Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Susanne Wilson- The Carefree Medium

This is a great episode to kick off the new year, recorded the last week of December 2020, we talk a bit about where Susanne sees things headed in our future. I’ve known Susanne for almost five years. Through a series of synchronicities, Susanne was one of the first medium readings I ever had and man did she set the bar high.

Susanne is a natural medium. It runs in her family and she has been seeing and hearing from Spirit since she was a little girl. She was highly successful in the corporate world before deciding to take up mediumship and spiritual teaching as a full-time profession. Today, Susanne is in demand around the world for her spiritual insights, her teaching, her meditations, etc. Her book Soul Smart- What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication is the book I recommend when people ask me “What is the best book I can read on spirit communication”.

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Brian Smith 0:00

Hey, everybody, this is Brian Smith back with another episode of grief to growth. And today I’ve got with me my friend Suzanne Wilson. I’ve known Suzanne for about five years now. Suzanne, in case you don’t know, she’s an evidence based medium. She’s a spiritual teacher. She’s a writer. She teaches classes, she does events, she’s written books, she has guided meditations. She does group and individual sessions. And we’ll get into all the different ways that Suzanne offers or services to connect with spirit. But I met Suzanne about as I said about five years ago after my daughter passed away, and a mutual friend connected us and Suzanne did a reading for me, which I still go back and listen to every once in a while. It was just it was amazing. I felt like it was weird. I felt like I was I know I’d known you forever because we were just having this conversation on the phone. So that is want to say welcome to Suzanne Wilson.

Susanne Wilson 1:36
Thank you. Thanks for having me, Brian. I’m so proud of you and the work that you do. Well, thanks. I appreciate that. Well, you You’re a big part of setting me on the path. And I remember in that reading, you kind of told me that this was kind of it was coming up in front of me. And that was that was six months after Shayna passed. And so I had no idea it was coming. Well, it definitely wasn’t me telling you, you know who was telling you, but it’s an honor to be of service and to be that messenger? Yeah, absolutely. So um, I always assume that people know like Suzanne Wilson, cuz you’re like world famous. But I want to tell people your story and who you are and how you got to be where you are. So how did your gifts develop her the first start to manifest themselves.

In childhood, I was that weird, outcast kid that nobody wanted to pick for teams. Nobody wanted to eat lunch with and it was because our basically I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about seeing colors and lights around people. And that’s that’s a struggle there to think you know, kids all just want to fit in, right? Yeah, yeah, we’re kids. We just want to be normal. So how did that? Ya know, you had a nickname when you were a little kid too. Right. Crazy, Susie? Yeah.

You have done your homework? Well, I’ve known you for a long time. We’ve talked several times. So yeah, but you know, I know that feeling of just feeling different and kind of feeling out of place. So how did that How did that go for you and your tribe? How did that progress? Well, first off, I think a lot of your viewers and listeners can relate to feeling out of place, or feeling like they don’t belong. And it affects us in different ways. For me, it forced an inward journey at a very, very young age. And I’m talking about even in I was in headstart, which is a program that I think they still have for low income children to get a headstart in to get a meal and to have some learning and development before even going to kindergarten. And I can remember, I was so overwhelmed by all the lights around all of the other kids that they had this, this big rocking horse thing where one kid could sit on one side and one could sit on the other in this in the toy room. And before headstart would would begin, they, the teacher would come in, put it up on its side and lean it up against the corner in the wall. And then class would start all I wanted, I was there for the treats. I was just I didn’t care about the class. And I didn’t care about playing with the kids because I was just watching the lights. But one day, it was so overwhelming. I hid behind the rocking horse toy. And I hit the whole it was the whole session until treat time I came out and that that that bought me a phone call home from your principal. And so it was pretty much

it was it was like a roller coaster. After that of me pretending to be six I didn’t have to go to school. And then in first grade, second grade, getting beat up on the playground, I always had skin knees because I was you know, I was just a kid and overwhelmed and I would say like look, there’s there’s somebody standing behind you and I think this is your grandma And of course the other child would look. And if you know, they weren’t tuned into it, they think I was messing with them. I don’t blame them for calling me crazy Susie, do you?

Brian Smith 5:11
Yeah, you know what little kids are just there. They’re gonna do that. But you know, I think it’s interesting. A lot of people come in somewhat tuned in, I think I think that kind of goes away, usually by the time we go to school, but for you that stayed on and you could you can see the spirits. So did you talk to adults about it? Didn’t Adults React?

Susanne Wilson 5:29
Well, you’re right, in the first four or five years, especially kids, if it’s encouraged, they can tune into loved ones around them or angels, you know, imaginary friends. And for me, it wasn’t going away. It was getting stronger, and more clear. To where I did talk to adults. I told my mom, I’d say mom, that man is purple. Mom, that lady is is green, or whatever. And I didn’t know what any of this meant. But at some point, she called in her dad, my granddad, who was a Presbyterian preacher. And as it turns out a closeted medium. And so when he asked me why I was faking sick, to not go to school, I said, because, you know, I see these things. But he didn’t know to what extent I saw them. So I told him, and he said, it’s, you know, it’s a problem at school. And to my utter shock, and relief, he said to me, I see them too. So that started several years of like, a mentorship with him where I would go in to spend the night at the man’s and that’s what they call the house that the preacher is given by the church from Friday night, till Sunday night. And my granddad and I would stay up late and talk about, you know, why does God give certain gifts to certain people. And it wasn’t limit that these discussions were not limited to me. They were they were about everybody’s gifts. So I got to see a context of not only was this weird, but this was normal. And I wasn’t super special at more than any other person. And so it really normalized what I was going through at that point in time.

Brian Smith 7:22
So you were seeing what we will call ours, right? You were seeing colors around people. And you were seeing people that were in spirit. Is that correct?

