Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Michelle Freed- Remote Viewing & Hypnotism- Ep. 77

Michelle Freed is a certified Hypnotherapist and Professional Remote Viewer. She is experienced in operational targets working with detectives to help solve crimes and find missing people as well as teaching the skill of remote viewing in her 6-week training program. She is the former Producer for the popular radio show created by Art Bell, “Midnight in the Desert”.

In this audio-only interview, Michelle shares with me the practical applications of “remote viewing” which I find out is a misnomer. It’s not about just finding your keys. Remote viewing can help you understand your past lives and allow you to tap into your higher self to make better decisions about your future. “Men Who Stare At Goats” was loosely based on programs that the government carried out knowing that remote viewing is a very real thing that has been proven time and time again.

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Hi there. Welcome to grief to growth podcast. Your host is Brian Smith, spiritual seeker, best selling author, grief survivor and life coach. Brian believes that the worst tragedies of life provide the greatest opportunity for growth. Brian says he was planted, not buried, and he is here to help you grow where you’ve been planted by the difficulties in life. In each episode, Brian and his guests will share what has helped them to survive and thrive. It is his sincere hope this episode helps you today.

Michelle Freed
Hey everybody, this is Brian Smith back with another episode of grief to growth and today I’ve got with me Michelle freed. Michelle is a certified hypnotherapist, and she’s a professional remote viewer. And you may be wondering what a remote viewer is, and we’ll talk about what that is Michelle’s experience and operational targets working with detectives to help solve crimes and find missing people as well as teaching the skill of remote viewing and her six week training program. Michelle is a former producer for the popular radio show created by Art Bell, and it’s called midnight in the desert. And currently, Michelle will be launching her new endeavor as an entertainment publicist. And maybe we’ll talk about that a little bit today, too. So we’re going to talk about I think, hypnosis, which Michelle is professional and also remote viewing. So with that, I’d like to welcome to grief to growth, Michelle freed.

Hi, it’s great to be here. Thanks for inviting me.

And Michelle, it’s good. It’s good to have you on. These are a couple subjects that I’m that I’m really intrigued by and I don’t know a lot about so I’m hoping to today to learn something from you. So let’s let’s start with remote viewing. First of all, could you tell our listeners what remote viewing is?

So there’s a lot of people that that have different definitions of remote viewing. And the remote viewing that I’m talking about is the type of remote viewing that they did in the military back in the 70s. And it was a program called Stargate, and what the government our government did was they grabbed some scientists from from the Stanford Research Institute and put together a protocol for the military so that they can use their subconscious and projected to a target and get Intel gather Intel. And what United States found out is a lot of the other countries, China, Russia, a lot of other countries had already been experimenting with these things. And so then we put together a program again, it’s called Stargate, and you can look that up. There’s a ton of information about it. And so in the 90s, they declassified the project. And a lot of these military guys when they retired, because what they learned through the process is that anybody can remote view. And because we’re all intuitive And if you learn these, you know, this protocol, these skills that will help you it’s a lot of practice. It’s a lot of work, but pretty much anybody can do it. And so they were teaching classes and I took a bunch of classes from some of the popular people you may have heard of is Joe mcmoneagle. Lynn Buchanan, Russell targ. These are all my teachers and then also john Vivanco. And there, there’s a movie. I don’t know. Have you ever heard in the movie men who stare at goats?

Brian Smith
I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Michelle Freed
Okay, so that is a silly kind of parody lightly based on what happened? Yeah. And the person who played George Clooney is part is I believe it’s Lynn Buchanan, one of the ex military guys, and so I am obsessed with it and I practice all the Time to the point where I’m pretty good. It’s a it’s you know, when you’re dealing with your unconscious part of yourself it’s not 100% reliable, but it can give good data. And so I was working with detectives to find missing people and other various cases in the government. Recently we were asked to remote view the Olympics. They wanted to know who or what the top three

I guess top three

things that they should prepare for top three like concerns. And so we did that and there’s various other ones. I was also i don’t know if i told you this, but I was on Ancient Aliens too. We did an episode on with the remote viewing and we were we were at East Eddie ranch. Have you ever heard of East Eddie ranch? I have not No. Okay, it’s this ranch in Washington and near Mount Adams. And there seems to be a lot of weird things that happen there. And so we we went there, and they do this skywatch, where they’re looking for UFOs. And so they do that every night. And they just put together a whole episode of us remote viewing, you know, if there’s aliens or something like that, which is kind of a fun thing to be doing. But it looked like our data was mostly saying that they were satellites and not UFOs. So, but anyway, it was a really exciting experience. So let’s let’s,

let’s kind of break this down a little bit. Because, first of all, there’s a there’s so many, so much. I want to explore as you talked about, first of all, there was a government program for remote viewing. So the government acknowledged this was real. They brought these people and And I want to let everybody know, the people that you mentioned that you’ve trained with are some of the top names in this field. I’ve, I have heard their names. I’ve heard a little bit about this, but the government acknowledges they know was a real thing. They got real results. So maybe you can give us some examples of some of the results that they got from this remote viewing they did.

