Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Lisa Jones- Growth from a Shared Death Experience- Ep. 83

Lisa Jones had a Shared Death Experience when her husband passed due to cancer. Lisa’s intuitive and mediumship abilities were opened up by the experience. She eventually moved to Hawaii, became a medium, started a podcast, and is now leading a group called The Real Onez.

Author, speaker, and host of the Exploring Death podcast, she has had the privilege to work with groups and individuals, business leaders, entertainers, and fellow spiritual seekers. Lisa brings refreshing clarity and honesty to a challenging subject. She seeks to use her gifts to give encouragement, comfort, and inspiration to a culture that has hidden death and dying from view. You’ll be uplifted by her energy and touched by her warmth.





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Hi there. Welcome to grief to growth podcast. Your host is Brian Smith, spiritual seeker, best selling author, grief survivor and life coach. Ryan believes that the worst tragedies of life provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Ryan says he was planted, not buried, and he is here to help you grow where you’ve been planted by the difficulties in life. In each episode, Brian and his guests will share what has helped them to survive and thrive. It is his sincere hope this episode helps you today.

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Everybody This is Brian Smith back with another episode of grief to growth and today with I’ve got with me, my guest is Lisa Jones and I have listened to Lisa on her podcast experiencing death and just met Lisa last week and we’re connected here so we’re going to do an interview so I’m gonna go ahead and introduce Lisa and then we’ll just have a conversation. After her Lisa had a transformative shared death experience. she expresses her passion for life by exploring

Death. She’s an author, a speaker, and she’s the host of the exploring death podcast, which just kind of moved on from that now to the real ones, and we’ll talk about the real ones. Lacey has had the privilege to work with groups and individuals, business leaders, entertainers and federal spiritual seekers. She brings refreshing clarity and honesty to a challenging subject. So 60 years are gifts to give encouragement, comfort and inspiration to a culture that has hidden death and dying from view. And I’m really excited to welcome Lisa to grifter growth. So thanks for being here,

Lisa Jones 1:29
Lisa. Thanks, Brian, for having me. I’m really excited to have a conversation with you today. Yeah, me too. I gotta tell you I listen to exploring death for quite a while and never heard the story behind millionaire medium. I’ve always wondered where did that come from? So let’s start with that. What is millionaire medium? Okay, well, interestingly, it’s part of my story. And so I don’t know if you want me to just tell my shared death experience as well or? Yeah, yeah, well, first, tell us what a shared death experience is. Cuz I think a lot of people we’ve all had near death experiences, but I don’t know what to share.

Brian Smith 2:00
death experience, right? So

Lisa Jones 2:01
a shared death experience, which I didn’t even know until I didn’t know when I found out the term of this because I didn’t even know what this was that happened. But basically, it’s when you accompany someone who’s passing away to the other side and either have an out of body experience or some sort of transformational spiritual experience with that, and so, my husband had been sick for seven years with cancer. And on the night that he died, I actually left my body I was in another room asleep. He was in our master bedroom, and all I know is that I left my body and I entered into what, for lack of a better word, as I call heaven. And it was just the most amazing experience of reality. It was more real than anything that I’ve experienced on this earth and it was just absolute beauty and love unconditional love. There were souls and beings just all around, they were all scurrying about gathering together in this kind of a, I guess it would be called a courtyard for lack of a better word. And, and there was an announcement, the grand mystery and sharp is about to arrive. And then there were trumpets and banners and there was just this excitement and Ian sharp was my husband. And he, like I said, was laying in the master bedroom with his brother and best friend. It was the first time I’d had anybody with me to to, I had been taking care of them by myself. And they did come at those that final day. And so anyway, I was with two angels, and they were just showing me you know, where he was going to be welcomed and all sudden this giant door started to open and everybody turned and looked at that exact moment. And he started to walk in all I saw was like, maybe a foot coming through and everybody just started cheering and oh my god, he’s here. He’s here. And right at that moment, I didn’t see his face or anything, but it was Like a trap door just open and I fell back into my body. It was almost like I mean it was like a physical like that falling experience in a dream and then you know, I woke up with my brother in law, knock knock knock on my door. And that’s, that’s what opened the trap door. And I just was like, Oh my god, oh my god, like I saw where he was going. And it was really shocking to me because I was raised very religiously and he hadn’t been baptized. So I thought he was going to hell, I had no idea that you know, you could go to heaven and not be baptized. So yeah, it completely shifted my entire thinking about religion and and all of that. So the millionaire medium name came from. I went in to see him and you know, of course I could tell that it was just his shell and he was no longer there. And so that morning, the kids were had slept, not in our home at night they were with grandma. So I was getting Ready to go and tell them and as I was getting ready, I just was like, Oh my god, what am I going to say? And there was Ian’s voice right in my left ear clears a bell. And he’s like, Oh my god, Lisa, I love you. But it is so beautiful here. And I was like, Oh, no, he said, it was so awesome here. That was the word awesome. And I was like, oh my god. So that was the beginning of my mediumship is he opened that door for me. And from then on, you know, I was able to talk to angels, and I mean, just all of this, this spiritual door open for me. I was I was a certified public accountant. So I was like, what is happening and very religious, not spiritual. Like I didn’t understand about angels or anything like that. So and then the other thing I found out the following day as well is that I knew he had had some life insurance, but because he was an executive for the company he worked for they had life insurance policy on a million anything was a multi million dollar life insurance policy. So I didn’t realize I didn’t know that. So all of a sudden there I am a millionaire and a medium The day after my husband died, and and my guides told me to use that name. When I started doing my work.

