Grief 2 Growth Podcast Suzanne Giesemann- The Awakened Way- Ep. 95

Suzanne Giesemann is a messenger of hope—a mystic, metaphysical teacher, and medium who shares The Awakened Way – a path to knowing Who you are and why you’re here. Whether in her books, her classes, and workshops, her weekly radio show, or her one-on-one sessions, Suzanne provides stunning evidence of life after death. She is a former U.S. Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer and as aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side has been recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers. She brings messages of hope, healing, and love that go straight to the heart.

I’ve known Suzanne for nearly four years. Our paths continue to cross and I feel like she’s a friend. Shayna drops in on Suzanne on occasion to get messages to us. Shayna was also a big part of one of Suzanne’s presentations at several conferences. Suzanne is a great resource in these trying times. I recommend subscribing to her daily updates. They always help me through my day.




Brian Smith 0:00
Hey everybody, this is Brian back with another episode of grief to growth. And I’ve got with me today my friend Suzanne giesemann. I was just telling Suzanne earlier I kind of feel like she needs no introduction cuz I feel like everybody in the world knows who she is. But I guess that everybody does. So I’m going to introduce her anyway. Suzanne giesemann is a messenger of hope she’s a mystic, metaphysical teacher and a medium who shares the awakened way, which is a path of knowing who you are, why you’re here. Whether it’s in her books or classes and workshops for weekly radio show or one on one sessions. She provides stunning evidence of life after death. Suzanne is a former US naval commander who served as commanding officer as a to the air chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Her gift of communication with those on the other side is to recognize as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and she brings messages of hope, healing and love that goes straight to the heart. And I also want to say Suzanne, I consider to be a good friend. I was just thinking this morning, I guess I’ve known you for almost four years. met you in a workshop down in Pensacola, Florida, like, you know, four years ago. So I want to welcome Suzanne Kaseman degree for growth.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:04
Thanks, Brian. I’ve really enjoyed watching you change a bit over the years you were you’re still intense. But you were so intense and serious when it came to my workshop. And and I didn’t know if you were into all of this or not. And now I know that we all are.

Brian Smith 1:22
Yeah, well, that was I think it was February of 2017 sort of been probably a year and a half after Shayna had passed. And I was still at the time very, very deep. My grief, I kind of knew who you were at the time, my wife had been following you. And she said, If Suzanne ever comes close to us, I want to go see her and Florida is nowhere close to where we are. But we decided to come and it was great. It was it was really great to meet you. And I said that we felt developed a friendship since then. So for people who don’t know who you are, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into doing this.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:55
Well, even just saying that who I am, I’ve changed so much since Oh 12 years ago, or longer 14 years ago, that when I have to when I’m asked to tell my story, it’s from a whole different point of view. Now I recognize that what I’m about to share with you is strictly a story. It’s really not who I am. It’s not who any of us are at the deepest level. But we all learn from our story. So my story is that for most of my life, I was that Navy officer that you just described. And I had no idea that was a greater reality or that there was another aspect to us beyond this human life. And so I lived very much stuck in the story and took my role as a Navy Commander very seriously. And that that served me well because I did get to rise to the top of the whole military lifestyle there flying with the chairman on Air Force One and Air Force two and meeting kings and queens. It was just an amazing lifestyle. I get to serve as a commanding officer. That’s every every Navy officers dream. But there was still this emptiness inside this something’s missing type of feeling that I know most of us can identify with. And I don’t have children of my own. But my husband Ty has two daughters. And one of them Susan followed in dad’s footsteps. But she joined the Marine Corps, even though I said that’s like, not the best one for women. You know, that’s the hardest route. So she took that one. And I was with the chairman on 911. We were the lead in the last aircraft in US airspace. And that was a real wake up call for me to start asking, Why are some people in the wrong place at the wrong time? And all those other deep life questions because I knew some of the people that were killed at the Pentagon that I had just left hours earlier. That was my office building. And I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I got. So just put that aside. The seeking didn’t last for long. And all I knew was I wanted to run away from life after 911. So I did I retired from the Navy as soon as I was retirement eligible. And with my husband sailing for several years, we sold the house and cars and life was idyllic. I literally ran away from Washington DC, which maybe isn’t a bad thing to do. And that’s when I really had the big wake up call. It was like life said look, you have a path you came here to do it. This all was background. And so we had sailed across the Atlantic Ocean living a dream. And we’re off the coast of Croatia when we got the news we needed to call home something important had happened. And that phone call dropped us to our knees was that Susan was crossing the flight line at Marine Corps airbase where she was station and a bolt of lightning out of the blue Strucker down and they worked on her for seven hours and they couldn’t save her. So To find out that Susan was gone and a phone call was, Oh, it’s shattering. We return to the United States. And I grabbed a couple of books on the afterlife to take back to Croatia after the funeral. But it was the funeral itself that really changed my life. Because in that moment of looking at Susan’s body, I knew there was something else besides the body that makes up who we really are. It was this epiphany, having not really seen no, having not seen anybody. I don’t I may have seen a grandparent or something, but nothing had the effect of me of knowing that that wasn’t Susan, that was just the vehicle. And so I decided to start meditating. I thought people have done this. I’ve heard about this meditation thing. I’m gonna see if I can connect with her in whatever form she is, she has to still exist. And I’m gonna take my husband to see a medium

