Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Kimberly Clark-Sharp- She Talks to Angels- Ep. 90

Well, she doesn’t really talk to angels. But, I got the Black Crowes song stuck in my head when thinking about this episode. So, there you go! I sat down for another fascinating hour plus with Kimberly Clark Sharp. She is a joy to talk to and a hoot!


If you haven’t already, go back to episode 78 from June of 2020 and listen to the details of her NDE which we only had time to cover briefly here. I wanted to talk to Kim about her many years of experience with witnessing angels. Angels of protection, angels coming to take us Home, and angels apparently on a coffee break. Kim is the author of “After the Light: The Spiritual Path to Purpose”, the founder of Seattle IANDS, etc., etc., etc.

She has had several decades of service since her NDE while she was in college. If you want to reach Kim, you can reach her through the Seattle IANDS website.




Brian Smith 0:00
Hi everybody this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth in a day with me I have Kim Clark sharp. She’s been with me before you may remember her from Episode 78 if you didn’t catch it up, so make sure you go back and look it up. Kim’s she’s a great person to talk to a great storyteller. And she told a really fascinating near death experience. I’m going to introduce candidate today we’re going to talk about angels in particular though, so Kim is the author of after the light the spiritual path to purpose, which was published by William Baran company in 1995. She’s the founder of the Seattle ions association of near death studies, which is the world’s oldest and largest support group for near death experiences since 1982. She was named one of the 40 most influential people under the age of 40 in the Pacific Northwest in 1987. Kim is also the founder of the Department of Social Work at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She’s a pioneer in the field work in the field of critical care, social work. She’s an international conference and workshop speaker you may have seen her as a moderator at the ions conference recently, which was held online. She’s been published in many journals, textbooks and magazines. Kim’s also a consultant to the news and entertainment and just doing. She’s a co teacher of terminal illness seminar at the School of Medicine, the University of Washington, she has been done, she’s done that. She’s a clinical assistant professor, and she’s a Master of Social Work. So that’s quite a bit but with that, I want to introduce Kimberly Clark sharp. Hi.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:30
Okay, thanks. Bye. I think you

Brian Smith 1:34
know, that’s that’s quite a resume. And I guess I would highly recommend anybody that didn’t hear your earlier episode, to go back and catch that. But if you could just briefly take us through your near death experiences, kind of give us a background of who you are.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:48
Yeah, I would like to do that. Thank you. And then also add some more layers to your introduction because it just wasn’t long enough. And by the way, listeners have Brian, so it’s very easy for me to be at home in front of my computer monitor. We’re talking like, Hi, you know, so it’s I’m not in a very, very formal mood around Brian.

Brian Smith 2:11
Yeah, it’s fine.

Kim Clark Sharp 2:12
You’re gonna get this sincere. I was at work. This is Sarah Kim. Yeah. My near death experience was in 1970. And I was in college and I collapsed, for reasons that were never fully determined. Because the volunteer fire department from where my body lay in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, by the way, came with a portable ventilator that was brand new, and they applied it with a seal around my mouth and turned it on. But there were two modes to this portable ventilator to ventilate, go figure. Yeah, and then To the vacuum to extract objects that might be blocking a person’s airway. And I had nothing in my throat, but they the default was on vacuum. So when they turned it on, I already had been, according to a uniform nurse who happened to be passing by my body. And you know, weighed down by my dad who was with me. She wasn’t getting a pulse, she didn’t perceive any breath. So whatever oxygen I had left in my body, I mean, literally had the life sucked out of me. It was just pretty dramatic. And my resuscitation was long, but I was young and they weren’t going to give up. My dad, we’re just coming out of the Department of Motor Vehicles. So my dad noted the time that we left in the time that I was admitted to the emergency room or the local Trauma Center, which was in Kansas City, which was a ways from where my body lay and I’m That was an hour and a half. So in that hour and a half a lot happened. Again, I was being resuscitated, though it wasn’t like I woke up in the morgue with that toe tag on. You know, I mean, when rigor mortis starts, I don’t care what you say there’s no coming back. So I was still alive, but not breathing on my own even remotely. But the headlines of my near death experience was I could hear a woman’s voice to my left saying, I’m not getting a pulse. I’m not getting a pulse. That turned out to be a uniform nurse. I talked to her, she ignored me. I thought I could be heard. I couldn’t. That’s how quote unquote real Mike’s my time and that space felt. And then I just gave up and went to another place that I seem to find or was taken to, I don’t know, but I was surrounded by very warm gray foggy material. I knew I wasn’t alone. I had no anxiety it felt like the most normal thing in the world. And it was as if you know, I’m in the I’m in the waiting Bay at a gate at the airport, got my ticket and just waiting for my, my section to be called, was it was nothing in terms of anxiety. It felt normal. I couldn’t see who I was with because of that dark gray fog. But then a light erupted under me and in that it just enveloped me and everything that I could see. Which brings up the point of how can I see anything? My body had my eyeballs in it. What was I doing looking at anything? I still haven’t figured that out. I don’t get how that works. But I could speak just fine, thank you. And this light, which I call God, or my Creator, or Brian, for that matter. Because there are no words, and then there’s all words. But anyway, I was shown in a linear fashion, this light just went on forever literally. We showed that and then also how this light was simultaneously layering on itself. And I, I somehow knew that the light that was going out in all directions was linear time, as we know it, at least. And I don’t know if that’s Earth time or universe time or what I, you know, dang, I left my watch on my body. The layers were dimensions. And at my age, I don’t even think I’d heard of you in Kansas dimensions like, but I got it I somehow understood and that was also like an ending. It was incredible. But the main thing is that this light was all love. It was just

a love that even as a parent and a happy wife and a happy person on the planet, I have not been able to give or receive. It was beyond anything. And it was for everybody. You know, I’d like to think that bad guys get there isn’t the end. But now, this light this God loves everyone equally in the story. And then I was told I had to go back argued, I’m here to say you can argue with God, you know, you may not win the argument, but you can certainly give it the old college try, which is literally what I was doing. Yeah. And then I was sent back and I missed my body by about three feet, which, ironically, is why I flunked that test at the DMV. I couldn’t parallel park a car within three feet. So they said come back when you’re not sweating in the pump so much. So I thought here I had the most wonderful experience. I looked at my body, and I thought I can’t even Park myself. But a body that was on the ground. was not me. Wasn’t My personality, my memories, my attachments even my sense of self. We’re looking at the meat just nothing there that my spirit it was just nothing, just just biology. And then I saw a man I didn’t recognize bend over and and put his mouth against mine. Well, that was mouth to mouth resuscitation. And so I that drew me back into my body and through him. Wink wink that was interesting. If I knew everything about the guy, as you pass