Brian Smith 6:12
Well, that’s wild. So I’ve heard of, there’s a project called the sharecropping project, we heard about that. Mm hmm. where people can kind of prepare to hopefully try to have an experience like this. But you had done nothing to prepare for. This is just gonna happen. Spontaneous, spontaneous. A

Lisa Jones 6:29
total, yeah, total spontaneous. And actually, I’ve been interviewed by the shared crossings project, and they’ve got three or four of my stories in there. In fact, most recently, ROM das, who lived here on Maui and I was friends with here, passed away. And he did a spiritual drive by the day that he passed, which completely caught me off guard. And, yeah, I had taken a nap. It was weird. It was a Sunday and I don’t normally nap but all of a sudden, I was like, wow, I just need to lay down for a little bit. And then as soon as I woke up, I do just felt his energy come by It was almost like, you know, like a drive by a car or something energy right into me and I was like, Whoa, ROM das, what is happening and I had no idea but that’s the exact time that he had passed away. So it was it’s amazing. I keep having these experiences. I had one with my mom and my dad as well when they pass so

Brian Smith 7:24
Oh, Rowan. Okay. You’re just you’re just open to?

Lisa Jones 7:29
I know, I think yeah, I think it’s a good question because I know, yeah, people can kind of prepare themselves. The one thing I did read the book, final gifts, which is a hospice written is written by hospice nurses. And that really, it was the first time that I had the understanding that when people are passing that there’s kind of a thinning of the veil and that, you know, they might actually be seeing spirit from the other side. So I think at least I was attuned to that idea. But again, it just spontaneously happened.

Brian Smith 8:03
So how did this How did you square this with your religious background? When when you see heaven and your husband who you presumed wasn’t going to heaven? How did that affect you?

Lisa Jones 8:13
Yeah, well, I ended up walking away from my religion. I was raised Lutheran and and then I had, I had, I don’t know if it’s converted, but I became an Episcopalian which again, they aren’t hardcore, you know, they’re not like, super. Right. But, um, but yeah, it was, it was interesting. I just really, I just made everything that I felt like I was taught, just not the truth anymore, because I had this direct experience. And so yeah, I had to walk away, which was hard because that was my community. And so I’ve had to really find my own way and actually moving to Maui three years ago. I feel like I’ve found my spiritual homes. People here are much more open and embracing of the idea of You know, Spirit on the other side and everything. So, um, yeah, it’s a whole different experience here.

Brian Smith 9:05
So where were you living at the time when you’re when your husband pass?

Lisa Jones 9:08
We were in Connecticut? Okay. Yeah, you

Brian Smith 9:11
know, that’s, that’s uh, when people transition, it shakes up our lives just normally if we didn’t have an experience like that, and a lot of times we it creates conflict in our current community, especially if there’s a deep, deeply religious community. So were you able to share this experience right after now because a lot of people they hold on to these things inside for a very long time.

Lisa Jones 9:33
Right Well, it’s interesting because I did talk about it and but again, it What I didn’t realize the impact or that it was even something I hadn’t ever read anything about near death experiences. Really? No, I mean, it was probably five years after his death that i i think if somebody recommended the book, I don’t know if it was proof of heaven by Eben Alexander or there was also a one That a little boy had written. I forget the title of that one. But I think it was actually that book that I was reading it and I almost fell off my chair because so much of what he talked about was what I experienced. Yeah. And I’m like, Whoa, like this is, again, in my book when I wrote, it’s like, maybe a paragraph and a half because I didn’t realize the gravity of it really. It just was like, yeah, this thing happened. And it totally changed everything for me. But um, you know, I didn’t know that people were interested in it. Yeah,

Brian Smith 10:33
yeah. So you. So at this point, you became a medium?

Lisa Jones 10:37
Yeah. So what happened was, yeah, so I had stepped up, I’d written my book. And then I went back to, to the accounting world. I was actually working for a hedge fund. And you know what it was Brian, it was when I turned 44. My husband died when I was 37. He was 44. And as I was approaching my 44th birthday, I suddenly had an aha moment. have like, Oh my god, I’m going to live longer than my husband. And the one thing that he told me about a week before he died was that he regretted his career choice. He said, Wow, I really wish I had helped more people. While I was while I was on this planet. He said, All I did was move numbers around on pieces of paper. He was a tax attorney. And, and so that just hit me like a ton of bricks as I was approaching my 44th. And I’m like, I don’t want to sit here and move numbers around on pieces of paper. And meanwhile, I was I mean, my friends knew that I talked to angels and things and so they would email me and I would send them you know, messages. And so as soon as I quit, my guides are saying, you got to quit the hedge fund, you gotta quit the hedge fund. And I was very resistant because I was getting paid such great money and you know, it just was hard to step away. But as soon as I did, like, all these doors open, I was asked if I wanted to have my own stage show. I was asked to do a radio show just outside New York. I was the Monday morning medium. Oh, and yeah, And then I even went into talks to have a television show. But that’s that’s when my mom passed away and that just took me out. I was really grief stricken when when she went.

Brian Smith 12:10
Yeah. Now, are you able to connect with your mother?

Lisa Jones 12:13
Yes, yeah. Okay. I talked to her all time. But you know, there’s something you know. And I think that was part of it. There was almost some shame on my part. Like, here I am. I’m able to connect to people to the other side. And yet I was so devastated when my mom passed that I felt like how can I help other people when I can’t even help myself? And it was me, maybe you can speak to this about the grief, you know, because it was so different. Like when my husband died. It was just a different experience than when my mom died. And I think it was she was, she’s had my back. I was adopted as a baby. So I felt like she was my savior almost, you know, and when she left I just, she was my rock when my husband was sick, you know? So again, it just was really, it just devastated me.

Brian Smith 12:58
Yeah, whatever group experience is different. And it goes because every relationship is unique. So we can’t really say, you know, whether it’s a spouse or a parent or a child, it just depends on that relationship that you have. Yeah. And I think it’s really interesting that when people can connect with the other side that you still have to go through the grief process. So they Some people say, Well, I wish I was immediate, that I could just sit and talk to them every day. And then I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be having all the grief that I have. But you don’t know what none of us gets to get out of here without going through that.

