I’d had that I was going to die. And then the second one where I was protesting, I didn’t want to die. And I had a list of things on a piece of paper, I was arguing my case that I had to finish. Yeah, and then then this event occurred Two weeks later, I realized I really am here. Because for some reason, I, I we figured out that I should stay for a while. So this was only a few years ago, and I know some of the things that were on the list, but I don’t remember all of them. So I’ve been steadily doing these things. And I’m wondering, you know, I mean, how many more on the list? I don’t know. Yeah, but I have the gift of life. Yeah, and I don’t want to to lie down in Yeah. And and and not fulfill it and not see it through. They would want those that I’ve have gone on before me, they would want me to to fill it and when I go back and I joined them again I want to come back to this conference with some concrete accomplishments and and wisdom because it is the thing so this is the money or that but success are the things that we get or do but it is the wisdom we gain and we give to others gain we share began with share with humility that is what we go back with there’s a chapter called naked where my mother describes how what it was like for her to die and how you leave naked he leaves become naked you leave naked and you have only this is what you do. You take all the love that you have received, truly received from others with you. Without strings attached, true love that you’ve received and all the love you’ve given unconditionally. The strings not attached. That’s what you take with you.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
That’s it.

Brian Smith 49:49
Yeah, yeah. Well, you know you

Frances Key 49:53
do have this life. We have it and we can offer it to our left one.

Brian Smith 50:02
Yeah, yeah. And I, that’s the way I try to think of it now. And the way I look at it is, you know, first of all, it’s not very long. Once we, once we realize that we are a soul, and we you know, this is this is just a very short period of time. And we’re, none of us has to be here forever. So while we’re here, we need to make the most of it. And I know my daughter very well, I know that if I don’t, that she’s gonna give me a hard time. So she’s my motivation. That’s why she’s always in my background when I do these podcasts, because she’s always over my shoulder reminded me this is this is our deal. This we signed up for you agreed to do this. And you know, you thought you can handle it. So let’s see what you know what happens?

Frances Key 50:46
Well, and we never want to minimize the pain that that we, we go through, I just helped someone write a memoir. And when she’s ready to release it, I hope it may be somebody you’d like to interview. We have written this book together. And it is about what she has gone through in her son being shot. And Wow, she’s learned Beautiful, beautiful insights and things that she’s but but it really outlines the pain. Yeah, and I think that’s very important to acknowledge this. Not not to brush it aside. It truly is. And no one is gonna still see me it looks like there’s a little glitch here.

Brian Smith 51:43
No, you’re back.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Yeah, okay. Okay. You

Brian Smith 51:48
said Frank is really, really important. The pain is very real. And I hear people what I call spiritual bypassing. And they’ll say, well, it’s all okay, we don’t need to feel any human emotions. And I never ever advocate that I say, feel all the feelings. That’s why we’re here too. We’re here to feel those feelings away. And we are going to feel lost and our bodies are going to miss them. But we’re both human and spirit at the same time. And we have to learn to make that shift before that overwhelms us and overtakes us and we get stuck down here. Think Yes, it’s all over. So we need to be able to learn to, to live here, and to deal with the things of this earth and to enjoy our lives and embrace them. But also, when we get too stuck here, down here to make that shift and just say, it’s all gonna be okay, it’s all okay, even right now. I could choose how I react to this. I may not like the situation, but I could choose how I respond.

Frances Key 52:41
Yeah. Yeah. Um, there’s more here about I’m going to read a little more, I feel like I’m having a little problem with my phone. So if it if it if something goes wrong, can we pick up in a few minutes if I have, I think I’m running low on charge to be honest, because Okay, I’m using my phone. But anyway, I hope people cut that part out if it if it’s in the middle of our it says here. Becoming truly aware that your life was pre planned with your team, around spiritual agreements, will refine your sense of the legacy, the legacy you’re creating. Now, I want to say about that, that we do not that we come here with general goals and general ideal ideas, and we adjust them as we go along. It’s not all written in stone can’t change it. And all the things that happen are not always pre planned. So there isn’t always the intention, of a certain event occurring a certain way. Many things can occur to influence that but from my perspective, on the other side, this being stated by my mother, I can see how when the soul departs the body, it leaves behind a trail of influence. But it’s its streets through the sky. This train contains the quality of