and so people need to understand I had heard about mediums to think that I would one day be a medium was not even on my radar. Yeah. And, ah, never saw spirits never talked to guides. They’re nothing. I used to think there’s no such thing as spirit guides. Can you hear him laughing at me now? And the medium? Well, I made sure she didn’t know our last name. I was not going to be gullible. I was not going to be hoodwinked by somebody that was a fraud. But this medium, nailed it. She brought in a young girl who passed suddenly in her 20s, who was she had an electric tingly feeling running up and down her arms, like, like, like lightning strike. She said, I have the headache of Zeus and Athena all of a sudden, and Zeus is the god scene with a lightning bolt. Oh, that had me sobbing. But what was truly life changing? Brian? was when that medium said, Wait, wait, this young girl who’s looking at your husband and saying Daddy, Daddy, and she’s upstairs dancing around in front of you saying mother is bringing with her a little baby, a boy she wants to introduce to you but he’s standing back shyly, as if he doesn’t know you. And he’s sucking his thumb. Well, what we hadn’t told the boy, he hadn’t told the medium anything. But what very few people knew was that Susan was six months pregnant with a boy when she was killed. So we lost both of them that day. But that medium showed us that you don’t lose them. In the total sense physically, yes. But that, that turned my my worldview upside down, I couldn’t deny there’s a greater reality. And so I was all in, I’m gonna learn about mediumship. I’m going to find out why it works, how it works. And I’m going to write a book about mediums that people will actually read not not, not some text book, but maybe a biography. And I ended up writing a biography of two mediums. And by attending their classes found out, I can do it too. And I’ll just touch a quick, I don’t do anything halfway. And once I found out, I had a connection to the spirit world, my whole life has become about making that connection, as clear as possible. Because if I can offer the kind of healing that that medium gave to our family in one hour to anybody else, that would be nothing more sacred to me. And now I get to do it every day.

Brian Smith 8:32
Yeah, one thing. But there’s a lot of things I find fascinating about you. But you know, it’s interesting that you’re you’re not what we call a natural born medium. You didn’t see spirit from the time you were a child. But I know you I know you for several years now I know how you work on things and how you work to develop this. So that gives hopes to people like myself and other people that feel like we don’t have this as a natural ability. So how did you choose to meditate to to connect with Susan, Where’d that come from?

Suzanne Giesemann 8:59
Well, it must have come from the soul. Because I just knew that I had to quiet my mind so I could hear her or since her obviously my eyes weren’t working to see her. I started trying, saying Susan, let me see you and that never work. I still to this day have not seen a spirit. But I’ve thought okay, I’m not going to hear with my with my physical ears. She’s not in physical form anymore. So something in me said shut out the outer world, and maybe I’ll find her. And so I just sat and I fell asleep every day for three weeks when I would sit to meditate. It’s like the body was saying, whoo, we finally get that time. Yeah, this one doesn’t take naps, you know. And then I just started to know things. It was actually three years, three years till I connected with Susan Hmm, but I connected with other people’s loved ones first. That’s really important for grieving people to understand that your commitment Just the knowing that they’re here to trust that they’re here. But the thing is, Brian, so many other wondrous things happen in those three years, including total transformation of how I see the world. And now I saw myself that it was worth it.

Brian Smith 10:16
Yeah, I think that’s another really important point. Because I think a lot of us, we want to see our kids or hear them and we feel like we’re not connecting. If it’s not something physical, you know it through our auditory senses, our visual, and it’s really not, it doesn’t work that way. I think for most people.

Suzanne Giesemann 10:32
Well, could it also be that Susan was hanging back, so I would have all those transformative experiences. Yeah. And get to know the greater reality better, and get to know what love is. and self love is and build up my own consciousness. And then it was like, Okay, now I’ll come in. And there she is.

Brian Smith 10:50
Yeah. So um, you go through this and you go through this transformation and and you start what started you actually doing mediumship as a as a profession or to start reading for people?

Suzanne Giesemann 11:01
Well, it was this exactly what I said, when I discovered I could connect and if you go to YouTube, and and search for Suzanne keys, and messages of hope documentary, you’ll see in there, we recreated the moment in gentle habits class where I was there to write her story. But she pulled me to the front of the room and said, there’s a spirit here, you can do this, what do you sense, I not only got how the guy died, that it was somebody’s father that how old he was, and what he looked like.

But I he gave me his nickname.

When that happened, I said, Oh, my God, I can do this too. And like I said before, if I can do this, for others, I am all in and I was I just started taking classes and working more on myself. And when you take classes, you do practice readings with other people. And I said, Wow, this is working. So let’s just make every reading a real one. And the practice one to this day, it’s a practice of doing mediumship. And we just get better and better and better by doing it. And that’s what makes it so joyful, even for the medium.

Brian Smith 12:08
Yeah, and I’ve seen over the years, as I’ve watched you develop, and I’ve seen you, you get excited when you find new techniques and new things that work and you’re always, you’re always pushing yourself, you’re always trying to get better at stuff. And you call yourself an evidential medium, and a few mediums do but not all mediums do. So what’s what’s an evidential medium.

Suzanne Giesemann 12:28
An evidential medium is one who’s not satisfied or content, until and unless those across the veil give us verifiable facts about them that we couldn’t possibly know. That’s the evidence. So we don’t settle just for messages. Oh, there’s a beautiful light here, your loved one is here, they love you very much. Those are the messages that balance out the evidence in a reading, we need to get both evidence and messages. It doesn’t always have to be 5050. But there needs to be enough evidence that shows us that shows the continuity of consciousness through validation, that life is continuous.

Brian Smith 13:07
Yeah, and I that’s something I’ve learned from you and I and I’ve worked with a lot of mediums over the years with helping parents heal. And something I’ve learned from from you especially, is does have to be as balanced. I’ve worked with mediums who just give you a list of evidence and and it’s just those readings are very dry, they’re frankly, they’re not very healing. And then there’s some mediums to just say your grandmother is here and your grandmother loves you very much. And you know, those we have to wonder, did they really cut my grandmother or not? So and I’ve noticed with yourself, you always establish evidence, you know, first and every time I’ve seen you give a reading or, or do anything, it’s all you you’re about the evidence, which helps us to really to believe and understand that you’re really making that connection.