Brian Smith 8:39
through him going into your

Kim Clark Sharp 8:40
bathroom, yeah, yeah. Um, my dad called him the Good Samaritan for the rest of my father’s life. You know, he really, and good Samaritans can swear like a mule skinner or a sailor. He was both. I mean, my father The air was sick with very naughty words. But um, I I that I didn’t perceive any of that in him I perceived compassion. And here it just seems the greatest love of all. And of course, I’m going to be drawn to it. You know, I think the physical contact helped the mouth to mouth but maybe it was the love he had for me. I was a stranger loved me. Hmm. And as I went through him, I loved him too. And then, but then I was trapped in a very bad body situation. When I got to the emergency room, my admitting temperature was at six. You know, is a in Yeah, nice if you’re in a pool. Yeah. swimming around with your kids, but not it’s pretty cold. Eternal. Exactly. So yeah. So I beg for God to come back. And so as I said, I’d give you the short version. This is actually the short version to

Brian Smith 9:59
cover things up. Now you are woke then again go back to episode seven eight if you want to hear the details which you should

Kim Clark Sharp 10:04
Ah thank you it’s nice I should like you anyway um I beg to be brought back to having good homie home that’s what I called it home. Yeah, yeah. And um, so again skipping over scuff God fortunately showed up again and said a rider, right you know, such a whiner just annoyed got enough, they went Alright, enough. So a window, or portal or something opened up to my right. And I was told that if I went through that I wasn’t coming back. That was my border. And so and Okay, by that I was distracted by a flash of light. It was the beginning of showing me my future should I choose to live If there was a place where mountains met water, which sure wasn’t Kansas, yeah. And then that dissolved, I was heading into heaven. And which is beautiful By the way, I was talking about that another time, but it was so beautiful. And another flash of light just because I was going through this window and it was people is like a Portrait Gallery of people that I would significantly interact with if I chose to live in that captions underneath. And it was nothing glorious, you know, no world leaders or celebrities. It’s just your best friend next door neighbor, colleague mentor stuff. I didn’t know those people so back to have an ongoing and then there was another flash, and it was me being of service. Somebody who had never occurred to me in my life, to be honest, I wasn’t I just you know, didn’t think about it. And I said cool in it. Turns out, you know, God’s a hippie? Cool, neat. Yes. Yeah. Cool, dude. You know, I was back. And in my opinion, I was back to serve. Hmm. Because that’s when I said, cool. So I have approached my life ever since then. That’s one of service.

Brian Smith 12:23
Yeah. Click resume. That’s what you’ve done. Yeah.

Kim Clark Sharp 12:27
Yeah, I feel like at this time I might even alive. Haven’t I checked all the boxes, but there’s obviously still more work to be done. And I’m joyfully providing what I can. And this show is an example of that. I want to help people. Yeah, I or people. I want to comfort people. I want to inform people

Brian Smith 12:48
on what you’re doing all that and like I said, I know you’re near death experience. It is fascinating. And you just told a very quick version of it so people can go back and they can get your book also, I guess to find out more details. But today we’re going to talk about angels. So this this what triggered you starting to see angels?

Kim Clark Sharp 13:08
He did a yes or no. I the first you think I would be prepared for this broadcast, but I’m an off the cuff kind of person and I’m a feeling kind of person. So I don’t have the stuff in the can. Yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 13:31
fine. From my heart. Yeah.

Kim Clark Sharp 13:34
So sorry about the pauses or the fumbling of words and

Unknown Speaker 13:37
find moment.

Kim Clark Sharp 13:40
Angels. Can I preface this with something? Sure. I’m actually a grounded person. I mean, I’m from Kansas grounded. went to college at Kansas State University in the middle of the state grounded Lutheran grounded I married a Seattle firefighter grounded. He’s the only fellow I ever wanted to marry and we’re still married after decades and decades come out. three kids, two step kids, one birth child, and one when maybe they didn’t make it, which puts me in an odd way in your realm. But grounded, social worker grounded advanced degree grounded clinical system professor at the University of Washington taught death and dying for 20 all that requires crowdedness all the things I’ve found it I have ground underneath my feet, and yet angels that might add negative energy to scary things and way too many dead people. So, um, but angels have. So yeah, you know, we’ll never know know if what if I had not had a near death experience? Is that opened up to me? But since my near death experience I feel like I’ve walked into worlds that grounded one, but also one that allows me visions and intuitions and communications that certainly weren’t going on before my near death experience. Okay, but what really set it off for me and my memory was the first time I saw angels with my eyeballs.

Brian Smith 15:35
See, objectively see angels.

Kim Clark Sharp 15:37
Yes, I did. Now it’s more subjective, but yeah, but many years went by. Yeah, visualizing eyes on. Yeah, it’s up here, buddy. I mean, it’s like, um, and I also have to say that when I have ever seen an angel, I sculpt on a dime I angels here, for lack of a better word. Well, what would you say? Very positive vibes? Hmm? spiritual, positive, holy, for lack of a better word. Okay. And I cannot, to this day perceive of an angel without pretty much collapsing on the floor, shaking like a leaf, because there’s a power that comes with these beings as well, that humbles me to the point of utter dysfunction. Unfortunately, I’ve never been in a situation where I was going to endanger myself or others, except for maybe one time when I saw an angel and I can’t I just, I’m stupefied. So when I talk about these Angel encounters, it sounds so glib. In real life. It’s not at all I’m not sure Shot as anyone would be like to see an angel. So, it was about seven and a half years after my near death experience, after a few years of perceiving, unfortunately and for who knows why, but what I call negative energy, and some people might say demonic energy, but certainly Bad Juju. I mean, without a doubt harmful, scary, terrifying, actually. And I bless those experiences too, though, because they I think they lead to the angel vision. And also those experiences led to a very powerful sense of myself in terms of dealing with negative energy, which shows up all over the place. And frankly, which politically sometimes is at risk because I believe in underdog stuff. Because I know angels are present. Hmm. I want to go support people that are oppressed or depressed. I’m drawn to that because there be angels.

