Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Mary Helen Hensley- Promised by Heaven

Dr. Hensley’s parents knew she was special before she was born. Celestial beings visited her father and told her she would be special. When you watch this interview, you’ll realize they were right. She is a powerful being. Her joy, wit, wisdom, and pure love of life comes at you when you’re engaged in a conversation with her.

Like many of my NDE interviews, we had technical issues. Her camera on her laptop wouldn’t work, even though she had done a Zoom the day before. Then, the signal in her building was too weak to do the interview with her phone. Finally, undeterred, she did the interview from her car parked on the side of the road. We were not going to be stopped!

Dr. Hensley is a chiropractor and metaphysical healer. She had a near-death experience at the age of 21, a wake-up call of sorts.

In this conversation, we discuss her experience, what she learned and how all of us can learn the lessons of an NDE without having an NDE.






Brian Smith 0:00
Close your eyes and imagine what if the things in life to cause us the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried. But what if, like a seed had been planted, and having been planted, who grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes. Open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is brief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. This computer Hey everybody, this is Brian. I’m back with another episode of grief to growth and day I’ve got with me Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. And first thing I need to say about Dr. Hensley and she’s very tenacious because like a lot of near death experiences that I’ve had on the show she’s, we’ve had all kinds of electronic problems this morning for me afternoon for her. But she’s doing this from her car because the internet in her office wasn’t working. So I appreciate you hanging in there with me. So we’re going to I’m going to read a short introduction and we’ll just get started. But Dr. henslin, her wit, wisdom and wow are synonymous with her her marriage of no holds barred humor, and honestly coupled with her integrity and her compassion, make her one of Ireland and Europe’s most sought after metaphysical healers and synergistic speakers. After she received a BA in communications and graphic design from Koch University in hartsville, South Carolina she was involved in a high speed collision in Charleston, South Carolina, which resulted in an EN D or near death experience. She was riddled with injuries including a broken neck and she went on to earn a doctor doctorate in chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was Bennett she’s been endowed with the gift of downloading an individual’s biography in order to change your present state biology. And Dr. Hensley is the author of 10 books, including promise by Heaven. She’s a co author of the number one bestseller bringing death to life. And the first book of audible history, a couple narration, frequency and brainwave states. Understanding is a new miracle. It’s a new healing, miraculous recoveries from physical and emotional trauma. She’s also just released you in the manatee, the first book in her preteen gender identity series along every child, we represent it in children’s literature. So an amazing accomplishment. I’m going to walk them to the show Dr. Mary Hensley.

Mary Helen 2:30
Thank you. I am so glad we made this come together.

Brian Smith 2:34
Yeah, I said, I appreciate your tenacity, and you’re sticking with this. And people might notice right away you do live in Ireland, but you’re obviously not from Ireland.

Mary Helen 2:43
No, I’m from Southern Ireland. I’ve lived in Ireland 22 years, but anyone from the south knows you do not lose this accent. So I’m from Virginia originally. And Virginia is has stuck with me, in my heart and in my throat my whole life.

Brian Smith 3:01
My family, I’ve got roots in the south too. And I love the two names Mary Helen. So I Oh, yeah. Yes. So I appreciate you doing this. I wanted to have you on I’ve heard you speak before you talk about your nd E and your how that’s changed your life. But so I’d like for you to tell people kind of a little bit about your story. How you you’re Indian, and wherever you’d like to start. Just just jump right in.

Mary Helen 3:25
Well, we started beginning How about that? Yeah. So my dad was a

Unknown Speaker 3:32
kid still trying to mess with me. Hold

Brian Smith 3:33
on. Okay.

Mary Helen 3:35
Can you hear me now?

Brian Smith 3:36
Yeah, here, you know,

Mary Helen 3:37
we are doing this interview y’all regardless, yeah, we’re gonna make it worse, whoever’s doing it, you can keep trying, but this is happening. So basically, let’s go back to 1968 when my mother was pregnant with me, and my father being you know, we’re Southern Baptist, and he was a big football coach, American football player, but he was also a minister, and, you know, very much so devout with his, you know, with his parameters around Christianity and what that meant for him. And when he and my mother were called into the doctor’s office, and they said, We have bad news that you need to get get your head around. My mother was in her first trimester and she contracted German measles. And so back in the day, this was really bad news today, it’s not as big of a deal because we have means to deal with that. But back then that meant limb loss blindness. If the child even made it in the first place. This was just not something they wanted to hear. So off, my parents go to digest the idea that this fourth child who’s coming along in their 40s is not going to be okay. So my dad has what he describes as a celestial visit. And this was so fascinating, because remember, this is the man of the Bible here and said, we think we’d be talking about anything. Angels or whatever. But this was, he described as two celestial beings. And I think that was his way of going. I don’t know if these were aliens, I don’t know what they were, but they weren’t, they weren’t angelic in their presence. And so this was a really tough thing for him to have to fit in that box that he had created for himself. And, but he couldn’t deny it, because it’s what happened. And so during this visit, he is told that not only will his daughter be okay, but that she was going to come in with some very unusual abilities, and that he and my mother were, were were to help me through that. So remember, this is I was born in early 1969. We didn’t have gender reveals and ultrasounds and all that. So they’re telling him that I’m going to be a girl, and they’re going to that I’m going to have some unusual abilities. So sure enough, can you imagine the baby girl was born and my dad’s like, okay, so they were constantly on the lookout, waiting, you know, like, Okay, what are these weird abilities? You know, can I fly going on. And it was about when I was four, when the first big conversation about this took place. And my very best friend in the world was my grandfather. He was Dr. Garland Clark, he was a surgeon from Kentucky, my mother’s father, and I love this man, oh, my gosh, I love this man. And he was so wonderful. And he was just such a huge part of my childhood, and to this day, but he would come and he would sit with me, he’d tell me stories, he was always grooming me prepping me for for service. I can look back at that now. And see, that’s exactly what was happening. I was learning to see the world in a completely different way from a very, very early age. And so when I would bounce in, and I’d tell my mother and father, you know, we nicknamed him judge with his name. And so as judge said that, they just kind of side glance at one another. And finally, my dad could not take it anymore. And so I get called into the kitchen. That’s why I call it the Kitchen Table Talk. And he sits me down and in that big voice, that Southern Southern voice, he said, sugar, do you know the difference between alive and dead? I was four. And I’m like, I don’t know what you’re talking about, you know, I really didn’t understand. And it was then that they proceeded to tell me that judge, my grandfather had been dead since I was one. So now mom and dad are starting to see what those celestial beings were talking about, okay, this child’s talking to the dead. And so, but they couldn’t deny it. So this is what was so fascinating that this has to unfold, where they have their own parameters of what’s real and not real to them. Yet, they’re having to accept that this child who couldn’t, you know, I was too young to know how to make something up or to you know, that way. And I was saying stuff that only I could have known had had my grandfather judge set it. So this is the very first thing that they’re having to digest. And that first kind of glimpse of the weirdness. Um, so yeah, that’s, that’s how far back it goes. Wow.