Well, um, if you look up Joe mcmoneagle, it’s hard for me to tell you without you seeing it. But there if you look up Joe mcmoneagle, and you will see his actual sessions. Because what we do is we we sketch things out. So you have to look at what he sketched out versus what the target was so that you can get a really good idea. For example, say there so one of the things about remote viewing that’s very important for people to understand is that it’s done in a scientific way. So the viewers which I’m a viewer, we are blind to the target. So the project Manager will set up a project. And he’ll come up with a question. And we call that the secret question. And we do not we have no idea what that question can be. It could be anything in the world. It could be, you know, the pyramids in, you know, it could be anything, you know, where it, you know, it would say, like, go to the location, you know, say it’s a missing person. If it’s a missing person, what they would write on there, they would, they would definitely tell us it’s a missing person, but they would not tell us anything else. So we know that you know, so we could prepare because it could be traumatic. So it’s a missing person. But then the secret question would be describe the current location of someone so whatever their name is, or describe the physical condition of whoever it is. And we don’t ever see that.

Brian Smith
We just don’t see the secret question, okay?

Michelle Freed
Right, we get a number, just a number, a random number. And they’ll just email me a number and say, Hey, do a session. And I’m like, Okay, and then I do what I was taught. And I create a session, and I email back to them. And that’s really how it works. So this is

really open ended. So and you said, you, you mentioned earlier using a subconscious to get this information? Is that correct?

Exactly. So what you’re doing is projecting your subconscious, so it’s about intention. So what I do is when I receive this target number, my mind already, when you sit what a session looks like, you’re sitting at your desk with paper in front of you, and you write down the number. Well, you first want to cool yourself down. You just want to kind of Set aside your everyday life and kind of invite yourself into, okay, I’m in remote viewing, you know world zone right now. And you cool down, and then you just focus and you’re engaging all your senses. Everything about you and you’re asking yourself questions, what do I smell? What do I taste what I feel, and what we’ve learned that and why this works is there’s actually Dr.

Xu is it

I forgot to say I have to find out his name, but he did this experiment that he took a bunch of college students, and he set up a project where he put a whole bunch of pictures on a computer screen, and he connected them up so that you can keep track of all their vitals like their blood pressure, their heart rate, their brain waves and Everything. And what he did was he had them advance through the pictures. And throughout, scattered through the quick pictures randomly, he put some provocative pictures in there. And he wanted to know if we can predict a picture before it comes. So he would have, you know, a tree, a leaf, a rock, you know, a building, whatever. And then he would stick in there like, maybe, you know, people kissing or maybe a bra or you know, something provocative he would put in there. And he noticed that the picture before the provocative one, their vitals would actually spike. Yeah. And so that was Did you hear of this? I have heard this name, doctor.

I can’t remember. But actually, this this pre cognition thing has been tested over and over again. So I’m not sure which which one you’re talking about. But it’s actually one of the most common experiences or experiments when it comes to psi, you know, site type of abilities.

Exactly. And so what we’re doing is we are engaging our senses when you’re doing this because we can. And that’s really what we’re tapping into. And it’s incredible.

So I didn’t realize that was actually considered part of of the remote viewing genre, I guess, for lack of a better word. And you mentioned Joe mcmoneagle. And I want to tell people how to spell that because it’s almost impossible to spell. So it’s mc MONE, a GL E. But you could also look up Russell targ. And his last name is ta RG it’s a lot easier to spell.

Yeah. Russell targ.

And I do remember hearing some experiments like where they would send people out to like, somewhere on a street somewhere. Yeah. And so yeah, tell me about those.

That’s called the outbound or that’s what Russell targ does, and they every well they’re not doing that. conferences right now. But every year they have a conference in Vegas. And they make everybody at the conference do this. And it’s so much fun. So basically, he’ll lead you into a session because a lot of people don’t know how to do it. And he’ll do like a quick and dirty explanation just kind of do this. And in the meantime, he sends people off. And nobody knows where they’re going to be with a video camera. And they go somewhere and then while they’re there, we’re tuning into them. And their location again, we’re engaging, what does it smell like there? What is Beyonds? What does it feel like? What impressions are we getting? Is there a structure here? And an important thing is that we never use nouns we just describe things. Because that could, you know are. What Joe always says is, in order to be a really good remote viewer. You have to give up being human Yeah. What does he mean by that? Well, he means that humans need everything to make sense. So if I asked you to describe an apple and our normal things when we actually did that reverse, but if I just said, it’s red, shiny and round, a lot of people will say Apple, right? Because they’ll put it all together. That’s what humans do. That’s, that’s what makes us exist and be successful that we want to make sense of it. So that’s an apple. But the problem is when you say red, shiny and round in remote viewing, and when we’re engaging in our subconscious because our subconscious doesn’t understand words or anything like that they’re more symbolic. It could be a firetruck, and then you put somebody in the wrong direction, especially if you’re working on an apparatus operational case, where it was important to say that there’s a fire truck there versus Is Oh, there was an apple there. So what we do is, as a viewer, you’re just, you’re just reporting what you perceive as an analysis, then you will decode what somebody says and make it and, you know, draw the picture from it. And so that’s what’s really important to know.

