Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Sally Stacey- Incredible Spirit Communications- Ep. 99

I met Sally through Facebook. We have a mutual Facebook friend who communicates with his daughter in spirit via several methods. Sally always intuitively knew she was cared for. But, about eleven years ago she went through a dark night of the soul that propelled her spiritual development forward. She began connecting on a deeper level and studying the afterlife. At the time Sally had no idea her son Tommy would tragically and suddenly pass in an automobile accident in May 2019.

Now, all of her hard work would be required to navigate this journey of grief. Tommy began communicating with Sally immediately. Then, in August of this year, Tommy found a new way to communicate with Sally that was beyond her wildest dreams.




Brian Smith 0:01
Hey there, everybody. This is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth I’ve got with me today a woman named Sally Stacy and Sally and I just met this week and she has a fascinating story. I’m looking forward to you guys hearing it. Let me just read a short introduction to who Sally is. Sally was made aware of unseen forces that can guide and support us when she was young. And then 11 years ago, she had an existential crisis that sent her on a path of self discovery, healing and spiritual connection. And then what happened last year in May of 2019, her son Tommy passed.

And that actually led her to leaning into her spiritual connection for guidance, strength and comfort while she was simultaneously going through the grieving process. But Sally experienced a connection with the sun pretty much immediately. And that connection ox expanded to include her guides and others A few months later. So Sally started getting signs from Tommy like, right from the very, very beginning, we’re going to talk about some of the signs, and then recent development where she started a whole brand new way of communication with Tommy. So with that, I want to introduce Sally Stacy and say, welcome to Griff to growth. Thanks, Brian. It’s good to be here. Yeah, it’s really great to meet you, as we just we just talked a couple days ago.

And we were talking about a mutual friend of ours, someone that we both know, Marcus Lange, who gets signs from his daughter, and spirit, and you commented on there. And that’s how you and I met and you were talking about some of the signs you got. So I said, we’ve got to come on the show and tell us about it. So you said you were saying that you started, you knew there was something going on the spirit world when you were young. So start there and tell me what you what you felt,

Sally Stacey 1:37
okay. And around the age of 12, I had a little trauma happened in my life,

and quite serious trauma, and it was troubling. And we I come from a very tiny island called Guernsey and I would live within a walking distance of the sea. And I would go to the beach with with these issues with my concerns. And I would, you know, look out over the ocean, listen to the waves smell the seaweed. And in my mind, I would think things through the people involved how they were feeling, you know, what I could do to help and, and I never felt alone. You know, I just knew I was

supported for one of a better way I just knew something else existed, it was unseen. And I would often leave the beach, knowing what the next best thing would be to do. And I would do that for years and go to the beach and do that. Without ever thinking what it what it actually construed that it was I was connecting spiritually to whatever was it I never put any thought into it just it was just what I realized that that was about it. But it was something I didn’t carry through into my adult life. Yeah. So you just you felt that connection from a very early age. Yeah. Okay. And then you you had some sort of a crisis or something that that triggered you 11 years ago, what Tell me about that? I did. And, you know, I have lovely family, two beautiful kids. And happily married for over 30 years, we’ve lived in many countries in the world and got to experience many things. And I am, I found myself disappearing down a rabbit hole of emotional pain, and the trauma I mentioned from earlier in my life. And that occurred as a teenager and a little more, a bit later on. I’d sort of done the British thing of brushing it off and getting on with life. And I haven’t seen anybody I’d never dealt with the emotions or anything, I think, you know, they were the the emotions attached to that trauma just laid dormant for a long time. And they would come out in different ways they would in different situations, which created the same sort of fears. They kind of come up and resulted eventually to me, just yeah, having an existential crisis, a dark night of the soul, I reached the point of why am I alive? You know, what is the what is why am I here? I mean, what is the point of this pain is just excruciating. And I realized, you know, at the same time that all the answers leave within, they weren’t external, they were within. And that’s where I had to look. And that’s what I had to discover. And that’s what I had to heal. And,

and that’s what I did for a good couple of years. I worked hard on myself, you know, it’s difficult sometimes to look in the mirror. And that I did, and it was interesting, I had some therapy, great

woman that

helped me get back into my past and face those things, and realize what were triggering, you know, emotions over the years and I’m telling you this because it actually is quite important in growing

such a traumatic loss as a child, you know, those things that you bury because they’re too painful, they don’t go away necessarily, you know, they will just lay dormant and can affect you in all sorts of ways. And so I learned how to deal with the trauma that it occurred how to effectively processing motions, and release them, let them go. And as a result of that, over a couple of years, I, I developed spiritual practices, I began meditating, and prayer, if you want to call it prayer, you know, people often put a religious connotation on prayer. I thought, you know, it wasn’t prayer I just talked. And then it would happen in the mornings, but it was sometimes happened during the day. And during that span of time, before Tommy’s accident, there were a few times where I had knowings, come in, there was one time I was working late at night with my dog and an issue again from a long ago in the past, and when it came up, bought me a lot of pain. I literally wanted to turn it over. So you take this, I don’t want to carry this anymore. I don’t understand it. And out of nowhere, this voice, the check, can’t say is masculine or feminine, literally put knowledge in my markings that I did not know. And it was gone. That was the end of that. And that happened a couple of times, feelings of being surrounded by God or source just a couple of times, I absolutely felt it. And in those years, but nothing, you know, as big as what happened after my son passed. But during that time after, as I healed, I got involved anonymously in helping others that were in tremendous emotional pain. And I joined an online community, it’s not Facebook, it’s a lot of people there. And nobody knows who I am, apart from my first name and my affinity for some flowers. And then, you know, it’s a standing joke in the family. You know, if I was to die the next day, there’d be nobody at the funeral. But there’d be many people around the world that would mourn my loss. And I was just fine with that. I’m quite happy in that type of role. So that’s really the the background story of why, on the day of Tommy’s accident, I’d never felt more spiritually fit on Monday. I was primed for it.

Brian Smith 7:34
Yeah, it’s interesting how life works that way. Right. So we have these traumas. And I think it’s common people bury them and think that they’re buried, but the they seem to always come up at some point in life. And then we go through this dark night of the soul. And then you start work yourself. So tell me about Tommy, what what, what happened with Tommy?