Unknown Speaker 18:15

Kim Clark Sharp 18:16
And what you know, we’re going to say anyway, I had had the unfortunate experience of not chewing my food properly. And that was peanuts. And one of the peanuts didn’t fully digest and as it was exiting my body, she says the most lady like fashion, it just tore everything. It was a sharp edge that just ripped through. Oh, I became very ill septic had a bunch of surgeries that were not going well. And I thought I want to go home to mom and dad. And I did four more surgeries, that I was single and young. And really needed my parents do after me for further surgeries which were ahead of me and by the way successful, but I became septic there as well. Which means full of bad germs. Yeah. And very, very sick. And I was lying on a couch in our family room when a very scary thing was approaching me in my I mean, no one was around. So I don’t know if anyone could have seen what I saw or not. But it was a being that scared the snot out of me. And considering where my surgery was, I could use another word Come to think of it. Yeah, it was scary. And I was petrified and then all of a sudden I saw movement after my Right. And then to my left, I thought, What? And there were, what To this day I called angels. And how I knew they were angels. I don’t know. Except for those feelings. They completely ignored me as angels do. And, but they came in and formed like a protective barrier between this thing and me. And I mentioned I’m Lutheran. All I could think of, at that time was the song. I know that my Redeemer lives. And I cannot sing, but it’s like, I know, I’m so scared. I know. I would just, that’s all I can think of. Hmm. And this being shrunk from it. And these angels, for lack of a better word, were empowered by it, and I watched the whole thing. So then I got Stronger about it. I know that my Redeemer lives and it just seemed to, like a prayer in my heart. Yeah. Not just to him. Yeah, to prayer. And God heard my prayer and because I guess maybe because I could perceive this thing. I was also going to proceed the things that were going to protect me from the thing. vocabulary, the thing of the things yeah,

the angels. They were just making an introduction in my life. I have a cheat sheet because I don’t want to forget any of my experiences. So here’s my cheat sheet. Yeah, yeah, I have a bunch of my stories before the broadcast so so

Brian Smith 21:44
how did how did this this negative being a peer was it demonic? Was it it? Was it human humanoid or what was it like

Kim Clark Sharp 21:53
humanoid I’d seen it before? Okay. So hit others in this case. Love a grace Lifeline and that my weird experiences are often with others. Like get some validation going during internal sometimes they are sometimes not. And I lived in a house with a roommate and I had a lot of friends over. And this thing was fully present. You know, it was it was nastier than I can. I can tell you it grew in power, and it seemed to just want me, you know, I felt weak in its presence. And it just wanted to attach itself to me. And I felt like turn me into a bad guy or something sort of child of God. Yeah, I already knew as a child of God, I already knew I was going to heaven. Right? Oh, it’s like, in a way. That no chance. Yeah. But I was really happy to see what I perceived as angels, and there’s a fella by the name of Howard storm.

Brian Smith 23:06
Yeah, but actually these are my death Howard stories you’re telling yours?

Kim Clark Sharp 23:10
Oh, well, yeah, so he in his near death experience also was surrounded by terrifying mm hmm similar creatures that were also after him. You know why I don’t know that for either one of us or for anybody I don’t know why. Yeah, he was an atheist he didn’t know how to pray. Yeah. So he gave like the boy scout oath. Yeah, the National Anthem, I mean all kinds of things. But again, the prayer was heard in his heart. Same for me with you know, I know that my Redeemer lives. Yeah, you know, it’s uh i couldn’t have, I believe said something in Hebrew or in Farsi Or in Polynesian dialect of it you know, it’s it’s what comes from within what’s not not the words, right?

Unknown Speaker 24:10

Kim Clark Sharp 24:12
this thing did not like that him and assured it like the angels and then when the edges were completely forming a barrier and by the way I’m like which is what I am like all the time now I could see them so I can describe to you how I perceive angels because it hasn’t changed yeah yeah must fill or an angel looks like yeah for me anyway when an angel looks like a big, huge, ginormous yeah the humanoid human in appearance but but Matter of earthly sizes are really big sons of guns. And I could see them. They were both visible and invisible. I could see them but not see them. I could see their faces. I could pick up their intentions. They were not white. Like we proceed here. I have a metaphor. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna drink an angel. Ah, man. This is a glass of water. That’s how I see angels. It’s like looking through a glass of water. So you can see the shape of the of the glass,

Brian Smith 25:50
I think. Okay.

Kim Clark Sharp 25:52
It’s distorted, but you can see through it. This last word Angel. That’s what an angel would look like. So they’re translucent. Kinda like, trance parent. Wadley a lot of motion. Yeah. Um, and then I guess this space up here above the water would be where I would see their faces.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Mm hmm.

Kim Clark Sharp 26:13
Which were different were clearer than their bodies. The bodies had a lot going on a lot of motion. So I guess if I jiggled the water but I would spill it over.

Brian Smith 26:24
Yeah, yes, I do that. Yeah,

Kim Clark Sharp 26:26
there was a place behind them where those wings. They look like wings that were tucked in. But I never saw the bird take off, you know? Yeah. I don’t know how much of my culture American culture, middle class culture, Lutheran culture, college, all those things that make up our perceptions. I don’t know the influence on me.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
Yeah. Um,

Kim Clark Sharp 26:57
so you know, or those wings or something. Just all of the the motion that I was seeing, I don’t know. Yeah. But they looked in their faces. I’m making this point because I’ve encountered many other angels that had different faces and different intentions, by the way. But their faces were one of resolve, like calm resolve, and again, absolutely no notice of me whatsoever. It’s like they were on a job. You know, they were they were just on the job.