Lisa Jones 13:29
That’s exactly and I think that was that was what I was putting on myself. I’m like, but I can talk to her. So why am I so grief stricken? Why can’t I move forward? You know, and that’s exactly it. I don’t think I gave myself the grace of like, wow, you know, this was really, really hard and, and just be able to, you know, grieve the, you know, go through the process of really experiencing that. So, you know, and I’ve worked on it. I mean, I couldn’t even talk about it before. I mean, it was just like, Ah, yeah, it’s been six years now. And, and like I said, I’m in communication with her all the time. She’s always saying hello and connecting and showing me she’s around.

Brian Smith 14:08
But it’s great. I’ve done a medium. So I don’t have that that thing. But I tell people I talked to my daughter who passed away in 2015. I talked to her all the time. I mean, every day, literally, I talked to her more than I talked to my daughter that’s still no physically here, but it’s not the same as having her here, right? Physically because we’re still physical beings. And we still like that face to face, we still want to hike and we still want to be able to eat pizza with them and all those types of things that we did together. So there’s still something missing even though we might still have that spiritual connection.

Lisa Jones 14:39
I think that’s exactly right. And and I think that was even though we were in physically different places, we talked on the phone, you know, at least daily and just to be able to have that, that even though it wasn’t really physical, but it what you know, it’s that vocal physical, yeah, somebody’s voice and understanding and really getting their perspective and all of that, you know, So,

Brian Smith 15:00
yeah, so um, so you moved on from the millionaire medium and you did this show exploring death, which is where I got to know you. You didn’t know me, but I was one of your listeners. So tell us about exploring death and what that was about.

Lisa Jones 15:13
Yeah, it was so interesting because when I moved to Maui, I knew I wanted to do a podcast and and I thought with a millionaire medium, I really wanted to bridge the gap between corporate and and consciousness or spirituality, because in my work, I mean, I used to have CEOs walk up to me because they’d heard my story. And they’d be like, gosh, my dad died. And he comes to me in a dream and I don’t know what to do, or, you know, I saw a vision of him and and so I feel like there’s all of this spiritual stuff happening in the corporate world that nobody really wants to acknowledge or talk about, but I guess because I was a CPA and people knew me as that corporate person. They felt comfortable, you know, talking to me, so I really thought, wow, there’s something here but it really didn’t go anywhere. So when I came to Maui, I was asked to actually speak to the I AMS group, International Association of near death studies. And, and I did, I’d never heard of it. I didn’t know what it was. But then I got a great reception. And then I was asked if I wouldn’t be the CO leader. And that is what opened the door to exploring death, because then I was helping bring in speakers that had been near death experiences. And I started running the support group for near death experiences. And every time I would speak to someone or hear someone’s story, it would bring in another puzzle piece to my experience. Like I said, I thought my shared death experience was just like this kind of random, you know, little asterik or something in my life, but it suddenly started blossoming and blooming. And then I went to the first conference, the ions conference two years ago, where I met again, my tribe of people that have experienced this and it just really opened the door. So then I was like, I want to I couldn’t get enough. So that I started my exploring death podcast and got to interview all the top people you know, Suzanne giesemann and an Alexander and just all these amazing people and get to share their stories.

Brian Smith 17:12
Yeah, I really enjoyed the show. And then you from that that evolved into the real ones, which is your current project.

Lisa Jones 17:18
Right, right. Yeah, the exploring data was about two and a half years and then I just decided in March actually, just before the COVID thing took off that I decided to stop doing that podcast and my best friend golden Duffy and I started the real ones which is basically us just being authentically real about you know, energy and helping people manifest and and how to tap into the divine wisdom and, and channel things like that. So yeah, we’re just having so much fun and that’s our that’s our goal is just to follow our joy and help people along the way cuz she and I used to call each other all the time when we were having issues and we would, you know, channel stuff or talk each other through it. We’re like, We should share this with the world you know, and it’s been really fun. We’ve just had so much fun.

Brian Smith 18:05
So you you when you channel things, what are you? What are you traveling what type of things you channel?

Lisa Jones 18:09
Well, one of the things that we’re doing right now is that if people feel stuck in their life, we do a clearing. So we do a zoom call, it’s the two of us in them, and we actually we record it and, and they just tell us we make them anonymous. So because we’re going to we share it with people and they just tell us where they’re stuck in their life and so we just feel the energy of what’s going on and then we bring in the divine we bring in the angels and their you know, their guides and just we just channel whatever clearing they need a lot of times there’s you know, chakra clearings and things like that that happen and then just just bring in this divine dispensation, and we’ve heard I mean, people are just having an amazing shifts in their life. And it’s, it’s been fun.

Brian Smith 18:54
So the real ones, you have a podcast and the Facebook group, I believe, right? Yeah,

Lisa Jones 18:57
we have a Facebook group and then We also have a YouTube channel where we do we give a little extra as before and after because we do the Facebook Lives and then yeah, podcast.

Brian Smith 19:10
Yeah. And I was listening to you golden this morning. And I heard you guys talking about manifesting. Yes. So tell me what manifesting is about how does that work? And can we all do that?