Sally Stacey 7:52
Well, Tommy was Tommy was just such a child, he was shy, more of a listener than a talker. And that was a boy. And he grew into an agile, same way, but people were always drawn to be in his company. And he had a part time job, and where he’d saved his money to go on his backpacking trips each year, different places in the world. And then where he worked, you know, people that would work there, that we didn’t know him socially would, came to me at the funeral and said, You know, he, whenever he was on duty at the same time, as then they would always go and spend five minutes in his company because he always walked away feeling better. And that’s pretty much what he really said there was something quite, quite special about him. And do I think he knew what was going to happen? No, I don’t, certainly not at a conscious level. And he was very happy. Pi gift, he was just happy. He’s still in school taking degree had a part time job, he was traveling, he grown into his skin as an adult. So he wasn’t quite as shy as he had been growing up. But um, and he was loved by everybody wicked sense of humor, and he had a maturity well beyond his years, he kind of knew the important things in life. And he didn’t chase materialism or whatever, he earned money to go and explore a new country, or to spend time with his friends and so on. Lovely but so that’s the backdrop to him. And he has a system just under two years older than he is on that day. And he would heat the night before he was due to come home and watch the last episode of Game of Thrones with his sister. And because he was coming home, not going out with his mates, he took his dad’s car and for whatever reason he didn’t come home. And you know, waking in the morning just assumed he was sleeping over at a friend’s house. He often does not a big deal apart from the fact that it’s unusual for him to do that if you had his dad’s car, but you know, so be it. And I got up and I went to take the dogs out to use the bathroom side of the house. I have a big affinity with animals, all living creatures. Excluding British house spiders and mosquitoes. I think you’re working progress but, and always greet them in my day, no matter if it’s a lizard or, you know, whatever. And I went to the side of the house and there was this huge turtle enormous, the biggest turtle I’d ever seen. And we locked eyes. We just locked stairs. Mm hmm. And I went cold, I went ice cold. And I’ve never felt so disturbed in my life. Very, very unsettled. I didn’t know what it was trying to convey. But I didn’t want to know it. And, and I just stared at it. And then I broke the gaze got the dogs and went inside the house. That’s never happened before. And and that happens probably about an hour after Tommy had passed, it was going to be another four hours before we knew. That was about an hour after he passed. And basically he was coming home 6am in the morning, he’s going too fast. Distracted came off the road hit a tree, the car flipped and burst into flames. And that happened. So he he’d already passed an hour before that turtle moment. And I didn’t think too much more of it. And ironically, I went online to this group where I supported whole bunches of people and did what I did every day. And that day, I put in posted a load of Viktor Frankl quote, quotes, and an even bigger idea and Man’s Search for Meaning. And so before I knew of the accidents, and those quotes, I would go a year later on his first anniversary back to the group and see those quotes that I posted on that day before I knew of Tommy’s passing or is relevant today in my life as they were there. And then a few familiar but you know, one of the most famous Quincy houses between stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space, you have the power to choose your reaction. And in your reaction, there’s the opportunity for growth.

And that’s huge. And I chose you know, I did that and talk to my mother via Skype. The morning I had no inkling just assumed that we got a text from my husband, Kevin, Is he back yet? No. And the next thing I know, the police were knocking at the door. And that was about four hours after the turtle. And he was it occurred a mile away from home and an intersection just down the road really that you passed all the time. And as you know, it’s I don’t care how prepared you think you are for anything in life that demolishes you.

Brian Smith 13:11

Sally Stacey 13:14
That day. The shop, Foreman’s kicks in the pain and sharp lose was going to ebb and flow for months but on the on that first day I I went into the room about an hour after the police had left and and it looked like somebody that was due to return, you know, the bed made and there’s a towel on the floor and just saw made his bed. And that’s the first time I remember talking to him. I made his bed and that is the mother mode. And I was reassuring him. I said, I’m not sure where you are in now but just know we’re gonna be okay. A lot of pain, you’re gonna see a lot of tears, your dad and me and Phoebe. That will be alright, I promise you that. And I’m hoping you’re okay. Yeah, my first conversation with him shortly after the police left. And that was going to be a reoccurring sort of reassurance talk, because I knew he existed, because 10 years before my father passed. And my brother and sister wanted to pay respects to the body etc. And so I went within the three years and went to my I saw the body and I remember thinking as I was looking, that’s not my dad.

Brian Smith 14:33

Sally Stacey 14:33
that expression wasn’t his it was that wasn’t him and I knew that was just the carcass almost? Yeah, not him. And two months later, was two months after that. We were in Peru. We gone. We were going to tracks and Machu Picchu and we were climatized and to the altitude and I gone on top of a hilltop and it was over his birthday. And I saw this tiny little the sky and I thought it was a plane and international plane flying overhead. And then I realized it was moving in a, an odd, odd way. And I initially thought that planes in trouble. And then over the seats of space of 10 minutes, it actually came and landed right in front of me. And it was a white feather.

Brian Smith 15:21
Oh, wow. Wow,

Sally Stacey 15:22
no other birds in the sky have the fate of the sky and where I was, and I have the feather friend. And that proved to me, you know, we lived in Florida. My dad was backing ginsey in here, I was in Peru on the top of the hill. He touched base with me, you know, it didn’t matter where his body was, in matter where I lived. I could be anywhere. And he came in touch base. I didn’t pursue a connection with him. That was very special. And I did what it was meant to, and I just carried on with life. But memory came back. Once this happened with Tommy. And so I knew he existed. And the following day, the turtle experience came back. And I remembered you know, his favorite toy growing up stuffed toy was a turtle. One of the last presents he bought me this mug and drinking out of it, school turtles covering it. Ricky with his dad, and a new, lovely friend that I’ve friendship that I’ve recently developed with someone called Raven. She tells me that the turtle represents the Mother Earth and to her. What happened to me that morning was Mother Earth offering no condolences for what had happened. And that’s that’s beautiful. That really resonated with me when she when she told me that but so that we have it. And so how

Brian Smith 16:46
old was Sammy when he passed?

Sally Stacey 16:48
He was 2121 Okay, yeah. And I six days later, I went to the crash site. Because I knew his friends had set up a shrine. And I was aware of the conditions of what had happened. And I wanted to see the shrine so I can find them at his funeral. And there’s so much car wreckage still left there. Multan, personal possessions and so on is just mind blowing. I sent my brother back to get some boxes. And again, I remember I talked to Tommy the whole way through, I was reassuring him I’m looking at this stuff thinking, what was it like for him? And I said, I hope you’re right. You’re seeing me doing this, don’t worry, we’re going to be fine. And those sort of conversations were happening every day. And the funeral was packed. People came from my quiet boy, a listener more than a talker with a wicked sense of humor packed that place. People came from out of state that people that he’d never met that had tattoos. You know, his name people that he gained with since he was little. They just, they were just in total shock. This guy who touched so many lives. And and I wish, you know, ironically, when you think it’s a funeral of your child, it was actually a very special day. And when I look back on it, I look back at it. And with fond memories, ironically, um,

Brian Smith 18:13
yeah, you know, it’s interesting, because you say that you don’t think he knew that he was he was going to transition early. But as I talk to parents who have had kids that have that have, you know, died early, it seems like almost universally, they’re special kids there, there are people that touch people’s souls. And you know, so my, my daughter was the same way her service was was packed. She was 15. And she’d only been in public school for like, two years. So, you know, I was like, I don’t think anybody would even know she was but you know, there were there were just tons of people there. So there’s, I think there’s something about these kids that they may not know, at a conscious level, but I think at a soul level, I think they kind of know,

Sally Stacey 18:56
actually, and you just made me remember. And what was interesting to me that the time was, firstly, he hadn’t chosen his subjects for when he went back to school. I mean, it was almost school’s almost down for the summer, in May, and he still hadn’t chosen his time was really ticking and he just hadn’t done it. And secondly, he still hadn’t decided where he was backpacking in the summer, he was kind of talking about Australia, maybe New Zealand this time than me. He was due to be going in, you know, he had the money saved. And he hadn’t actually gone ahead and like in previous years, he would plot the routes, the countries and so on. He done nothing. Interesting, interesting on that front, I think. I don’t think I just feel he didn’t know on a conscious level. I think at all, but a subconscious level. Perhaps you didn’t do that planning for the very reasons you say?