Susanne Wilson 7:30
Absolutely. Absolutely. And I got to the point where I can remember, I would know that if the color was I would call it breaking apart, or dirty, or stormy. And so if the colors look like that, I knew something was wrong with the person. And the colors were bright, and big. I felt drawn to that person. And furthermore, I could tell in a school who was going to come after me to pick on crazy Susie, because their aura would change, it would change, it would just it would shift, I could feel their energy start to come towards me in a very dark and stormy way. But by the same token to this day, Brian, if I request prayer or distance healing from somebody, I see it coming to me no matter where they are in the world, if friends in Australia that have prayed for me, and I will know when they’re doing it because they see pink lights coming. So this was my world. Wow. Okay.

Brian Smith 8:34
So your grandfather was your was your mentor, and he kind of told you your gift was was okay. And it was acceptable? And I guess at that point, did you embrace it when you’re a child or when you?

Susanne Wilson 8:45
You know, another thing that he taught me was, when to keep my mouth shut? Which was really helpful. And it’s not like he could say to the congregation, you know, I see all of this too.

You know, there there are there are certain norms in that day and age where, you know, we didn’t have TV shows like the psychic kids, or anything like that. So he taught me to be discerning about sharing, but also would answer any question that I had, in a contemplate of way, where I knew and I could see lights over his head when when he did that I could see lights over his head and around him when he preached. I knew that he was getting his information not only from his own ego, but something bigger than all of us, even though I didn’t know exactly what that was. But no, I tried to hide it for a long, long time.

Brian Smith 9:44
Yeah, so at some point, you You came out as a as because you’re a professional medium now. So how did that progression go?

Susanne Wilson 9:53
I was always going to seminars and trainings in my 20s He’s 30 days and in my 40s, but it was a secret. And I would do readings set up by a friend. And I said, you know, I’ve got to swear you to secrecy, because this is not what I do. I actually had a great career that had absolutely nothing to do with spirituality. First off, my bachelor’s is in management. My master’s degree is in public affairs policy. It’s an MPa. And I worked in academia, I was an Administrative Director for Center for Leadership and innovation for university. I’ve also worked in the School of Medicine. As as an administrative manager, I ended up leaving academia for the so called Big Bucks in the corporate world, in in worked in Human Resources Development. But I know he’s never happy, there was this big black hole I was always trying to fill it filled it with shopping with cars, toys, like, for the waterway, because we lived in Florida at the time. And it really took a wake up call to say, look, there’s a reason why you’re not happy. There’s a reason why you keep looking for something. Well, I was even in a Ph. D. program, and working about 5560 hours a week for a $5 billion company. And it’s like, none of this is making me happy. And I you know what, one of my favorite quotes is john lennon saying, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. So in 2007, which is only 14 years ago, now. I had a near death experience. And I felt so much love and compassion that is so it’s like, it’s one of these things where this is who I am Yes, this is what I’ve been looking for, wow. In just a minute of going out of my body, I had anaphylaxis an injection was put into me, I came right back into the body. But that minute was a minute of reconnection. That minute was a minute of knowing that this world we’re living in is the dream. And the other side of life is the reality. And all I wanted to do was love. So just imagine the corporate HR person is coming to you. You’re an executive vice president for big company. You know, it’s kind of like, The Devil Wears Prada. And I’ve seen that movie, but bam, bam, bam, get out of my face, you know. And I walk into your office. And I say, I’m here to talk about, you know, your budget for next year. Oh, how’s your mom? I heard it, give me a hug. How are you? You know, you don’t touch it. I’m not for HR. And I know you don’t, you know, you gotta be buttoned up and corporate. And I couldn’t play the game anymore. I knew that they were gonna kill me. I just knew it. It just sent me an exit plan. And, and did it. And as soon as I did that, all the teachers they went to before and said, Don’t tell anybody you’re tutoring me. I’m like, I’m out. I’m out in closet?

Brian Smith 13:26
No, I think it’s really interesting. Suzanne, as an attorney, tell your story. You know, this, this veil that we live in this this illusion that we live in, if we went for lack of a better word, I think sometimes we think well, if I could just see like what Suzanne saw, then I would then I would understand, you know, this is really, you know, an illusion or I would live differently. But we are this is so powerful. The way people force us to conform, that someone that saw spirit even from such an early age, at some point, it seems like we always we put that away, and we kind of shove it under underneath until something wakes us up.

Susanne Wilson 14:00
Yeah, I carried shame. I would, I would I would be I was a denier. Not an apologist of my abilities for many, many years prior to my wake up call, where there is no way I would admit the abilities that I had, there was no possible way because I wouldn’t have the great career, you know, the credibility to be would be lost. And what I’ve also realized is, we’re not all meant to have a near death experience to have a wake up call. But we do get Wake Up Calls when our hearts open, and we are ready to make a change. We don’t know what that change is, but we know that this isn’t working. Something will happen. I have a friend who was in a very bad car accident where their car rolled and she walked away without a scratch. And it that was her wake up call. I know someone else who lost A child, which you know, you and I both know a lot of people who are in that club that nobody was going. And that was a wake up call about how to live their lives. So I think the thing is, we’re here building our trust. We’re here on Earth, in this three dimensional world, building our trust, trust that God is within us. Trust that no matter what happens, we’re blessed. And trust that everything is going to be okay. And how you get to your trust is a function of your free Well, it’s going to be the choices that you make every day. But, you know, yes, it’s about love and compassion. Yes, it’s about identifying your gifts, and leverage leveraging your gifts for the world. But it’s also your building trust. Do you know what the number one wish on the wish list is? For all my students in any of my classes ever? know what it is? I want to trust what I’m receiving. Yeah,

I want to trust that’s the number one wish. And how do you do that?