Brian Smith 8:07
That’s, you know, it’s really fascinating. My grandfather was a pastor. So and I grew up in though in his church, and so I understand that that paradigm that people have about the Bible, and when I hear you use the phrase talking to the dead, I know a lot of Christians will whip out their Bibles right away and say, Well, this is not something we’re supposed to do. So how did your parents how did they deal with that? I mean, they they accepted, it was true, I guess I had no choice.

Mary Helen 8:31
I had no choice. Yeah, and not and I didn’t come in with an owner’s manual. And so we were literally kind of bumping along the way, finding our way. But this was an interesting thing. Because this made a huge impact on my life. From early age, my father decided, and I think he was, he was so in awe and so uncomfortable simultaneously. That he said, Look, we understand what’s happening, we know that this is a gift from God, he was very clear about talking about this. But he said, we don’t want to share this outside of the family. In fact, only mom and dad, my siblings didn’t even know. So my father was I don’t know, if he was afraid of exploitation, or what people would say or what people would think, you know, you know, how are you keeping up with the Joneses? We’re good at that and self. And so he was very adamant about the fact that I could speak to them about this, and I had lots to speak about because now, as I’m moving into, you know, like, 910 1112, I’m starting to have prophetic dreams. So I’m dreaming something and then it’s coming true. And dad, being a local minister, of course, was doing eulogies and I’m like, going, Hey, Mr. Jones, go die on Tuesday. And sure enough, Mr. Jones would die on Tuesday. And so what could they do only deal with it and accept it the best way that they could, but I learned from a very early age to keep my mouth shut. And so I did not talk about this outside of the house. Okay, so then when I get older, and what is something that’s, you know, I’m being told all my life, you know, you’re promised and that’s what my father used to say. And that’s why my first book is called promise by Heaven. You know, your promise, that’s how he could deal with it. If something went wrong in my life, look, everything’s gonna be okay. You, you’re promised. And so something that was such a wonderful asset early on as you become an awkward teenager and moving into those college years becomes a liability, right? Because now I’m just a weird day, right? And I’m like, I can’t tell anybody what’s happening. And so when I get into college, I was a cheerleader. And my roommate was the very first person that I ever confided in. Because we live together, we were in the same room 24, seven, we were the best friends. And so I told her about this. And she thought it would be hysterical, because we were both cheerleaders. Let’s see if you can know that score the basketball game. So I’d write the score the basketball day, game day On we go cheer, and we come back and open it up. And there it was, do you know. And so this is the extent of my service to humanity until I turn 21. And where it all gets very interesting is you haven’t people in the south, you know, if you’re dating the same person that you were dating in college, your mom’s picking out the China patterns, right? So I was dating my college sweetheart, he was from Charleston, South Carolina. And so I move that direction, because we were going to carry forward and you know, we’ll get engaged and get married, and do that do all that. So I had a job in a sign company, and I wasn’t making signs or using my graphic design degree to design, I was mopping floors, it was literally the only job I could get. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it taught me how to appreciate value and be grateful for everybody’s position within a business from the bottom up. And it’s been one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever had in my life, you know. And so I’m on the way to our Christmas party for the sign company. It’s December 14 1991. And I’m wearing bright red Bermuda shorts and a Santa Claus t shirt. And I have a jingle bell around my neck. And I head out and I’m going into Charleston for the party and my way in was on a very large highway called highway 17. So multiple lanes of traffic coming this way and multiple lanes going into town. So I get about less than two miles from my house, I’m sitting at the red light, waiting, waiting, waiting, and my light turns green. And I make it almost all the way across the oncoming traffic to turn towards town. And all of a sudden, I look left and I realized that there is a car that has no intention of stopping. And it was driven by an elderly gentleman who decided to blow through the red light, he almost killed somebody earlier in the year and retain this license just for me. And I’m delighted.

Because he blew through at what they estimated was 75 miles an hour. And what was so fascinating was, in that moment, everything changed my understanding my perception of reality, everything changed before I got hit. This is where it gets interesting. Yeah. Because time slowed down. And that car is now creeping, and the preacher’s daughter is sitting in the car with the sudden realization, oh, I’ve done this before I’ve died before I know how this works. I’m in complete control of how I want to experience this, okay, that car is going fast, that’s going to hurt, I know I’m going to die. So do I want to stay in the body and experience the impact. And I didn’t feel like that was necessary for my own growth and evolution. And so I’m like I’m out of here. So as soon as I made that choice, there was a sound. And this is why I’m so in love with working with frequency because there was this drone. And I started to feel my whole constitution change. And that drone was allowing me to disconnect from the physical body and elevate above. And as soon as I was up and out of the body, everything sped back up again. And I witnessed my own death. So I’m already out of the body. And this is where I want to stop and tell anybody who’s listening. If you have lost somebody like all of us had, you know, a loved one, under tragic circumstances, due to an illness due to old age, whatever. Please be aware that this is what happens in the death process with us. We are completely at ease completely at peace regardless of what the appearance may see. If someone is pointing a gun and they shoot that bullet slows down the very same as that car. And the soul occupying that body has all the time in the universe to decide exactly how they’re going to go and they are fully aware that they’re ready to take their exit. So there is no such thing as Oh, this one should have lived longer. That’s our perception. That’s our feelings of grief and loss. We want to take over or hijack somebody else’s death experience so that it makes us feel more comfortable. And this happens all the time. And I love the title of your show grief to growth, because there it is right there.

Brian Smith 15:09
I really appreciate you saying that. I’m part of an organization called helping parents heal. And the reason I do this work is my daughter passed away, you know, five years ago, and I work with a lot of parents who have had children who have transitioned through tragic circumstances. And one of the common things is, did they suffer? You know, were they were they there when the accident happened? Where the bullet as you said, No, did they? Did they suffer? Did they? What was that experience, like?

Mary Helen 15:37
That experience is different for every individual. But what you have to know is, this is where we’ve really got to go. You don’t get to when everything’s going well. And life is good. And you know, everybody’s happy around you and you’re feeling great, you know, all the universes out the way I hear in my neck of the woods. Jesus is at the wheel all the time, except for when he’s not exactly know. Exactly. Y’all don’t get to do that, because that is ironclad universal law that this is across. Across the board, hold on, I’m gonna have to turn the car on here from a battery comes on. Okay. So this is universal law. So that applies to everybody in every circumstance, period. Okay. So just because or if a drug deal Went, went down and went bad if somebody was was murdered, if somebody got hit in a car accident, if someone took their own life, the circumstances are the very same. And this is where we have to deprogram our minds, because we get so caught up in our religious tenets and our judgments, except when it applies to us, you know, oh, now, yeah. Oh, my gosh, suicide, that’s awful thing that’s, uh, you know, when it’s somebody else’s kid, and then all of a sudden, when it’s your own child, you’re like, Well, Jesus takes everybody, you know, we are so full of it, it is so funny. And so what I want people to understand is that this is across the board for everybody. And so it was amazing, regardless of the circumstances behind the death at that time of death, even if the body is giving the appearance of great suffering, the soul has the capacity to raise and lower out of the body, and it is going to experience the death exactly the way it wants to experience the death. Because it’s at the wheel, it is by divine ordinance that this death is taking place that that soul chose to come in. And the human race has become so horrible about quantifying the value of a life based on its quantity. Oh, gosh, they were 17 years old, had a whole life ahead of them. And I’m going Listen, in my line of work, I have worked with so many people who have been forever changed, so deeply impacted by a baby that never made it out of the womb. Do you know, so to put a value on somebody’s life and their contribution to the lives around them based on the time that they’re here? It is crazy. It just makes no sense.

