Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Sue Pighini- Transformation, NDEs and Life Lessons

Sue Pighini is an award-winning author on the subjects of near-death and the wisdom that comes from such experiences. Sue has had 3 near-death events, one as recently as November 2019.

Her passion is helping others discover more about themselves after an extraordinary experience – combat, death of a loved one, the coronavirus pandemic, loss of a job or career, financial hardship, etc.

Life is all about CHANGE. All about “reconstructing” our lives. In this interview recorded in early April 2020, we talk about the elephant in the room that is causing disruptive changes in all of our lives, the coronavirus pandemic.

Sue is also a seminar leader, Transformational Life Coach and motivational speaker. Her deepest desire is to help others understand their unique, extraordinary spiritual selves. Her wisdom from the angelic realm has propelled her into seeing more of the “big picture” for humanity which she loves to share with others.

Each person has “signed on” for experiences and challenges in this lifetime. What are the gifts and talents that we were born with to assist us in meeting those tasks head-on?

You can reach Sue at:

Sue’s most recent book is: “Expect the Extraordinary”

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