Lisa Jones 19:21
Yeah, for sure. Well, that’s that’s the one of the things we love to talk about the most we call ourselves the master manifester. And we encourage people to you know, learn to manifest their life because really, we believe that you know, you’re creating your life by every choice you make by every thought you think it’s a vibration and so when you’re depending on what you’re thinking about, like if it’s, you know, if you are sad or you know, feeling discouraged or upset, that’s a vibrational level, and then you start the universe hears that vibration and then gives more of it to you. And that’s why it’s so important to of course, Feel the feelings we’re not we definitely feel like, like, for example, law of attraction sometimes is, you know, you got to always be up, up up Well, to me, because we are physical human beings, we have to feel our feelings and if we don’t feel them, they that energy gets lodged in our physical body. And that’s why golden and I do these clearings, because you got to clear out that energy in order to allow new energy to come in. And so, yeah, so manifestation, it’s really it’s just about being aware and, you know, again, being at the vibration of where of what it is you’re trying to attract in your life, because a lot of times, like if people want more money, if you’re in that vibration of wanting, wanting wanting, the universe is like, Oh, they want more money, we’ll just keep them in that vibration of wanting rather than actually receiving it. So the way to shift that is to not be in the wanting, but to imagine that you already have it and it’s kind of acting as if And to, you know, allow them that energy, the universe hears, oh, you know, they have that money. Okay, we’re going to bring them bring them more. And it’s It sounds very it’s, it sounds very simple. Obviously, there’s a lot more to it a lot.

Brian Smith 21:14
How does how does the higher self play into that? Right? Because, as humans, we always want an easy path. You know, we want health, we want wealth we want we want we all want to be you know, millionaires, right. But is there maybe the higher self does? Does that have a role in that, like our higher self might want us to be where we are?

Lisa Jones 21:34
Yeah, I love that. It’s a great question. I do believe that we are that we’ve come here to experience growth in our spiritual, you know, spirit experience. And so like, for example, my husband’s death, I truly believe that he and I signed up for this I always imagined that we’re up in heaven. Before we come down here. We have a checklist like what do you want to experience in this lifetime, you know, you go through and you check, like, Oh, you I want to experience losing a husband at a young age, you know, and all this stuff. And he, he’s like, okay, I’ll do that for you, you know, let’s do this together. So, I do believe that, that our higher self, and that our experience here is to, to go through those ups and downs. Again, you don’t even know if you’re up if you’ve never experienced a down. Right. And, and as hard as it is to lose a loved one. You know, I also believe as it were, you and I are both in this. The soul phone project? Yes, they will talk about in a minute, but I do believe that, you know, we don’t ever die. We’re just in another realm. And so that’s the exciting part is that we’re really here to embrace this physical 3d experience and to make the most of it. Yeah. And of course it’s going to there’s going to be highs and lows, but it’s just how you how you navigate it.

Brian Smith 22:57
Yeah, I’m part of a group called helping parents heal. I work with parents who have had children in the past. So, you know, one of the things that people always say when we talk about soul planning and stuff like that, they’ll say, Well, I would have never planned this. And I’ve just talked with the mother the other day said, I would have never planned this. And I was saying, I think, maybe from the perspective of your higher self, you would, because we do want these challenges. So I this is just a personal thing for me that the, you know, it’s like, Okay, how much we like I said, We’d all choose great stuff for ourselves. But I think sometimes our higher self is kinda like a parent saying, Yeah, that’s not the best thing for you right now, the best thing for you is, you need to go through this experience.

Lisa Jones 23:37
I totally agree with you. And when you said that my whole body turned chills, which to me is the universe saying truth, you know, that, of course, none of us would want to choose these really painful experiences. I mean, especially losing a child. I can’t imagine anything harder on this earth. than that and you know, and I and I’ve had experience I I don’t know if you saw my interview with my gosh, boys on I forget her. Elizabeth. Elizabeth. Oh my god, Elizabeth. Yeah, yeah. And I had spoken to the south carolina group when I lived there. And yeah, but it’s it’s so interesting when and that’s the other thing too, like when I talk about death, like it’s this higher perspective, right. And like, we know there is no end. And yet like when my son had a really one of his best friends from college was recently hit by a car. He was just walking on the sidewalk, and he was hit and killed. And I was I was speechless. I didn’t, I was having a hard time. You know, helping to support my son who’s lives in Philadelphia. I’m in Maui. And it just showed me once again that you know, the physical loss of one of our Dear loved ones it’s devastating you know, even though I talk about death all the time I get giddy about death. I mean, it’s it’s ridiculous, right?

Brian Smith 24:58
Yeah, I know.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
What I mean, I guess

Brian Smith 25:02
people think we’re weird, but I do

Lisa Jones 25:03
write I know and like I work in hospice and in fact, during my hospice training, I got really sick. I don’t ever get sick. I mean, I I went to sleep for a nap, I lay down for a nap again, another weird nap. And when I woke up, literally, my eyes were like, glued shut, and I was coughing. I was like, What is happening? Well, the next day, Spirit came to me and they said, We are giving you just a little taste of what it feels like to be laying in bed and not feeling good because you are way too excited about death. And you’re going to go help these hospice patients. You need to check yourself. Yeah, don’t don’t be bringing in your little happy sunshine. Like it’s all going to be good on the other side. No, you need to just hold space, and just let them be where they are at. And I was like, Wow, that was a huge, beautiful lesson from spirit to really take me down a notch because Yeah, sometimes us talking about death is like, for people that are experiencing it in the moment, it is not a happy, exciting.

Brian Smith 26:08
Yeah, we’re both human and spirit at the same time, and we’ve got it we’ve got to navigate both worlds. And so dealing with people with grief, I can’t go right to it’s all going to be good, right? We gotta go. We gotta do Sarah, we have to fill all the emotions. And you mentioned Suzanne giesemann earlier. I was at a conference with her and she was channeling denia and someone asked her about the tragedy of our children, you know, dying or passing early. I don’t like the word die transitioning earlier. And what you know what’s nice, I was basically everything’s a matter of perspective.

