Heather Allison- Awaken Your Divine Feminine

Heather is an Activator of those who are here to be Activators, the Divine Feminine guide for Divine Feminine guides, a Destiny Accelerator for those who feel they are here for a bigger impact, a more beautiful life, and a Sacred Purpose.

She is an only child who has always had a simple life, a rich inner world, and animals as companions; a Pisces, a Manifestor, a Life Path 9, and a Fire Dragon – in other words, the perfect candidate to have a sudden Spiritual Awakening at the age of 40, and then start teaching the deep Feminine, Archetypal, Energetic and Consciousness principles she receives from what she calls her Cosmic Team.


IG @iamheatherallison

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamheatheral…

Some of the things we discussed.

What the Mystery Is & What a Mystery School Holds: Everything we crave as humans is found in the Feminine Archetype and the Mystery Letting Ourselves Be Guided by our Soul: She is the one who has the ‘map’ for everything we desire.
Misconceptions About What Feminine Energy Is: It’s not what you wear, what hobbies you enjoy, or anything else ‘external-facing.’
The Delicate Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Partnership: Why romantic / love relationships fail when the Feminine Energy is missing
Fate, Destiny, Free Will, and Manifestation: And why it’s a lot more complex and a lot less linear than most people think or teach.

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