Brian Smith 19:54
Yeah, well, my daughter made a comment like a few weeks before she passed. She was playing with her sister. We were up in Colombo a couple hours from where we live at my brother’s house. And she made a comment she’s playing with her sister and her cousins, like when I die like to be cremated and buried under a tree. And she’s 15. And she was healthy. And we didn’t learn that till after she had passed. And we were talking to my daughter about what should we do in terms of arrangements that we, you know, barrier, everybody cremated or whatever. And we decided for cremation. And my other daughter said, yeah, that’s what Shayna wanted. And we’re like, well, how did you know this? And she told us the story. So I don’t again, I’ll let you know on a conscious level. But that was an odd thing for a 15 year old to say.

Sally Stacey 20:36
Yes. Yeah, very much. So. And it’s interesting, you prompt me to remember something else about six weeks or so before the accident, for whatever reason, he and I talked about the afterlife. In not in a family, you know, my husband is a Catholic, and I would just class myself as spiritual. My daughter has her own concepts of spirituality. She’s very spiritual in our own way. My son at that age, just couldn’t wrap his head around anything existing afterwards. And we had to talk and he knew about my my practices and what I did, and he said, mine, I don’t want to hurt you. I just can’t see it. I think just when we die, that’s it. And I remember, it was such a lovely conversation, me looking at him thinking, I think you’ll probably change your mind. You know, as you get older, I’m sure kids go through that of not quite believing that can be your only 21. So that’s really what he he died. That was his perception at that time. And when the signs became obvious, one of my very first conversations with him was that you were surprised.

Unknown Speaker 21:47

Brian Smith 21:48
So you knew you knew right away, because of your preparation, you had done your spiritual practice, you knew that Tommy wasn’t gone? And you were you were speaking to him, saying, you know if you can hear me or if you can see me, so when did you start getting signs that he was actually hearing you?

Unknown Speaker 22:03
Well, first of all, the

Sally Stacey 22:04
funny thing is that the funeral, we played the who, Tommy, can you hear me? Oh, yeah, because a lot of his friends aren’t religious. And so we had a prayer. In the middle, we have moments of silence, we played that. And it was a young person’s funeral. You know, we play the Spotify music beforehand, and so on. And I every day after the funeral, I would go in the garden first thing in the morning, and I would sing that first line, I would look at the sky and just gently sing the first line. And then I would talk to him about his dad, his sister, me, the animals, anything and everything. And little Dane would start with that line. And I, you know, I dance the dance of denial and doubt. And is it real? As many of us do with science? He sent he got me on the third week. I yeah. And it’s this is an interesting survey, because it tells it explains something relating to signs that happened a little later on. If nobody had been in his car, he’d been driving his dad’s car at night, nobody been in his car. And I suddenly thought, you know, I ought to check it out. In case there’s any food in there. This is Florida. I said to Kevin, I’m just going to go and check in and go and have a look in the car. And he said, we’ll turn the engine over while you’re there, just to make sure everything’s okay. So took the keys, and I sat in the seat and his personal possessions of his pens and T shirts and, and so on, and tears streaming down my face. It was, you know, it was such a painful experience. And I turn the engine over, as Kevin told me to, and then I thought, you know, I wonder because whenever I drove the car, I just got a he and I shared that car for quite some time. And I would always listen to CDs and he would always turn the radio on. I wondered what he’d been listed last listen to and I turned the radio on. And the song was by Mumford and son, and I’m a mom. I’m English Mumford and son, and it was I will wait I will wait for you. As the as the song is playing, I felt the car just filled with his presence. My breath is taken away the tears is stopped and the song is belting out the chorus and out of the car and surely not No, that can’t be and I walked around to the back of the house tonight. So it’s put my arms on the fence there to think it through and I felt a presence to my to my left and I glanced over and there’s a cardinal sat on the fence where my answer to staring at me and that took me over a cane and that’s when I made the joke to him about being surprised that he continued to exist but um, the big one for me and I wrote about it online was at six weeks I saw him Yep. appeared before me. I’ve been to the funeral home that day. And he had inadvertently taught me more about the state of Thomas body than I had known about. And it was horrible. It was terrifying and really upsetting and I came home. Now, I cleared it out of my system on the way home, trust me, I shouted and sobbed and whatever, as I drove home that night, I sat outside under the stars, and I talked for him for a couple of hours, and about anything and everything. And at one point, I did mention about what the funeral directors certain I was just concerned because I’ve started reading afterlife books by now. And a lot, say that goes, they leave the body, they look back and see their body. And I was really concerned if he had done that would have been very traumatizing. And so I wanted, I asked, I thanked him for the signs that I’ve been given. And I said you if it’s possible, could you just let me know that you’re okay that you’re not traumatized? If you did, you know, actually see the body and then Okay, you know, I brace myself for something happening out there for you know, but it was just a normal night breezes and night noises. And I finished I was very peaceful as I always was after these talks I came in. And I started just to tidy things up, ready to turn in for the night. And as I turned in the family room area, there’s a small hallway that goes to the living room, the sitting room area. And he just went, he was there, huh. And then I think he was as fast as he came. He didn’t graduate materialized. He was just there. He was just gone. And then he was wearing his greens, I can still remember it to this day green sweatshirt like shorts, he had one one foot on the last of the stairs. And he was smiling, looking directly into my eyes and smiling. And

well, I had no idea that could even be done. At this stage. I didn’t have a Facebook account and had no contact with any other parents. And I’d met one person locally. And that was it. So at this stage, I was pretty much doing this on my own. And I’m grateful for that actually, those three months that I had no real contact with with others. I knew from what had happened to me what I needed to do. A my connection to spirit was based on just unconditional love. The God I knew wasn’t judgmental, he didn’t punish. So I knew I had to lean into my beliefs, lean into my connection, for guidance, for strength for comfort, to help me and help my family get through this. And at the same time, I needed to honor my grief, I needed to feel everything that needed to be felt and honor it. So in those three months, that’s really what I did. And you know, try to help with the family to help see us through, leaned into my grief and leaned into my connection. And without having any and started reading as my connection to a building. I started reading books and and by the time I came online, I I was connecting daily. I had a daily connection, I’d seen you my third in the signs, which is wonderful. And then I I became aware of how how many people were not getting those songs. And then it became a quest for me of why, yeah, how can and how can I help these people and I was a closet. person so far as my connection was concerned for the first few months online. I didn’t tell anybody I had connected, I dove into the saddest places, most painful places, and I use every life tool that I could to try and help pull those people out. Yeah. You know, your mind muscles. Your thought muscles are like physical muscles, the more they’re exercise, the stronger they get. So the more you think about that one day, the more hold it will have on your mind, and the more it will affect you emotionally. Those are the kind of things I would go in and talk about, not about my connection I and it was because not because I was scared of what people would think I was really sensitive to those parents that weren’t connecting. I didn’t understand why and the last thing I wanted to do was make anybody feel less than right. And what happened and in eight months later, seven eight months after he passed I decided I get a medium reading I didn’t need one in fact asked me Would you mind if I got one? No way connecting this issue I didn’t want insulting him thinking all this isn’t good enough. But I’d really like to have more of a two way thing if that’s okay. And he then sent me he he wrote me a text he wrote me a line on my phone. I need to speak to you Sigmund that was that was the first time he did that. And so I saw two mediums which I won’t recommend they were mixed. And they were some good stuff in them, but also some stuff that opened up a can of worms on on how he died I had because he materialized in front of me and the Replace reports and the autopsy, etc. I put back to bed, I move past it, and they do a couple of things with now was swimming around in my mind again, which is annoying. So I said to Tommy, I went outside, talk to him, I said, Look, I’m going to get a third medium, because I need now to put what they’ve raised