Yeah, because there was something I don’t know if you’re familiar with this incident cuz I’ve ever hearing about it. Well, I think it was Joe mcmoneagle was viewing it like a submarine or something.

Oh, right. The Russian the secret. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, he, so he is I don’t remember what the tasking the tasking would be the secret question. The tasks. I don’t remember the words, but that’s a very popular popular case, where he was getting Intel that was a Russian secret. Secret low vessel, I guess I could say, and nobody knew about it. So That’s what was so incredible. And that’s one of the things that we realize are kind of Marquez, this. This is how we know it works, because we have positive feedback from it. Yeah. And then Ingo Swann, did you ever hear that name Ingo Swann,

Brian Smith
I’m not going to read that name now.

Michelle Freed
So we call him the godfather of remote viewing, because he back then when the scientists were putting the protocol together, they found at the time the one of the best psychics in the world to help them put this together. And so he was using remote viewing and in way before we even knew this, he was remote viewing some in space, something in space, and he got the information that I think it was Jupiter has rings around it, and everyone thought he was crazy. What are you talking about Jupiter doesn’t have rings on it. He came up with a whole bunch of information about space. And and then over time, see feedback can take a long time to get over time we were able to validate a lot of his sessions that there’s no way he could have known. Yeah. And and then back to Joe, he had a session that he was remote viewing Mars. And you have there’s a YouTube video you have to see it because you have to see his sketches. And he’s a great artist. But they took the photos that they had of Mars next to his session, where he talks about this pyramid near a crater. And he drew it exactly how it shows up in the picture. And there’s literally he he did this back in like the 70s or 80s. And the picture came to us in the 90s or 2000s. So I mean, it’s concrete evidence of that he was seeing something that there is no We can do that. So

yeah, and that’s the thing about I, you know, it’s interesting. Michels were talking, I talked to skeptics about all all sorts of phenomena. And they always say, well, there’s no evidence for that, you know, there’s there’s no data to back this backs this up, you know, whether it’s mediumship, or you know, anything. And when it comes to remote viewing, I know you and I talked about this earlier. We talked a few weeks ago, there’s so much evidence that they don’t even study it anymore. No one studies it to see whether it’s real because it’s been proven time and time again.

And I’m so glad you brought that up because I am part of

a team that we put together scientific evidence that even they can’t, you know, argue with so we recently did an peer reviewed project or paper that was published in the Journal of Psychical Research, where we used dreams to predict a future outcome. We use dreams and Remote Viewing to predict the future outcome. And so what we did was, and what’s very important, and I think you will agree with this is is about the energy of intention. And that really surrounds everything in remote viewing, if not everything in life. So at night, on Friday nights, we set an intention that we’re going to have a dream about a photo that’s going to be showed to us. Okay. And what they did was how they set up the project was they we were wagering on a sporting event. Okay. And they took too Are you a sports fan? I am Yes. Okay. I don’t want to offend you. The sports teams that I pick but I have to pick the Cubs because I’m from Chicago. So the the Cubs so you have the Cubs and I don’t know the Cardinals. And what we do is associate a photo with them. So the Cubs we would say is the ocean And the Cardinals would be the desert. So the two photos are completely different. And so we have no idea we that that, again is something that’s secret we do not know the teams we do we know that we’re wagering, or we know that. The only thing we know as a viewer is that we’re supposed to go to sleep and dream about a photo that’s going to be shown to us after some game. We don’t know if it’s baseball, football, horse racing, we don’t know what we don’t know anything. And so we go to sleep and say we dream about, you know, something about water or a boat or anything that has something to do with water. And we wake up in the morning and we do a session. And we we send in the session to the project manager. And then there were five, five of us, and she would look at all the sessions and she’d say, wow, you know, for these sessions had water in it. So I’m going to make up prediction that the cubs are going to win. And then the games played. And then the Cubs, of course win. And they send us the picture of the water so that we get our feedback. So, essentially what we did and what we’re proving, is we literally went into the future. Got information and brought it back.

Yeah. And that he said, and this is the thing I also want to bring out about remote viewing because I always thought of remote viewing is just like, okay, you can physically see where an object is now without laying your eyes on it. But when you and I talked earlier, we can actually remote view the future within we can predict events.