Brian Smith 27:33
So they were just there to protect you. So no communication with you. Okay,

Kim Clark Sharp 27:39
nope, nope. I might as well have not been in the room. Hmm. Absolutely not. It was like, I was just part of the job. Or that thing was part of the job. I wasn’t even sure I was part of the job. Yeah. But they were there to protect me. And of course, I have jumped God many times since then, they can have people who were protected maybe by this little band of angel was a little it’s pretty big. And then why are some people to protect it and others not? And you know, and go cray cray, just so I intellectualize it, and just accept it for what it is with gratitude, I might add. Yeah, yeah. So that’s when the angels first came into my awareness. I recovered from all the sepsis and infections and surgeries and, and went back to work at Harborview Medical Center, where I spent 10 years and you mentioned in my intro, I spent binary in the field of social work in critical care. And where there are people that are sick and sick and dying in particular, again, there be angels. So angels became part of my Work.

Brian Smith 29:01
Are you see them when you’re working with patients?

Kim Clark Sharp 29:03
Yes, sir. Okay. Wow. It was amazing. Amazing. They’re busy. Again, utterly ignoring me. Take care of them. I’m ready for a story.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Yeah, absolutely.

Kim Clark Sharp 29:18
Great. Okay. So there was a patient in coronary care, they may have saw us a local cardiologist. And as it turns out, the intern on duty was his nephew who was studying to be a physician. Okay. And I saw was admitted, and he was doing fine until he wasn’t. He went to cardiac arrest one day, and the nephew was in charge of the resuscitation, which never should have happened but no one wanted to stop them. And they kept calling for paddles for saw, which is you know, zap them. You know, Paul’s post, he was not going to come back from that. The nephew in love was not going to give up. So shock after shock after shock, and people were looking at each other and then looking at me as a social worker like we need to call this we need to call it but no one wanted to interrupt a killing grieving. Then, in front of all of us saw try this at home people saw lying in bed. Not having had a heartbeat that repeatedly set up in bed without bending his legs. Like a puppet would come up or doll. Hmm, that’s really hard to do, especially as an older gentleman. Yeah. But it’s hard for anyone to do someone’s not holding your ankles. Set up like 445 degree angle. And he opened his eyes and a little smile came across his face. And he was looking up like I am. And so I want to see what you’re looking at. And they’re coming like from the sky was a flying wedge angels The first time I saw the flying wedge. Hmm, in that sense, okay. The first and it was as if I had vision that could be I wasn’t I wasn’t impinged at all by a ceiling or walls or multiple floors and a huge hospital setting. I can see through all that and see these angels again like in a wet like geese,

Brian Smith 31:43
so I can have the formation. Yeah, please. Yeah,

Kim Clark Sharp 31:45
thank you for the words, a formation coach. I don’t have the stuff in the can. So Brian will now speak for me. Again, ignored and they came down They came down and saw is looking like astonished.

Unknown Speaker 32:06

Kim Clark Sharp 32:08
And they got to him and his body fell back. And I didn’t see the angels anymore. But I knew they had taken salt like, swing low sweet chariot. Yeah. They took him away. Yeah. And then it was the social worker Yours truly, that went up to the intern and put my hand on his and said, No, he’s gone.

Brian Smith 32:31
Yeah. So that’s a shared death experience. Would you had

Unknown Speaker 32:36
you? Yeah.

Kim Clark Sharp 32:37
Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I mean, again, you speak for me, Brian. You’re better than

Unknown Speaker 32:44

Kim Clark Sharp 32:45
that would be. Yeah. Exactly. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Well, I gotta go now. Nothing about that. You’re right. Wow. Well, anyway, so They Angeles again that I see myth time. were everywhere. They were all over the hospital again. Very big, transparent, sometimes hovering, sometimes bedside. I’m an example to belie all of that coming up in my head, but again, always ignoring me. I saw angels in traffic. I want to tell that story. I saw angels in libraries at music events.

Unknown Speaker 33:37

Kim Clark Sharp 33:38
Music it didn’t matter if it was hard rock or gospel.

Brian Smith 33:42
What are they doing it music events is hanging out or hanging out. Okay.

Kim Clark Sharp 33:47
Yeah, I guess I’ve never interviewed an angel. So what are you doing here didn’t didn’t. But I have seen angels hanging out. Thank you for the reminder. was at the University of Washington Medical Center once it was a medical fair for the community annual event and I was volunteering in the social work medical Social Work booth and you know, talking to people a lot of good energy and all that we were in a huge atrium, like room so my atrium I mean, it just went up up in the kind of a glass ceiling but very tall. No, no floors above it. And I just you know, hanging around when all of a sudden Bork there were angels. And again, shocking, they were hovering not above me but kind of like above the whole scene. And when I see angels also appears they have robes on return, not naked he, okay, the road of garments is Some kind. Yeah, but if I had walked over, I could have looked up the ropes. It was like that. So they were above my height. Okay, they’re above all the humans. No one was that tall in that big room. And they were like having a cocktail hour, and they’re totally on break. And I got that. I talked about hanging around there just like, you know, kind of having a downtime.

Brian Smith 35:28
And so we used to hovering you mean they weren’t like flying with their wings? They were just kind of hovering.

Unknown Speaker 35:34

Kim Clark Sharp 35:35
yeah. A clutch of them. Hmm. maybe six or seven. Somewhere in there. And you skirts.

Brian Smith 35:44
Yeah. But you didn’t perceive any communication amongst them or?

Kim Clark Sharp 35:49
Yeah, I did. But again, intuited it It wasn’t Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
Verbal, all right.