You take risks, you take chances, you work with your abilities, you keep you keep a journal, you track how you’re receiving information, the signs, symbols, synchronicities, Dream visits. And you start to you have to build your own trust your own life, you can have everything ripped away from you in an instant. But if you trust something is being put in place for you. If you trust, it’s like a circular, I’ll trust that if I trust, I can trust that, I come back to that word constantly. And it may sound silly, but but it works. And I can breathe trust, I breathe trust in, I breathe it in I like I’m seeing it coming in through my heart. And, you know, that’s sustenance. That’s the activation of the divine source within you. So, you know, with anybody watching or listening, you don’t have to have the near death experience. To build your trust, you just have to get up every day, put one foot in front of the other, and honor that day. Thank you, I have another day, use me of your instrument, I’m honored to be of service to find source. And I trust that no matter what I am blessed. That’s it every day, it’s a simple practice, you’ll get there.

Brian Smith 17:35
Yeah, that I think what you said was so profound. And and it’s interesting that this has been a long journey for me to get to that point of trust, and that it is a practice, and I’m starting to get there. But it’s interesting how, as humans, we seem to have to be woken up by something, a lot of times, and it doesn’t have to be near death experience. It could be, it could be the death of a loved one, it could be the loss of a job. It could be it could be a number of things. Or we could just choose that that would be the easy path. Just choose to take the journey. But it seems like that doesn’t. That’s not the way it works for a lot of us. But there’s also this thing I’ve heard you say this chasing the thing that’s going to make me happy. And we’re looking for that something to fill up something that we know is missing in us. And we chase all these different things.

Susanne Wilson 18:19
You know, and when we’re chasing more and more and more, we’re chasing things that are elusive, you know, careers, reputation, money, all of it is temporal. It’s connected to time what is timeless is the soul. And the soul yearns to live one day at a time, one moment at a time. And it’s not thinking about acquisition of this, or that, you know, those those are strategies, those are objectives of other things. You know, the soul’s mission is to learn to trust when we when we do trust that everything’s going to be fine, no matter what you wouldn’t believe the opportunities that come into your path that you that are better and bolder than you imagined. It can be so simple in life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.

Brian Smith 19:23
Yeah, I know. It had to be a big step for you to take that trust, though. You said it, but I’m going to give up this corporate career and I’m going to go out and become a medium and put my my gifts side. So how did that how did that path open up for you?

Susanne Wilson 19:36
Well, that was another interesting thing. I was really just so upset that I was allergic to mold. We’d been living in Florida for a long time I kept having all these sinus problems, which is actually what led me to have allergy testing is what led me into an anaphylactic shock is what led me to leave Florida. And it’s like, let’s cash out, sell the house, sell the boat, sell the cars, all of it and leave in. I had visited relatives in Arizona. I was in Arizona. I trusted it because every place I went, the land seemed familiar, especially when I got up around this area of carefree and Cave Creek RAM, which is just north of Phoenix, I would get these little flashes of I’ve been here before. It was around 1870 something. Okay, it wasn’t in this life. I’m not that old. Yeah. And so I thought, okay, there’s some connection here. Just Just on trusting that there, I’m connected to this land. Life was uprooted and replanted. And it’s just, it’s been amazing. It’s just, it’s one thing after another in terms of who you meet and where that leads. But I get off track when I start trying to plan very far ahead. And I want to get this and I want to get that. And I find that you know my lesson that may not be your lesson or someone else’s lesson. But my lesson is really patience with the trust. Interesting. Yeah, it really is. When I just go a day, a week, a month. At a time on on goals and objectives. I do much better. And I think what we’re finding through the Coronavirus, and everything that people are going through is that our expectations of who we are and how we fit into the world are being tempered. And we’re being redirected to our own village. Wow, we’re being redirected to look at our neighbors, and how can we help them? And we’re, you know, for all the global technology that we have, and all the access, we have to travel and zoom, and all of that. This is this has brought us back into the small communities where we can really support each other. I have neighbors ringing doorbells. And just you go and they’re not there, but there’s a note Do you need anything? Or I’ll bake a casserole, you bake it, we’ll split it will each have something, you know, and, and I’m I’m one of the really fortunate people that I’m not paycheck to paycheck. I’m not wealthy by any means. But I mean, it’s just a small example of we’re looking back to our community again, and it’s slowing us down. It’s causing us to rethink priorities. I don’t feel like Coronavirus, Coronavirus was done to us by anybody or for us by anybody cosmic. I don’t think it was some divine plan. That’s not been the information I’ve gotten from the other side. I think we on earth created it through our freewill choices. It got created in the quantum field first, where our spirit people could see if they were looking they could see. Wow, they got something big coming there. Yeah. But But having said that it wasn’t done to us or for us, cosmically, we can take advantage of the changes that it’s brought to us. And I like this because what I see now is that we really are in this Age of Aquarius, where more and more of us, anyone who wants to can learn how to trust their intuitive voice, can learn how to make their own direct connection with guides, beloved people and pets in the light. They don’t have to go get readings anymore. I think we’re, we’re in an acceleration of that time. And I’m hoping to see it all come to fruition before I leave this incarnation. But But yeah, my life is an example of you giving up a what I thought would make me happy to do what makes my soul sing. And that’s what I wish for people, whatever it is, do what makes your soul sing. Even if you can’t do it eight or nine hours a day, you can still do it at some point.