Brian Smith 18:08
Yeah, well, it is a very human thing that we do. And with my again, my daughter transitioning at 15 I hear that a lot of times, you know, it’s so tragic. Her life was cut short. And as a parent, you know, I feel that way sometimes, too. But then I look at ethical

Unknown Speaker 18:21

Brian Smith 18:22
Yeah, by looking at the impact that her life has had, you know, for her only being 15 years. And as you said, it’s a huge impact and even a baby that doesn’t come in. We don’t even know what impact that might have on the parents and the ripple effects as it goes out.

Mary Helen 18:36
Totally. Absolutely. Yeah. So we’ve put some some strange little motions around death. And you know, the funny thing is like for for me having been there and come back death is like walking from one room into the next. Yeah. And we have made it such a you know, a horrible thing. Of course, we miss the physical presence like my father. He died in 2012. I love this man. He was amazing. So motivational, very uplifting, such a disciplined, incredible man. And my mom was the preacher’s wife and his wing woman for 60 years. And when he died, everybody thought my mom was going to be right after him. My mom is vibrant. She’s 91. She just released her first book this Christmas, and has number two ready to come out. You know, she is incredible. She would tell you that she loved and adored my father more than anything they had 60 wonderful years together. But a different chapter in her life began because of my father’s passing. Yeah. And so it is crucial for people to understand that if you want to lose yourself to grief, that is a choice. And that doesn’t mean that you know and all of us grieve differently. But some of us get so stuck in that cycle of grief, that we never come back out of it again. And there’s the life wasted, not the one that was tragically taken or, or whatever though. The life wasted is the one that has literally parked Setup can’t pitch the tent built a fire in his roasted marshmallows in grief.

Brian Smith 20:05
Yeah, thank you. Amen. So I interrupt your story, let’s get back to your to your near death experience. So you leave your body what happens next

Mary Helen 20:13
there I am freshly dead, and hovering over the body and everything sped up. So I watched that car hit my car, and I watched everything kind of unfold underneath. And all of a sudden, the sounds began to change. So it went from that kind of low vibration that seemed to be keeping me connected to my physical body. And it changed to what I call the music of the spheres. It was the most incredible Symphony, nothing that I could ever replicate, hear these beautiful sounds, and I’m suddenly in a different space. And this space is like Grand Central Station. And everybody’s like, Oh, is that heaven. That’s not how it works. Again, that’s a setup that we’ve created with our human minds. And I’m in this space where I am literally feeling everything around me the colors, the sounds coursing through, it’s not my physical body, but I still have a feeling of, of having a form. But it’s now an energetic form. And I got I could stay there as long as I want to do. And I was aware of who I just been. I was sick, then suddenly super smart, because all of a sudden the veil was lifted. And I remembered, and you’re like, this is the big O This is when you’re so deeply involved in the Monopoly game that you actually believe you can buy Park Place with a pink $500 bill. This is when you pack the game up. And you go Oh, yeah, that was just a game. Oh, it allowed me a chance to interact with the other people that I was playing the game with. And oh, we laughed and how we fought and how we cried and oh, oh my gosh. That’s what it’s like when you land in that space. It’s incredible. And there’s no sense of oh my gosh, I need to get back in my body. Oh, what am I left behind? Oh, oh, no. It’s not like that. And the best description I still to date have ever been able to give is if you are outside and it was a hot day and you are nasty and sweaty and you’ve been mowing the lawn or doing whatever and you walk in the back door. And you peel off those dirty clothes and you throw them down by the washing machine. And you go get into the the best shower ever. The last thing you’re thinking of in that shower is the dirty clothes sitting by the washing machine. And that is what it’s like leaving the human body.

Brian Smith 22:26
Yeah, yeah, I love that. And I love the way you put I’ve heard it described different ways like taking off, you know, coat or, you know, something like that. So when we look back at the body, we Some people say, Well, I appreciate it, but I don’t have a connection to it.

Mary Helen 22:38
Correct? Exactly, exactly. So now I’m kind of floating in this fabulous space. And I’m like, Okay, this is amazing. And out of that atmosphere, literally, it starts to form shape, and to being stepped forward. And I know that this is for my benefit. And this takes me back to my father’s celestial visit. And I think then I realized, Oh, that was my father’s guides, those were my father’s guides, we oh my gosh, we’ve got guides, wow. Because you forget. So this, again, is a place where I want to stop and take calls and remind every single person who’s listening, who is either here and and, and struck by grief or has lost somebody and worrying about what happens with them. We all have guides all the time. You’re never alone. So even in that darkest moment, if you’ve lost somebody that you think to immortal suffering, and they were so alone, and so heartbroken, sorry. That’s not how it works at the death process, because they are there and they are juiced up and ready to go. And they are not alone. So you can imagine preacher’s kid, I’m like, I thought Jesus was supposed to be here What’s going on? And then I’m like, Well, where’s where’s the dead relatives. And instead, it’s these two guys who I, I’m just like, Oh my gosh, you have been with me since the dawn of time. And it is the best homecoming ever. And so I got the chance just to to absorb that love and to be in that space and to feel that. But then it was time to move into the life review. And this is where it gets super interesting. Because I land in a space then with them by my side. And it’s like a cinema, a 360 degree cinema. So now my whole reality has just changed yet again. And now I’m sitting in this and my idea or concept of what time is. Boom, it explodes right in front of my face. Because I’m sitting here and I’m watching and 360 degrees. I’m watching me getting that Kitchen Table Talk at 4am watching me getting my driver’s license at 16. I’m winning Living History Day in junior high at 12. I’m being gang raped at 17 all of these things are happening simultaneously And I’m like, oh my gosh. Oh, yeah. That’s how this works. It’s all happening at the same time. Yeah, it’s almost impossible for a human brain to wrap their to get around that it’s like nearly impossible. It’s all happening simultaneously.

Brian Smith 25:17
Yeah, that freaks me out. And that’s been something I’ve been trying to get my head around. Because Einstein said that, you know, 100 years ago that the time is an illusion, but it’s a it’s a, it’s a, it’s one that we can’t get over. It’s like, it’s on my mind. I just can’t get, you know, get that. But that’s what that’s what physicists tell us. That’s what people who had near death experiences tell us that this is all happening at the same time that there really is no time.