Kim Clark Sharp 35:56
But I just got the sense that they were on break. Okay. You know, Everything’s energy. And since my near death experience I’ve become sensitive to energy. makes for a pretty good social work practice. Yes, I can read people. Yeah. And so I can, I guess read angels too and they were totally on a break. So I was like her. So I thought, Okay, I need some reality here. So I turned in, and there was a fellow lighting a pipe. And then the booth next to the Social Work Booth was the American Lung Association. And those people behind the booth, like, really came down hard in the sky trying to light a pipe. And so I thought, okay, I’ll look at the pie. I’ll look at this drama. Ooh, they’re so mad. Oh, I don’t blame him. What’s he thinking with the pipe? You know, all this stuff? Yeah, really trying to distract myself. And then I look up again, just see the angels are still there. It’s like, didn’t go anywhere. So before when I when I saw he I didn’t take my eyes off of them this time. I did. And when I returned my attention to them, there was still there just hanging out a PS on that story in the book after the light became a popular book is this I still get royalty checks? Yeah, by the way, I write exactly like I talk. So if you ever read the book, I’ll be in your head. So, um, it turns out, Flash forward many years later, and I’m approached by a physician who said, I read your book. I was actually in the Himalayas, trying to get to Mount Everest. I don’t think he ever did. But he was. He brought that book to Nepal. And he was reading it and he said, I’m the person that tried to light the pipe. Oh, wow. Yeah, he went into shock. He’s on like, in the Himalayas, I’m still on Seattle. Well, it was just a shock. And he said that he thought the angels might have been there for he and his brother, because later that day his brother died in that hospital. Hmm. Interesting. And that’s why he was there. It wasn’t trying to attend the fair. He was just getting away from it all. And

Brian Smith 38:27
so it makes me wonder if they were there waiting for his brother.

Kim Clark Sharp 38:31
Yeah, right. You know, again, I’ve never interviewed an angel. Yeah. If they were just maybe waiting until they get into the wedge shape. Yeah, they go get them. But it was incredible meaning that person who was in the pipe and could fill in some of the angel story.

Brian Smith 38:52
Yeah. You said you see them in traffic also.

Kim Clark Sharp 38:55
Oh, yeah. Can I tell you my favorite story I keep asking you about Permission like you’re gonna say no. We don’t want to hear. Have I not told you the story?

Unknown Speaker 39:08
I haven’t heard it. I five Angel.

Kim Clark Sharp 39:10
No. Oh my gosh. Okay. Brian and Abel lispers just go with me on this ride. Okay. So Harborview Medical Center where I was working and seeing all the angels in the hospital and their baths as I’ve already shared is on a big Cliff that is called Harborview because it lives over downtown Seattle to this day at Puget Sound and then the Olympic Mountains. Mm hmm. And interrupting though between the hospital on this elevation and downtown, is interstate five by five and it’s the only North South Korea Or between Vancouver and Mexico. So it holds a lot of traffic and all the states but in rush hour in Seattle with only Seattle’s a a an hourglass shape city got water and mountains there’s no no way to spread out some things of below harbor view on I five were very compressed because not only work but everybody getting on for about same time we hit the same spot on line, a lot of traffic. So I was in this traffic looking at southbound looking at to the horizon brake lights. There’s at that time three lanes and I was in the far right lane. I thought I’m never getting home. It was a traffic jam. It was a parking lot beyond a traffic jam. So I’m sitting there like everyone else, you know, just waiting for traffic to break up and all of a sudden, to my left. I’m hearing It’s hot. Calling and a guy swearing sickness head out road rage, but we didn’t have that term yet. Yeah. honking and swearing at people as if his honks and language was going to move his lane of traffic. Exactly. Yeah, because he

Unknown Speaker 41:16
always says, dude.

Kim Clark Sharp 41:18
Anyway, so and I am not a swearing woman and if you hear me swear i really really mean it, by the way, but it was just like, come on. So I’m gonna have to do body language. Now I’m gonna back up from the camera so you see what I’m doing. So I’m in the car, okay, so I turn to give this driver the stink eye, which is what I learned from my mom on grandma. Just given him the stink eye except that between my stink eye and the driver was an angel. Hmm, again, huge Little bit and this was a two seater sports car. This guy was it. So he was still talking and swearing an angel next film was actually as physically contained was scrunched down because he was so big. Hmm. Like set up straight I think set would have been above the roof of the car. Yeah, I really would have freaked out. So here’s Kim. So I’m like this getting ready that you know, give them my best mom look. And I there’s this angel sitting there. So I’m, I’m like, so I’m like this, which is angels. And the angel impedimenta chair. The angels like Discord. Just you know, I’m over here going. Yeah. Again, the usual ignoring of cam. So in review, I’m like this right. And it’s like this. Done. The moment came the only time Angeles acknowledged Mike so By the way, right now, the angel slowly turned his head to me and looked me right in the eye and did this. Like, what can I do? He’s my guy. I don’t like this any more than anyone else. Hmm Yes, free will time. Ridiculous. I admitted I’m not having any influence on him. His anger and ego are too out of control. Yeah. And then the angel turned around and went back to ignoring me and looking straight ahead. And thank goodness we had all that traffic because that lane moved before mine and I was still

Unknown Speaker 43:42
I couldn’t believe it. Yeah.

Kim Clark Sharp 43:45
So Angel, so there’s another emotional so now we have angels who are like guardians, and we have angels that come to take deceased people. We have angels that hang around, waiting for things. We Angeles at concerts and in libraries and now we have angels on I five

Brian Smith 44:05
is, uh, do you think that maybe like a spirit guide? I mean is IRD is that different? Or do you know?

Kim Clark Sharp 44:13
I think different. Okay. I think different but that’s just me. You know, I’m not an expert. I only know my own experiences. But yeah. I love that Angel though, because my ego got involved. Oh, it saw me It knows me. Then it was gone. Yeah. Oh, um,

Brian Smith 44:37
that you see angels around you other than that time they were protecting you from that negative entity. Do you see them? active in your life?

