Her Mediumship Heals Both Sides- Karen Docherty

Typically, we think of a medium reading as healing for the sitter, the person who hires the medium. We don’t often think of a reading as beneficial for the person in the spirit world. I had a fascinating conversation with Karen Docherty, who shares frank and fresh perspectives on mediumship, dealing with grief, and how the mechanics of mediumship work. Along the way, she busts some myths that I think you’re going to want to hear about.

Karen has been aware of her psychic abilities from a young age and communicates with those who have crossed over every day. Her mission is to help and heal through her mediumship and to help people understand how spirit works. She is a mentor and teacher and helps students to develop their innate mediumistic gifts. Karen’s love of her work is outstanding, and her passion for all things mediumship drives her forward, bringing evidential mediumship to the forefront every time.

You can find Karen at:

🔗 https://www.karenpsychic.com

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