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Her Amazing Connection With Her Starseed Child In Spirit

Starseed children are rare but have a huge impact on the lives of their parents and the world. Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience, yet it remains one of the most challenging emotions to navigate. In a recent episode of Grief to Growth, host Brian Smith sits down with Teena Christel to explore her transformative journey from profound loss to spiritual awakening. Teena’s story is one of resilience, healing, and finding purpose amidst pain, offering invaluable insights for anyone grappling with grief. As a fellow Shining Light Parent, and someone who has worked with and spoken to hundreds of others, her story is both familiar and unique.

Teena Christel’s Background

Before her journey into spiritual growth, Teena Christel led a life focused on career and family. Her son, Chase, was a remarkable individual with extraordinary sensitivity and intelligence, often referred to as a Starseed child. Chase’s unique qualities set the stage for the profound impact his loss would have on Teena’s life.

The Journey Through Grief

The sudden loss of her son at the age of 23 plunged Teena into the depths of grief. The initial stages were marked by overwhelming sorrow, guilt, and a sense of emptiness. Teena shares how she struggled to find peace and joy, questioning her ability ever to feel whole again. This period was a turning point that led her to seek deeper meaning and healing. As Teena recalls, “I could not imagine I would ever be happy ever again. I couldn’t find joy. I couldn’t even find peace.”

Discovering Heart-Focused Breathing

One of the pivotal practices that aided Teena in her healing journey was heart-focused breathing. This technique involves concentrating on the heart area and envisioning the breath flowing in and out through the heart. It promotes emotional balance and resilience, helping to manage the intense emotions associated with grief. Teena describes how integrating this practice into her daily routine brought a sense of calm and clarity. “Heart-focused breathing allowed me to bring myself back into my heart and eventually find peace,” she explains.

Exploring the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records, often referred to as a spiritual database, played a pivotal role in Teena’s journey. These records are believed to hold the history of every soul and its journey. Through accessing the Akashic Records, Teena gained profound insights into her life’s purpose and her soul agreements. This understanding provided her with a broader perspective on her grief, transforming it into a catalyst for spiritual growth. “Accessing the Akashic Records felt like coming home. It gave me clarity and a sense of purpose that I had been missing,” Teena shares.

The Healing Power of Art

In the midst of her grief, Teena discovered painting as a powerful therapeutic outlet. Initially feeling an inexplicable urge to create, she began painting daily. This creative process allowed her to express and process her emotions in a non-verbal way, facilitating deeper healing. Teena emphasizes the importance of finding a personal outlet for grief, whether it be through art, music, writing, or another form of creative expression. “Painting became my way of processing grief. It was a divine gift that helped me survive the darkest times,” she says.

Embracing Heart-Based Living

As Teena continued to heal, she transitioned to a heart-based approach to living. This shift involved prioritizing love, compassion, and inner peace in her daily life. Practical steps included regular meditation, heart-focused breathing, and connecting with her spiritual guides through the Akashic Records. This approach not only helped her navigate her grief but also opened up new avenues for spiritual growth and fulfillment. “Living heart-based means prioritizing love and compassion. It has transformed my outlook and brought me closer to my true self,” Teena explains.

Starseed Children

Starseed children are highly advanced souls who originate from different dimensions, planets, or star systems. These children often exhibit extraordinary intelligence, sensitivity, and a deep sense of purpose from a young age. They are thought to possess unique spiritual gifts and a heightened awareness of their mission on Earth. A common theme among Shining Light Parents is that many Starseed children seem to have brief lifespans, during which they profoundly impact those around them. Their time here is often seen as a mission to bring light, wisdom, and a higher consciousness before they return Home to their cosmic origins. This knowledge about starseed children has brought comfort to parents, understanding that their child’s short but meaningful presence on Earth had a significant and purposeful impact.

Teena’s Message to Grieving Parents

For parents dealing with the loss of a child, Teena offers heartfelt advice rooted in her own experiences. She encourages them to allow themselves to fully experience their grief while also being open to the signs and messages from their departed loved ones. By embracing spiritual practices and seeking personal outlets for their emotions, parents can find a path to peace and purpose. “Grief is a soul journey. It’s important to embrace it fully and allow it to transform you,” Teena advises.


Teena Christel’s journey from grief to spiritual awakening is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Her story illustrates that while the pain of loss may never fully disappear, it is possible to find meaning, growth, and even joy on the other side of grief. For anyone navigating a similar journey, Teena’s experiences offer hope and guidance.


If Teena’s story has resonated with you, I invite you to explore more about her work at HealingHeartist.com. Additionally, join our community at Grief2Growth.com/Community to connect with others on similar paths and find further support and inspiration.

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