Right, exactly. But here is a little you know, this gets into a very deep conversation and I’m probably not even qualified to even go there. But because time is not fixed. The big question that we ask ourselves when we have these questions and my jobs on the floor, while Listen to these really smart people talk about it. Is that because it’s not fixed, if you’re, if you’re observing it, then you can change it. Right. So, Joe, john Vivanco, there’s another book that he came out with. He was one of in the 90s, one of the first civilian groups remote viewing in the 90s after it was declassified. And they had, I don’t know if it was a CIA or some three, what they call three letter organization. Yeah, hired them to do counter terrorism. And they did a session where they were actually seeing a big stadium that was attacked and and there was a terrorist attack at this place. And they believe that it didn’t happen because it could have altered what was gonna happen, though? Yeah, by viewing it, you know, like, we know, I don’t know if you know, the double slit theory that observer effect. Yeah, yes, exactly. And so this is what people are talking like what’s going on here? And I come in, I chime in and I’m like, Well, I have a question. What if we can go into the future? And, you know, personally into our own future and say we have a decision to make, like, should I marry this guy? Or should I not marry this guy? You know, go into the future, find that out, send the information back, so that I make really good decisions. You know, that’s a we don’t know. But wouldn’t that be a great handy thing? Like, can you think of so many things that you would want to like kind of find out about before? Yeah, well then just choose the

other way. You just made a really good point earlier though, because we don’t understand the nature of time. So One of the one of the theories in time is everything happens at the same time. There is no linear time. That’s just the way we perceive it. So everything that has happened or will happen, and you have to use time to describe it, you could say it already has happens. It’s so weird that it gets really, really deep, really fast. So

deep, right,

but let’s talk about some practical applications of remote viewing. You said you’ve worked on missing person cases. So have you been able to locate people?

Yeah, yeah. So I, what I’d like to say is I help you know, so my, my data helps them. One of the unfortunate this was an unfortunate case. And I was getting information where it was kind of strange. I’m recalling it right now. And I remember in session, I was kind of a bird’s eye view, looking down at a subject and it was male and he I could see See the position he was in and there was blood on his forehead and a big huge rock by his head, and then there was a body of water. And then when I kind of opened up my view, you know, opened up the aperture to a wider view, I could see a dirt road that led to a kind of like rundown structure. And it was kind of a Forest City area with a lot of trees and I was very detailed, just like I’m saying, and as you can see, the detectives could triangulate because I said some very important things I I said there was some kind of dirt road with a structure, I said there was a body of water nearby and I said that there was a you know, forested area and there was a rock. So what they do is because they know where this is, and they will look at a map and triangulate Okay, where is there somewhere You know, these things all occur in you know, right this place. So what ended up happening is they were able to do this. And so here’s the feedback. It was a male subject college student that went to that shack thing and got drunk. And then he walked over to he walked over to the the body of water, and got in a boat and the boat capsized and bumped his head on it, and then he died. Wow. So I was a little off because I didn’t think he was in the water. And the rock must have been the boat. So things do get distorted in our minds. But they’re able to iron it out with you know, they can figure this stuff out. But yeah,

well that’s, that’s amazing. So, missing persons. And you had also mentioned me it’s remote viewing can be used for power. Live, is that correct?

Yeah. So, uh, some. So we practice a lot. And we’re always looking for really kind of fun, exciting things that we could, that we could do to you know, practice. So, my partner who we work with all the time, and we’re also experimenting, like, Hey, I wonder if you could do this. I wonder if he could do that. So again, the secret question was, he told me too, that my tasking was to go to a past life, and oh, and important past life, that has information that will help me become a better remote viewer. Hmm, okay. Okay. So that I didn’t know any of that. So he just sends me He goes, Hey, Michelle, I got a practice for you. He gives me a number and I sit down and do it and I So I had a lot of information in there just for me personally, it was just summing it all up it was basically telling me that I need to, you know, not be such a perfectionist, and I need to kind of let that stuff go and just be you know, more accepting of myself and then there was a strong message in there about self love. Okay, so yeah, so that that’s what I brought back from some life in the past.

So if somebody say someone lost something, could you ever vote remote viewing help to find the object that they lost?

Yeah, so I’ll tell you a really this you’re gonna love this story because if I use remote viewing and hypnosis, okay, so, um, a guy calls me up and he rented a car and the keys for this car. He lost I don’t know if you know, like some of these keys can be like $300.

Yeah, yes. I knew though. Yes, yeah.