Suzanne Giesemann 13:47
I’m glad you noticed that that’s certainly the goal. But you know, Brian, I’ve even narrowed it down more lately and I teach I teach. I love to show people how this work that that you can do it too, because it is a natural ability. We are all souls. And this is Soul to Soul communication. But what I asked every medium to go for is to capture that essence of that loved one across the veil. Who are they as a person and a soul. So you must feel into that personality. If I don’t feel their personality I call the reading off, because it is possible to pick up information about someone as a mentalist from the sitter’s energy field. And so it’s very possible to get that list of evidence and be blown away. Wow. But if you don’t capture the essence, how do we know you really had that person there? This is a two way conversation. They make me laugh those across the veil the way they bring things through. I have to tell you, I did one the other day. I started off and I knew the couple had a child who had passed and I tuned in and I was getting a few things but I said This feels like the sun. And they said, No, it’s a daughter. And I thought, whoa, this, you know, you start off and it’s, it’s like a snowball, sometimes the energy picks up, and I’m like, Whoa, that’s a big one to get wrong to not be able to feel male or female. Then we got her I dug in, and I could feel her personality, and now were flowing. And then all of a sudden, she shouted her name at me. And I usually don’t get names, but it was an unusual thing. It was like, Whoa, I said, she just gave me the name such as such a mom very nonchalantly goes, Yeah, that’s her name. And I went,

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Wow, you’d have no idea what

Suzanne Giesemann 15:35
a miracle it is for me to get the name. And then I started laughing. I said, Your daughter said, Your daughter just said just like that. Well, that was the makeup for thinking I was a guy. And the mother laughed, and she said, that sounds just like her. And I said, That’s because it is her. And that’s when you get the essence. And so the test of any good reading is, does your client or sit or leave and say, Oh, my god, that was my loved one. Because you captured their essence.

Brian Smith 16:08
Yeah, absolutely. And that’s something that you do so well, when you when you do readings. So I a lot of people, my listeners are parents who have lost children because of my association with helping parents heal. And because of my own story, as you know, the name of my show is grief to growth. So how did you think mediumship can help in terms of transforming people’s grief?

Suzanne Giesemann 16:27
Ah, transformative is the word I had a father that wrote to me and begged me to do a reading and my waiting list has been closed while I tried to catch up with the long list. But the heart said do this one. And I did it. He said, my wife is she’s not eating or sleeping well, well, her son was his stepson came through so beautifully with a few moments. She was pretty serious throughout grief, of course, does that. But at one point, she left too. And one of the things he showed us that was so significant it was at the time, she told me I could share a domino, show me a little Domino, I said, Now I don’t think he’s shown me played the board game. And she goes, let me tell you, let me tell you, he, he was a manager at Domino’s, his dad owned a whole a Domino’s franchise. And one of the things he left was this little Domino truck. And no wonder we were clapping. That’s a wow, you know, and never many other wells in that reading. But afterwards, I wrote to her husband who had originally reached out to me and I said, Tell me how she’s doing. And he said, she cried every day for two years. And she has not cried a single day, since you’re reading. Oh, how’s that for wrapping up what a one hour session with an evidential medium, can do by the grace of spirit, when the energy is perfect, and you have the best energy with that spirit with the medium and with the loved one here. And everything clicks, you can show that parent or any loved one, they are still part of your lives. And so we can’t turn back the clock and get them back physically. But it’s so much different than dead and gone. Yeah, forever. And that’s simply not the case.

Brian Smith 18:18
Yeah. Now I know, I’ve seen some people get I don’t use the word but get addicted to medium readings. It’s like they want to come back over and over again. So what do you say to someone that’s saying, I want to connect with my my loved one again, I want to go get another reading?

Suzanne Giesemann 18:34
Wow, that’s a good question.

Just realize that we are here to live our lives, they are living their lives in a different chapter. And just like we would call our loved ones regularly. They’re overseas now. And it’s a long distance call. And it cost a little bit of money. And trusting that they’re here is one huge goal. Developing your own sense of their presence is huge. There’s only so much they can tell you through a medium. So it’s realizing we don’t need the medium. We, the greatest thing we can do is develop that connection ourselves. And that’s how I started on this path. My sole goal was to connect with Susan and she doesn’t come through that often. But when she does its bonus, it’s wonderful. But I just trust that she’s around and live my life to the fullest in her honor.

Brian Smith 19:33
Yeah. And what would you say to someone, they’re new to this thing, this mediumship thing and they’re saying I’m nervous. I’m skeptical. Should I you know, what would you say that person?

Suzanne Giesemann 19:45
I would say, what’s that word skeptical? and say I’m open minded? Because I just heard a recording with David Hawkins the other day and he said, people who are atheists create exactly what they expect. There is no God that you get what you expect. And I said, this is exactly what happens in a reading. If you expect that there’s no connection, you, your wishes may very well be fulfilled, because you are walking that whole flow of energy. Remember how I said, it’s so important that the sitter is part of that connection. And I’ve had this happen so much so that if somebody said, I want you to do a reading for my neighbor who’s grieving, I won’t do the reading, unless the neighbor shows me, I want this reading. I’m open to it. Because if they’re skeptical, and they only do it, because their friend says I should have this reading with this person who was a medium who’s probably a fraud, guess what? They’re going to get nothing. And they’ve just proven themselves, right? in their own mind, we know better. So being open minded, open hearted, is hugely important. Because it’s a flow of energy. And it’s part of our life’s path to open up to the greater reality, if we’re already sucked to it beforehand.

Brian Smith 21:10
Not going to experience it. And it’s interesting. So I hear you saying you should be careful with the word skeptical because I tell people to be skeptical really means to be still be open minded. It just means to be to be cautious and to so when you went to see the medium, you said you weren’t you weren’t gonna be gullible, you weren’t gonna feed or anything, but you were open to the experience.

Suzanne Giesemann 21:28
I was. And I was skeptical. So that word is valid, but just saying be cautious of it. And we should be. Every time I say should my guides grab me watch the sunset, okay? It is beneficial to be skeptical. Because not everybody does make a good connection. But that open mindedness and open heartedness is hugely important for the energy field that you all create together.

Brian Smith 22:02
I have to say, I’ve been I’ve been in this field for about four years now working with people like mediums, etc. And I find a lot of people in this field are still skeptical. You know, I Sandra Champlain one of the first people I started listening to her podcast, she still calls herself a skeptic. And I know a lot of mediums are skeptical, not about mediumship itself. But about individuals. We don’t we don’t know if that person is on the up and up are a good, you know, good medium or not. So, I think you’re right, it is beneficial to be skeptical. But we need to be open minded when the evidence does present itself.