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Brian Smith 27:42
From the human perspective, that’s a tragedy. But if we can start to really understand that they didn’t die, that they transitioned, that they went home that they’re happy that their whole they’re still with us, then it’s a different perspective. So when something happens to us and we say this is bad, it’s bad. From our current limited perspective, but if we can expand our perspective, we can maybe see how it’s, you know, it’s actually for our own good. In the case of my daughter passing, I would not be doing this if it hadn’t been for Shannon’s passing. And she reminds me of that all the time. Like, you know, this is because of me, which is why she’s in my background whenever I do these interviews, because you never once met, forget, you know, that this is all about her. So I, it’s a terrible thing. It’s a tragedy from my human perspective, I would give anything to have her back. But I know it was part of our plan. And I know that I’ll see her again. So that’s the way that I that I view it.

Lisa Jones 28:35
That’s beautiful. I know, I when I was doing my stage shows, that was one of the first things I would start with is you know, my husband died and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And people are kind of like, like, what what did you not like him? Like, you know, it’s almost like this shocking statement and I do that purposefully because I want people to know that, you know, yeah, it was and I say I of course, if I could have kept him here I would have of course I didn’t want him to die. But the fact is that his death propelled me forward into this amazing experience that I would have never had on this earth if, if I hadn’t gone through what I did and and, and I’m grateful for it, it really it took away just all of that. I mean, I was literally living that life of you know, the white picket fence with the dog and the cat and the 2.5 kids and just everything was just so like Stepford wife or something, you know, like, like, get me out of here. And now I feel like I now I’m really understanding like, this is so exciting and to know that we don’t actually die that we get to live full out and this is our opportunity. And that’s one thing I do get when I channel passed away loved ones is they’re like, Oh my gosh, if I had only known that, you know, I was gonna live on forever, I would have taken so many more risks and challenges and you know, I would have followed my dream rather than just be stuck in like a nine to five job and being miserable. You know, like, life is too Short to be miserable.

Brian Smith 30:02
Yeah, I think that’s a great point. I know Sandra Champlain talks about that all the time about like, if we, if we really realize that we’re eternal beings, then we actually can live this life more fully, which may seem kind of counterintuitive to some people. But I think it’s really true that we would just put things into perspective and the and the day to day issues that we have here, you and I realized everything is temporary. So whatever we’re going through, it’s only going to be for a certain amount of time. So I feel like I can do anything for a certain amount of time.

Lisa Jones 30:30
Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. And even, you know, with the craziness that’s going on right now. It’s just like, Wow, well, this is just so interesting, you know, rather than for me, I just, I’m not getting caught up. I’m just trying to observe and take care of my, you know, taking care of me. What do I need to feel safe and comfortable right now and just not, you know, it’s not worth it for me to try to like figure it out or what is right or what’s wrong or like, it’s like, wow, I’m just gonna be happy now.

Brian Smith 31:00
Yeah, so you were talking about manifestations Listen, you’re golden is more your example is something that you manifested.

Lisa Jones 31:07
Oh my gosh, well just

all these things are coming to mind right now. Um, so here’s a good one right after I moved to Maui I had lost a pair of sunglasses and so I was going to order them on Amazon because I was ordering some other things and and then I I put my order in and I realized oh shoot, I forgot to order sunglasses. So I was like, Oh, well, I’ll do it later. I went on down to the beach and I was just writing in my journal or whatever and then all sudden, I look up and there’s a pair of sunglasses literally rolling up with the water right to my feet, and I’m looking around there’s nobody on the beach. So I get up and I actually Oh, so funny. They’re literally laying right here. I never had my sunglasses here. Oh my god. So these were the sunglasses, Ray Bans they were brand new, not a scratch on them. They’re now almost three years old, so But yeah, they literally rolled out and I was like wow, I was gonna order those on Amazon and these came even faster You know? And they were I looked them up they’re like a $200 pair sunglasses I was just gonna order like a $15 pair so I felt like the universe just wanted to you know show me like oh you’re worth it we’ll give you will give you something even better than you wanted so yeah, and and I’m seriously I didn’t plant that I didn’t even that’s why I’m laying here. You know,

Brian Smith 32:32
it’s interesting I you know, I Different people have different words for that. And I call them God Winx or Easter eggs actually, because Satan I love to play video games. And a lot of times there’s easter eggs hidden invisible, right? I call them I call them easter eggs. You know, these little things that kind of pop up that remind us that we’re not alone that you know, somebody is watching out for us. And yeah, it’s really cool. I think it’s a really great example of something I think, right here that I think of like I want to, I want a million dollars or I want to know I want a new car. Something like And I guess maybe we’re not grateful for the little things or manifesting the day to day basis

Lisa Jones 33:04
well and I think to just start practicing small you know i mean that’s the other thing is everybody’s like once that million dollars and you know or the car but and that can happen as well but it’s it’s really being appreciative of things like this little tiny God winks or or Easter eggs but even you know i mean i’ve got so many others I mean even meeting my my second husband David like I had 30 days after my husband died I took off my wedding ring and I just said you know, God universe, I’m ready to live. I want to meet somebody, I want somebody that will love my kids, you know, as much as I do, and just somebody with no baggage that was really I didn’t have a whole lot of standard. And then four months later, I met David I talked about it in my book and it was just it was so magical. He had been home helping his father pass. His father died just six weeks before My husband died. And his sister had lost her husband to a heart attack. And so our whole first date was about death and dying. And I’m like, Who else could I be talking to? You know about this and, and then he said he always wanted kids, but, you know, didn’t ever really want to do the baby thing. But he definitely wanted to have his son named Robert because he was a golf pro. And he wanted to Bobby Jones his last name. And I just, I was like, Oh my God, my son’s name is Robert. Yeah, so that was completely just took me off guard. So yeah, so we met for four months after my husband died, and you know, just had an amazing marriage and until I decided I really wanted to move to Hawaii and he didn’t want to come and but were wonderful friends. You know, my spirituality just kept going in a direction and he wanted to just, you know, stay and play golf and yeah, do that. So but again, like, I don’t look at it as a failure. I look at it as the perfect You know, person for the right time and yeah, you know, now we’re each on our own path doing what we love and that’s the most important thing.