Mary Helen 25:42
So again, I’ll go back to that Monopoly game, you and I know when we open up monopoly, we sit down for a friendly game, I am not a shoo in you are not a dog, right. But we take on the illusion and the pink money and the you know, that I can actually by Park Place, come on. And we take on that illusion, and we play that game accordingly. And so the very same thing happens here with time we take on the illusion and agree to come in to linear time, we actually come in and go Okay, time is marching forward, right, that’s just not how it works. It’s more like a merry go round. That’s happening all simultaneously, which makes far more sense when you actually think about it. Because if you’re in the center of that merry go round, and you’re in the park, and you’re just playing. And there is a dog at North wagging its tail, and there is a man serving ice cream cones at East. And then there’s kids playing in the fountain itself, and there’s a mother walking her child in the West. Those things, we have no problem believing that even though my merry go round is spinning, and I might be seeing this one, this one is also taking place. Right? So whatever’s happening in my north, there’s still something happening in the south, just because I’m not looking at it. Right, right. So everything is unfolding simultaneously. So we have the capacity to affect change on our past, our present and our future at the same time. And that is Oh, my God, the sacred of the saints. There it is right there.

Brian Smith 27:13
Yeah. And I’m actually it’s interesting, you said that I’m reading a book right now called the team, it’s by a woman named Francis key who her mother channeled the book to her. And this there’s a concept that we can actually change our past that. And that’s just again, that’s another thing that’s beyond my human mind to grasp.

Mary Helen 27:31
Well think about it, people come You know, I work as a, you know, I have I have my doctor’s hat on during the day. And then I have other hours as a metaphysical healer. And one of the things that came back with that, after the accident was the capacity to touch somebody, and I could kind of download the hard drive. And it would take me to the point in time, where the individual changed their physical constitution. And so yeah, I have a, you know, brain cancer, you know, Alzheimers net, you name it, the capacity to go in and heal those things, if it’s part of the person’s path. And that’s important. That is important. There are some people who aren’t here to be healed, there are some people that it is none of your business to go in and hijack the way they are choosing to leave the planet. But if you are invited in and you are allowed to elicit change, what I’m actually doing is I am going back to that time, where they actually changed their molecular structure. And that can happen physically, emotionally or spiritually. And so all we’re doing in the moment of a healing is going in and going, Hey, this is already healed. And this has already happened, right and left a piece of yourself in that drape at 12 years old. And you need to bring that back forward. Now let’s bring that back. And let me wipe that window clean so that you can see this for yourself. And you go heal that body up. Yeah, that’s how people actually heal. And so it is very much so a a time thing as in people are time traveling every single day of their lives and don’t even realize it.

Brian Smith 29:04
Yeah, that’s really that’s really cool. And that’s a really, and that’s something I want people to kind of meditate on it for me, I have to anyway to keep reminding ourselves that this is an illusion in a very real sense that we step into, and talking to someone like yourself, who has been able to step out of it and look at it from that higher perspective. Again, it’s something we can all learn from.

Mary Helen 29:27
And I’m not here to take that illusion away from people either. What I’m here to do is just remind because people are going to be at different stages in their journey. It’s like the idea that we think nobody wants to be sick. That’s That’s not true. Right? Look, I’ve been doing this for 30, nearly 30 years. And the if you think that everybody wants to be healed, and well, you’re mistaken, because there are some people whose illnesses are affording them opportunities in life that if they were in a state of wellness, they couldn’t have Yeah, I’ve watched family units change because an individual got sick. And so had that sickness never taken place, that unit would have never changed. I have watched it oh my gosh, I mean, there’s a million stories about that. And so it’s really, really important that we realize that we don’t have the right to intervene with other people’s stories unless we’re invited in to do so. It’s like right now, like, every one of us is being affected by the global pandemic, right. But what we are forgetting and what people are using, and it’s so backhanded, the way we’re bullying worse, we’re passive aggressively bullying one another. You don’t get to choose whether I live or die. That’s my business. Right? you’re terrified because I don’t have a mask on. You wear your mask, and you stay away from me. Right? And it’s a very personal choice and decision as to how people want to go like my mother, like I showed you vibrant, amazing. That girl is going to get her hair done every Thursday. He doesn’t care what’s going on out there. Do you know? Yeah, and that is her choice at 91. She says, I choose to take my risk and interact with other human beings. Now I’ve lived a brilliant life, I’ve lived a great life. And if if it gets made, she’s already had it and got through it. By the way. She know if it gets me, so be it. But I do not want to be a prisoner of my own home in these my most glorious years, when I want to revel in the love and companionship and affection of my family. And I’m like, wow, wow, do you know, yet people are attempting to take that right away from her. Right. And people have their own opinions about this. But I just think our behavior is so funny. Because if this were a lethal and deadly disease, every single individual who comes in contact with it would die. And this like any other human experience, it’s not killing everybody. It is definitely killing some people. This is not to say that it’s not real. But like I said before, this is universal law. You know, the way that the universe operates is the same across the board at all times under all circumstances. And so the very same as we’ve all seen that birthday card where you got the 100 year old lady whose lightener birthday camera candle with a cigarette. Yeah, if everyone who smoked if cigarettes always cause cancer, everyone who smokes would all have cancer. But it’s not on the life path. It’s a tool in order to enable somebody to get to cancer, right? That’s part of their journey.

Announcer 32:29
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Mary Helen 33:30
Yeah, another example of that my father, everyone, all the men in my, in my family and everybody on my mother’s side, they all had heart issues all of them, right? So I pop up with this, I’m in my 50s with this high cholesterol thing. And I’m going this is makes no sense. And my doctor goes, You know what, instead of putting you on a medication, let’s go have a look. So I just did this amazing heart scan where they go in and they take out slices and they’re looking in, and they’re seeing the plaquing. So they can ascertain your risk of heart disease due to you know, cholesterol being high. Could be a factor but not always. Right. So he gets in there. And he goes, I can’t believe this. He goes you don’t have an ounce of plaquing. your cholesterol going high is obviously your body’s doing some repair work. And so what do we do most people that hear the high cholesterol? We throw them on a Staten, right because they’re just so lazy and so used to it right?

Brian Smith 34:26
Yeah. So it’s time to go

Mary Helen 34:28
outside. Now when I beat my family’s history, I am not my father’s genetics, right, the opportunity to express that was there for me if that’s how I want it to go. But I opted for a different path. And this is what we all need to remember. Each and every one of us is playing out our own story. You are what you love and what you love is what you give your attention to. And if you live in constant fear that that virus is going to get you You better be sure that things don’t come knocking Your door, you know, because you’re literally vibrationally attracting the experience into your life.

Brian Smith 35:05
Okay, interesting. So your near death experience. So you see the guides, and what happens after that.