Brian Smith 24:32
Yeah, you know, I want to go back to what you said about trust, because that’s one of my big things. You know, and you talked about, instead of making these long term plans, maybe look a little bit closer, and that’s been that’s, that’s been my problem for a long time. Like, where am I gonna be in 20 years or am I gonna be in 30 years and I and I’m really starting to bring that focus more into like, Do I have enough like for for today and and that’s made me a lot more peaceful and just trusting That that’s going to be there in the future. And as you were talking, it reminded me of the story in the Bible, the man whose story is your lights in the desert, you know, and they only got enough Manor for one day. And then on the Sabbath, they got enough for two days, but it was it was to be taught to trust, like on a daily basis, and I think, I think in our society, especially we, we tend to think too long term, and we have these rigid plans, and we just get all worried about what’s going to happen to us, and then a couple of decades,

Susanne Wilson 25:28
yeah, it has a preacher’s kid, yourself, you know, you’ve heard enough of the teachings, especially the New Testament, the teachings of Jesus, which was, was that, you know, with the space that we have, that he works through us where we are. And so, so many people, before COVID, were telling me, not only did they want to be able to trust their own inner voice more, but also they felt that they had no purpose in life, or there must be a purpose. But I sure as hell don’t know what it is. And I see that changing now, too, because we find our purpose through service.

And there’s a lot of opportunities for service. Right now, whether it’s checking on somebody, whether it’s raising funds for somebody, you know, that’s, you know, out on the street, lost their jobs, lost their business, and it’s through service, that we find our purpose, we find our voice, you know, God uses us right in place where we are, there are very, no big plan, waiting for us. I don’t feel like I was born. And I had to be a teaching medium or research medium to be successful, my big could have turned out differently. I could have kept the abilities to myself, but use them in some way to make the world a little bit better right around me. And so I’m not any more special than any of you, you know, well, maybe a little more special. But

Brian Smith 27:05
you know, it’s interesting, though, as you were talking about purpose, because I work in my life coaching clients, I see if people get into the spirituality stuff, they’re hearing, okay, we’re here we have a soul plan, we have a purpose. And then they get all hung up on what’s that purpose because I have to have some big special purpose. And I keep trying to tell people just like what you just said, grow, where you’re planted, just do whatever do whatever you can do on a day to day basis, you don’t have to go out and seek to become something quote, big. And I think that’s also a lesson that the people on the other side tell us and people that have had near death experiences tell us.

Susanne Wilson 27:39
And they tell us so much. And we’re we have this voracious appetite, want to read the next book and the next book and see the next speaker and the next speaker, and the common thread all the way through that is service. It’s the common thread all of the time. I remember talking to a woman one time who, who said, You know, I just feel like, life is over. You have done, I’ve done whatever I needed to do. I had a great career. I’m retired, I’m bored. And I feel like I missed the boat. But as we talked and as a coach, you’ll relate to this. He talked about accomplishment, raising a family, being a medical professional with a 30 year service in that field, co authoring articles in science, and all of that, and I’m like, Okay, well, somebody else’s accomplishments can be, you know, they they build the house. They help someone who needed a meal when they needed it. The thing is, what are we measuring ourselves against? That we can say, my life has no purpose, you know, who are the day that we’re measuring ourselves against? That the source doesn’t want us to compare? You know, when two flowers bloom, the one isn’t jealous of the other for smiling up at the sun. You know, I think if you want to have a scorecard, folks, I would say your scorecard should be at the end of the day we talked about earlier about what to do in the beginning of the day. But at the end of the day is how is I of service to my soul’s growth and the growth of another living soul today,

Announcer 29:31
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Unknown Speaker 30:32
Yeah, and keep it simple.

Brian Smith 30:34
Yeah, that’s a very big shift in perspective, though from I think being a just a human being and understand that we’re a spirit. And so as we develop that perspective, through the practice we talked about earlier, that’s when we can learn to trust because like, when I was a little kid, I guess when I heard about trust, I always thought meant trust that nothing bad was ever gonna happen to you. And trust meant the guy was going to take care of me. And a lot of people still have that Sunday school belief about God, that if I do all these right things in quote, nothing bad will happen to me. And then we get knocked off track when you know, I know a lot of people who have children pass, including myself. And people say, Well, why did this happen? Does God not love me anymore? The God break his promise? Or does God not even exist?

Susanne Wilson 31:19
Well, first off, I love that we’re saying God, because I get so tired of saying the divine source or the one or the other, just to make people feel comfortable. to heck with it. You know, you can substitute your mind any other title you want. But it’s that essence that’s in all of us, that connects all of us because we’re never apart from each other, or from this sort of synergy. And the thing is, bad stuff is going to happen to us as part of the experience in the three dimensional earth plane. That’s the way that it is. And I know that you know that firsthand all too well. And but the thing is temporary. Again, this is temporary. This is temporary, we’re here. We’re meant to be here for as long as we’re meant to be here. And when it’s time to go the other side of life, we want to have lived our lives in a way that we can reflect back and say, you know, I gave it my best. I loved I gave love, I received love, I had compassion, I gave compassion. I received compassion because it’s got to go two ways. You can’t just be a martyr here on earth and be proud of yourself when you go home. And then when we sit in our discussion circles or groups or soul groups, whatever terminology you want to use, Hagen hung up on terminology all the time we lose people with it, but when you get home to heavenly home and in your in your reflecting back. Live in a way that you make yourself proud of yourself. Really, because it’s all you it’s all you are your own judgment. Nobody else is gonna judge you at all. And not only that, they’re probably going to tell you, wow, you went through so much. What a ride. You know, what a ride? Aren’t you glad it’s over?

Brian Smith 33:12
Let’s talk about God for a second because it’s interesting. I was just having a conversation with someone this morning on Facebook and she facetiously put on Facebook. Okay, tell me who is God? What is God, you know, define this for me. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 33:24
that happened today.

Brian Smith 33:25
This was today. This was this morning.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
And that’s funny. Okay.

Brian Smith 33:28
And I’m like, the thing is, I go back and forth on the on the term God because there’s so much baggage associated with it. And what you just said, I think was really profound. You said, when we go back, we’re only gonna judge ourselves and a lot of people look at God as the judge. That’s, that’s one way people look at God.

Susanne Wilson 33:44
So what is the white man with the long white hair and a long white beard in a robe?

Brian Smith 33:49
Yeah. So let’s talk about what God means to you. What does that term mean to you?

