Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Marion Dampier-Jeans- The Evolution of Physical Mediumship- Ep. 55

Marion Dampier-Jeans is a fascinating woman living in England. She hahas Norwegian roots and has studied the “old ways” going back to shamanism in several cultures that we in America don’t normally associate with shamanism.

Marion is one of the few people who sat with Leslie Flint on a regular basis. Leslie Flint was, during his time, the most accomplished and tested physical medium in the world. In case you don’t know what physical mediumship is, it’s where the departed can make themselves seen and heard objectively in the room for everyone in the room to see, hear or touch.

Physical mediumship has normally been done in the dark. Today’s physical mediums, like Marion, are bringing these phenomena into the light (literally).

There were some technical issues with our connection. The audio drops out here and there during our interview. Please bear with me. You will want to get all the way through this intriguing episode.

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