Brian Smith 35:07
Well, all those experiences in our life everything teaches us something. So what I what I say is everything out of everything, something good comes, you know what, whether it’s whatever experience it is, I was I was divorced a very, very long time ago. And I remember when I met my wife that I’m married to now, she said, I really wish you hadn’t been divorced because she’s, you know, she’s like, you have your I would rather have someone who’s not divorced. And I was I said, If I weren’t divorced, I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Because you take we take these lessons with us. And so we can’t look at things in life as mistakes. They’re all something to be learned from and something that made us you know, into who we are today.

Lisa Jones 35:43
That’s right. I love that so much. Because I do feel like especially with marriages, you know, people are like, Oh, it was a failure. It’s like no, it wasn’t a failure. It was an experience and as you said, it makes us who we are today. And and just to be grateful again for for the experiences that we gained. Out of out of everything.

Brian Smith 36:01
Yeah. So Lisa, tell me about your book. It’s the art of living happy after the loss of a loved one.

Lisa Jones 36:06
Yes. So it’s really it’s a memoir, it starts out with my husband’s illness. Really, I guess the first chapter is him dying. And it was interesting, because right after he died, I was working with a book coach. And, and I had written kind of about my life up until he died. And then I had met David, and we were dating and having so much fun. And I just said, I don’t want to deal with the death right now. Like, I just so I put the book on the back burner. And then after about five years, it just was like, Okay, I think it’s time to do this. And so I called my book coach again and said, Okay, well, let’s pick this up. And she said, You know what, you’ve come so far since the death of your husband. I mean, that’s when I, you know, quit the hedge fund and started doing stage shows and radio shows. And she’s like, let’s talk about your spiritual growth. And I said, Okay, so that’s really what it’s about is, again, his death and then Really what happened and how I started channeling people and doing, you know, my biggest show I think had almost 500 people and just, it was wild and yet I was so I mean, I’m not trained as a spiritual medium. So it was like I didn’t know about like, holding space. And I mean, it was overwhelming. When I was on that stage. I had like 2000 spirits trying to come through this way. And I had about 500 people staring at me wanting me to connect with them that way, and I just I got I got blown out of the water. Like I was in bed for two weeks after that. Yeah, yeah. But, yeah, so that’s really the book and then I do I try, I try to explain, you know, like, how it unfolded and what people can do to connect with their loved ones. I have a process called the pals method, pa LS Hmm. And so this was really how I learned to channel which is number one is to prepare and this is like to do automatic handwriting. That’s how I started working on my gift, okay? So you take a pad of paper and a pencil or a pen and just, you know, find a place that’s quiet, you turn off all electronics and make sure you’re not going to be disturbed. And then at the top of the paper, the second one is asked, and it’s dear angels, what would you like me to know? Or if it’s a, you know, person you’re trying to connect to, you know, just right, like they’re in what would you like me to know? And then listen, that’s the hard one. It’s discerning. Are you actually getting information from spirit or is it just your brain? And so that’s where you just take a deep breath and just write the first things that come into, you know, into your mind. And, and generally, the way you can discern whether it’s you, whether it’s you or not, is if it’s a loving message, it’s from spirit. If it’s if it’s a fear or you No, something that I don’t know I did. And this is where it is, it gets difficult to try to discern what’s what’s what’s spirit and what’s, you know, what’s your own brain, but if it’s like, I don’t know what the other word is linear. But and sometimes the message is just as easy, you know, as simple as love or, you know, joy or something like that. And then it’s a matter of practicing and then and that asked is always to say thank you when you’re done. But this is the way I started working with the angels, you know, dear angels, what would you like me to know today? And so for probably two years, every day, I would do that. And it just would get more specific. And then they started using words that I’ve never used before. And I could start really feeling again that going back to the vibrational difference of, you know, feeling energy from a from a spiritual being versus me, you know, yeah. And, yeah, so anyway, so that’s, I taught that too. When I would do my stage shows is helping people because that’s, that’s really my biggest thing. I’m really feel like I’m here to help people connect to the other side and, and guide them. And you know, because when you tap in to the other side to me, it’s your biggest competitive advantage that you have on this earth is when you got your team of divine beings that are there to back you up no matter what you know, because they’re always there for you. But you got to ask for them.

Brian Smith 40:26
Yeah, and that’s, that’s a concept. It’s actually relatively new to me. Actually, I’ve been I’ve studied afterlife for over 20 years. I guess the whole idea of that I’m reading a series of books now called the team, which is a fantastic series of books. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the bow. I’m curious woman. Her mother passed away. And then her mother came to her and channel these books and they’re just amazing wisdom. And one of the concepts is it’s called the team. So one of the concepts is, we’re never alone. We’re all here. We’re all here on a mission. As a team, and she actually starts the first book with kind of like you think of a business person going to a conference, she goes, you sit down and you prepare with your team. And then you go off and you get the presentation, you come back and you review that with your team. And she’s like, that’s kind of what we’re here on Earth. We’re actually not here just for ourselves. We’re here for our entire team. And they’re there. They’re watching over us, and they’re guiding us and cheering for us. But they also share our experiences. And so it’s really cool is that as a part of this team, we don’t have to all go through the experiences, we can actually share them. And Natalie Southern talks about that. Like in her book, also the application of impossible things about how when she had her near death experience, it was all these these beings are like, Okay, tell us what you went through. And so I think for me, that’s like, really exciting. It’s like, we’re not really ever alone.