Kim Clark Sharp 44:49
Yes and no. More I see them on behalf of others. Mm hmm. Let me look at my cheat sheet. I’ll be right back. Okay. It’s right here. All right, I wrote these kind of like an order of memory. This wasn’t about me but it was shocking. Again now Other than that, I five Angel I have never been acknowledge whether it was about me or not. Hmm. But I was with a fellow in a terrible storm on the Washington coast and we need we were in trouble. We needed some help. And he had a motorcycle and again, it was a it was a bad coastal storm. And he was going to go get help on his motorcycle. It didn’t want me on the motorcycle because we didn’t know if the roads were like of trees were down or whatever. And so he was leaving me in the storm of Washington State Peninsula, which is a wilderness area. I was like, Oh my gosh, he’s gonna die. I’m gonna die. We’re all gonna die. And then I saw he was bed overs in You know, groom groom, he gets a motorcycle started and he’s he starts to go and he’s hunkered down because of the wind and the rain, and hunker down behind him as an angel. Again, a big Angel, but in the same position as if you know the rain and when that he needed protected from but key. I don’t know about genders and angels that I have perceived male energy, female energy edges, neutral genderless energy. And so when I say him or her in my stories, I kind of get an idea of the energy. So this is a male energy, but anyway, completely holding my friend bent down. I could see the rain hitting my friend, but when it got to the angel went right through it See, I can see rain going right through its body. Hmm. And that was a first off Second Life. Wow, they’re impervious to weather. Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, I knew then though everything was going to be okay. And that Angel would be, I would say a protective Angel. Hmm. Was there one around me? Not that I saw. Yeah. But I did see this and I didn’t brought me great comfort and it was okay. We came back with help we got out of there Done deal at a story made for great story. And that’s it. Then another time we live above a beach in Seattle. Okay, up high beach. And what’s just on the beach, I saw a guy going along and just kind of kicking rocks and just you know, beach walk strolling, but he was strolling with an angel. And that was a shock because just a day. This wasn’t a hospital or a music venue or a school or at which is just a beach walk, guys. going on. Yeah, but walking along reminds me of that poem about footsteps, you know? Yeah. Yeah. We’re never alone. Here’s my bottom line. In my experience. We are never, ever alone on this earth. We’re surrounded by what I’ve come to call and visibility’s. And that’s my term for the whole collection of stuff that that which includes angels. And they have jobs. So then another time in my own house. There’s a woman by the name of Elisabeth Kubler Ross, you know, her? Yes. Well, she was a good old friend, actually. She was a mentor. She, okay. Yeah, she put me on stage with her. Many, many times. We were beds. Well, she was in town and came over for dinner. And it is so she said the I have this antique dining room set that my grandparents had. stole from them when they replaced it basically. antique chairs, antique table, and Elizabeth in place of honors at the end, and we’re about to eat and Elizabeth starts disappearing. She had a little thing anywhere where she was she’s deceased now, just tiny woman.

And I watched her just kind of slowly disappearing. Tables like what the heck? Well, the chair was breaking, displaying out Wow. But it was enough to attract angels. And all of a sudden I see her surrounded by angels Hmm. Tending to her. Just again in protection. Well, she didn’t bump her head. And those are like angels in my home and in my very own residence, and that was mind blowing. So that was another first and Elizabeth packed a punch whenever she spoke and I can assure you she was missing. Ever on stage alone, hmm. She, she packed angels that woman, they, I don’t know if they were attracted to her energy, or they were her guides or what? But when I told her about it, she said, Well, what do you see? And I said, Well, I didn’t know it’s a test, but it was a test. I should bring you up all kinds of memories from me. I Miss Elizabeth, by the way, but anyway, I said, Well, you know, I’m looking around, and it’s easier for me to see angels out of the sides of my eyes, like, you know, if I look directly, they kind of move off to the sides of my eyes again. So I learned in that moment to do what i to the state called Angel vision. But I kind of if I just sort of let my eyes relax and not really see anything, yeah, there’s something in front of me.

Brian Smith 50:58
I gotta focus

Kim Clark Sharp 51:00
Yeah, yeah, that can

Brian Smith 51:02
go out of focus.

Kim Clark Sharp 51:04
Yeah. out of focus. Thank you. You’re giving me good words. Um, yeah. So I just Yeah, yeah, just go out and focus then I can see. So I said, so I just did that for the first time deliberately to see an angel, relax my eyes and didn’t try to scare anything. I said, Okay, well, they’re really big. And they look tough. And, and they, they’re not white. I can see through them. And they might have wings or not, and they’re definitely wearing robes. And then I mentioned their big pension, they look rough. They look rough and tough. And she didn’t say things like that. I thought, well, there goes that friendship. Yeah, I even say anything. But later I learned when after she had processed it, that’s exactly her perception. That huh? She had Angel guides, and that they were big. And they were tough, huh? And then she also said, I know your angel guide was like what? Yeah, by name? Wow. Yeah. More of a guide less of an angel. But I said, well, that’s got to be one. Tough Angel too. So yes, about my, what I sense is that I’m surrounded at all times by 13 to 25. Angels. Hmm It’s weird. It’s a it’s a big pack. But I also think I’m super high maintenance. You know, I have this scenario in my head of angels going Oh, no, don’t send me to the Kim. No, no, I’ll be good. I’ll be good. No, no. So I’m a what I generate that needs that much. But I must generate a lot more Had it there. And Mike says those right now. I have around you right next. I’m like in that.

Brian Smith 53:08
So you you said so much you don’t necessarily see them?

Kim Clark Sharp 53:11
No, I The last time I saw an angel, I was pregnant. And I was at a piano concert, it was over Christmas with a friend. And all of a sudden on the piano concert began and there was an angel sitting on the table, like was gonna burst into song in a nightclub, you know, like, like, feelings. I mean, you know, what’s the angel do on the piano? Like, what that I hadn’t seen before? Well, I turn to my friend and went, Oh my gosh, is an angel a pet? No, but I can still sense the angel. I couldn’t see with my eyes. What the heck. And that was the last time I ever saw an angel with my Right. But and that’s been 30 years. Mm hmm. Um, but I think it’s because I was about to be a mom for the first time. And what I’d be a good parent if I were distracted by seeing angels, I think now. So I think as long as I’m in mom mode, I don’t need to see the angels. But what was never taken away from me was the perception of them. So I can perceive them all over the place I walked in, not that long ago to another Intensive Care Unit waiting room where someone I knew was husband was time and didn’t know her well, but I was sent there by the social worker, she was all alone, so unsure and I walked in and then it burst out with oh my gosh, there’s three angels here because again, I’m like, I can’t, you know, I can’t not react. Yeah. And um, she said that Really she leaned into it, she’s What do they look like? And I described what I described is when they’re when they’re one or above you, and there’s just three and she was blown away. Her husband did die. years past she got back to me and said, you know, since then I’ve been to a number of readers and people, and she said, every last one says, you know, you’ve got three angels around you. So I want to let you know, because you were the one who started that. So that was validating and like anyone I love to be validated. Yeah, um, but there are times when angels have been around me that I haven’t received it but others have. Also interesting yeah, I’m one of those times was when the baby that I was trying to deliver didn’t make it. And that’s a that’s a tough time. Yeah. And I was very upset. And in my real time, I was just uncontrollably crying. I just was sobbing. I couldn’t reply hearing, you know, would be going home with the baby. Yeah. A friend of mine in Hawaii called me a few days later, she had no idea I was even pregnant. You know, we just said, you know, this is before cell phones and FaceTime, zoom calls and all that. And she called me She said, I had a vision, and I decided to share it with you even though you’re not gonna believe me. It’s really crazy. But in revision, she saw me in utter blackness just completely dark. And I was pretty much promised I was on my knees bent over and crying really hard. And she didn’t know why. She just saw that I was very upset in the dark. She said, floating down really Slowly one by one where she said definitely like females but they were angels. They were like maternal in their vibe so to speak. And they were floating down low nightlights and they kept floating down and they had wings floating down and floating down with the soft lights until I was completely buried in them. Hmm. And there was just a soft glow coming through their bodies and their wings. She said, she said, What the heck’s going on? And then I told her and then she went into shock