Brian Smith 30:39

Sally Stacey 30:40
I booked her immediately. And she was phenomenal. within three minutes, she bought him through by his first name. And then she said, and he tells me there’s some confusion over how he died. Just incredible. And and it said that that reading is interesting, because firstly, she put that to bed. And what had happened, she told me was the other mediums had psychically put themselves in the accident scenario, and we’re generating their own thoughts on what happened, as opposed to what really did. It was interesting. And I can see how that could be done. After the reading, she and I talked, she gave me an opportunity to tell her about my own connections. And partway through the reading, she kept going on about music. She’s showing me music, you’re creating music. Did you did you create the music for the funeral? I said, No, that’s one area that I didn’t have anything to do with. So no, he’s definitely showing it something that you did. And it has to do with music. And it was only after the reading when we were talking pinkley what he was meaning. And it’s important from a science perspective. All those months, I’ve been saying, He’s just amazing. You know, how he’s creating these signs, how he’s doing these things. It’s just incredible. And what he was saying was, it wasn’t just him. It was me too. I created the music in that sign that I told you about three weeks after the accident. I didn’t just randomly turn on the radio. And well, there’s a song and I connected with Tommy, he planted a thought in my mind to turn the radio on. And I said to the enough at that stage, probably because of you know, many years of connection to get it and turn you on.

Brian Smith 32:31
Yeah, I want to I want to interrupt you just for a second. I think it’s really important what you said, because I I’m an engineer, so I’m always learning how these signs work. Right? So do they? Do they put the music on? Do they tell the DJ to play the song at a certain time? are they putting thoughts in our head and what you just said, I got goosebumps when you said it because that’s what my my impression, I think they put they put thoughts in our head on the radio on now turn this on now. And a lot of things. The thing about science, science is the timing and recognizing it. So like you saw the turtle, some people might just say, Hey, I just saw a turtle. But you put that together as you thought back on it or seeing the cardinal. So I think a lot of times when people say I’m not getting signs, I think they’re just not seeing them. They’re just

Sally Stacey 33:16
not receptive to them. One of the questions further down the line that I asked me. And as, as my knowings increased, my knowings got stronger as I realized that man out of the equation, it just expanded as I trusted it. And I myself with it expanded and expanded. And I’ll just say actually from a musical perspective. Oh, quite a while later, I’m sat in the garden. My husband’s out in the car. And the knowing comes to from Tommy get dad to turn the car radio on. I think, am I really gonna risk doing this and being silly, but it doesn’t come through his voice. Great, right? So I text Kevin and I say what time you coming home and he says around six ish. And I say okay, well when you get in the car, just turn the car radio on, but don’t change the channel. And that was it because he knows I’m connected with Tommy. And next thing I know he gets in the car to come home and he sends me a photo of the radio and what’s playing and he’s t shirt. The band and the song that we’re playing on the radio are identical to the the song on the T shirt. He’s wearing AC DC back to black and put that and now the thing here is Tommy couldn’t do that directly to his dad. Dad can’t wrap his head around all of this. He believes it’s happening but he wouldn’t have got that but I got it and and he went ahead and did and as that was an interesting

Brian Smith 34:49
thing. I’m thinking Sally as we’re having this conversation is you’re talking all the prep work you did and you’re being open and your and your receptiveness to this, you know, just in general before Tommy passed, so That you are kind of a clear channel, I guess, you know, even when he passed because you were you were open to it and I, I just had something happen to me like, just two weeks ago I was I was I walk every morning. And I was like when I go home, I’m gonna make pancakes. And I hardly ever make pancakes because it’s just my, my wife and myself. And I used to make them for the girls. When they were here we were there was like a special thing we’ve done Saturday morning. So I come home, I made pancakes for breakfast that morning. Like two days later, I had a reading with the medium. And she brings up pancakes. And she says, used to make pancakes for the girls, and you would put chocolate chips. And Seamus, that was really weird, because I guess I’d never make pancakes. But I was out that day. I just had to stop when you get home make pancakes. And then so that’s, it’s weird how that all works.

Sally Stacey 35:45
My call radio signs got massive. Yeah. And I’ll tell because this ties in with prayer and sending love out. And on. towards his anniversary, my daughter had put the compilation together videos and photos, and then put elton john song Rocket Man to it. And I played it for the first time in the garden, I sat in the garden, I’m listening. And I’ve done this before with different people. And I know it’s received and I poured my love to Tommy into the universe as I listened to the song over and over, I just poured it and poured it and poured it out there. And the song finished and you know, I had tears and so on. And the knowing was to go and switch the car radio on. And I went to switch the car radio on and the song playing was rocket. And within the song, Elton John’s Rocket Man is actually quoted in the soil. And immediately afterwards, that’s how easily you’re heard. And, and not just with my son, somebody’s husband passed, and there was such a touching video of the two of them that happened very close to the passing and I went in the garden, I was so touched by it. And I pulled that same love into the universe for this couple. And for this person that had passed, put it out to him. And he came to visit he was one of my first people outside of Tommy that came to see me and with a feather and a message for his wife. And that that that again is how you how effective prayer and pouring your love out can be absolutely as received.

Brian Smith 37:26
Okay, before before we start you said you wanted me to remind you there were some signs you want to talk about?

Sally Stacey 37:31
Well, just to show a couple I wanted just a couple I wanted one from a personality perspective because they really do take their personalities to favorite signs is belongs to this little guy this is an official Manchester United take you there. Okay. And I it was on a Sunday I was due to god it was Calvin chin had a sale going on at one. And I was due to go when it was 20 minutes to one. And I already said in the morning I was going to him and and I get I’m due to go and pick up a streamer later on in the afternoon from Home Depot. And I get this tournament. I have to go and pick up the streamer now and hear it. No, I can’t come pick the streamer up now. I have something I’m doing at one o’clock. And thought came back. Literally arguing with thoughts. I have a commitment. And it just got stronger. And now I’m curious. And I know that then sessions are taped and they’ll be able to see it later. Yeah, I okay. So I told my husband, I’m gonna get a Home Depot right now and go and pick up the strimmer. So I left the crash site is you know, just down the road and on your turn right at that intersection to go to Home Depot. And a bit as I’m going down the road, I get the feeling I need to go to the crash site. So I go to the crash site park on the grass verge. And I’m told to turn the radio on so I turn it on. And the song playing is photograph looking and thinking photograph and I checked my phone for On this day in previous years was there a relevancy and to see anything so I just take a photo through the windscreen of the the area where there is a shrine where the cash pressure could be and then if I toggle to go to Home Depot, straight away, I know that I’ve not done the right thing that comes through as a big big feeling. I’ve missed something. So I get a Home Depot and I pick up the stringer and on the way back I go back park on the grass verge I think I photograph well maybe I’m supposed to take a photo of the flowers etc. Around the lumpers maybe there are some new flowers there. And I’m supposed to take a photo so off I go get out of the car walk over in between the flowers. This little teddy bear has been tucked still with a cardboard. Wow. Is there and I know instinctively that I’m supposed to bring it home as I pick it up to take it to the car. I guess This euphoric feeling inside of me. Really happy feeling. I’m laughing because we would do torrential rain and thunderstorms that afternoon. And as I watch the car, and it’s just so funny, I get in the car, and I’m just about to drive off and I get to the knowing again to turn the car radio on. I turn it on, and these glory days by Bruce Springsteen, Manchester, United signature tunes, glory, glory, Manchester, glory, glory, Man United. Wow. I mean, look at. But that takes that doesn’t come overnight. But that’s sort of dance between knowings and signs. It’s very doable. And I know quite a lot of people that have learned how to do that. Yeah, it runs. It’s lovely.