And so he’s like, Michelle, you gotta help me. I gotta find these keys. Like, I don’t I don’t know where they are. I’m like, All right. So I said, I don’t tell me anything else. And so I sit down with a paper and I start writing, you know, some things and start tuning in. And one of the weirdest things I kept getting a cat, and I’m like a cat, like, what is going on here? I got a cat. And then I had a metallic table like thing, and then something like on the ground. So I was just like, Okay, all right. So I just put that there. And then I decided to experiment which I like to do. And so I called him up and over the phone, I was able to hypnotize him. Because one of the things about hypnosis is that our subconscious has permanent memory. We, our subconscious stores, everything. You know, we talk about the Akashic records, everything is connected to that. So every single thing that has ever happened ever thought you had every feeling you had is all stored in your subconscious. It’s just that we can’t bring them forward all the time because otherwise we probably would be going crazy. So, in hypnosis, what we do is we kind of quiet your conscious and then we open up your subconscious and we bring the past into the future. So so what I saw having no you know, knowing that I thought, okay, let’s bring his past into the now. And so I I put him into a deep state, and I brought him back to the last moment he remembered holding those keys I talked him through the day. And it was kind of I was giggling to myself because he remembered the actual, like, the dollar amount on his receipt like, do you remember the dollar amount on your receipts? Yeah. He remembered the dollar amount. He remembered everything you know. And then we get all the way to, I don’t know, up until a certain point. And it turns out as he was remembering this is that he was and this is where the cat comes in. He’s said that he was frantic that day, because his cat was sick. And this whole thing surrounds the cat being sick, the whole thing. And he said that the cat was sick, and he was, in a way starving the cat because it had a stomach problem. And not feeding it for a couple days. And this was a day he had to give the cat food So he frantically ran to the store to buy cat food. And so he was in a hurry. He wasn’t he was just freaking out having so many problems and stressed out for other reasons what I, you know, he talked me through everything. And then he got home to give the cat this food. And so we got to this point where he just somehow got blocked and couldn’t remember anymore because then I said, Okay, where are the keys? And he’s like, I don’t know, you know, he just, for some reason couldn’t get past that. So I thought, okay, let’s just take a break. So I gave him a suggestion hypnotic suggestion that you’re going to go to sleep now. And in your dreams, you’re going to know where the keys are. And when you wake up in the morning, you’re going to walk right to the keys and find them. And he’s like, okay, you know, whatever. So I’m like, and I’m crossing my fingers hoping this works. Yeah. So, um, so I, so the morning next morning, I get a call at 10 o’clock and I’m like, Hey, how are you doing? He’s like, Oh my god, I had a horrible migraine. And I’m like, okay, and you know, I’m like sitting here on the edge of my chair. He’s like, but guess what? I’m like, What? He’s like, well, I found the keys. They were exactly where you said under this metal stool in the carpet on the floor. And he thinks that the cat may have knocked it off the counter and it fell under the stool. Wow. So yeah, so we use the combination. Yeah. And it kind of paid off.

Yeah, that’s a really interesting example.

We’ll get back to grief to growth in just a few seconds. Did you know that Brian is an author and a life coach. If you’re grieving or know someone who is grieving his book, grief to growth is a best selling easy to read book that might help you or someone you know, people work with Brian as a life coach. To break through barriers and live their best lives. You can find out more about Brian and what he offers at www grief to www dot g ri e f the number two gr o w th comm or text growth gr o w th 231996. If you’d like to support this podcast visit slash grief to growth t ar e o slash g ri e f the number two gr o w th to make a financial contribution. And now back to grief to growth.

Michelle Freed
Well, I know you you teach remote viewing so if someone were to take your course what would they expect to learn?

So the protocol so we would learn the actual the steps that we do on paper we learned How to engage our physical body and open up our senses. And not only are you learning, I guess what you would say like what you do on pen and paper. But the lessons are so profound that I have learned, remote viewing that trusting myself as a person and having more confidence. I gathered from this and just having more of a knowledge of how we are as humans and how we react, you become more I don’t want to say so you become more intuitive and more. You learn how to like if you want to think it’s hard to put into words, all the things, but you learn so much about. Alright, here’s one. So we have something called an AOL and it’s stands for analytic overlay. A lot of the terms in remote viewing are the military terms. Okay? But the way I teach it, I use more civilian people terms. Okay. But AOL is a universal term. And though when you have an AOL that means that you are assuming something, or you’re using a noun, like the apple, okay? And so they come up a lot, because they do and we have to just accept them. But I applied the idea of an AOL the assumption to my everyday life. And I started thinking about how many times in my everyday life Do I AOL, meaning if somebody says something to me, and I take it the wrong way. And that would be an AOL because I’m assuming that they meant it that way. And all of a sudden, like, it’s like, I never even thought of that in my everyday life because I’m just thinking, I my session, you know, don’t call it an apple. Don’t call it a bridge. Don’t call Allow, you know, yeah, but really, it’s about not assuming. And I find like, I’m so much happier now, checking things out with people and not assuming. And so that’s like one small thing that you learn. But any question that you have in the whole world, you can ask, like, one time I remote viewed what food I should stay away from. You can ask questions about, you know, should I date this guy? Or what’s my future husband gonna be like? Or even Can I communicate? You know, my father passed away? And, you know, sometimes like, does my dad have a message? Yeah. Any anything in the whole world that you want to ask? You can do that in.

You know, Michelle’s we talked about this. It seems like remote viewing is too small of a term. I mean, we’re talking about it’s really, yeah, what’s your really well, I mean, that’s, that seems like to me a very small subset of what you’re describing. You’re talking About totally opening up my intuition, you know, tapping into that, that deeper, I guess, inner wisdom. You know, because you’re talking about, you know, you’re talking about mediumship, you’re talking about psychic ability, as far as you know, someone might go to see a psychic to say, should I marry this person? Should I take that job, whatever. So what you’re saying is, you know, through this remote viewing, I can learn to tap into my own inner wisdom. Mm hmm.