Susanne Wilson 33:54
I feel that our souls are in a constant conversation with God the source energy because it is who we are, we are made in his her its energy in its form. Okay, and that we’re an expression of this. This is pure love, but it’s not the the soft, gushy mushy, cuddly love. It’s the love of I’m gonna throw you into the fire. And you’re going to jump out and you’re going to nurse your, your wounds. And you’re going to be so strong that when somebody else comes before you, who’s just come from the fire, your arms are going to be out wide because you know exactly what it is. And so the essence of God is activated in us in our worst times. And no experience that you have is wasted. Because the experiences that you have make you who you are, and furthermore, they can help prepare you for when your brother or Your sister is having a similar experience, which is why I’m so happy with the work that you do. Because you’re using your own experiences in a soul way in a godly way to help the next person. And when we do that, it reinforces our learning. It reinforces our growth, it reinforces our vibe, our vibration, that I think we’re closest to God when we’re in agony. Because we’ve dropped all pretense of, well, I’m Suzanne Wilson, and I am pretty well known. And I have my own office and, you know, yeah, forget that. It doesn’t matter doesn’t matter how much to me anyway, I could, I could walk away anytime a guy calls me to do. But the thing is, when we’re in agony, that’s when we can say, I’m, I know, I’m a soul essence. And I feel I feel the oneness, I feel the closeness. But that’s also when we need a brother or sister to see us and hear us. Not necessarily fix us, but to see us and hear us. And that’s God at work, where two or more gathered, I am there. So it’s really, it really comes back to service every time Brian, every time I have this conversation, and I get his cover, I have the privilege of having these kinds of conversations, not recently, because of certain circumstances, but over lunches, or whatever. Yeah, with some great thought leaders, the world’s finest minds. And it always comes back to God His service through you.

Brian Smith 36:54
Yeah, I really like what you said. And it, you know, it’s, it’s some people that would seem counterintuitive, that if you want to be happy, you need to serve other people, you know, and Jesus told us that, and it’s a, it’s a lesson that we really don’t want to hear. But when you start to realize, like you said, We are the essence of God, we are all connected, we’re all we’re all one rocks, you all one giant organism, if you want to look at it that way. So when we help others, we’re actually helping ourselves. But it was a we were, I was just talking with a client yesterday. And this is a very career oriented person. And they were saying to me about like, the last 30 years, if I don’t do this, and the last 30 years are wasted, or something to that effect. And I was saying to them, nothing is ever wasted. And it is again, it’s one of those things that sounds like it’s so cliche, it sounds like it’s so flip, you know, nothing’s ever wasted. But when I look back over my life, the worst things I thought happened to me, they’ve always made me stronger. And during the time I’m going through them, I did not want to go through them. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And I know you’ve had the same reflection. So as we, as we start to get some age and experience, we can start to take that perspective.

Susanne Wilson 38:02
Yeah, it does help to have the age and the experience and, and that’s why I feel like the the souls who incarnate here into bodies, and leave us young, were some of our greatest teachers of all time. Yeah, they didn’t need to, to learn more and grow more, they came here to teach just like your daughter, like Sheena did through coming here for a short amount of time. And so those of us, you know, were of a certain age, I really want to help the new generation here, I really want to, to give them, you know, the benefit of the experiences that our generation has had the baby boomers and Gen X. And they’re coming into a completely different world in their teens and their 20s right now. And there are souls in the new generations that are coming in, fully equipped to lead us through this entire shift that we’re going through in the world. But there are others here that I think it’s going to be very, very different world. for them. I think that they’re going to be in contact with the spirit world, almost as easily as us just picking up a smartphone and hitting a button. And there’s some very, very special souls that are coming up around us. And in fact, I’m going to predict that over the next decade or so that you and I are going to learn a lot from some very, very young souls that are probably only about 18 right now. We are going through a big change. I can’t even articulate it.

Brian Smith 39:56
Yeah, you were mixing them up before we started recording. We were talking about you No 2020 has just been horrible for almost everybody I know. I don’t know anybody that had a good year in 2020. No. So what do you see coming up for 2021?

Susanne Wilson 40:11
a renaissance? I really do I see a Renaissance, I was telling somebody the other day, it’s almost like that that age of the flapper. And after prohibition ended, and people were out, like, I am not just partying, but gathering and celebrating and all that. So we’ll go through sort of like a very superficial period of like, God, can you believe it, we’re finally out of the house and all of that. But something much deeper than that is going on right now. And it has to do with a shift in the priorities around what we define as success and be successful in this world. And I think the huge gatherings of conferences of six, or seven or 800, people are going to be extremely rare for a very, very long time. Ultimately, we’ll be beaming ourselves in holographically, if we really want to feel like we were there. But for now, you know, I’ve been on zoom for going on three and a half years. So this wasn’t new to me. But everybody’s on zoom now. So the world will seem smaller. But what’s going to happen is, I feel and I’m hearing this from the spirit world, that our communities will become more important to us, our physical communities, and talking to each other, and trying to level the field and fix disparities within the communities and actually caring about other people that are hurting instead of turning away. So I see more compassion being built up right now. I also, you know, I’ve said it a couple times here. I also feel like what was woowoo it you know, it right now or even five years ago will be mainstream. And in the not too distant future, we’re all going to be mediums, not necessarily doing it professionally. But definitely for ourselves. I also feel like people will have relationships with angels. And flat out, say I talk with angels, they give me information, they comfort me, mean, we’re just our our world has broken open to other dimensions. They’re right here. They’re right here that heaven isn’t up there, or out there somewhere. It’s right here in a higher frequency. so fast that we can’t, most of us can’t tap into it. That’s changing. And our young folks on the planet right now are going to be leading us through it.

