Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Peter Panagore- NDEs and Myth/Metaphor In Religion- Ep. 39

I invited Peter back to talk a bit more about his two near death experiences but to also discuss what his NDEs have taught him about the nature of the afterlife versus what many of us were taught the Bible says. Just little things like original sin, heaven and hell, why Jesus came.

Reverend Peter Panagore, M. Div., Yale, is the author of two best-sellers,’Two Minutes for God,” a 7/365 collection of inspirational devotions that aired daily for fifteen years on two NBC News stations in Maine to an audience of 80,000 a day and ‘Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning,”

After fifteen years on TV and FM, Peter is soon headed back into the pastoral ministry in New England. His two near-death experiences, and a lifetime of yoga, meditation and prayer practice, and his practical life as a minister for eighteen years, sets him apart among his peers. He is a mystic, a husband, a dad, and grandpa. Peter races as crew on sailboats, read science and literature, occasionally swears, and always seeks God. He says that he is not religious but that his Boss is God.



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