the earth, which can range from minimal to digital vibratory after death, and they’re clearly visible to the departed, so and teammates. So it’s it’s throughout the book Someone can live five minutes and have been incredible live 100 years and has made very little contribution to others. The value of a life is not determined by its length. And it’s certainly not determined by my thought just went away. I can’t I can’t finish it that sentence. But it isn’t always the big great things that have impacted the world. Yeah, tiny, small moments. Can can be could be an offering into that vibrational sphere of love. The tiniest moment can have great impact and have great energy that that is residual that stays here. It has lingering power, it stays with people.

Brian Smith 56:01
Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s, that’s so profound. Because you know, we do tend to think we measure life by the length, you know, how long? How long can I be here? How long, but when people have near death experiences, one of the lessons I’ve learned from studying those is that it’s usually the small things that they really pick up on in their life reviews. It’s the it’s the smiling at a stranger, it’s the you know, it’s letting someone go in front of you. It’s it’s asking someone how they’re doing. I recently was talking with a young lady who her mother passed away and she’s walking down the street. And she’s just sobbing and a stranger stops her and asked her, you know, you Okay, and she says, Yes, I am the stranger. There’s no really Are you okay? Miss struck up a conversation. And it turns out this person had her mother had passed away also when she was young, and they had this conversation ended up changing this other woman’s life. And it was because a stranger stopped on the street and said, Are you okay? And I, and I imagined when that woman has her life review, she’s going to have an idea of how big of an impact that moment had on that young girl.

Frances Key 57:07
That’s right. And we’re told that we can have teammates that activate our spiritual DNA, by a brief encountering us briefly in our life. Mm hmm. Just like our physical DNA gets activated, like as you form from an embryo, into a child into a human being, certain things have to happen along the way to activate certain parts of the DNA to trigger this, create this organ make this happen, this hormone has to be secreted and so forth. So and then all throughout our life, people that we encounter, activate latent talents, or hidden abilities. So emotionally, spiritually, this happens to where we encounter a teammate, who was there for that purpose. And we can even encounter another aspect of our own selves, that is associated, because there may be certain aspects of your soul that are associated with Brian, but other aspects may be associated with a totally different person that is right here on this earth, and you may encounter yourself a part of you can reach out and help another part of you.

Brian Smith 58:24
Yeah, but that’s a really deep concept. And that’s, that’s one thing. I haven’t read the book over and over again, because it gets it gets really complicated. There are different aspects of myself that could be another bodies, we are all part of a team then in some one of the books you’ve talked about leads so we are we’re in teams and the teams around teams that form you know, these leads. So

Frances Key 58:46
leads are part of I think it’s legions, legions, and then but but in that part where it tells all that it Tim beyond the team, it’s saying, Don’t get caught up in the terminology that these are, these are words given to us so our human brain can get it all. But really, this team belonging to the league’s belonging to the legions and on and on and on, it’s because everything is one, right, because ultimately, you know, for our own purposes here, just like we talked about cells in the body, that the body is one, right for our own purposes, these teams exist for our our functioning in this way, right Really? Can’t go far enough out. It’s all one. So one.

Brian Smith 59:38
Yeah, exactly. I think the body analogy is a really good one because even we look at people on other teams, they’re not they’re not competitive with us. They’re just different parts of the body.

Frances Key 59:50
Yes, with different purposes and gifts. And and even in this lifetime, if you have always thought gosh, I wish I could go do so and so, across, over in India, I wish I could go, I used to be this way, no joke. I wish I could just go, you know, serve the poor in India. But I have four daughters here at home, you know, I’m not leaving to go serve the poor. Actually, it can be that part of my team. It’s doing that work, or even another aspect of me it’s doing that work. And that’s why I’m drawn to that. I’m drawn to that. Right? I don’t have to go do it. I need to do what’s before me. Yes, we bloom where we’re planted, and we serve where we are. Now, we might get drawn to do some, something across the world. I’m not saying that won’t happen. But I’m just saying, that’s where some of those feelings come from. Or could be another life that we remember doing that. But but we don’t want to neglect our responsibilities, you know, that we have before us?