Mary Helen 35:12
So they go Well, after I have my life review, and I’m looking at these 21 years I go, You know what? Oh, oh, although all those weird abilities you guys gave me that I came in with. I was supposed to actually be doing something with those, right? So yeah, and it wasn’t predicting the score at a basketball game. And so I’m like, oh, and then I suddenly realized that I had me set up the opportunity for myself to die in this accident, in order to come and remember what I actually went in. It’s so cliche, it’s not even funny. I was 21. Come on, I hit adulthood, I had given myself 21 years to discover for myself that I was actually here to serve. And I didn’t discover that for myself. So I put in a safety net. Well, if you’re that ignorant that you got to that you weren’t using these amazing gifts that you have, you’re gonna go through this accident. And you’re going to come back and you’re going to remember and I’m like, Oh, I got it. Got it. Put me in coach, I’m back again. Okay, so, back I go. And I, you know, I come into a body that’s completely broken and mangled, which is an important part of my discovery. Because it was a chiropractor who piece me back together. And my grandfather judge comes to me after the accident, and he says, we’re sending you to chiropractic school. We as in like the team, and and I’m going chiropractic school, aren’t those guys quacks? What is that? What’s that? What are you talking about? Hang on, I want to go be a real doctor, I wouldn’t be a medical doctor, if you’re gonna make me go back through school all over again. And he said, We need for you to understand a vitalistic approach to the human body. You are not you’re pieces and parts. You are not just a meatsuit. You are a body occupied by a soul. And that body is in service to you. Talk about a game changer. Yeah. And I’m like, hold on a second. So illness is not the enemy. No, no, no. The body is designed to align itself misaligned itself, bring in disease processes, go into certain emotional states in order to serve you. So that you might experience the world via those illnesses. Oh my gosh. And all we’re doing is trying to medicate it and take it out and cut it out. And, oh, I had to go through that vitalistic approach to the human body in order to do what I do today. And so that’s how that’s how I became a chiropractor. And that’s how I began practicing metaphysics. That’s that way. So it was never about, you know, the ego would love to go, Hey, look who I healed. And luckily, I that lasted about 30 seconds in my life. Yeah, it was very cool. In the beginning, when you could touch somebody in your cancer would go away. And then I grew up very fast and what that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to assist someone along their journey in whatever shape that takes. And sometimes, sometimes it’s death. Yeah. present for as many deaths as I have healings, because death is not the enemy.

Brian Smith 38:27
Yeah, I think it’s really, really important point. I was speaking with someone the other day, that who’s a healer. And one of the things about healers is when we when when the body isn’t healed, we look at that is out from the outside is that was a failure. And we’re saying that that, you know, that’s the idea that death is the enemy. And, you know, again, people talk to me about my daughter, you know, her passing early and I’m like, but we all transition we we all go back, we’re not here to be here forever. And so we this idea of clinging to the body and that a long life is the best life. I don’t I don’t believe that that at all. So

Mary Helen 39:01
did you start this podcast because of her?

Brian Smith 39:03
I did. Yeah, absolutely.

Mary Helen 39:05
So you look at the the number of lives that you are touching. And so to a soul, who is divine, omnipotent, eternal and knows it. If they’re gonna come in and go, you know what he’s got a job to do. I’m gonna go in and I’ll do 15 no problem. We’re part of the same soul group. Absolutely. I’ll go in, I’m doing that. And I’ll take my lead, because that will prompt him to step into the shoes he laid out for himself in service to humanity. And that’s why she does what she does. And that’s why you do what you do.

Brian Smith 39:39
Yeah. And that’s, that’s a really hard concept for a parent to hear in the first time. I’ve been hearing this for a while now. And I’ve gotten to a point where I can accept it, but then that’s what that’s why I do the program because I want I want everybody to understand that everything that happens in our life is here to serve us. And I love what you said about you know, and I’m still not quite To understand soul planning, but it sounds like when you set up your plan, you set up a kind of contingency you like I’m going to come in with these abilities. But if I don’t wake up by 21, I’m going to put this this reminder. And I saw the near death experience is kind of like a, it’s a wake up call for that person. It’s a it’s a real

Mary Helen 40:16
freewill baby. Yeah, you know, that’s what it is. And it What’s so funny is people’s tend to put up on a pedestal or have this great reverence for the near death, or you know, that we are, oh, my god, they’re fabulous. And I get invited to speak in lots of places. And it’s fabulous. You know, I’m the one in Ireland here. We say when somebody’s sick, they don’t get it. The NDA happened to the thick ones, because we came in to do something and we weren’t doing it. And so we had to go through that process. And they tend to pick those of us who have a big mouth, and we’re going to end up going and sharing the story with everybody. Yeah. And that’s how it happened. So it’s not because I was so special, or the chosen one. It’s because I wasn’t doing what I came here to do. I set it up for myself, and I didn’t do it.

Brian Smith 41:00
Well, I think it’s both. Well, I got glad you said that. I don’t think i think it’s it’s also like, here’s a message I want you to deliver. And the people that I’ve talked to that have indeed, it’s like they come back and they’re on a mission. It’s like, it’s not just for that person that has it. It’s for all of us. And what I tell people is, let’s learn without having an N D, let’s talk to the IRS and find out what they learned.

Mary Helen 41:26
Exactly. And that’s why I’ve been using frequency and vibration to help people heal ever since because I’ve been replicating these frequencies that I’ve that I was, you know, surrounded with in that space, because it bypasses all the mind chatter. And it allows somebody to go back into a space temporarily where they disconnect and go, Oh, yeah, I remember what this is all about. And when they get really centered, that way, they’re able to go out and they’re able to live differently. It doesn’t mean they’re living without challenge, but they’re living without the fear of the challenge. And it makes the life experience completely different. You know, your daughter, what she’s gifted you with? Is your own healing. Because any of us who are in this business, whether it’s podcasting about it, writing books about it, we’re all finding our own healing, and we’re just sharing it along the way with other people.

Brian Smith 42:12
Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So when you when you came back, you’re 21 year old you decide to go to chiropractic school, what was your reintegration like because some people have trouble reintegrate? Oh,

Mary Helen 42:23
boy. Yeah, well, you know, I mentioned that college sweetheart, you know, we went on and got married, because he was terrified, he was going to lose me. And I was terrified, because I would have just happened. And so we got married, I ended up marrying my best friend. And I’m standing because it’s like, your time traveling constantly. I’m at the end of the aisle looking at a man at the end of the church. And I knew it was going to be exactly four years and 27 days and three hours and 57 minutes, that we were going to be married. That was a challenge. Because all of a sudden, I could see, oh, every moment is not meant to last for an eternity in this lifetime, as in every relationship, whether it’s for five minutes or for 15 years brings value, each individual’s crossing my path is bringing a gift. And when you’ve got eyes to see the gift, when you are leaving a relationship, whether it’s a working relationship, romantic relationship, a friendship, you can recognize somebody doesn’t have to be wrong for that to come to an end. And if we can accept that it’s naturally progressing towards an end, and can extract the value from that then we can move on peacefully. But that’s not something that a lot of people have mastered. And so it was very strange for me to be able to see that before it was happening. And so I’m coming back in with a completely altered perception of how life works. And so, you know, my kids all the time, we laugh and we have, we were having a conversation about diagnosis is and and I said to the girls, I said you think if they’d had all the all the isms in the Tituss back when I was a kid, do you think if they had my daughter goes, let me stop you there? If and I was like, she basically implies she’s like, you’re like the most autistic person. I know. Your high functioning mom, and we love you very much. But you are so weird. And so you’re walking through life with this completely different understanding. Because you know, I’m opening up the electric bill with a smile on my face. Because in that moment, everything falls into place. And I’m going, I got to go sit in my son or I got to have lights to read by last night. Or I got to write that book on my laptop because I’ve got electricity. Why am I crying? When I opened the bill, I’m not doing that, you know, might be uncomfortable. But I am so grateful for that. I have everything has purpose. Now when I’m even reaching in and pulling the clothes out of the dryer. I’m feeling the texture. I’m feeling the warmth. I’m looking at the dryer going Gosh, and looking at my that I have that. It changes everything because everything becomes a walking meditation.