Suzanne Giesemann 22:33
And you know, what I was showing the other day, because I’m still skeptical about some other medium. I was showing I’m projecting. So somebody must have told us that something about mediums or how other people are, and we’re certainly not that way. So we projected on other people. We don’t want to be thought of that way. So we projected on other people. So it’s really interesting, the lessons we learned from our own defenses, isn’t it?

Brian Smith 22:59
It is Yeah, it is. So when I get I my experience is mostly with parents. And when a parent loses a child, I think it’s as I hate to say special kind of grief, because every grief event is unique and different. But we could get into a really, really deep grief. And I’ve heard some mediums say, well, that grief can prevent you from making your own connection, which to hear that as a parent, it just hurts because like, how do I get out of this? How do I make that connection? So would you say to that person,

Suzanne Giesemann 23:29
you don’t push it down, you allow it to be present and you honor it, in honoring that grief, you’re honoring the love for your loved one, you realize it’s a process your book and program is grief to growth, you go through that grief for the growth that ensues. And you know that as you go through it instead of suppressing it, your connection with your loved one will eventually awaken as your vibration rises. I want to just give you an example of two days ago, I sat to do a reading. And the same exact thing happened two days in a row. I said this feels like a sun and they said no, it’s a daughter and I went Oh, not again. This is not good. And then I said okay, we’re gonna get the personality. And I felt nothing, no personality. And that’s why I go for the personality. Because I could have been sat there and read their minds about their daughter, but that’s not. There’s no integrity in that. And I said, what’s going on here and I knew exactly what was going on. My husband and I had just been working on our Japanese garden. we just calculated it. An hour ago. We moved literally one tonne of stone that morning, the two of us. I was exhausted. Mentally I felt good. But physically, I was so tired, but I had to schedule this reading and I thought I was going to do it. And clearly my energy was off. So I knew If I don’t feel that personality and I got the agenda wrong, two days in a row This time, it’s me. It’s definitely me. And so I asked them to reschedule for this morning. Hmm. Right after that reading, I fell asleep immediately. And I don’t do nap. So I knew it was me. This morning, I got up, I cleared my Shockers, I was like, we’re gonna do this right away, I can feel my guide. She’s present. I didn’t feel her the other day. And boom, that young girl stepped in the personality. It was a five bar reading. So what am I saying? grief, tiredness, illness, all of these affect our ability to tune in. So yes, grief will get in the way of your connection. But what do we do? We give it time we rest the body, we work through it. Because if you push it down and deny it, it’s still there.

Brian Smith 25:56
Yeah, yeah. That’s why some people that I work with, when it comes to grief, you’ve got to you’ve got to feel it. And you’ve just got to let it come through you. And I was working with someone just yesterday and thought that people apologize to me for crying over working. And I’m like, Don’t ever apologize for crying, those tears are healing. There’s chills or tears are cathartic. They help you get to push that stuff through you. And I heard you say earlier that you know, with yourself even it took us several years to connect with Susan. So I also encourage people you know, to be patient, with yourself and with your loved one.

Suzanne Giesemann 26:29
Yeah, but a very important point is not to despair. I mean, I I got we have fabulous signs from Susan in those three years. I’m talking about feeling her step in hearing her voice and having a conversation with her. That took three years. But in the meantime, locks the document or we got the butterflies we got the TV’s turning on we got the size she was around. But the the other thing is, Brian, as you will know, grief comes in waves. So it’s not

Unknown Speaker 26:57
like when am I finally

Suzanne Giesemann 26:58
passed it. There will be moments of joy. Even when you’re going through the grief process, there will be moments of beautiful lucidity when perhaps your loved one will get through far sooner than with me. We’re all unique. Each one of us.

Brian Smith 27:12
Yeah, it is. It’s a different journey for everyone. As you said some people they might make that connection right away. But when there there are people that do despair, and I’ve seen this when it’s when it’s taken longer than they think it should take especially in those early stages of grief when they’re just just so heavy. And so, so maybe even closed off to having that connection. But it’s also interesting, I talk I’ll talk people so I haven’t had any signs and I’ll ask them that. Have you had any dream? Oh, we I’ve had dreams? Or you know, or I’ve had you know, the TV keeps turning on and off. But I haven’t had any signs. Oh, gosh. Yeah.

Suzanne Giesemann 27:47
Yeah, we have to educate people about signs for sure. Yeah. It was something I want to tell you, but I just lost it. So. Yeah.

Brian Smith 27:57
So um, you were talking about your guide. And you mentioned you said she I didn’t know that you had an individual guy cuz I know about scenario. I know about this group that you that you channel we’ll talk about tonight. But tell me about your guide. How long?

Suzanne Giesemann 28:09
You know, I had barrus my main mediumship guide for the first year of doing this work, but now it’s Brenda. Oh, wow. We have a friend. You know, Brenda, you met her right?

Brian Smith 28:21
Oh, absolutely.

Suzanne Giesemann 28:22
And so Brenda is a real pistol when she was here in physical form. And she had told everybody she was studying mediumship and Suzanne and I are going to be teaching mediumship in a school someday. And I thought, really Brenda, I don’t know about that. And she actually helped me teach a class with the shift network earlier this year. It was stunning. I had a chair set out for her with her Boa on the chair. And she would pull me over here and I would channel her it was it was amazing and hilarious actually how she would take over the class with evidence. And that then within the last in this last year, she has shown me that she is my mediumship guide now, and every reading barrus has stepped back and it’s stunning Brian before every reading we sit down we play this game I say you hear Brenda? She goes yeah, so what’s going on with our friend Lynette and boom, she shows me what Lynette is doing in the moment. Yesterday or no. In yesterday’s reading. I said no, it was whatever three days ago. I sit down I said Brenda you Here she goes. Yeah, and she shows me Lynette moving a zipper up and down. So I quickly get on there. I said Brenda is ready to work. She says she shows me you use the zipper. And Lynette texted back o m g this very instant. I mean, it’s just stunning that this little fun game filled with evidence that our guides are real that somebody we love Brenda is here working now and