Brian Smith 40:45
Yeah, I really love what you’re saying. Because I’m actually taking a course right now with someone who’s teaching people how to communicate with their loved ones in the afterlife. So it’s, you know, but what you’re saying is we can all do it, we just we need to be we need to be open to it. We need to follow those prompts that we get and and just follow feeling

Sally Stacey 41:07
sometimes, you know, you can make mistakes. It’s Yeah, always gonna get it right. You know, you might think and you do something and it’s not and that you know, just as with everything in life, you can learn a lot by your missus is a faithful hits. So, you know, just go for it and learn from them from the missus, that’s happened to me. And but that’s how you refine what you know is, does that mean I’m supposed to do this up? No, it didn’t. It helps you to refine what you’re getting in if you if you’re brave enough to allow yourself to make the mistakes as well as the hit.

Brian Smith 41:42
So something happened in August of this year, that kind of like kicked everything up another notch. So tell me about that.

Sally Stacey 41:48
Oh, my gosh. And well, my Tommy decided, you know, just to take it another step that it wasn’t just Tommy’s my guides as well. And in mid August, I use my voice memo app on my phone to to leave messages for myself because I have a memory like a sieve. So if I’m doing something, something pops in my head, I need to do later, I just leave a little voicemail. And it was in the middle of the afternoon. And I went to leave a message to myself in my garden and there was one created at around 7am in the morning. And in giving the title of x. It’s interesting, because if he just said recording number 10 or recording number 13 I may not have taken that much notice because I often don’t give my memories titles. I just you know, but it has actually been given the title x and my son like a lot of people he played in my phone all the time. So I knew this was likely something and I listened. And you can hear me from at that time in the morning, pottering around, you can hear my footsteps, you can hear me talking to my husband at one stage. I can close to the phone, then I get very distant and hear the cat meowing for breakfast. within it all. Then there is a whispered

Unknown Speaker 43:09

Sally Stacey 43:09
oh my gosh. And it actually sounded like him. And I sent the recording to three friends. And they all got it. They all heard it. And I thought perhaps of happening. That’s just incredible. And interestingly enough, I’d already had some contact with Susan Gizmo before over grief and possibly grief for parents. And at this time, I am then being nudged to contact her again. And I know literally pushing against it. No, I can’t do that. She’s really busy. I’m not know, I didn’t get back. And Kim came again. And eventually I did. And tonight I had had come to me basically. And I reached out to a six nine has been and here’s a recording, you know, for you to listen to. She listened to it. She couldn’t hear it. And I was just devastated. I couldn’t make so I went back to her message the back said this makes no sense. Why would deny that tell me to come to you this recording for you not to be able to hear it. And then Sunday came and she had the little lip twitching bit that kids came back to me. So Naya It was a teaching moment for me. And I absolutely confirmed that it was your son that made that message. And the teaching moment is you have to, you know, stay firm in your beliefs. You know, it was him You have to stay firm with that because there are going to be people that are going to doubt this. They’re going to doubt the fact that it was him, which is very true. And now looking back in hindsight, that was a very important market for me when I think what’s happened now because there are going to be major doubters about what’s happened since Then, you know, so it’s a good a good moment for me then. And after that, he then made a further message. This time I spotted it, I was walking between the kitchen and the living room. And I must say it was 630 in the morning, had a coffee in one hand phone and the other swung the phone up. And my phone, my voice memo app was open, and it was recording. And so I popped the the, my coffee cup down, pumped my hand on top of the zoom, which just happens to be in that area. And I was behind. And I let it record until I sat down, started ordering, played it back. And after my high, he says, Hey, wow, that’s just amazing. And then he did a third one. And he said mom again. And at that point, I’m thinking, I wonder if I can instigate doing this by now, since last November. So for the last year, I’ve been able to feel the presence of spirit, whether it’s Tommy or somebody else, I can feel it. And so I know I can draw his energy toward me. And he’s happened with other people as well. So that’s what I did. I focused in on him, waited till I can feel his energy, hit the record button and recorded a message leaving gaps to see if he’d answer. And he did. I played it back and he was there. And it was just like mind blowing. And then we started this new this new relationship.

Brian Smith 46:33
So I have to ask you, did you know about ebps? before and this Electronic Voice phenomenon? No,

Sally Stacey 46:39
I knew about it. But I had no interest in it. And I didn’t. I know the the thing, mashup human words, other background noises to make them Frankly, I’m complete, I should say I’m completely deaf in one ear, and partially deaf and in the other, which is hysterical. And this has been brought to me. And but as Susan, Sophie, what’s happening with me is I am click constancy, knowing those words a lot of the time, but that’s part of further down in the story at this at this time. And we I then could just literally take my phone anywhere. I could walk the dog and talk to my son be in the garden. I can I can. I talked to him when I voted presence with me as I’m walking back to the car. I said to him, because he didn’t have it didn’t you know, he didn’t have a chance to vote when he was here? I said, Did you just vote with me? And his Yes, was louder than my question. And, and so on. So. And,

Brian Smith 47:41
yeah, it’s really interesting, Sally, because you’re what you’re doing is for people that don’t know, it’s called Electronic Voice phenomenon and what people have done in the past, there’s different ways of doing it. Some is using humans gibberish, and they create this background noise. And we’ll ask a question, and then spirit, I guess, somehow manipulates it into forming words. But you’re not doing that you’re just using the voice memo app on your phone, which is awesome. My friend Marcus, you know, our friend Marcus is doing with with his daughter and his guides and spirits. They’re actually talking back and forth on the phone. So

Sally Stacey 48:12
I’m curious if he’s because I don’t need any background noise.

Brian Smith 48:16
Yeah, I don’t think he knows either. But Marcus is a physical medium. So I it’s because I’m working on the soul phone project. So this is all fascinating to me, because we’ve got different people doing things different ways. So in your analogy is doing her thing in a different way. But I think people like yourself. I think you’re, you’re like a medium. So somehow spirit is using your energy.

Sally Stacey 48:36
Well, I have had flashes of children through and I was told I was that was going to happen long before it did. But I didn’t I couldn’t, you know, I think it isn’t giesen kept a really good friend. She they’re incredible what they can do. I just know I can’t do anything like that. And

Brian Smith 48:53
this is different. We have different types of mediums, their type of abilities, like I said, Sonia Rinaldi, she doesn’t Bell herself as a medium. But if you took her equipment and gave it to somebody else, they can get the results that she gets.