Exactly. Yes. Yeah. I mean, you’re right. And I think, you know, when I run into people, and I say remote viewing, they don’t have the same image or picture of it as what I’m describing. No, not at all. So you’re right. We do need to kind of figure out a new word for it remote sensing or, I’m not sure but yeah, you’re right. I guess, you

know, when I when you and I first talked, you know, I thought about Joe McGonigal and Russell targ. And, you know, minutes, stare at goats. And that’s all kind of interesting, but I’m like, you know what? How am I going to use that in my daily life? Right? And that’s why, you know, it asks you that question about what am I going to learn and if I take your course, but the more you and I talk and I remember the first time we talked, you talked to me about seeing the future. I’m like, I didn’t think that was part of remote viewing. So yeah, I think it’s it sounds really, really interesting in the fact that we can all do it is really intriguing.

Unknown Speaker
Everyone can do it. Absolutely.

Michelle Freed
Yeah. So let’s talk about hypnosis because I know it’s another thing that you do and you actually I was gonna ask you a question or hypnosis of remote viewing related but you’ve already tied in how they they kind of are and now use both as tools. So what kind what types of things can hypnosis help work

with? Well, hypnosis, um, you know, a lot of like, it gets a bad rap because of Hollywood. But essentially, hypnosis is part of our, it’s our who we are wearing Hypnosis all the time. Yeah. So a couple popular examples are if you’re driving the car and you You missed your exit, you were hypnotized by the road. Or if you’re engaged in a movie, and you know you’re so into this movie and you didn’t realize that somebody left the room or came in that you’re hypnotized. You’re hypnotized every day when you’re listening to commercials on you know, there’s they’re giving you suggestions to drink a coke. And I like my mouth is watering right now. And I don’t even like pop. Oh, I said pop shoot. Yeah, everyone makes fun of me for saying pop.

So I say pop to

Oh, I love you. Okay, good. So, um, yeah, so, um, but yeah, your mouth waters because they’re giving you a suggestion. And just like I i said before i gave this guy the suggestion that he’s gonna figure out where the keys are. Let us know. process it. And when he wakes up, he’s gonna walk right to the keys. And that’s what he did. And it’s the same thing, you use that same idea to lose weight to change any habits quit smoking, to become more confident. It’s all about. And then when you’re doing suggestions, it’s all about our words, what we choose to say, and our words. And I learned this biggest the biggest lesson from when my father passed away. I was fortunate to be with him. And he was always this kind of person that, you know, didn’t speak them up. He didn’t speak much. And when he did, he always had something very important to say. And even to the point where if you were on the phone, he would never say goodbye. He would say later, you know, he wouldn’t say that. So when so when he was dying, we were standing there and and, you know, everyone’s Like, we love you, you know, you’re the best dad, I love you, you know, this whole beautiful kind of thing. And he had a little tear and he smiled. And he said, goodbye. Oh, wow. And it occurred. I’m like, Oh, you know, I just learned so much from that because to me, it said, you know, only say what you mean. And I realize we’re only given so many words in a lifetime. Hmm. And we should choose them wisely. Hmm. Yeah. And, and, and that’s in hypnosis. We are choosing our words wisely. You know, we don’t, we don’t want to say I am tired. We don’t want to say I’m fat. Because whatever you put after I am, is what you become you get more of, okay. So, so it’s a law of attraction, right? So, you know, and and if you’re, if you say I’m sorry. My daughter, she one day, I’m so stupid and I said, Oh, you want more stupid? And she’s like no. And I said, well then what what do you desire? And she said, I want to be smart. I said, Okay, then say I am smart. So we have to be careful because our subconscious just hears that. You know, our subconscious just hears it, it here’s what we’re saying these things, it brings it in.

But what you’re saying is we can give ourselves that we can give ourselves another suggestions without realize what we’re doing.

Yeah. Self Hypnosis. Yeah, and that’s the thing, you start to believe things too. So I, I kind of also fell into this one where I was, I wanted to lose weight. And now think of that statement. I wanted to lose weight that was just naughty of me right now. So I want to Lose Weight. Think about what your subconscious can hear from that lose, lose, lose weight. Wait a minute, I don’t want to lose weight. I don’t want to lose anything. Yeah, so that would be not a good thing to have my, my subconscious here, but maybe I would route change that and maybe what would be better to say is I want I want to be healthy. I wanted to get healthy. So that that’s better. That’s that feels good. And so I was, you know, teasing my friend and he says, Well, you know, what, what, what size Do you want to be? I’m like, I don’t know a 10. And he goes, Okay, you are perfect size 10 and like ha ha perfect size said haha. And then the next day we were talking and he like shows me a cheesecake he made and I’m like, Oh my god, I love cheesecake. He’s like, Well, sorry, perfect size. 10 doesn’t eat cheesecake. And I’m like, oh, Right. And so that I, it was funny. But then I started like taking that on. I’m like, perfect size 10. Okay, and then I started saying it all day long, all day long. I’m like, well does a perfect size 10 snack on crackers? No. Does it perfect, you know, and then there’s a perfect size 10 where these shoes are those shoes. And then it started, I started to believe I was a perfect size 10 and then my body caught up to it. So. So that’s how hypnosis works. That’s a real thing. So when people say I don’t believe in hypnosis, I’m like, how do you not believe in that? I mean, all you’re doing is

changing the way that you think about things and then improve your life.