Unknown Speaker 29:58
it’s magical

Brian Smith 30:00
That that is that’s really wild because I met Brenda and Lynette in that workshop that I met where I met you and they were at the time like follow you around the country like your, you know your own personal groupies. Yep. And Brenda, I was gonna say was when she was here was a force. And I know as soon as she crossed she came to you, right? Yeah,

Suzanne Giesemann 30:19
yeah. And that mean another one you know, like, what’s Linda don’t tend to do a reading you rarely work. I am. Lynette, Brenda shows me you have your hand and ice, you’re breaking up ice because that little spy, because this is what she’s doing. It’s, it’s stunning. It’s fun. It’s magical. And this is the kind of connection we can get with our loved ones. You notice this is without going through some big ritual quieting my mind. I just sit down. I know she’s here. Just like I tried to get all of you to understand your loved one to pass. When you think about them. They’re right here. So it’s just,

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Hey, what do you have to tell me?

Suzanne Giesemann 30:57
And you can get to the point where you have that kind of relationship Your daughter has dropped in on me like that many times? as I know.

Brian Smith 31:02
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s interesting, as you say that also because it takes time to think of our guides, who sees you know, these exalted beings that you know, and and, you know, I’ve read a series a book called The team, I read the I read it a couple times, I love this book, these books, but they talk about how we we are we come here in teams, you know, and we play different roles in each other’s lives. And so Brenda was here, Brenda played a role in your life in the physical. And now Brenda has crossed before you is playing a role as your guide right now. I didn’t realize she’d become your guide on the other side. That’s really cool.

Suzanne Giesemann 31:38
And as you say that about her some exalted being she’s cracking me up, she’s putting on like this turban, and she’s acting like that, but hamming it up because she’s, she’s anything but what, what allowed Brenda to step into that role so quickly is that she worked so hard on herself to clear out the blockages and the gunk, and she truly found self love while in human body. And that’s our path to realize we’re already that love that everybody’s seeking out here. And once we awaken to that,

like it’s like icing on the cake.

Brian Smith 32:13
Yeah. And I want to talk about I want to talk about Ben do some work. I just love talking about Brenda. But you know, she she had this illness that she was, you know, seeking healing from the physical illnesses and that she saw that he saw a healer. And I thought was interesting. Because, you know, the healer said, I guess that Brenda was healed, but not physically. And

Suzanne Giesemann 32:32
that thing, right, she cleared out the last of the gunk, it was Deborah Martin, and you can find that interview on my radio show messages of hope, through my website and the archives, and incredible story of how she sought healing of her cancer. But she died of cancer, but she was healed emotionally, spiritually. And that’s what she says, I went straight to the head of the class Brenda did.

Brian Smith 32:57
Yeah, I think it’s important for people in dogs A lot of times when we we lose a level we’re like, why did they have to go? Why wasn’t my prayer answer? Why weren’t they healed? You know, and, and I remember, this is kind of a segue. But I remember when you were channeling tonight at it was either hpH conference was another conference. And it was hpH. Because everybody in the room that lost children, everybody in the room, child transition. And someone asked why did this happen to us? And so nyas answer was basically, you see it as a tragedy from the human perspective. But from a higher perspective, it’s a different thing. And I still remember that when you when you are you are denia said that. And it’s something I take for as I’ve worked with parents that have gone through this because we we have a very limited perspective that that talking to someone like you and taking your classes and going to your workshops, can help us open up this broader perspective of who we really are.

Suzanne Giesemann 33:53
Yeah, that’s, that’s ultimately the greatest fringe benefit of trying to connect across the veil. We find out there were so much more than these finite beings. And it’s, it is transformational.

Brian Smith 34:03
Yeah. Well, that’s, I think that’s kind of what it’s all about. It’s that I we talked earlier, I said, Tell me about you. And you corrected me instead, it’s about your story. And we identify so closely with our story, but we are these infinite beings.

Suzanne Giesemann 34:19
Yep. And you say that it reminds me that we got invited to the Marine Corps birthday dinner here, where I live in my community were part of the I live in a community called moss Creek and they have moss Creek Marines, and Ty and I are honorary members because of Susan being marine. And we’re both retired Navy officers. So we’re honored that they allow us these Marines allow us to be part of their group. But Ty said, I’m wearing my uniform to that dinner and I thought, oh, we’re allowed to wear uniforms to specific things like that. And I found mine now I’ve retired. It’s really scary 17 years ago now, but I found my uniform and it still fits which is awesome. But I put it on. None. I found this bag of all my medals and all my friends. ribbons and on my doodads. Let’s say I would, that’s a terrible word. No disrespect to the uniform. But it says I was a commanding officer and I served on the Joint Staff. And Brian, I felt myself getting caught up in the story, oh, I even ordered a new set of ribbons because it didn’t have the last one that I earned on my retirement day. You know, it was like my guides caught me up short and said, Yo, what is happening to you? And the next day, I cancelled the order the ribbons. And I said, you know, we love our stories. But I see now I’m so proud of my time in the military. But I’m not gonna wear my uniform to that dinner, because that’s not who I am anymore. Yes, it was a wonderful role. But when you identify with the role, when it causes you to feel more important, or special, or all those things, that’s a trap. That’s a real trap. And so, yeah, I honor the story. Because of that background. People pay attention. When I talk about the gritty reality. So many people say, Oh, if she can believe then it’s safe for me to believe. And it is. Yeah, but I don’t want to go back to

allowing roles to,

to show me who I think I am. Yeah, a lot of times we who are we we’re souls, we are the light, we are the expression of this life force, who put on costumes. And I’m not talking about a uniform, I’m talking about this body. And I know this is so because I talked to those who no longer have a body every day, that’s what mediums have shows us. So my greatest goal is to see all of us here in physical form, without the body to see everybody as the light in the military, you walk down the hallway, you immediately have to look at what rank they are, especially if you’re outside. So you know, if you have to salute them or not. You look at the ribbons, you look at their insignia to identify them to put them in little boxes and see how you relate. That’s that that is the antithesis of seeing everybody as the expression of love of light. You see the difference? Yeah. And it was stunning. How quickly I was just gonna fall right back in that role I get to dress up.