Unknown Speaker 57:38
a while.

Kim Clark Sharp 57:38
So so one time I had no no possible way of of, I had no idea and then another time when also I was really upset over a loss someone else perceived angels around My loss was my own health and breast cancer. And I had at that time eight to 10 months to live and because of my near death experience, I’m fearless. But again, I was also a mother. And someone else mailed me again, someone who did not know I had breast cancer, but wrote me a letter with a diagram of angel she saw around me but she said it’s funny thing, I couldn’t get anything below your chest. In the sketch, somebody would stop my hand, and I could draw the angels and she did. But again, she didn’t know breast cancer, but this would not come out of her pen. Wow. So but I also was completely unaware of angels. So then there are times when I have been the angel and that is Cool. Yeah, I think we’re all capable of being angels in the right circumstances. One time was can you stand these stories? Are you still with me?

Brian Smith 59:11
I’m still with you. Yes, absolutely. Okay.

Kim Clark Sharp 59:13
I don’t even know what our time is or anything. I’m just we’re getting close. Okay. Well two more stories. Okay. I had gotten gas in town I used to be young Go figure.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
Yeah, we all

Kim Clark Sharp 59:29
better air. Yeah, and I’m pretty cute. I’ve been getting gas you know the gas station in Seattle. By harbor view. And I pulled out of gas station and this guy right up and said you have a flat tire you have flat tire like so pull into the dark alley. Of course it had to be an alley it had to be dark. Even though it was evening. It wasn’t nighttime quite yet. I pulled in and I got out of my car to look at. You know what tire is flat. And I see this guy approached And I thought, okay, I don’t have any flat tires, and we’re in a dark alley, and he’s going to assault me. There was no question, huh? No question. And for anyone who’s has four knowledge of an inevitable assault is a dreadful place to be. Yeah, that one. And all of a sudden, something came over me where I felt like I was the angel. And as he approached me with the worst intense I just felt like I became an angel. And I loved him and I began to speak to him. I said, God loves you so much. I just kept saying that God loves you. So I was filled with love, and I loved him. Hmm. And he got the full blast of that angelic feeling of Love, and he stopped in his tracks. And I had the sense that he had not felt loved in a long time if ever there was something so new and so good for him while he just stopped because other than I just opened my car door got in and drove off and left in there like this like I’m used to being wow that to God loves everybody have a funny story if we have time. Another time I felt like an angel. It was in Las Vegas. She with Elisabeth Kubler Ross back to that, you were I told you she brought me on stage a lot. So she was there for a big convention and, and I was her opening act so to speak, but my husband was off teaching her how to gamble. And I went into the restroom and there was a woman on the floor. a hot mess. I would say she was a woman at the night. If I met you, yeah. And miserable, and crying, all crumpled up on this bathroom floor, and I responded to her, and by the way, I was wearing all white. And I had this gold and white, shiny shawl.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
No one so that

Kim Clark Sharp 1:02:22
I can have a look like an angel. And I bent over her and asked if I could help. And she looked up and said, Are you an angel? And I said, Yes. Right? Isn’t that what I was? Yeah. And she needed to get the heck out of dodge. And she wanted to go home. She lives in Tennessee. She’s here. And I’m I can’t even leave this restaurant without being watched. She was in trouble. So I left with her daughter to the train station. I wasn’t going to give her money. Yeah, that would not have been Her pocket for her. Yeah. and saw that she was safely on the train. And wave goodbye. And she I’m sure it’s off telling everyone that she had an angel encounter. Yeah, he did. It was me.

Brian Smith 1:03:13
Well, an angel is a messenger from God. So yeah,

Kim Clark Sharp 1:03:17
we’ll see again, good words, Brian, you’re just

Brian Smith 1:03:20
doing it for me today. We could all be angels in a certain respect.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
So what asked you,

Kim Clark Sharp 1:03:26
I gotta say one more thing. I have loved patients who also thought it was an angel because my hair was built their authority. This is how my hair goes. Order. It’s, you know, fair fossa, heavies angel wing, here it is. And in my hospital, whites and my blonde angel hair, leaning over a patient with the lights behind me. Many times I was asked if I was an angel investor, except for that one time in the bathroom and then the other time with the guy. I would just ignore your social

Brian Smith 1:04:00
Yeah, I want to ask you a couple more questions. One is, how do you how do you use your angel experiences to help people that are in grief?