Sally Stacey 49:06
This is now this is the where it got interesting for me. I actually was getting a little scared about what’s happened, what was happening because I’m well, it expanded. The next thing happened was my guide started using it Bailey’s messages. And from there, I spoke to somebody that made cvps with her son in a traditional way. And she had loads of messages from him and the next day and I’m talking to Tommy, he came to mind and I now realize he put himself in my mind. And he left a message. And then I realized, you know, if he left a message, maybe others queued. And I went, you know, I contacted a group hot smiles is a group and it’s got three administrators in it. I asked them if I could contact their children. And they said yes, and I went to each of them. All I do, is I knew what they’re doing. Children like anyways, I think of their children and focusing, wait till I feel the energy come in, then I record and I asked questions. And from there, a friend’s son just invited himself into recording. And that was really lucky for her, it actually sounded like him. And it just grew. And I let people know. And then people started coming to me. And then I wanted to just with my science always been really keen to make them as evidential as possible if I’m going to showcase them out there to help people believe. Thank you. So give me questions, preferably always learning that they prefer short answers. They are yes and knows, but also just single words. So it’s interesting, they can be very deliberate in their choice of words. So they can say the minimum amount of words possible to say something much bigger. Yeah. That’s interesting. So I asked, preferably, yes, or no answers, but things I don’t know. Just give me questions. And it’s just been astonishing what’s come back. And it’s, it’s interesting, because some people come through some children come through crystal clear, some children come through sounding like themselves, some don’t, some are so faint, the whispers that I have to pull the volume up so high it, you then have to use cleaning tools to take a static out. So you’ve got a winning sound running through it, which is a shame, because I have no background noise in these recordings. And some sound as if they’re on the other side of a football pitch, just weigh in the distance very clear that way in the distance. And why they come through like that. I don’t know. But I, I’ve asked my guides, I’ve had lots of feedback on this from my guides. And one of the things that come back with is you have to learn to do this. It’s not a given for everybody on the other side, they have to learn to do this. And is one of the things just like one of the answers that one of the children came through one of the mother asked to you, I you spending time with me every day, are you sending signs? And his response was I’m learning, which I thought was interesting. Yeah, they come they have come thick. They have such wonderful answers, personality coming through as well. And I like the balance that comes through a smidgen of evidence just to show and then some personality. And a lot of the time, I’ll ask, you know, can you tell your mom that you love your lover or something? Let’s say the message for your mom. And it’s the one one ad and he turned around? He said, you tell her? Yeah, yeah. And your mom said, Oh, my God, that’s exactly what he say. And other people have come through one, they sometimes put thoughts in my head to ask, I go in with not really planning much of what I’ll say. And find myself asking a question about some flowers for them to then respond dreams. For then the mother to say, Oh, my gosh, I I’ve had a dream visit with him, involving some flowers, like a validation that I wouldn’t I not intended to ask that. Likewise, another one with a little girl of three. I found myself asking her, you know, what’s your favorite color? And he planted that so she could then turn around and say yellow and pink? Yeah. Now in the mother’s like, Oh, my gosh, and so on. It just builds it’s

from a personal perspective, I reached out to my dad 11 years since he passed and that was he was there for Tommy when Tony passed. He said his mum and dad and so on. It was It felt so strange. And and he I confirmed to him I asked him about a couple of the signs of not having any signs from him and he confirmed them. And then my mother hearing that he wanted me to get hold of her father. And now he died when I was very little I didn’t really have a relationship with Him. And that was an odd thing. I asked her to send me a photo and I focused in on this old black and white photo, called his name, felt his presence introduce myself as his granddaughter and his daughter and wants me to do this. And he answered some questions that she asked me to ask. And then I said you know, my mother, your daughter, she loves you very much. Have you got a message for and he’s one of these that’s talking from a mile away. Clear but so faint. I just know it’s there. The sound line is flat, but I know it’s there. And you pull it up and you pull it up and you pull it up and I’m getting Lindy loose just fine. And it was said in a Lindy Lou just fine. made no sense to me. So I went to my mom and I said, this is what I’m guessing. Is this mean anything to you? And she said, Oh, my gosh, Sally, I’ve not heard that in over 60 years. That’s what he used to call me when I was looking

Brian Smith 54:54
a while. Why?

Sally Stacey 54:56
And that sort of made me very emotional. I guess being contacted somebody that’s been dead 4550 years. And it’s not been them. It sounds wonderful and exciting. But it’s, I’ve been. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride as well. As this has opened, it’s been. It’s been interesting. I know. We mentioned cat before. She’s huge. She’s been enormously supportive without me when she first saw how she knew, and she sent me things and suggestions of grant how to ground myself and all sorts of different things. And I really needed that because this was just such an unknown territory for me. I, I felt like I’d gone from nought to 50.

Brian Smith 55:44
Yeah, yeah,

Sally Stacey 55:46
in a couple of minutes. But it’s it’s. And the other thing I did was, I was so keen on helping as many people as I could, by doing this, I just sit in the garden and do four or five recordings, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, no issue is really lovely. And it was every time I come in and ask questions. And that’s easy, then. And then you might have 10 minutes worth of, of recording, that I then transfer over to my computer. And there’s a flatline unless they Loudon, and you can obviously see it, and you watch every single second. Yeah, flatline. And remember, I’m deaf. I just know where there is words in that flatline. But it takes a lot of concentration and spit. I feel presence of spirit when I’m doing it. It’s pretty damn sure they’re behind it. Yeah, I can’t do five. I cannot do five on the chart. I lose it. It goes. And there was one time I there was another waiting for more recordings to come through. And I literally had to say, I’m sorry, I can’t I have to stop for three hours for a few hours. My ears have gone tired.

Brian Smith 57:00

Sally Stacey 57:00
I will still put it but I literally it stopped. Yeah. Then that was the learning curves to meeting. You can’t just expect each and yeah, so

Brian Smith 57:13
yeah, it takes it takes a lot of a lot of energy to do what you’re doing. And I know, I think we talked about Sherry pearl. And you and I talked the other day, and she was doing some things like this. And yet the recording is one thing but the parsing through and finding it and then enhancing it. And not everybody can hear of the word. So it’s essentially you what Suzanne casement said, you know, is this really happening? And she couldn’t hear. But there’s something about the interpretation also, that that requires, I think, a connection?

Sally Stacey 57:44
Yes, yeah. Because there have been times when something’s very clear to me, and I’ve passed it on. And I just didn’t hear that.

Brian Smith 57:51
Yeah. What do

Sally Stacey 57:52
you mean, you don’t hear that. And that has that has been part of the learning curve, too. And what I tend to do now is I’ll sit on a recording overnight, and I listened to it again in the morning, 99% of the time, I have sent out recordings that have been heard. And so it’s doing what it’s meant to do. And I’m really, really pleased at that. So the majority of the time what’s going out is heard otherwise, I’ve actually stated now, if I don’t think it can be heard, or if it’s so quiet that I know that by pulling up the volume and then having to use static tools, it’s not going to be good. I’m just not going to even attempt to do it. I will write your transcripts. And that’s all I can do. I could spend all day on something that’s not going to sound good at the end of the day. I can hear it really clearly. But one other thing and this is Susan Gibson’s observation, I sent her a recording of me telling my son as I walked my dog late at night, I love you. And he comes back with I love you.