Brian Smith 37:26
Yeah, that’s a great point. Because I think we do get caught up in roles and and we can either cling to those roles sometimes especially I know, sometimes parents when again, when a child transitioned, am I still a mother? Am I still a father? And and we’ve, we grieve the loss of that role. And we’re like, you know, who am I now? Because I’m, that’s all that I was. Or if someone gets divorced, I’m not a wife anymore. So that cleaning to the rolls can cause us a lot of suffering.

Suzanne Giesemann 37:52
Yeah, so you just, you know, we’ve come to this life to play roles. And we do, we do have to identify ourselves in some way, because that’s how we relate to people. But the question I ask is, I show a slide off and with this little character with a ball and chain around the ankle? Does that role help you or hinder you, I still will slip into the commander role when I need to be really organized and get things done. But I opened my heart at the same time and try not to be rigid about things. So that role served me well and still does. But I don’t want it to become my identity.

Brian Smith 38:27
Yeah, and it makes it makes life a lot lighter. I think when we can we can start to carry that perspective on a daily basis. I am not this body. I’m not just you know, Brian, I’m not just Suzanne, this is a role that I’m playing. I played other roles before I play other roles in the future. I think it makes it we can more easily let go of the things that seems so burdensome, you know, in this world.

Suzanne Giesemann 38:52
Yeah. And this is these are the deeper spiritual lessons that all come out of studying mediumship. So it’s just a blessing all around.

Brian Smith 38:59
But we’re going through, you know, incredibly difficult times. It seems like for everybody right now. And I’m sure as a medium, you probably get asked what’s your opinion of what’s going on? And what’s going to happen? And so that leads to a question. Now, what’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? And do you do psychic things? Or do you talk to dead people?

Suzanne Giesemann 39:20
Both because once you can talk to the spirit, you tune into an energy field and we and human forms are that energy field field, we just happen to have a body. So if you can tune into a spirit without a body, you can also tune into spirit with the body. And so you just merge your energy field and read it. But as far as the future, I don’t see the future as laid out in stone. It’s so variable depending on the choices people make. So the future is predictable to a certain point because you can get the higher perspective and see all the parts coming together based on choices that have already been made or about to be made, but too much farther than a few weeks out. It’s challenging, there are some who can do that very well. But that’s not to usual. So a psychic is reading the energy of someone here in a physical body. mediumship is someone who’s no longer in a body or guides and angels know that. As far as what’s going on now, the guides continuously just say, it’s all going to depend on the choices that you all make. But everything everything, especially chaos, and unrest is an opportunity to learn through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. And always, when we tune into the heart, and align with the light, the force that flows through us, we come together in much more beautiful ways.

Brian Smith 40:43
Yeah, I think I think the chaos suits from my perspective, the castle numbers do breed bring us sometimes Stark choices. And we realize we get to make choices. It exposes things that maybe we could be doing better. But I know this is a time where a lot of people are feeling nervous, they’re feeling very scared, and wondering if everything’s gonna be okay.

Suzanne Giesemann 41:06
Ultimately, everything at the deepest level is okay, because source can’t be harmed. And we are an expression of that. And we will all eventually leave these physical bodies and say, God, it was like waking up from a dream. And I look at them, and I’m still fine. So if only I had known then that all is well. So if we could just, it’s like they say die daily to the ego to the story, right? If we could just join our loved ones in our awareness, sit beside them looking down on us. They tell us our loved ones tell us repeatedly in my readings, it’s fine. Everything is okay. So we we get caught up in the drama and forget, there’s another whole perspective we can take and find that piece that’s already present.

Brian Smith 41:50
Yeah, and I I get your messages every day from tonight. And I appreciate those very much because I get I first thing I look at when I get on Facebook in the morning, and it helps for people it helps for me to try to keep that perspective that that everything ultimately is okay. But you know, the drama, I think, was for some at some level, we’d like to drum I guess we must because we come here and do it right? So what would you say? What is what is the purpose? Why do we come here and do this

Unknown Speaker 42:18

Suzanne Giesemann 42:20
spirit, God consciousness awareness is already whole and complete. But it’s so full and overflowing with potential. It’s basically people says it’s to get to know itself better. No, it’s completed, knows itself intimately. So it decides to know itself as something other than itself. So it becomes limited and finite in billions of expressions for the experience of being something other than holding complete. And through making choices. We get to experience completeness, fullness, joy, beauty, creativity, and something other than that, and it’s so painful at times we say, Ah, yes, but I know what it feels like to be complete. So I’m just gonna keep following that nudge back to completeness. So it’s for the experience of all of it. The Good, the Bad, the not so good. Not so bad, the whole palette, because it is school, we are here to learn lessons, but it’s more like art school, how to make something more beautiful out of the beauty that you already are.

Brian Smith 43:33
Huh, wow, that was a appreciate that. That’s a great way of putting it. So sometimes people I don’t know how you feel about soul planning. So I will ask you, how do you feel about so planning? Because when I talk to parents when they hear soul planning and be like, I would never plan this? Why? Why would I do this to myself?

Suzanne Giesemann 43:54
I can understand that. Trust me. Oh, yeah, I know, moments where I say let me off the planet, you know, and those other moments where you just know I am in this world, but not of it. I’ve asked my guides about soul planning and they’re absolutely roles we agreed to take on milestones we agreed to to achieve exit points, sometimes multiple when we can leave because you will have learned a certain amount. But within that there’s there is some sway because we have that free will get too far off the path and you will get nudged back. Other than that, I don’t want to get into that too deeply because it’s still going to be a story. And if I tell you I won’t know ultimate truth till I get to the other side. Yeah,

Brian Smith 44:47
yeah. Well, I was looking for your opinion. It’s something that comes up a lot. And it’s interesting because some people say yeah, and I know I know people that are very well versed in the afterlife and they’re like absolutely public. And I know other people say, Well, no, it’s all about freewill. My personal thing is I don’t think we know I think it’s, it’s somehow both and in our human minds can understand how it can be both at the same at the same time.