Kim Clark Sharp 1:04:09
Oh, well, I think I’ve already done it here, even just telling stories and assuring people that we are not alone. We may not be able to perceive anything but there is not a human being on this planet that is unattended and that whatever the course of life is, what we have contracted with, you know, whatever your philosophy is about why we were born and just brought up another children’s angels story in my head. I have so many stories, Brian, anyway, that we are guided, we are protected. Sometimes though. This is what I am sharing you what I tell people. Yeah, but sometimes there are some angels. Their job is to stick their Angel foot out in tribus so that we can learn together Up, hopefully. I so ages have functions. I don’t believe in praying to an angel. If people say can I talk to my angels? My advice is no. Talk to God. And God will provide what you need in your life, your awarenesses and your sensitivities and your comfort. And I don’t know why I say that I just kind of

Brian Smith 1:05:29
Well, I think that’s an interesting point you bring up some people do deify angels and I hear especially especially we’ll talk with the arch angels know Michael Gabriel and stuff like that. And I think that people do tend to maybe prayed to these to these beings so that’s an interesting point.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:05:44
Yeah, I I like to leave it up to what I call God. Yeah, that’s there’s other disabilities too. There are deceased loved ones. That’s a whole other show, bro. Yeah.

Brian Smith 1:05:56
Yeah, I would love to do another web to do another episode cuz I want to talk about that.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:06:01
Yeah, so there’s there’s all kinds of ways to provide comfort. And because of that groundedness that I reintroduce myself with i can i can come across as authentic

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
if I choose to do and

Brian Smith 1:06:16
yeah, you know, big round is overrated because the idea of being grounded me, you know, it’s like there’s there’s grounded and then there’s woowoo. And that’s just not the case. It’s just these realms are talking about an extension of the realm that we all live in that most of us can’t perceive most of the time, but it’s very, very real.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:06:38
It’s a vision to you know, like it’s, you know, some people can see things

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47

Kim Clark Sharp 1:06:48
that other people can’t all the time, and artists can see the art before it’s completed. Since I’m a meteorologist can read The weather. Yeah. I mean, we’re, we’re perceiving things all the time at such a rapid rate. So why not in disabilities?

Brian Smith 1:07:09
Yeah, well, and they’re invisible to our normal vision. So, you know, we can only see a very small percentage of the of the light spectrum anyway, I mean, a very small percentage. So it’s quite possible that they’re just operating it in a frequency that we can’t perceive with our normal eyes.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:07:25
Oh my gosh, you’re good. Yes, absolutely. I’m absolutely also, um, I think that we entertain angels as well. I think it’s possible to crack an angel up. I can’t tell you why I think so. But I think there is loving humor involved to like, I don’t know I I just know they’re all around us. They seem to have different jobs. In my perception. They’re big, but I have a stepdaughter who in middle school was with her birth mom, rest in peace. But she was, had a big fight with her mom and run upstairs to her bedroom. And she said that she looked at her bedroom window on the second floor and there is this huge Angel looking in the window, standing on the ground, and she freaked out. But then the room was filled with like little angel babies that she she said, my little cherubs Hmm. And the room got filled and she was so at peace. All the anger and frustration that she had had this big fight with her mom. Mm hmm. And she Junior High h female

Brian Smith 1:08:39

Kim Clark Sharp 1:08:40
have a lot of drama, feelings and all that. It just completely went away. She was calm, and felt loved. She grew up to go to the Marine Corps. She said three deployments to Iraq went to Afghanistan. She knows she’s surrounded by angels. Hmm. So here Now someone who grew up to be a tough marine and yet knew because of that experience in junior high that there were angels around her and although she had some perceived Of course she’s never forgotten it. Yeah, it’s helped her on a battlefield. Three times. Volusia was one of them. Wow. You know, you know, that’s huge marine battle in Iraq. So it’s just comforting. So that’s that’s to answer your question in a very roundabout way. I just tell people stories. And, and they believe they don’t, they don’t Yeah, matters not, but it does bring comfort.

Brian Smith 1:09:42
Yeah, I think so. You know, it does bring up and it’s a tough question that I know you don’t have the answer to because I and I work with a lot of people whose children have transitioned. And they’ll be like, Well, why did this person get an angel to step in and stop the saxophone from happening but my loved one did. And that’s that’s a question that I think people often ask when we say we’re protected. But I guess for me to answer my own question, I think that we all have to leave this world at some point. So at some point, you know, they’re Angel by Baylor to take us home.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:10:18
Yeah. At the recent virtual conference for the International Association for near death studies was the keynote speaker by the name of Anita moorjani. And she talks about exit points. That’s one thing she returned her death experience. We go through life, we can exit here exit there, and we’re making unconscious decisions sometimes. Yeah. About we’re going to exit or we’re going to keep on the highway. But I’m reminded of another angel story. I could just build a little campfire clip. Here you go, and I wouldn’t mind. But speaking of car accidents, this is an adult in a terrible car accident in this Bellevue Washington which is east of our city, and this made the papers because it was a seven car pileup and all but two people died. So, mass casualties big response big headlines in the paper. Well, this guy finds his way to the Seattle International Association for near death studies dandelions, which I lead, and said that we already shared a story we all remember the incident. But he said that while he was he was injured. But while he was in his crunched up car, he could look out and he saw tubes of light going to infinity coming out of every single vehicle, but his car and another car that had a woman in it and within those columns of what are angels taking People out up to this tube of light to someplace. And it turns out they were the only survivors. Yeah. At the accident.

Brian Smith 1:12:11
They both. That’s extremely comforting. And I think that’s something that everybody can take with that we’re never alone as you said, and for people whose loved ones may have transitioned that we wonder, okay, did they die alone? What? No. Are they okay? Were they were they comfortable? Were they comforted? Were they scared? I think that answers all those questions.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:12:33
Yeah, I would say on a spiritual level, not at all. Yeah, they were comforted. So we’re the bereaved, but in our bereavement like me bent over crying when a woman Hawai was having a vision of, you know, these maternal kind of anxious floating around and envelop me with light. We may not be aware of it in our grief, right? But they’re there for us. They love that. Yeah.

Brian Smith 1:13:02
That that I think it’s a great way to end. I really enjoy talking to you. We could do this all day. So I really appreciate you doing this. It’s very, it’s comforting for people to know. So any anything you want to say before we close

Kim Clark Sharp 1:13:19
out, um god bless you and keep you and may angels watch over you. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks a lot, Kim.

Brian Smith 1:13:30
You enjoy the rest of your day.

Kim Clark Sharp 1:13:32
Thank you, YouTube Ryan. Bye

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