Brian Smith 44:52
Yeah, I love that. It’s it’s the mindfulness that you that you were speaking speaking of. And that’s that’s why I meditate. Try to develop that, that mindfulness. And that appreciation for life. Another thing you said that was a very, very important lesson that I want to I want to emphasize is that everything in this life is temporary. Every everything in this life is temporary. Besides love, we take love with this. And we need to learn to let things go. And everything in life is a matter of things coming in and things going out. And we want to hold on to everything we want to cling to things, as opposed to just appreciating it for what it is, while it’s here. And, you know, that’s, you know, again, back to my daughter’s why I do this, but now with her being, you know, 15 I’ve had to learn to that physical relationship ended wasn’t my choice. It was abrupt, and I have like, Okay, what am I gonna do with that? What don’t know, how am I going to make that serve me for the rest of the time that I’m here? Mm hmm.

Mary Helen 45:51
That’s it. Exactly. And it’s all about. And that’s why I think what we’re all experiencing together now with this pandemic, there gonna be some people who are experiencing it as terrifying. And there are other people who are going, I’m having the time of my life, I cranked out two books. Last year, I drove across America, I had COVID. Myself, I like I’ve climbed every mountain I’ve had, I’ve been having the best pandemic, ever, right. And it’s creating an opportunity, because what it’s done is it’s taken us from 3d, we’ve blown past 4d, and it’s dropped all of us in five D, which is choice. We have literally lit, we’ve Tesseract out of three dimensions, and moved into five. And that fifth element is choice, we are literally discovering that we can construct our own reality via the choices that we make. And some people are choosing fear. And some people are choosing to experience the virus physically. Some people are using it to clean out there emails or the garage. Some people are like, all of us are having the opportunity to choose how we’re experiencing the time that we’re in right now. And I think it is the most extraordinary time in history. I think it’s incredible. And so you have that chance to go, what am I going to do with this? Well, look what you’re doing, you are utilizing the gift of your daughter’s death in order to impact and help other people move through their grief. And it is extraordinary that you have stepped up, stepped out and put yourself at risk with that. That’s the choice that you’ve made. And it’s absolutely incredible. And things probably wouldn’t be unfolding the same way had we not stepped into the change. There’s so many people who are doing different things because they’ve got more time on their hands. The restrictions are causing them to go inward. They’re having to focus and become creative. And we’re literally creating, we’re inventing out of necessity. And isn’t that you know, Necessity is the mother of all invention and all creation. And that’s where we are right now. And you can either look at that as a Oh, it’s a really horrible time to be alive or going oh, my gosh, where else would you be y’all? This is incredible.

Brian Smith 47:59
Yeah, it is, it is it’s a choice of how we respond to things. And I think that’s, that’s one of the lessons that I’ve gotten, it’s like, you know, the the event happens, and then I can choose how I’m going to respond to it. And, and this, this pandemic is, it’s been hard. It’s been hard for a lot of people, people have lost jobs, people have lost their lives, people have lost loved ones. But it’s also created so many opportunities and different ways of looking at things. And I and I think, you know, in a few months, I was talking my mother yesterday, she just got her first COVID shot. And she she said I got to leave the house and the sun was shining, we’re gonna have such an appreciation for just doing normal things again, when we can, you know, get together and go to a football game or hug our loved ones. I think it’s going to be such a much deeper appreciation. And so we can take this and, and use it to kind of wake ourselves up. Mm hmm.

Mary Helen 48:51
Absolutely. You know, it’s a gift as it as everything is, yeah, it’s all about your perception and how you choose to use that and some of those people who’ve lost jobs, hated the jobs that they were in and didn’t have the courage to step forward and take the risk of leaving the job. And so now now it’s they’ve been pushed, and they’re having to create and go Okay, you didn’t like that job, what you’re gonna do, they’re having to go find who they really are, and they’re having to create a different set of circumstances. And so sometimes that hardship and that struggle is the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to us.

Brian Smith 49:26
Yeah, I want to ask you about I know your father was was a pastor and that’s my background my grandfather my I come from a whole lot like my his parents were both ministers I come from that background. So how did your father adapt to like what your what’s your understanding of Christianity now for example, and and how did his change after this happened or if it changed

Mary Helen 49:50
the very best way I can describe that, you know, after it never all of it didn’t ever make sense to me growing up. There were things I did not I like the idea of, of some of the limitations and some of what I felt was very strong judgment that was that was being created on God’s behalf. And that didn’t feel in my heart that that, that the god of this description would be the God of who would unfold this as well. And I’m like, that’s, you know, that vengeful and loving combo didn’t work for me, you know, and it just never sat. Right. And I have a very dear friend who I’d love for you to interview someday. Her name is pmh Atwater, and she has probably done more on Dino pmh.

Brian Smith 50:31
I’ve interviewed her three times. Yes.