Suzanne Giesemann 45:12
That’s like, both human and soul at the same time. It’s not either or.

Brian Smith 45:16
Yeah. So I think, yeah, I tell people, I was talking with someone yesterday, and they were just like, I just can’t accept this. And I said, then fine. Don’t if it. If it doesn’t help you, then then don’t but what we can though is that we are ultimately going to be okay. And that and that it’s assistance. It’s temporary thing, right?

Suzanne Giesemann 45:37
How about we we are okay, right now beneath the layers of gunk that just needs to be excavated? Yeah, we are. Okay, now, it’s in there that help you through this time.

Brian Smith 45:53
I’ve alluded to scenario a couple of times, and people may not know, because I was so nice was tell us who are what’s deniers.

Suzanne Giesemann 46:00
They’re my guides who laughed at me when I said, there’s no such thing as spirit guides. I was stealing commander mode. And they’ve just proven themselves to me with evidence over and over and over again. And these daily messages that come through, and I sit to meditate each morning, thousands of people read them now Brian, and, and it’s what compels me to keep going because they touch people at a heart level. And they keep us balanced and centered. But the evidence comes in beautiful ways. Like, they’ll give me a morning message. And they’ll they’ll start by talking about puppies, and then make a metaphor about puppies in life. And then I find out later, it’s national puppy day, that kind of evidence, it’s just magical. And it started well over a decade ago are thousands of them on my website, we you can find it easily by going to daily or on my Facebook page and sign up to get them by email. But one thing that guys have said over and over is that we get so caught up in our human roles and the drama, we’re here for the experience. But it’s really great to read something uplifting, something that helps us bring our soul awareness to front and center. So these daily were messages and there are many other things we can be reading as well are just a way to do that to not get so caught up in the drama that we think this human life is all there is.

Brian Smith 47:27
Yeah, I think I think it’s this it’s all about balance. As you said earlier, we have to be we have to be both we have to be in use in the world, but not of it. And so I know your backgrounds, not really in religious stuff. But my background is very religious. So I quote Jesus all the time. And being in the world, but not of it keeps coming back to me over and over again. And when I’m when I’m talking to people, I’m like, okay, we have to be part of the human story. The human story does make a difference. You know, we do feel real pain and everything. But we are at the same time this this magnificent being that’s that everything is all well, and we have to we don’t want to get so lofty that we can’t function here. Because I’ve heard people say that they’ve had spiritual transform experiences where they lost their ego, and they’re like, I couldn’t do anything. Like I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t do anything. On the other hand, we don’t want to get really too bogged down. He does something like sinaia to me on a daily basis, you know, really helps me to say, Okay, yeah, I’m going to be okay, I need to go out and still do my thing during the day, I’ve got to go through all the stuff we have to go through as human beings. And I was talking with someone just earlier today, we were saying, you know, because we’re both, we’re both followers of you. And we were saying how, you know, we were looking forward to going home, but we’re enjoying being here, but at the same time.

Suzanne Giesemann 48:39
That’s wonderful. And that’s that’s the whole goal to enjoy the experience during the good times. And during the times that aren’t so good. Just recognize that isn’t experienced, and this too shall pass. I wanted to say that. So Naya is the name that this group of guides gave me when they first came through in 2009 or 10. And I looked up the name and it it means eminent distinguished and of the gods it means one worth knowing. But it was years later Brian I found out it also means flash of lightning, which is how Susan was killed. And so it’s a group of higher beings, they they change sometimes there’s a different voice speaking like a literary voice, sometimes philosophical, sometimes scientific, but they know what they’re doing far better than I did.

Brian Smith 49:31
Yeah, well, I’ve known you for a while and I remember when I met you, you were starting to channels and I have publicly you’ve only done it a couple of times I think before that and I got a site for me it was really interesting experience because you said you know I don’t I didn’t know if you’re into this stuff or not. And that was a little bit beyond my comfort zone. But I’ve seen evidence since then. That it’s definitely absolutely for real.

Suzanne Giesemann 49:54
Oh yeah. I love when the guys come in. They’re like, I don’t know Is she memorizing all those words? And then we take questions from the audience. And the answers are immediate, they’re fluent, they’re clear. They’re lengthy. And it’s just no denying that’s not coming from this one.

Brian Smith 50:10
Yeah. So um, Suzanne, you’re everybody wants to get a reading with you. And I know you’re, you’re, I think you’re taking wedding lists anymore at this time.

Suzanne Giesemann 50:19
I know that, because we just got it down to under 800. From the thousands.

Brian Smith 50:23
Yeah, well, you know, it, you’re, like I said, I said, when I talked about, you always assume everybody knows who you are. Because I know that you’re, you’re definitely one of the best mediums in the world in terms of your messaging and the evidence and everything else that you do. But I know you give of yourself in a lot of other ways with your radio program, and your and your, what you’re doing with this shift network. And so tell people other ways that they could reach you, besides just getting a reading with you?

Suzanne Giesemann 50:50
Well, that’s the thing, Brian, it’s kind of the old, give a man a fish or teach a man to fish, I can’t, I can’t deny the impact of a reading. And I love doing them. And I will continue to do them. But I can reach far more people and help them help themselves by teaching you how to connect yourself. So I do that in a variety of ways. First, I have my radio show, just to give us hope that’s a weekly thing. And then I have monthly mentoring sessions, which people happily find very valuable because I keep doing them. And what that is, is the freshest teaching from the guides over the past month, they’ve never failed me two solid hours of what the guides want us to know about connecting about mediumship about our lives about raising consciousness. So those are monthly mentoring. And then I have this three courses with the shift network two are already done. I have a new one starting in December with a big launching event for that I believe sometime in November, if you’re on my email list, you’ll find out about it or Brian can tell you about his email list. And then what else I have online classes I have meditation, CDs, lots of free gifts on my website, Suzanne giesemann comm slash gifts, and probably 100 YouTube videos, and just so many tools to help you connect yourself. You never know if you can be a medium for other people till you try. If you haven’t been seeing spirits your whole life, I’m the living proof of that. So it’s it’s fun to open ourselves to new experiences. And most of all, the greatest gift I can give everybody, besides showing that their loved ones are still here is showing how much love is inside you right now. This is just an awesome journey to be on with all of you.