Lisa Jones 41:49
I love that I love the team. I’m gonna have to check it out. Because that’s what it feels like to me, you know, and sometimes I do I feel alone. I feel you know, like, Oh my gosh, I’m all by myself but I’m quickly reminded that I’m not alone and that I like this concept. I mean, to me that’s been expanded from just even my own understanding about, you know, who’s there. And it is funny because I’ve had some readings by people. And as soon as they see me, they’re like, wow, you’re like that. What was that commercial Verizon where the guy walked up and there was just like, all these people. Yeah, behind him. And that’s what people have said to me is like, you are just so you know, surrounded by my, you know, beings and things. I’m like, oh, cool, because I don’t always see them or feel them. But you know, I guess I know they’re there. But I don’t always call on them.

Brian Smith 42:38
Yeah, I think it’s a good concept for all of us to try to try to get to and that’s, that’s something that I’m personally working on. So, but I hear you say that you said you want to help people understand that. I think that would help us tremendously. And when I’m dealing with people that are going through grief, you know, I was talking to somebody yesterday that, you know, you’re never alone. And they’re just their eyes just lit up and I’m saying you know, I’m really not alone. You know, ever And our loved ones that have gone ahead of us are still just still here with us are still cheering us on. So I think it’s a really cool, cool thing to understand.

Lisa Jones 43:07
I think so too. And I also think sometimes, you know, when we are so deep in our grief, I know from my own personal experience, those were the times I felt more more alone than, you know, other times and I think it really almost cuts us off from that connection. I know they’re still there, but it it makes for me, it made me feel like I wasn’t it’s not even a matter of worthiness as much as just like, I don’t know, I guess it’s just that human experience. Right? They’re still there, but you can’t you can’t sense them. Yeah. So, you know, you’re it’s like you put a energetic blanket around yourself. Like I’m alone, you know, and then you kind of create the experience.

Brian Smith 43:50
Yeah. And it but it’s, you know, I was talking to mark the other day mark, pet stick. So you know, Mark is mutual friend of ours, and we’ll talk about the cell phone in a second, but he was Have a meeting a zoom meeting and he comes into the meeting. And there were a bunch of people in the waiting room, but he didn’t realize because he was presenting, and he was the host. So it’s like, well, wow, nobody showed up. And then when the host Open Meeting, all these people are there, he calls me up, he tells me the story is like, he’s like, I’m so excited. This is such a great analogy. All these people were there. They were all waiting for me, but I just couldn’t sense them. As amaze,

Lisa Jones 44:23
I love that story. Because I’m so familiar resume and I can just imagine that like, here, you are, like, wait, I’m the only one here and then boom, you know, they’re, they’re just not connected.

Brian Smith 44:33
So they’re all there. They’re always they’re always there, you know, behind the scenes, you know, cheering us on and dropping these little easter eggs in front of us and sending you the glasses and stuff like that. And I think it’s really, you know, it’s pretty amazing. Yeah. So let’s talk about the cellphone projects. I know you just joined recently. So what’s our what is the cell phone and what’s your what’s your role there?

Lisa Jones 44:53
Yeah, well, it’s super exciting. So I interviewed Mark Pitts Deke for the AI ads Maui group here recently. Lately and actually interviewed him on my exploring death podcast too. But in his latest presentation he was sharing about how they are creating a device which is able to connect to spirit on the other side and you get yes no answers, and they’ve scientifically proven that they are accurate and it’s really almost again, I won’t say proof per se, but it’s it’s like, just statistically, it’s proving that there is life after death. And it’s just such an exciting concept and I know for like you and for me, people that already believe in that concept. It’s kind of like okay, yeah, I know. So what is this but it’s really for the rest of the world that is maybe skeptical or whatever, that this is really going to open up. I think the their eyes to knowing that there is life after death. So I mean, what do you fill us in because again, I’m new to I’m new to the program. Ram. So go ahead, and then I’ll tell you how I’m involved.

Brian Smith 46:03
Well, what you just described, I think very well. The only thing is that right now, it’s not a phone. So one of the questions I get from people all the time is like, when can I buy it? What does it look like? How much is it gonna cost? And right now, it’s not a phone. It’s more of a binary switch, as you said, so we can, it’ll be commercialized, hopefully eventually, but right right now, it’s really kind of a proof of concept thing. And, you know, it’s interesting because you and I talk about the word proof. And Gary on the project is a strict scientist. And I could never use the word proof because proofs are only mathematical. And Gary will say, you can’t even prove gravity exists. He goes to that extreme, but there’s it’s definitely some pretty severe or serious evidence. But what I find also interesting is people when I talk to you about the afterlife, they’ll say, well, there’s no evidence for that. And I’m like, if you have your eyes closed, and you and I know, there is absolutely so much evidence that the afterlife exists. So once This once the papers get published and all that stuff, they’ll always be skeptics that will find a way to dismiss it. But I think it’ll be a big step forward for people who choose to open their eyes and believe.

Lisa Jones 47:10
Yeah, I absolutely agree. I mean, again, it’s so exciting. And it’s almost daunting to imagine what is going to shift in the world when this happens to me, it’s, it’s almost like, you know, when the world was flat, and suddenly, you know, it’s like, oh, no, it’s actually round. It’s like, wow, you know, like, this is a whole new concept for so many people. But, um, so yeah, so I had interviewed mark, and he had talked about how he, you know, been going through his life and then suddenly, he was told about the soul phone concept. And it was like, he just knew that he had to be a part of it. It was like, you know, what he had been, like, driving his whole entire life toward you. When he said that on the interview, I just like, Oh, my gosh, I’m supposed to be a part of this somehow. I don’t know. But I reached out to mark after and, and I said, You know, I don’t know if there’s anything I can do, but I’d love to help maybe promoted You know, fundraise for something and he said, That’s exactly what I was thinking if you’d be interested in that. So we just started. In fact, yesterday, we videoed our first video of me interviewing him, just like 20 minute videos just to really help people understand more in bite sized chunks about what it is and to kind of open it up to more people to, to understand about it.