Brian Smith 42:53
Wow, I hope you’re right. I really do. You know, the one thing about this virus, you know, back in March, so when we were hearing about it, I was hoping it would be a time that would bring the world together, that we would come together and fight it as a common enemy. And frankly, I’ve been disappointed the way things have gone in 2020. So maybe that’s maybe that’s a little bit down the road when we actually learned the lesson. I think I think a lot of young people are learning the lessons right now.

Susanne Wilson 43:17
They are, yeah, they’re learning the lessons. And a lot of them are very smart, because they sit back and they see, you know, this debate over here and this rage over there. And they’re just sort of, it’s interesting. And it’s like, they’re, it’s like they’re a lot of them are collecting data, almost in the they just, they’re ready for the new paradigm. Yeah. folks that were there, they’re gonna be administering our social security, when they, you know, they’re gonna be taking care of us. And I think we need to take better care of them.

Brian Smith 43:53
Yeah, I agree. And I and it, my daughter is 25. And so she has a puppy, but you know, her age, of course, I get to talk to some of these kids, and they’re already kind of jaded about the materialism. And it’s kind of an in a weird way, because they’ve been, they’ve ever been told you’re not gonna be able to have what your parents had. So they’re like, well, we’re not even worried about that. We’re all about experiences. So they already have a different different mindset that we had when we were that age, when we were we were told to go out and be successful. And they’re like, No, I’m really more worried about being happy. I’m worried about not being fulfilled.

Susanne Wilson 44:27
Yeah. And they’re not afraid to not only pivot but just walk right off the cliff and trust that either a bridge will form beneath their feet, or they will learn to fly. Yeah. And that’s the fearlessness and the boldness that is going to be able to lead us into the new world.

Brian Smith 44:45
Yeah, well, I’m looking forward to that. Let’s talk about some of your some of your offerings what you do because you’re you’re available in so many ways you have so many things you know, out there. One of the things I want to talk about is your book sold smart because so many people come to me and say Say, I’ve worked with a lot of people whose children have crossed over, and are like, how do I connect with people on the other side? So what would you say to someone that asks you that question,

Susanne Wilson 45:08
I would tell them, start with somebody, start with an ABC 123, list, and then riff off of that, whatever works for you. And I think you’re right, that’s, that’s exactly what I designed solsmart. To be for people, I also tell them, do not fear the dreaded meditation. Because people will tell me, I can’t meditate, I’m never gonna be able to connect, what do I do? Your meditation can be taking a walk with a clear mind, your meditation can be focusing on your breath, your breathing. But it’s very important to leave the door open for the spirit people to connect with you, in whatever way is working best for them. And you. So you may ask, meet me in meditation and feel nothing happened, and you may get a dream visit the next night. So that is, my suggestion is to be open minded, observant, and journal, it’s very, very important. Now when I, I do meet every month, people don’t have to come every single month, they can just come on a one off, I call it chat with spirit guides. And we do a two hour session where the first hour, we take on a metaphysical topic. And then we take a very short break, and I come back with messages from spirit guides to help people and so when they’re learning, they can see me connecting with their guides and my guides, and they learn how to do that. And a lot of times the relationship with a spirit guide, they can become the gatekeeper that helps you to connect with your own spirit people. You know, sometimes it’s easier for easier for us to trust a third party. You know, I’ve got my spirit guide, they’ve done an exercise to confirm that they’re real, and not just my imagination, they’ll help bring my daughter to me. So there’s, there’s lots of different ways you just have to experiment and trust.

Brian Smith 47:04
Yeah, well, I know, in your book, you outline a lot of those ways. And there is kind of a one, two, ABC 123 kind of kind of way to do it. The other thing I found is a lot of people and you touched on this, too, like I want to connect with them in a certain way. You know, I expect this sign or that sign. And the big thing is people want dream visits or you know, and I’ve talked to people so I’ve got I’ve got nothing for my, for my loved one. And I’ll ask him this well, other than this, like this, they’ll tell me some incredible sign they had. But But I didn’t have the dream visit that I wanted.

Susanne Wilson 47:34
Oh, I got something to say about that. Yeah, you know, first off, there’s methods that you can try. But second off, one of the most important things you can do if you’re wanting that dream visit you haven’t gotten it. Talk to your family. Talk to your close friends. Tell them I’ve been asking for a dream visit. Have you gotten one? Oh, yeah. And I can’t I can’t tell you how many times as soon as come back and said, I did what you said. And guess what my cousin two days after my loved one passed, it saw my loved one and and they didn’t say anything, because they just thought it was crazy. But I asked like you said, Why does it happen? You know why that happens? Why does somebody else get the dream visit and you didn’t get it? You know why? Right?

Brian Smith 48:16
Well, I know sometimes we’re kind of blocking it with our grief. Yeah, yeah.

Susanne Wilson 48:21
And we’re pulling so hard on the energy. Come on, darn it. Tonight. It’s got to be the night. And we pull so hard. It can actually, do you remember earlier I talked about when I see auras, sometimes I can see that sluggish color or that muddy color. You can muddy your own aura you’re in. That means obstructing your own receptivity, pulling too hard for something you want.

Brian Smith 48:44
Yeah, yeah, that’s a good point. And and there are a lot of times people, they’ll say, Well, why did they go to my loved one as opposed to me because it’s some of them may be a little more detached? Yeah, it doesn’t have a real strong emotional connection.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
It’s true.

Susanne Wilson 49:00
And not only that, it’s so unexpected. And so that person who wasn’t super close to your loved one, but knows it was them knows that experience was as real as real could be. They may then share that with somebody else who really needed to hear it. Remember the spirit, people are always talking, Hey, I’ll help you get that dream visit through but it’s going to be to your dad’s friend instead of your dad because we can pull that off. And then your dad’s friend is going to help my cousin by telling that story. And it’s like, they’re they’re constantly looking for ways to help us to pay it forward here on Earth.

Brian Smith 49:40
Yeah, it’s good point. So what are some other signs that people get?