Mary Helen 50:33
Okay. Brilliant. Yeah, she’s, she’s one. She’s a darling. And my sweetheart. And I love her. And I’m so grateful for the work that she has done is beautiful. Yeah, she is. But she had a picture Once, when she had done, she’d been doing a lot of research on getting people to draw their experience of what the end was like, there was this one kid who had grown up in a Christian family. And this is how I want to answer that question. It was so neat, this kid’s drawing, because how he did it after his indie he was he drew a little box in the left hand corner of the page with a Christina with a cross in it. And the rest of the page was this huge light. And what he was trying to say, was, it’s not that Christianity in its parameters was wrong, but that it was so small, compared to what’s really out there. And I’ll tell you a story that’s very, very important to me. And it’s changed a lot of lies for people who’ve heard this. So I’ve described my dad, you know, the Minister, hardcore disciplinary, and he was physically fit, he won the men’s benchpress, champion of the world at 69. For men over 50. He was, you know, he was taking vitamins before people even knew what they were. He never drank smokes war, he chose a very disciplined lifestyle to come in here and affect change on the lives around him is one I could never keep up with, that’s for sure. But we all have our different ways of approaching our live stories. And so when my father got Alzheimer’s, and everybody thought it was Oh, it’s so sad, and it’s so unfair. And you know, that this beautiful orator is now reduced to babbling, and he can’t even speak anymore. And he’s wearing a diaper. And he’s this and that I never ever saw this as anything but a man who had chosen a life full of discipline, who still had breath and his body was getting to experience something different. And that’s what the soul comes here for. So we were sitting in the nursing home one night, and my father, he’d been months without being able to speak now he was just babbling, that’s all he could do. And my mother and I were sitting in there, he had had a particularly tough day with Sundowners syndrome, total agitation, he shuffled and washed his hands 1000 times, and he would never lay horizontal, because he thought he would die if he did not thought, gosh, how weird that your religion, your faith, that you’ve been teaching people, all of your life abandoned you in the hour that you need it most. And it really was, it was it was hard to watch that. And so on this day, he shuffles over to the bed. And we say he slept sitting up. All of a sudden he gets into the bed and he goes flat. And my mom looks at me. And she’s like, Is this it? What’s he doing? What’s he doing? And one of the things that I’ve always had my entire life is the ability to see the energy or auric field around an individual. And what’s so interesting is when somebody is getting ready to pass, it’s not like the dimmer switch is going down to the light gets dimmer. It’s quite the opposite. It looks like a fireworks display. As the energy is ramping up in there prepping to go home. Wow. So totally different than what you might imagine. It looks like. So my mom’s like, looking at me going, is he dying? He’s dying. And I’m going No, he’s having an experience. So my dad gets into the bed, he lays down. He reaches up and he goes, I can see it. Now my mom and I nearly fall out of the chairs because that he has spoken in months, right? Literally chin on the chest. That’s all I can do. Well clear as a bell. And I’m like, Hey, Dad. And I’m like, What can you say? And he turns to me, and he goes, it’s the lamb beyond the river sugar. And it’s more beautiful than anything you ever wrote about. And I laughed, and I was like, Well tell me about it. And he said, Mama’s there, and she looks so young. And he’s smiling. And he’s watching and my mother is just like, over there in the chair with her mouth hanging open. And I said, wow. And he’s like, this is incredible. She’s so beautiful. And then he stops and he is like a deer in headlights and I said, Dad, you okay? And he goes, Oh my gosh. And I said what he goes, Daddy’s there. Now this was huge, because according to my father’s criteria of what it means to be a good Christian, my grandfather was the Auntie of all of that. And my father had really really suffered throughout his life now. that his father had not made it to heaven. And it really was a big deal for him. So next all of a sudden, my dad seeing his own daddy and the Lambie on the river, and he’s young looking and fabulous look into. And he stops, and after all of those years dedicated to his religion, dedicated to his understanding of what it means to you know, to be a Christian, and you know that the balance between heaven and hell and he turned around, he looks at my mom, and he said, Helen, I’ve had it wrong all along. You can’t mess this thing up. Everybody, everybody’s welcome here.

And that is one of the you want to talk about a mic drop, there it is right there. Because he got the opportunity to understand that everything happens here. Regardless of what our judgments are, every single thing that happens here, doesn’t matter if somebody dies from drug overdose, or suicide, or a cancer or car accident, or a heart attack or a stroke. Those are just circumstances to get you from one room to the other. It’s all about the experience that the soul came here for and the judgment, this idea of going to heaven, or to help, spoiler, spoiler alert people, it doesn’t work like that. We all come from the divine, we are all fractals of the same hole, and we get to return to that same space. And that was one of the most important things I’ve ever experienced.

Brian Smith 56:30
Yeah, and I thank you for sharing that. Because I heard you when I listened to one of your other interviews, you tell that and it just touched me so deeply, because I come from that background, that background of judgment. And even though we’re saved by the blood of Jesus, we still kind of have to be perfect. And we, we can’t drink or smoke or do anything or have any unconfessed sins. And you know, and we we look at some loved ones who said, well, then they didn’t make it. Sorry, they’re gonna have to just burn a turtling. I just have to live with that. And I’m the same as you when I was a kid. They would tell me that something like that doesn’t line up doesn’t make sense. Yeah. Yeah. So I really.

Mary Helen 57:07
And so I asked this question. It’s very simple to put it this way. If a man steals a million dollars, or he steals another man’s wife, or he steals a nickel. Which theft is the one that we judge him on? Which one is is the more Oh, that’s more serious. Oh, well, we can overlook the nickel because we placed little value on that nickel, right? It’s all about the intention, y’all. If the intention to steal is to steal, it’s stealing, right? Yeah. But we are also placed here, by our own hand, to have that human experience and a loving creator that would place us here and give us all of these wonderful things to experience through five senses only, is not gonna throw us into the fires of hell, because guess what, there aren’t any, that is a man made concept. And so it’s a way of punishment, you know, we, we love this duality that we live in. And that’s the way Earth is set up. It’s the darkness and the light simultaneously. Therefore, our religions are created around those same circumstances, that duality. There has to be a good and an evil, there has to be a dark and a light. Well, you know, I don’t know about you. But I’ve never looked at a piece of art that only had light colors. Right? You know, I’ve never looked at one that was only dark colors and pure black. You have to have the darkness and the light to create the beautiful masterpiece you have to Yeah, and so if by physics, by science, by religious, it doesn’t matter what way you’re judging this criteria, you are not going to be condemned to a life in eternal hell, by the very creator, that puts you here to experience the dichotomy of dark and light simultaneously not happening.

Brian Smith 58:51
Yeah, I love that. And I was, there’s a quote that you have it says we didn’t come for perfection. We came from perfection. And I love that. So why are we here? Why do we come here?

Mary Helen 59:02
And this is so interesting, because some people are like, I would never choose, you know, I wouldn’t choose for my husband to cheat on me or I didn’t choose cancer. I didn’t. Yes, you did. And I know that’s really hard to digest. But Yes, you did. You came here. And you were so confident in how dynamic you would be that you set up a set of circumstances for you to experience here for you to grow through. And when you get here, yeah, you’ve forgotten and Yeah, you’ve disconnected from your own divinity. And you’re trying to work your way through it. And you’re like, I’d have never done that to myself. Yes, you would have, do you know, it’s like ask anybody who goes to the gym and they punish their body and they’re pumping iron and they’re doing this and they’re so sore when they get out and then they get to look in the mirror and they’re like, Oh, sweet, you know, because you want to put yourself through that in order to experience what’s on the other side. And so you know, for for people, I always compare it to our Like, all of us have been locked up for a while now we’re inside, we’re in a pandemic. You know, if you’re watching Netflix, you’re either watching it on your TV or on a laptop, there are some of us who absolutely love to go to the cinema. You know. And so if you’re in the comfort of your own home, you haven’t had to change your pajamas in three weeks, and you’re, you know, you’re eating your food out of the fridge and your, you know, you can pause that thing if you got to go to the bathroom, and you’re like, it’s your setup, man, you’re, you’re enjoying all this downtime, and it’s great. And usually you’re running 90, and you’re, you know, you can’t watch a movie and oh, my God, this is fabulous. I could get used to this. And then the pandemic lifts, and somebody calls you in what goes, guess what that new Marvel movie is out? Oh, huge fan. And you go in and you walk into the door of the cinema for the first time in a year. And you are smacked in the face with the smell of that buttery popcorn, and you walk up. And that’s the only time I ever allow myself a coke on ice. And so I get my Coca Cola and ice and I get my buttery popcorn, and I go in to a screen that is 500 times larger than my TV screen at home. And I am sitting in with other human beings. And there is stuff going on there. And we are laughing together. We are crying together. We’re hiding it. You know, we’re eating that popcorn, and then we get out of the movie. We’re talking about it. Now which experience is better? That one, or the one where we are in the comfort of our own home? Neither one is better than the other? They’re two different experiences. Right? Yeah. So why would somebody choose to come here? Because when we step out of perfection, we get to jump in here. We get to play. And we get to grow through these limited circumstances, through these illusions that we create for ourselves, as we rediscover that we already are that which we seek. And there’s the big reveal.