Brian Smith 52:33
Yeah, it’s, um, I just said, you know, getting to know you over the years and watching as how you’ve developed your, your integrity, your professionalism. It’s just it’s really, it touches people, which is why everybody wants to wants to get a reading with you. So people always ask me, like, Who’s the best beating me and I’m like, Well, you can’t get a reading with theirs. Tell me Give me somebody, let me give you somebody else. But there are other ways that people can can learn from you and experience you know, what you’ve experienced. And and your story is just your story, not who you are. But your story is really, you know, inspiration, I think, for people that are skeptical and say, you know, this stuff is all woowoo and you know, your naval commander background that that gives you credibility. So

Suzanne Giesemann 53:17
well, you know, the greatest thing for me is the joy of doing readings when when these wows come through and I’ll say, Oh, that’s a wow. And I still do I get so excited with something fun happens. And I remember this one guy who came with his wife, and they each got a rating separately. And he came in I said, so how do you feel about mediumship? And he says, Well, I’m kind of on the fence about it. I sent all right. And all this stuff came through and including his brother who showed me a special knife that he still had from his brother. He showed me his brother was really angry. So it wasn’t just oh, here’s your brother who loves you. He was an angry man. And then in comes this guy’s friend I said your your friends show me you guys used to smoke these funny little cigarettes. And he said how you doing bro? And he also tells me you actually have Native American background and the guy’s eyes are just wide like this. And when the reading was over, I said so how do you feel about mediumship now and he says I gotta tell you I’m not on the fence anymore. It’s like yeah, spirit did that they got another convert there to the fact that we are not alone. I just want to tell everybody talk to your loved ones Brian the thing that I’m not satisfied unless I get in every reading is current events. What is your level and just done recently? What’s going on in their life now to show they’re here with you like your daughter tells me You’ve just spilled a glass of water and you were wiping it up right before the reading or your your husband tells me you have a tooth that’s missing right here. Yeah, just fill out these kinds of things like, like Lynette is, is moving a zipper up and down. These are common events of the Spirit. See, because they are part of our lives. They are right here.

Brian Smith 55:04
Yeah. And I’m glad you said that because my daughter, you and Shana seem to have a special relationship with Shayna. We’ll drop it on you and you can’t buy our house like it’s about a year ago. And you were telling us things that we were we were doing that day or a couple days before. And Shayna will tell you things that are happening in our lives. Or, you know, I remember one time you said something about Kayla was playing with the basketball. And I was like, well, Suzanne’s got that wrong, because Kayla won’t touch a basketball. My daughter hates any kind of sports. And we called her and said, you know, would you play with the basketball that maybe your boyfriend Did you know, they were playing the basketball or something. And she’s been playing with one little girl she was watching. And they were making balls out of playdough and pretending they were bouncing them like basketballs. So I would when you said that I was like, there’s no way that That’s right. So and I could tell I could go on and on with stories just between between your yourself and myself. But I say this to the audience to be open and to look for look for signs and and and they’re just incredible things. And I had a friend once she asked me she’s a she’s a I guess you’d call herself an atheist. Maybe she called herself agnostic, but she didn’t believe in mediumship at all. But she was open minded. She said, Tell me the best medium, you know, Brian, because I want to get a reading from the best medium that you know, I don’t believe this is gonna work. I’m not going to tell her any information. But I’m gonna I’m gonna check it out for myself. And I gave her the name of a friend of mine. And she called me back later on. She said, she blew me away she made she converted me she and so I was like, I was so glad now she’s she’s a believer. I’ve had her on my show. She’s like, yeah, I’ll tell everybody about this woman because she told me things she couldn’t possibly know.

Suzanne Giesemann 56:39
Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. Yeah. And spirit will pull out all the stops to let us know this one. When, when it serves the greater good. I have one woman I was getting next to nothing. And I feel this woman’s grandmother here with me. But just it was like pulling teeth. And I said, I’m sorry. It’s just not flowing. And the woman said, dog going at this happens every time. I mean, I feel my grandmother around me, but I

just can’t believe she’s here.

Yeah, you know, grandma had to hold back because that was this woman’s life lesson to open up to trust them believe our beliefs are so important. Yeah.

Brian Smith 57:22
Yeah, that’s good. That’s good to know. That’s, that’s, I think that’s important for all of us. And so I want to encourage people to set to, to stay open to look for the evidence to look for the signs. You know, if you if you begin about getting medium reading, find, find a good medium, find a recommendation. It can and it can change your life. I’ve seen it change people’s lives.

Suzanne Giesemann 57:43
Like the woman who, whose son came through and said, Mom, you don’t need those meds anymore. And I said, check with your doctor if he can go off this medication. But she was so transformed by that reading. She went back to work and her colleagues said, What meds are you on? You’re so happy all of a sudden she said, My son is my meds. Yeah. That’s it. She found out he’s still around. And

that’s what we need to know.

Brian Smith 58:11
Yeah, absolutely. Well, Suzanne, I really appreciate you doing this. I know how crazy busy you are. So I appreciate you fitting this in your schedule. As always good talking to you. So I’m

Suzanne Giesemann 58:20
up and I’d rather do Brian and let people know how real this is.

Brian Smith 58:25
Yeah. All right. Well, you have a good weekend. You too. All right. Talk to you later. Bye.

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  1. Wonderful interview! Encourages me to remember my loved ones are here with me and accessible. Thanks so much Brian and Suzanne.