So I guess like we were saying earlier, when we think of hypnosis, we think about Hollywood and we think about, you know, becoming unconscious. And, you know, and I and I frankly, I have to admit because I was looking at your website earlier before we get on the interview. Looking at hypnosis and my own thing, as I always tell people, I don’t know if I could be hypnotized, because I’ve done like, you know, guided meditations and facilitate after death communications and that kind of stuff and other people will seem to go deeper than I do. So I’m sure you probably people come to you and say, You can’t hypnotize me.

Oh, yeah. Well, the thing is, is that you don’t need to be deep to tie I could be hypnotizing you now you don’t know. But you have the thing about hypnosis is that it’s you’re in control, always your control. And that if your subconscious doesn’t want, you know, to do something, it won’t. So I can never in a million years hypnotize you to stand on the table and bark like a dog. If you don’t want to, right you always have power. So it’s not something where you’re out of control. It’s the opposite. You’re actually taking control and and That’s the thing is I’m movies in Hollywood. They’re showing, you know, zombie people and right and people. And the truth is if you look at even stage hypnotist, where they get a whole bunch of people in, they get on stage and you’re like, Oh my god, I could never do that. And it’s like, well, that’s why he didn’t choose you. Because what I don’t know if you’ve been Have you ever been to a stage hypnotist gnosis Shah,

I haven’t. No, I’ve just seen him on TV.

Okay, so in the beginning what they do, and now I’m revealing a little trick. What they do is they do these tests to see how hypnotizable you are. So they’ll ask you, you know, to stand up, they’ll give you some commands and they’re watching for people that follow them. Okay, they know which ones because it is real, what they’re doing is real. But the point that’s important is that these people want to do it, believe it or not, they don’t they don’t have an issue getting up and barking like a dog. Right, but they’re not shy. Right? So, so they’re looking for those people in the audience, and they have a way to test it. So So yes, I mean, everybody I mean, if you experienced what I mentioned before, things like where you’re watching a movie didn’t realize someone left the room or came in or you missed an exit than you are hypnotizable.

Yeah, well, it happens to me all the time. I get someplace and have no idea how I got there. Or I just get my car and I start driving. And then I’m like, why am I here? Because I get on a certain path. And I start going to the place I usually go and I’m on that path and I forget to turn off to go to the other place.

Right? So you you can be hypnotized? Yeah.

And well, just the other day, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a tuna melt. Guess what I had for lunch? I have to

love it. Yeah, see, we need to start hypno marketing. That’s what we need to do.

Yeah, exactly. So yeah, I have to admit that you know, it does work. We were talking you know, earlier and we have you know kids about that. The same age, we’re talking about what’s going on right now with the, you know, the Coronavirus and how it’s changing our lives. So is there any way that hypnosis could play in to help us as we’re going through this this you know, time of stress?

Well yeah, I mean I use with my daughter waking hypnosis on her all the time. And and this comes from my heart and I’m just careful of the way that I say it. But it’s you know, she’s a millennial. And she’s, a lot of millennials are and I’m sure a lot more than just millennials, but people are feeling like this is the end of the world. And I was I talked to her and you know, kind of got her attention. So that’s hypnosis is focused attention. And I basically just told her, you know, there’s another way to look at this. This is an opportunity where you can reinvent yourself. It’s an opportunity for you to, you know, make sure that your compass is pointing in the right direction. It’s you know, the So many people out of a job right now, losing people. When you’re at a job and you’ve worked there for many, many years, you really can’t reinvent yourself. Because people know you and they’re familiar with you one way, right? That if you change your socks that day, they’ll know you change your site. They won’t let you Yeah,

they’ll push you. Right.

Exactly. So it’s a it’s an It couldn’t be, I don’t even say it could be, I’m telling her It is a very good time. It’s a good time because everybody is going through this. And so it’s your choice. How you want to react to this situation? Do you want to sit here and paralysis and fear? Or do you want to go out there and make a difference, you know, in yourself. And it’s almost I don’t know if people believe in a higher source or God but I kind of do feel this, you know, presence that’s kind of guiding us like you Read, you know, even the earth they talk about how because we’re not driving even the earth it’s get gets to breathe nicely now. So this is this could be a really great opportunity for all of us. Yeah,

a chance for a reset. Yeah, that’s I think it’s a great way to look at it. And I think it’s, it’s just because I’ve had similar conversations with my daughter, we found our kids are about the same age. But I don’t think of it as hypnosis. I guess it’s just, you know, it’s just me having a conversation with but I am giving your suggestions, right, like you said it a different way to look at it. And you mentioned earlier millennials. It’s not just millennials. I mean, right. And yet, when we have when we have some experience, you know, we can realize, yeah, we’ve been through this before. And it may maybe make it a little easier. But I admit I’ve been up and down during this time, too. I just heard yesterday and said, We might have to live like this for two more years, you know, and I’m like, No, I don’t want to look like this for two more years. I just had like a little bit of a panic. So I’m coming constantly trying to do self talk. I guess maybe that’s self hypnosis. Like, this is the way you have to look at it. You know, take it one day at a time. You know, we’ll get through this. We’ve gotten through it before. You know, I’m sure when they were going through the 1918 flu pandemic, they felt like it would never end. But it did. And every everything ends, everything ends at some point.

Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with that. Oh, I was going to give you a you know, anybody that has younger kids, or actually could use I still use it for my older kids. But here’s a good tip for hypnosis. On your way to washing the dishes in the sink, take out the garbage. suggestion. Great suggestion. It’s hypnotic. Yeah. While you’re washing the dishes when you’re done, take out the garbage. That’s hypnosis right there. Wow. And look what you get. You get clean dishes and garbage.

That’s tricky. I like that. Well, I actually lost something in my house the other day. So I’m going to see if I can see if I can find I was going to give you a test to see if you can tell me where it is, but I won’t do that to you.

Ah, yeah. Now on the spot. Oh, yikes. Yeah. Good.

But yeah, you know, this is really I guess it’s really interesting. Michelle talking to you. Because I guess we hear remote viewing, I think of, you know, military, I think of trying to find targets, you know, maybe missing persons. But I really like the way you’ve expanded that whole thing into really, you know, I think it’s tapping into your intuition which I’d never heard it put that way before. And and your subconscious and, and this, I think, deep, deeper wisdom we all have. So it makes me interested to want to find out more about it. And I know, you teach a course in remote viewing that’s offering your website. So what’s that course about?

So it is a six week course we meet on Saturday mornings for two hours and I take you through the process, and we, we jump right in right away. So you’re going to start remote viewing right away. And, and what I’m looking for, is I want to put together a team so that we can be operational, because I get a ton of calls from people, all sorts of people, detectives, government, everyday people, people like yourself. And I’d like to have a reliable team that we can, you know, make some money, you know, from some of these things, you know, Mama needs a new pair of shoes money, but, you know, not not a ton of money, but just also

you do get paid for the events or for the jobs that you do. That’s fantastic.

Yeah, yeah, some I do some I don’t like if it’s a missing person. Um, you know, but if it’s a corporation that wants us to look at their financials, I’m like, yeah, Show me the money. Oh, but yeah. Definitely, you know, there’s there’s something there.

Yeah. So let me give me give everybody your websites I’m not sure I did before it’s butterfly effects and I’ll put that in the show notes. But you can go there, you can find out more about Michelle. She does offer the remote viewing class. And also hypnosis for people that want to hypnosis and past life regressions and weight management.

Yep. Yep. Sounds good.

So, I know you’re getting ready to launch a new endeavor as an entertainment publicist. Tell me about that.

Yes, um, so I’m really excited. So I am starting a business that well I was kind of starting it on the side, but it’s kind of taking off so there’s a lot of authors out there that are finding that they publish a book and because the companies don’t have a lot of time or resources to spend on booking the author’s they you know once a book drops for the first couple months I’ll help them out but then they don’t anymore. Yeah so in dealing with at midnight in the desert, you know, our bell show, we, I I met so many people and they were all complaining like I can’t you know, I have no publicity nobody hears my book I don’t get on shows, I don’t go to conferences, things like that. I thought, Gosh, I can help you guys because I’m connected with lots of people. Oh, wow. So so that’s what I do. I help you know, authors. I don’t charge an arm and a leg you know, it’s, I understand. And I help everybody just get connected and in when they have something to say something important to say I want them out there to talk to many, many people.

That’s awesome. So will you be doing that through your butterfly effects Center website or another place?

Yeah, no, I’m not. Yeah. I’m building the website this weekend next week and it will be ready to launch very soon. And, and yeah, that’s what and and oh, and we have another radio show that we’re doing now. If people want to listen, it’s called midnight society. Okay. And it’s the And if you like, the strange and weird stuff, we we talk about all sorts of cool stuff. UFOs Bigfoot, aliens, consciousness, remote viewing everything. And this Friday, we’re going to have Deborah Lynn Katz on talking more about remote viewing and all the research. Okay,

well, I know this. There was this one be out by this Friday, but I never heard so Wednesday, May 6, so Okay. Yeah, maybe you can find it in the archives or something after it comes out.

Unknown Speaker
Yeah, right. Yeah.

Michelle Freed
Well, Michelle, it’s been really great. Yeah. Getting to talk to you and learning a lot more about remote viewing and hypnosis, to very fascinating subjects I think can help people out, you know, in more ways than maybe we realized when this episode started.

Yeah. Well, thank you so much for having me. I had a lot of fun talking about what I’m obsessed with. So it’s always good for me.

Yeah, well, um, anything else you want to say? Well, to wrap up?

Oh, no, just everyone, you know, keep their chin up and, and just be positive. You know, think good things and beauty and magic happens.

Yeah, really great. That’s a great way to end. Thanks, Michelle, you have a great day.

You too. Thank you. Bye.

Brian Smith
Bye. Well, I hope you enjoyed the episode. I want to make it really easy for you to reach me. So just send me a text 231996 and simply text the word growth. gr o w th. In fact you can right now just say hey Siri, send a message 231997 And when Siri asks you what you want to send, just say growth. You can do the same thing with Ok, Google. Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful day.

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