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Roberta Grimes had two experiences of light in childhood that prompted her to spent decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence. Eventually, she figured out what her experiences of light had been, and beyond that, she learned so many details about what happens at and after death that in 2010 she published The Fun of Dying – Find Out What Really Happens Next. Her 2014 sequel was The Fun of Staying in Touch – How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them, after which in 2015 came Liberating Jesus. Her 2016 book, The Fun of Growing Forever – We Can’t Transform the World Until We Transform Ourselves, demonstrates how well the Gospel teachings of Jesus work to help us develop spiritually. Then in 2017, she published The Fun of Living Together – We Must Learn to Live Together as Brothers or perish Together as Fools, which explains how we can heal our racial problems in one generation.

A graduate of Smith College and Boston University School of Law, Roberta does a weekly radio program and podcast called “Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes” on and many other venues. She blogs and answers questions at

ℹ️ You can find Roberta at:


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