Very clear. There’s no sounds, and this is what I went what because I was directed to go back to her again. And I had a fear because all I kept hearing from other EVP people was you have to have a background noise. You have to have a background noise for them to use. And I’m not and she used to be a linguist and she listened to this recording and she came back and she said I listened to the second day love you it’s got tones of your voice in it. And she found that fascinating. I found it horrifying my initial thought was oh my gosh, I said I love you twice that was me and and I literally thought and it only happened in a very small amount of cases. And but it has happened before and for a while I thought this is just ridiculous. How am I going you know a little crazy here and then I realized when I went back to the original

recording that hadn’t got the second I love you bumped up to match sound volume wise for the first yeah Soundwave for the first time love you normal sound. The second I love you, which is crystal clear, slightly sharper pitch than mine. And quickly more quickly said it is so tiny, it barely bumps the sound when there is no way a human could have said that in such a quiet tone. So what her suggestion was on notice is they are using the sound energy of my voice from my earlier comment to create the second comment. Yeah, that was a suggestion she you know, but I

Brian Smith 1:00:29
think there’s something to that because even with the jibberish the the theory is the hypothesis, I guess is that they’re taking the gibberish, which is chopped up human sounds. And there’s somehow manipulating those and putting them together to form their words. So it’s it’s, it’s it would be a similar type of thing. They’re using your energy to form the sounds that you’re hearing. And we don’t know how it works. We probably won’t for

Sally Stacey 1:00:52
I have I have asked Firstly, it’s it’s funny, because I do I am now sorry to my kids. If they don’t want to answer a question. They just don’t. Let’s face it. I think it’s partly to do with I’m not supposed to know that at this moment in time. And that’s fine. And I’m fine with it. And I did ask them, you know, with this the three the spirit world, the human the phone? How big a part does the phone playing in relation to the two other components? I’ve asked the question twice, and both times they came up with nothing. Hmm. And I thought that was interesting. Because people asked me what what phone have you got? What’s your voice memo app? Yeah, it’s not the phone is with me in the spirit world. And this is just the thing in the middle.

Brian Smith 1:01:43
And I think that’s absolutely true. And it’s like I said, it’s really interesting working on the cell phone project. Because what Dr. Schwartz is trying to do with that is this spirit energy, however, they’re, they’re using it. And this is like physical touch is so light, it’s so hard to measure in our world that the noise around is actually loud that we have the signal to noise when you’re in silence or the noise is so high compared to the signal that the thing is getting that subtle energy. So it’s not in that case, it is the equipment. And that’s what we’re really working on. So it makes

Sally Stacey 1:02:19
yes twice now as well. Since I knew we were coming on about the cell phone is against those times they came back and said yes.

Brian Smith 1:02:27
Yeah, it’s really been an interesting journey. I’ve been on the project now for about three or four years. And and that’s the that’s the challenge. So it’s always fascinating for me to talk to someone like yourself, or like Marcus, who was just he has a microphone that they’ve actually somehow spiritually manipulated, and he’s communicating through a microphone and how stuff works is crazy. And you were telling me you did the Scrabble tiles at one time to write

Sally Stacey 1:02:50
how I learned that Marcus I did because of what he did. And I put a load of Scrabble tiles in a flat cobbled pizza box under my bed under the bed in his spare bedroom. And sure enough, the tiles are moving. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to be said. And then my puppy got in there. been there for about a month by that stage. I kept it very secure. And she just saw them barks and wash.

Brian Smith 1:03:14
So people so people know Marcus Actually, that’s one of the ways he started communicating with spear he would put Scrabble tiles in a box and put it under his bed. For some reason it takes weeks or whatever for them to start to manipulate them, right. And I’ve seen some of the messages gotten from his daughter, and they’re just incredible, like full sentences.

Sally Stacey 1:03:32
I might do that. Again, actually, you have to be patient, that’s you have to leave it there for a long time by the sun. But mine was shifting, they were definitely moving. And I sent him a couple of pitches as they moved. But they weren’t into the forming of words yet. But I’m going back before I forget to the the message is something else that I asked. And you’ve seen these diagrams you get what raises your vibration and what lowers it, you know, these lists on either side. Thankfully, you know, I tick off a lot on the what raises your box, but I also take some off on the lower side. I still am prone to feel insecure, and I can feel shy. You know, I have things that definitely are there. I’m a human being, you know, and it surprises me how this has opened up and one of the questions that I was asking them I said you know, I talked about the vibration levels and I talked to I literally said to my guides about this chart I’d seen and I’d said I take off some of those boxes on the low vibration side. And yet I can I am able to do this why? And they came back with them in a very loud you know, it’s really loud. Ready, you are ready and later on the same recording probably. I’m asking everyone Going to be able to do what I can do with my phone. And they came back and said not ready. I think. And I don’t think any not everybody’s ready. And I think they mean some people are not ready. In other words, yeah, not a case. If you can all just tap in just like that, I think there is a readiness perspective to be able to do it.

Brian Smith 1:05:25
Yeah, there is something to that. The other thing is, I love having this conversation with you. Because we started off talking about like, recognizing the signs that our loved ones give us like the turtle and the cardinal, and the songs on the radio so that we can all open ourselves up to receive in those signs. And I’ve talked to people who are mediums and some people say, Well, everybody can be a medium anybody can train to be a medium. I don’t know that. I believe that, I think, I think it’s like playing a musical instrument. Some of us have the ability, we could just pick it up and be like virtuosos. And some of us would have to really, really work hard to plank, plank out, Mary had a little lamb. And that’s probably as far as we’re gonna get

Sally Stacey 1:06:05
this back on to what you’re saying in the fact that we are all unique individuals, we are a sum of our life experiences. And in that respect, none of us can ever fully fit into another person’s shoes. Right, right. And so it stands to reason, then, that our connection at whatever level is also going to be equally unique. What is going to work for one person or what is a combination of things that will work for one person will not work for another, we’ve all got strengths and weaknesses? how honest can we be in recognizing what our strengths are, and what our weaknesses are and what we need to work on? What needs to solidify, you know, all these things is, is right back into an individual perspective, I can’t make anybody else do this. It’s each person is on their own journey, I all I can do is share my story. And if any of it resonates or help somebody else in theirs, then that’s the best that can do. And likewise with me listening to other people’s stories, and I listened to many I’m, you know, early on when my signs were slower and further apart, and so on. I never felt not fair. When I saw other people getting more, I was just like, well, and I would listen to the background to that happened, what happened? And it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the same as my journey. But the more I understand, the more aware I am.

Brian Smith 1:07:34
Yeah, I was thinking. I think of the Rolling Stone saga, you can’t always get what you want. But you get what you need. And I think because people have asked me about my connection with my daughter, and I can talk to people like you like yourself, and I could be jealous. Well, I didn’t get to. I haven’t seen Shana, you know, for example, or people said, I felt my loved one touch me. And I’m like, I haven’t gotten that. We all have different different relationship, different things and different things that we need. And I think we get what we what we need at the time. But if you’re open to it, you can start to develop it and you can and as you’re saying, you know, I’m open to follow that prompt, turn on the radio, go out and do this. Now I’ve got, I’ve got lots of stories where I’ve like, just got a nudge to go out and do something. And I went out and did it. And it turned into something really amazing. And I had no idea what I was doing when I when I wanted to do that thing. So just start following those things. You know, if you get a nudge to do something, just follow it see where it goes. Yeah,

Sally Stacey 1:08:30
yeah. And if it doesn’t go anywhere, that’s the lesson in itself.