Brian Smith 1:00:56
Yes, I Well, we would you said I use that all the time. I tell people you have to grow where your planet you know, we are we are we could you can do what you can do here. You don’t have to go across the world and serve the poor. There’s something that you can do right where you are, whether it’s it could be being a mother to your four daughters. People ask me like, what’s my life purpose on like, being a mother is an extremely important life purpose. Don’t ever, you know, sell short where you are right now. And the people are just around you. You know, serve them and grow yourself and you will benefit your team and, and once we cross back over, I believe we pick up all those other experiences that we didn’t have were physically in the body. We just we become reconnected with us.

Frances Key 1:01:46
Instead, okay,

Brian Smith 1:01:47
yeah, we’re having a little technical depth about Celtic. We’re coming to the end so we can push through.

Frances Key 1:01:52
Yeah. Okay. I’m going to send you I’m going to email you a poem that maybe could put up on the screen at the end. Sure. Or share with people called carry carry your torch, which I wrote, I wrote for the young man who was killed in the home invasion. And I think it could mean a lot to, to your people, to your listeners.

Brian Smith 1:02:17
Yeah. Be glad to do that.

Frances Key 1:02:20
Okay, well, I feel like I want to, I want to I want to mention something about suicide. Okay, I feel drawn to mentioned suicide, because we have had many lives, and we’ve had many deaths. And we do not define a person’s life by the way they died. That’s very important to remember, whether there’s illness, accident, suicide. If we’ve had many lives, we may also have had experiences of suicide ourselves. And there are some people who live their whole lives and never live fully. And then there are some people who live 25 years and have the richness of life and growth far beyond what that person lived who lived a long life. Yes, absolutely. So it’s so important not to define a person’s the value of a person or their life, by the way they

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18

Brian Smith 1:03:20
Yeah, I think that’s extremely, extremely important. Because I don’t think it matters, you know, how we how we transition, we all transition at some point, and I love what you just said. And I was I talked to a lot of parents again, who parent whose children have passed early. And it’s interesting, because it seems like a lot of times those children that concentrated I call it concentrated times with their parents, they seem to value that time more, a lot of them not all of them, of course, but I was talking to a guy who happened to you know, he retired early so you could spend time with his son, having no idea that just seven years later his son which was going to transition, but looking back on it now it’s like I just had such a great time with him being home when he came home from school and doing all these things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. My daughter we homeschooled Shana for eight years, about eight years. Yeah, she went to school for like, just a year, just two years to public school. Well, you homeschooled her. And I worked from home, my wife worked from home. So we just had such a great, you know, in those 15 years that she was here. I feel like we have as much time as some people would have had in 45 or 50 years with their kids. So it’s not a matter of the length of time it’s it’s what you put into it. Yes,

Frances Key 1:04:32
you talk again. I do want to say that if people if people do read the books and have questions, they can email me that their questions. And if they want to meet with me, by this way, zoom or Skype or something to let me know. Yeah. I’d be happy to to help them explore some of these concepts.

Brian Smith 1:04:56
I’ll put your put your email address in the show notes so people can consideration up there. I want to thank you, Frankie for doing this. It’s really been. Because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I cannot say enough good things about the books. Because I’ve read them multiple times. I thought people might feel like I’m pushing them. But I really am. I really am a big fan of the books in the work you and your mother have done together. So I appreciate it very much.

Frances Key 1:05:26
She has her books have have there’s about 100 insights in the four books and they’ve helped 1000s of people. And I’m one of them. Yeah, that changed my life that changed me in my essence. I can’t even put into words how much how much this information has changed me as a human being for the better, had a lot of growing to do. I had a lot of anger and things like that to release. And they blessed me. Oh, yeah, that’s another story. That they blessed me. Yeah, they healed me. They healed me.

Brian Smith 1:06:09
Yeah. Well, I appreciate you should do the same. This Yeah, well, I’m sure they have and they will and I will do everything I can to make sure everybody that I know reads the books. So again, Frankie, thank you for being here this afternoon and have a great rest of your day.

Frances Key 1:06:27
Thank you so much. I enjoyed it greatly.

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  1. Great episode with Frances Key and I’m going to order the books! Who wrote the poem, The Torch, and where can I find it written out? Thank you.