Grief 2 Growth Podcast Kat Baillie Discusses Mediumship Ep 34

Kat and I are friends going back a couple of years. We each have a daughter in spirit. Kat is the affiliate leader of the UK Helping Parents Heal group. Kat had a successful business career before having a Kundalini awakening experience and becoming a professional medium. In addition to mediumship, Kat practices multiple healing modalities.

Kat heard my episode on mediumship and wanted to have a conversation about me using the word “imagination” to describe what mediumship is like. In this conversation, we talk about the different types of mediumship, how mediumship works, the limitations of mediumship, and how you can have the best experience when you go for a reading.

You can reach Kat at: She is available for mediumship readings and offers other healing services as well.

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