Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Marcus Lang- Ep. 35

Marcus is one fascinating guy. I met him on Facebook years ago. Since then, I have heard of his life with spirit. His daughter in spirit, who he never met in the flesh, communicates with him regularly. His spirit guide is his childhood friend, Les. He has seen spirit since he was a small child.

After his Near Death Experience, Marcus returned to Earth to be a physical medium. Physical mediums are rare enough. Marcus is even rarer in that he can work in light.

Marcus is working with a team in spirit to develop electronic communications. In this episode, we talk about his early successes and where he expects his efforts to take us.

Normally, I include contact information for my guests. Marcus isn’t seeking publicity. This is only his second interview, ever. I feel honored that he trusted me enough to do it.

It’s an amazing, uplifting episode!



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    1. Do you mean the link to his Facebook page.I’m not sure Marcus would want me to do that. He’s not seeking having people reach out to him.