Susanne Wilson 49:43
I mean, can you they’re always plotting for us from the other side of life, Brian?

Brian Smith 49:48
Yeah. So what are some other things people can look forward to besides visits? What are other ways that spirits can communicate with us?

Susanne Wilson 49:55
Well, I like the signs a lot. I like the synchronicities of numbers. A lot of people send me pictures of license plates that have the birth date. Or, you know, I know I get 1111. And I’ve asked who this is from, and I’ve gotten the signs or whatever. But my personal favorite are things like a holding my hand. feathers, the pennies from heaven. Heart Shaped stones, you know, things like that. And then to have a medium later say, you know, your daughter is holding a heart shaped stone in her hand. Yes, I get those all the time. That’s her. Yeah. Not that you need that. But I feel like they set this stuff up. Sometimes. So. But here’s the thing. I’ve had sessions over many years now, where I’m talking about the signs, and the person says, Well, yeah, I do get that that’s from them in a vegan or you bonehead. You know, it’s like, I have to take a step back and be patient, like, okay, now, you know, now you can collect them, or now you know, who it’s from, or whatever. But one of the things that’s changing now, it during COVID is, I have noticed that the visitations are different. There’s more of a reassurance factor that seems to be going on. And it actually I’m getting goosebumps just talking to you about this. Because their recent readings that I’ve done, the spirit level ones are coming in, they’re saying I’m patting them on the head. And I said, I say, okay, I’ve already given identification and evidence. They know it’s their loved one. And then they say, she’s showing me she’s been patting you on the head and kissing you on the cheek. And the reactions are like, Yes, I feel static electricity on my head, and I feel this wind on my cheek and I have I’ve even said is that you kissing me or touching me? I’ve seen a lot more touch feelings of presence. I’ve seen an increase in electrical manifestations, like light bulbs flickering off and on. It seems like they know that we’re hurting so bad here on the earth. And they’re going Ott man over the top. Yeah, the physical manifestations. So anybody hearing that saying, I want me some of that. Ask, observe,

Brian Smith 52:26
it’s good to know to look for that. Because, again, I found the same thing I’ve had people say, I’ve never gotten signs, and then they’ll start to talk and they’ll tell me about you know, I felt this touch on my face, or, or my ceiling fan. In my case, my ceiling fan turns on and off all the time. You know, so that that happened just just a few days ago that ties it something about I haven’t had a sign in a long time. Next thing, the ceiling fan comes on high speed, the light comes on highs on high, and the remote will not work to turn it off. So it was on for like two days.

Susanne Wilson 52:58
Here. Okay. Good job. That was a lot of work.

Brian Smith 53:02
Yeah. So what I’m saying is, you know, when you when you ask for those signs and be on the lookout for it could be it could be any time It could be anything. I think sometimes they’ll put people in our lives. I was talking to a young woman, and she was saying she hadn’t had a sign. Your mother passed away. So she was really upset. And she goes out on the street and she’s taking a walk and she’s crying. And this woman stops with some This is in London. So in the streets of London, you know, major city, woman says are you okay? And she says, Yeah, I’m okay. And one says No, really, are you okay? I can tell you upset. And she tells her I lost my mother. And I’m really young. And I did. And the woman says, I lost my mother at a young age too. And she starts to share the story with her. And the young woman thought her mother was older when she was born. She said if she had been younger, I would have had her longer. And the other woman that she met said, Well, my mother was really young when she had me but she she died young. So anyway, they had to share this story. And this woman telling me the story. I’m like, I’m getting goosebumps that she’s telling me. I’m like that was a major sign from from your mother, that you met this woman? What are the odds and the woman who she met it? I never walked this way. I just happened to walk this way today.

Susanne Wilson 54:08
Oh, wow. Oh, these are the things that I live for. And here’s the thing, too, is it’s so easy to brush off. It’s so easy to say happy coincidence. So easy to just not even think about it again, but don’t do that. Just you know, say thank you. I really appreciate that. Can you do something like that again? Some time? Yeah, it’s we’ve found that gratitude begets more communication. It just does is something it’s to the love bond to raising the vibe. It gets them all excited. It’s, it’s, it’s the best and if you can be happy as though it happened to you when your friend gets something like that. That helps you too.

Brian Smith 54:59
Yeah. Well, we always say how it parents he’ll assign for one is assigned for all. So we share the signs amongst amongst ourselves and we could just as happy you know, for and then and then that seems to just perpetuate them. And it seems like also whenever we’re together as parents, our kids are together and they work together on signs.

Susanne Wilson 55:19
Oh, wow, that’s cool. You know, you you were asking me about some of some of the work that I do. And I have to tell you, I’ve seen a big trend and more people getting past life regressions.