Brian Smith 48:23
Yeah, that’s great. Because it is it is a big kind of daunting concept. And we have the cell phone website, which I for a while, but it’s so heavy and so intense, so heavy, that heavy, heavy bite sized chunks, I think will help people really understand, you know, what it’s about and I’m excited I think, I think in a year or so we’ll have we’ll have what we would normal people will call proof Gary won’t let us use that word, but what normal people call proof That’s right. Yeah.

Lisa Jones 48:51
So it’s super exciting to be able to be kind of you know, helping the forefront you know, come in and and hear about all this.

Brian Smith 48:59
Yeah. So tell me you’re speaking at AI ns, which we’ve mentioned ions before the International Association for near death studies, the conferences online this year. So good news is everybody can attend no matter where you are. The bad news is we can all get together. But it’s August 14 through 16th. And it’s going to be online. So what are you going to be speaking about?

Lisa Jones 49:18
Yes. So I am going to be speaking with Paula lens. And the title of our meeting is called healing from shared death experiences. And Paula had an experience with her brother dying and she you know, so she had a shared death experience, and then I’ll be talking about mine. So it’s kind of an interview style. I had interviewed her for my show as well. And and it’s and it’s really about, you know, how much we healed from the experience, you know, it was like, I mean, it opened my gifts of mediumship. And, and just even my whole physical body changed after having this out of body experience. I feel like my DNA was changed, which I don’t even know I’m sure that you know, I don’t know what happened. But all I know is I could no longer eat McDonald’s or drink like sodas anymore. Like I physically couldn’t metabolize things like that. It’s like, I had to go to a pure diet. I had to stop drinking alcohol. I had to do all these things because I, I was like a completely different human being after that experience.

Brian Smith 50:20
People have Indies. Yeah,

Lisa Jones 50:22
yeah. So and see, and I don’t know about much about that. But I think from talking to people that have had, like, like I said, Those little puzzle pieces, I’m like, Oh, my God, that makes so much sense why they’re, you know,

Brian Smith 50:33
to me, that happens they can be they become more sensitive to medications, more sensitive to electronics, you know, all kinds of things that your body just becomes more sensitive.

Lisa Jones 50:44
Yeah, yeah. And that’s exactly what’s what’s happened to me and to Paula as well. And and then also she’s able to communicate with spirit as well, which, which, you know, like I said, that was something that I hadn’t been doing before at least I I didn’t know if I was I wasn’t as aware of it. As as I certainly was afterwards,

Brian Smith 51:02
yeah, so you’re speaking on the 16th. Right

Lisa Jones 51:05
on Sunday? Yep. The 16th at 6pm. Eastern time, and it might actually it’s right before Suzanne giesemann. I think she’s the final. It’s either Suzanne or Anita moorjani. Whoever is the final speaker, we’re just right before that. Excited. Yeah, we’re the warm up or the warm up band.

Brian Smith 51:21
Yeah. So I want to tell people they could find the conference at virtual conference, dot i ns. org. So it’s i i n ds, virtual conference dot ions. org, and you can register, you get access to the whole thing. And you get 90 days of access to the deal on demand after the conference is over. So will everybody know about that? And I’ll be actually doing a panel there on Saturday. So Lisa, people can reach you through the real ones.

Lisa Jones 51:46
Yeah, they can go to the real ones calm and it’s th e r e a l o n e And they can also find us on Facebook under that same name, and they can email At golden and, which is d o l, d, y n and D LSA.

Brian Smith 52:06
That sounds great. It sounds great. Do you have any parting thoughts?

Lisa Jones 52:10
Well, I guess the only thing that comes to mind is just to have appreciation for everything in your life, the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, and just imagine that, you know, this is your opportunity to be here in a 3d life and to embrace it as fully as possible and to follow your dreams. That’s what we’re here to do. And to, you know, reach out for help when you feel like you’re stumbling because there’s always somebody there and even if it’s your angels, I mean, and I’ve got chills again, as I say that, you know, just just call out to your angels and ask for help or, you know, any there’s so much. There’s so much love for us here that we don’t realize and if if we could just wrap ourselves in that love and that, that knowing that we are not alone. I think it can make everybody’s life a little bit better.

Brian Smith 53:00
Yeah, so people are feeling like they want to reach out for help they can they can reach out to you at the real ones, right.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Brian Smith 53:06
Lisa, it’s been really great to get to meet you. I feel like I already know you because I’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time. I’m glad to finally get to connect with you and have this interview. And I’m sure we’ll we’ll see each other around.

Lisa Jones 53:17
Sounds good. Brian, thank you so much. It was so much fun to chat with you.

Brian Smith 53:20
Yeah, enjoy the rest of your day. Okay. Hello, ha. Well, I hope you enjoyed the episode, I want to make it really easy for you to reach me. So just send me a text 231996 and simply text the word growth gr o w th. In fact you can right now just say hey Siri, send the message. 231996. And when Siri asks you what you want to send, just say growth. You can do the same thing with Ok, Google. Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful day.

Announcer 53:51
Thanks for listening to grief to growth. Brian hopes that you find this episode helpful, and we’ll come back for future episodes. Brian best selling book grief to growth planted not buried is a great resource for anyone who is coping with grief or know someone who is. If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support it, there are three things you can do to help. The first is to share the podcast with someone that you think it will help. The second is to go to iTunes rate and review the episode. The third way you can support the podcast is by becoming a patron. Head over to www slash grief to growth. That’s pa t ar e o Slash grief, the number to growth and sign up to make a small monthly donation. patrons get access to exclusive bonus content and knowledge that you are helping to spread the message of grief to grow. For more about Brian and grief to growth visit www grief to

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