Brian Smith 1:01:49
Well, I, I’ve heard that I’ve never heard it put quite that way. And I really appreciate that. And it because I love what you said, you know, which is better. And because we think while we’re here, I just can’t wait. And I’ve said this, I say it every day. I can’t wait to get back home. And I can’t wait to get out of this place. Because it’s so hard here. And I love

Mary Helen 1:02:11
that been there and I’m I’m not homesick. Yeah, because I realized that we’ve got such a limited time here. Dude, I’m using it up, I am going to be skating into the grave eating the chocolate covered strawberries with a glass of champagne board.

Brian Smith 1:02:25
Yeah, exactly. And that’s the thing. You know, I think when we’re here, and that’s this is key for me is remembering that this is a short time this is temporary. And when I can remember that, then I’m okay. But it’s when we’re here we’re like, Man, this is this is forever. This is my whole life. You know, I’ve heard people say, when we have someone transition, I’m never going to see them again. And when I’m working with people, I’m like, I that breaks my heart when I hear someone say that, because you will see them again. It’s like they it looks like they went off to college, or they went on vacation. You know, when when our when our loved ones go on vacation, we don’t say I’m never going to see them again. We say I’m going to see them in a couple of weeks or someone moves even across the world, you know, we’ll see them at vacation time, you know.

Mary Helen 1:03:06
So we need to have a conversation, Brian with my girls this morning. Because their dad left when they were very young. They were one in three when their dad left now, he’s still in a physical body, but he lives in New Zealand on the other side of the world from us. And so they don’t ever see him. And so I was explaining this concept to them going your father to you is a 2d iconic graph that you see on a video screen. Right? It doesn’t mean that he’s not your father. And it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. But it means that the way that you’re interacting with him is not in the physical. Do you still feel his presence? Yeah. And I was like, that’s exactly what it’s like when someone walks out of this life into another. And they were like, Oh, okay. And I said, do you stop loving dad when the phone is off? And you can’t see him on the phone? No. Does dad stop loving you? Is that presidents broken? No. And they were like, Oh my gosh, I get it. I get it, you know? And so why would you want to leave now? Because your daughter is in a different room and deny the rest of us the gift of you?

Brian Smith 1:04:13
Yeah, well that’s that’s a good point. And and that’s, that’s this is the thing about being human. This is why I do what I do. This is why I talk to people like you because we have to keep reminding ourselves, you know, and want to hear you talk about you know, your divinity. And again, I think about my own upbringing, you know, and when we say we’re divine, that’s blasphemy, where we you know, where I came from Anyway, you know that that’s what they put Jesus to death for, for you know, for saying that he was divine. So we have to overcome that programming, the people that I work with, and even with myself, I’m always trying to overcome that programming that I am just not

Mary Helen 1:04:47
remember. Probably a lot of the people you’re dealing with are buffet Christians. They pick and choose what suits them because did the man himself not say no, you’re not? That ye are gods? Absolutely. Absolutely. You can’t you don’t get to take that away because it’s not convenient. Right? He said it. He meant it. He has left clues left, right and center all the way through that you are divine. Hmm.

Brian Smith 1:05:13
Yeah. That’s Well, you’re absolutely right. We we are we are both like Christians. I’m not I don’t call myself a Christian anymore. But there is so much beautiful stuff in the Bible. If we look and we look at what Jesus actually said, and we look at the Bible actually says, and, you know, so many people, you get you, you growing up talking to the dead, you know, oh, that’s the devil. You know, she’s she’s being deceived. You know, there’s that that’s a demon disguised as a grandfather, you know, and oh, Lord, I’ve

Mary Helen 1:05:40
heard that one so many times. Yeah. But you know, well, that’s an awfully nice demon who’s spending his time helping everybody else? Exactly. Exactly.

Brian Smith 1:05:48
And then again, going back to the Bible says you can know a tree by its fruit. So when people tell me mediums are evil, I’m like, Well, what are they doing? are they bringing peace and joy and love and comfort? Are they are they lifting people’s lives? Or are they making people’s lives worse?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05

Brian Smith 1:06:06
yeah. So um, I really, I really enjoyed spending this time with you. I mean, I knew it would be like this from just you know, watching your videos and stuff. And you’re just you’re just so refreshing to talk to. I want to tell people they can reach you at Mary Helen Hensley calm. It’s Mary Helen HSLE. Why? Mary Helen has several books, the promise by Heaven trilogy, which is kind of like your memoir, I guess. The chakra fair is the pocket coach. Bringing death to life understanding is a new healing. I want to definitely check that one out. And you and the managers, you’ve written a couple of children’s books in addition to books for for Yes.

Mary Helen 1:06:44
And let me tell you what’s coming out this week. I have the first book. So it’s understanding is the new healing the first book in Amazon audible history. To be back. You mentioned this in the opening. Yeah, backed by the healing frequencies and altered brainwave states. So I’m taking people out of the audible acoustic experience and immersing them into that story. I’m changing dimensions on him. So we’re going from a 3d into a five to the experience where someone is listening and feeling the story simultaneously via frequency.

Brian Smith 1:07:17
Wow, that sounds awesome. That sounds really, really good. Yeah, so that’s coming out this week on Amazon on Audible. Yeah. All right. Keep your eyes open. Definitely want to get that. Well, Mary Helen, again, thank you very much for being here. Thank you for being so tenacious to get this done. We got the connection going. We got the video.

Mary Helen 1:07:38
Here’s me sitting in the car on the side of the road.

Brian Smith 1:07:42
Yeah, this isn’t

Mary Helen 1:07:43
going to happen.

Brian Smith 1:07:45
Yeah. Yeah. Great. Absolutely. Well, you have a great rest of your day. And thank you

Mary Helen 1:07:50
so much. And thank you for everything that you do. Thanks. I couldn’t do what I do without the likes of you.

Brian Smith 1:07:56
Yeah. That’s it for another episode of grief to growth. I sure hope you got something out of it. Please stay in contact with me by reaching out at www grief to That’s grief, the number two growth com or you can text the word growth to 31996. That’s simply text growth gr o w th 231996. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, please make sure you subscribe. So hit the subscribe button. And then hit the little bell here. And it’ll notify you when I have new content. Always please share the information if you enjoy it. That helps me to get more views and to get the message out to more people. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day.

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