Brian Smith 1:08:33
Yeah. And, yes, so well. And speaking of that, I have to tell people how you and I, you know, ended up connecting. So I guess we connected a little bit on Facebook before we were in the same places that I liked something you had said. And you’re like, well, if he really wanted to reach out to me, he reached out and you didn’t contact me. And then you want to you’re you said you turned over a dish the other day, and I’ll post the picture. You sent me a picture of it. You said your name was on the back of a dish. I’m like what? But it was set. It was there on the back of dish B Smith. And so you decided to contact me

Sally Stacey 1:09:01
next morning, that was literally I looked at the message you hit like metal. I’d love to talk to you about this. And I thought, Well, you know what, if he’s interested, he’ll contact me. And that’s that this is my my guides nudged me in all sorts of ways. Yes. If I was left to my own devices, I wouldn’t be meeting as many people reasons. Another one, my guides, literally, she doesn’t mind me talking about it on a message on the end of recording that I was making with a child about Raven. And from the details they gave me, I was able to find who she was. Yeah, that’s some lovely conversations. And as a result, you know, then let me know. And that was a big nudge. And that’s when I reached out to you and we’re having this conversation. I had no idea you were involved in the soul phone projects. And this is what I got. This is just what I’d like to do. All right, so I want to see if I can make a recording.

Brian Smith 1:10:03
Yeah, sure.

Sally Stacey 1:10:04
Again, I won’t be able to show it to you now, but

Brian Smith 1:10:08
yeah, absolutely.

Sally Stacey 1:10:10
This I tend, although they were made with Tommy not using an earpiece, and I like using an earpiece when I make them because I’m completely deaf in one ear. So when I use an earpiece, he kind of, I go into my own little world. From the outside this there is no sound in this room. I don’t know if it will work. But let me see if this earpiece is actually yeah, it’s on. Okay. So, I’ve I’ve just gone into my standard sort of, I don’t think you can see it. It’s a voice memo app on my phone. Nothing Tommy for a second. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30
I’m Brian. The screen.

Sally Stacey 1:11:34
Brian Smith, he got a message. 1145 Oh, exactly. One minute. And yes, I feel presence quite strongly. So be interesting, then. I’m telling you the time and the eggs and the exact length. afterwards. I don’t listen to it on my phone, because usually it’s too quiet. Often if I want to skip the computer as I look on my iPad, because I can see the recording. But the voice memo itself on there, it has the same app. And I can see the sound wave. Yeah, I can just tell when there’s going to be you know, looking at the dots of the sound waves if there’s something there. And then I get all excited and transferred on my computer onto wave pads, bump up the volume and listen to the whole lot. So immunity. It won’t take me long to do.

Brian Smith 1:12:52
Awesome. That’s awesome. Well, so you’re you’re doing this for other parents now. Right? I think this is particularly doing it for parents. So Can people reach out to you to have you do it? or How are you? How to connect with people?

Sally Stacey 1:13:05
Yeah, I have a quite a long list. And okay, I am trying to limit it to two to maybe see two a day, maybe three? Yeah, yeah, if it comes to clear, and some of them really do some of them. It’s really easy. I don’t do anything apart from triple and volume 13 to recording segments that are easier to send out. That’s it, you have to raise the voice or raise it, raise it and raise it and then use tools to bring the static down. Some of it is slightly muffled. And it’s really difficult to make out what they say. So those recordings can take a long time. And what I do with some and I have three at the moment, is they’ll come through maybe with two or three, clear and comments. And the rest is really good enough to make a recording. So I’ll make notes and I’ll put it in my file as pending. The next day when I do another one out, go back to that person and see if I can get more. And I might do that two or three times because I like to end up with a really clear name. And something more than a yes or no. If I can have an insane name that seems to go down really, really well. If I can have something validating that I can’t possibly know that’s just brilliant. And then I love you as some sort just and also without every single one has come back you know do you spend time with your mother with your parents and we do with Yes, they say it in different ways. Yes, absolutely. Sure. Learning but there’s always it’s always been positive. And I always since last November, November since I could feel Tommy’s presence like I just did. Every time I think of him, I he comes I feel him. And then there are other times in the day I might be doing something like either the dishes something mundane or I might be chasing a dog My dog that escaped that happened once. And I feel him come. So he comes when he wants to, and he comes when I asked him to, but he’s certainly not here all the time. And that’s fine. I hope that he’s off either having a blast or, or doing whatever he I know he helps other kids the transition, sudden death transitions and I know you helps with these cvps with my, my guides have actually come through in my EDP recordings. I had one child come through, and I’m in the garden, and he got really noisy first the car went past on the private road behind the house, I pause there in an airplane went over her eyes. And this was somebody who had not been expecting this person came in of their own accord. That so I wasn’t sure who I was who it was in relation to apart from the fact that related to the previous recording, I’d done. They knew this previous recording. So there was a space with some quiet and time type quickly set the name to speed up them responding before another noise was made. And my guides came in, almost with a slight reprimand it was and said, play 10 minutes. And then after then she then came back and she said I’m ready. Oh, wow. And then we went. And that was interesting. That’s that’s a that’s the first time I’ve heard them come in, literally say something in it. Yes. Rushing for a response. And interesting.

Brian Smith 1:16:33
Well, Sally, I am really glad that you reached out to me. It’s like I said, it’s really interesting, because the timing happened to work out that you know, I had this the slot available. And you reached out to me, you know, when we made this happen? I think you’re, you know what you’re doing, you know, where you are now everybody should say okay, I’m not going to get my phone and make make voice memo. Maybe not everybody can do that. But we can all start to look out for those signs and, and feel those signs and they just pour that love out. I think that’s a big part of it. When I hear people talk about that. Just pour that love out and you know, talk to your kids know that they’re still there. No, they’re still involved our lives, they tell us all kinds of ways all kinds of times, that they’re still a part of our life. So we don’t have to wait till we die to see them again. We can we can have that relationship even right now.

Sally Stacey 1:17:21
Absolutely. Yes. And I love is always there, even if you’re not feeling them, and no reasons. I think that there are phases when you don’t feel the presence or in the early days, there are perhaps things that you need to be doing. And in this plane, I get that feeling anyway, I but to know they’re always there. I mean, what I was trying to say before about being able to pull in other kids just by thinking of them, to me, exemplifies what I’ve been saying the last year, they are only ever a thought away. It just happens that I can feel them when when they come there any of them and hopefully other people will begin to do that. But in the meantime, I didn’t feel him before last November. I didn’t have that feeling a sense that he was there, and then happened. But before then I didn’t know for sure. Yeah. Go through the process anyway of trusting and being.

Brian Smith 1:18:21
Yeah, well, Sally. I really appreciate it. It’s been fascinating talking to you and getting to meet you and learn about you know your relationship with Tommy and the things you’re doing and I think this is gonna help a lot of people so I really appreciate you doing this.

Sally Stacey 1:18:35
Well, thank you. Thank you for you know, asking I loved him and I’ll get back to see if there’s anything on that recording.

Brian Smith 1:18:41
Alright, sounds good. Well Enjoy the rest of your day

Sally Stacey 1:18:44
and you cheers bye

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