Brian Smith 55:31

Susanne Wilson 55:33
And I think what’s happened is, people have asked me to regress them to find out if they lived through the black plague, or if they lived through the 1817, flu or died in it, or something like that. And none of that none of that has come up. And well. But what is coming up is, I found that by looking at who you are, as a soul, over an arc of time, like a couple of different past lives and the lessons that you’ve learned, it helps put into perspective, while you’re going through some of the things you’re going through today. And now. And you don’t have to go into somebody’s office, I know nobody wants to go into an office because of COVID. There’s a lot of great, you know, mp3 ease and regressions that you can do on YouTube or whatever. But I definitely say if you have free time to start doing some past life regressions, it will be some of the most comforting thing that things that you can do for yourself, it’s a great gift. I think it’s better than going for continual reading after reading after reading every few months or whatever, because it’s like it cuts right into who you are as a soul. And what we’re finding is that those people who feel that they’ve lost everything, or they’ve lost a lot this year, economically, or, you know, someone has passed or whatever, they will oftentimes meet up with the thing that they’ve lost or the person that they’ve lost in the past life. And they’ll see the connection between what happened then and what happened. Now. That’s just another healing modality that I see getting super popular. The reason I’m saying this is because what I’m going to tell you next is the theme for 2021. It’s, it’s a year of the healer. So we’re What is this December 29, that we’re recording December 29. Today, December 29 2021, of the worst years of everyone’s life. 2021 is the year of the healer, and the healing. So whether it’s Qigong, Tai Chi, reiki, mediumship, working with your intuition, past life regression, whatever it is, find what resonates with you, and put on your own oxygen mask first, work on your own healing first, and then look to help others. So coaching, like what you do, it’s your year, and those of you who are working in the healing, that’s one thing, but those of you who are like, you know, I have nothing to do with that. Oh, yes, you do. Let all of that you do be done from compassion. Your thoughts, words and actions be done from compassion is if you can match the healing vibration, that’s opening up right now for next year, you will know that you’re fulfilling your soul’s purpose, and it’s going to be in the little things, it’s going to be the little things that you do. So find, find something that you need, even if it’s just walking, it was just kinetic activity and movement, to make yourself feel better. And then pay attention to like the most innocuous interaction, you know, somebody in line at the grocery store, wherever could be an opportunity to help somebody else heal just a little bit more, that will raise your vibe and make your path easier. Do you know do you know? The number one thing you can do to be more intuitive, is kindness. Because when you’re kind to somebody else, you’re plugged into the matrix fully and firmly. And that boosts your intuition. So that’s like the main message I have.

Brian Smith 59:31
Wow, I love that. That’s awesome. And one thing I will add to that is, you know, as we sometimes we think self care is selfish. If I’m taking care of myself, you know, I’m not being an outgoing or an average person.

Susanne Wilson 59:44
I’m not sure anybody thinks that anymore.

Brian Smith 59:47
Well, maybe not this year. I think we’re getting a big lesson on that. But I was want to say is as we heal ourselves, we heal each other because we’re more collective than we realize. And that’s that’s something that I’m coming to learn is that We are all we are all one and a set. So as we if you want to heal somebody else heal yourself first preach.

Susanne Wilson 1:00:06
Yeah, absolutely. It’s you know, it’s and if you haven’t gotten that yet, you will because the the shift into this new world is happening. And we can go into kicking and screaming or we can go into it trusting.

Brian Smith 1:00:25
Yeah. Well I want to say I want to talk about your other offerings I want to tell people before I forget your your websites carefree medium calm so people can find everything you offer because you offer as I said, up top, you’ve got classes, you’ve got events, you’ve got meditations, your meditation is called hereafter now the guided meditation to the afterlife.

Susanne Wilson 1:00:45
I have four that have been out for a while and two new ones that I’m just waiting for my studio time.

Brian Smith 1:00:51
Yeah. I was gonna say that when I do all the time. And I know I

Susanne Wilson 1:00:56
know. And and there’s a bear and just burns. Somebody is he’s my office. me. He’s my office healing dog.

Brian Smith 1:01:04

Susanne Wilson 1:01:04
we have guidance question but your spirit guide here after now. I forget all the names of them.

Brian Smith 1:01:13
Yeah, but you’ve got several there. And you’ve we were talking about you’ve got a new course an on demand course. Yeah.

Susanne Wilson 1:01:20
Well, I’ve been doing a soul power now series. I started it in January in person in 2008. And that was like the last in person event. And now we have so power now be intuitive. That’s ready for video streaming. And in January, if you want to do a live class, it’s January 9. And 23rd. And this is so power now past lives. Okay. Awesome.

Brian Smith 1:01:49
Awesome. So and then you’re opening up to doing readings again now because I know for a long time you were totally unavailable.

Susanne Wilson 1:01:56
Or a long time I was hiding under the covers because I had 1000 people on the waitlist calling all the time. It’s almost like I needed to hire a person just to answer where am I on the waitlist. So we wrote that. I worked that out. And so now what I do is I can get appointments open, I just put them on the website. And that’s it. So you have to check on the scheduling page and carefree medium calm. But there are a few readings from time to time.

Brian Smith 1:02:24
Yeah, well, I was fortunate to be one of the people that got one of your readings, like I said about five years ago,

Susanne Wilson 1:02:29
right before the waitlist blew up. Yeah, you got 1000 people. But yeah, I really appreciate you I knew, I knew that you were already being utilized by God in the best possible way. But I see even more coming for you. And, you know, I’m not predicting your future or anything like that. But, you know, I’m just saying, You are where you’re supposed to be. And thank you for being who you are.

Brian Smith 1:02:59
Oh, well, you know, it’s really, it’s wild, as you talked earlier about how these people get put in our lives and how things work out. So, you know, I reached out to someone who connected me with you and then you and I’ve met a couple times in person and a couple of different conferences and you know, we’re running in the same you know, the same circles down I feel like you’re you’re become a friend over the years. So you know, the fact I’m sitting here doing this with you now, I would have never thought this would have happened. You know, back when we first met.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
Ain’t it cool?

Brian Smith 1:03:28
Yeah, it is. It’s really cool. Well, Suzanne, any any last words anything you want to say to people that are listening, any advice or wisdom you want to give?

Susanne Wilson 1:03:40
Know that nobody you love is ever lost that love truly does live forever, and I’m sending you love. That’s the love with a capital L i call it not like I love pizza. But I’m sending love from my heart space to yours, guys, take care.

Brian Smith 1:03:56
Alright, thanks for being here. That’s it for another episode of grief to growth. I sure hope you got something out of it. Please stay in contact with me by reaching out at www dot grief to that’s grief, the number two growth calm or you can text the word growth to 31996. That’s simply text growth gr o w th 231996. So if you’re watching this on YouTube, please make sure you subscribe. So hit the subscribe button and then hit the little bell here and it’ll notify you when I have new content. Always please share the information if you enjoy it. That helps me to get more views and get the message out to more people. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day.

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