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Her Son JT Told Her What Heaven Is Like

Unraveling the mystical layers of the afterlife, spirituality, and mediumship, my recent conversation with the remarkable Sarina Baptista offers an extraordinary exploration of the unseen. Sarina, an award-winning author, international speaker, spiritual teacher, and evidential psychic medium, shares her inspiring journey of discovering her intuitive abilities following the tragic loss of her son, JT, at the tender age of seven.

Through her candid narration, Saina underscores how her tragedy guided her toward unearthing her spiritual gifts and purpose. Her story is a testament to the enduring bonds of love and the transformative power of loss, illuminating the pathway from grief to guidance. As we delve deeper into our discussion, we touch upon some profound and universal questions that arise when a child departs early and how such heartbreaking experiences can sometimes lead to an unexpected awakening.

Sarina and I navigate the intricate realms of spirituality and the afterlife, providing insights into our ongoing conversations with departed loved ones. Her experiences, encapsulated in her book, spark an intriguing dialogue on immortality. The talk, though difficult, sheds light on the extra love and compassion showered on these souls on the other side and their role in guiding those contemplating the same path.

Our conversation also emphasizes the importance of connecting with our guides and recognizing the signs they offer. We discuss the significance of meditation in raising our frequency and setting an intention to associate exclusively with high-frequency assistance. Our guides communicate in various ways, ranging from number sequences to dreams, and these means of connection can evolve.

Understanding the nuances of mediumship and spirituality involves recognizing that our guides might change over time. Sarina provides an enlightening perspective on this, stating that even children on the other side can act as guides due to their high-frequency souls. Our dialogue underlines the significance of creating a safe space during spiritual explorations. It emphasizes the need to ask for high-frequency help, dispelling fears about connecting with lower energies.

This episode is a treasure trove of enlightening perspectives, practical tools for connection, and a reaffirmation of love’s enduring bonds. I hope you find solace and inspiration in Serena’s journey and her wisdom, providing you with a deeper understanding of the afterlife, mediumship, and the transformational power of loss.

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  1. Thank you, Brian, I very much enjoyed this podcast and was so grateful to hear her take, especially on our kids who have taken their own life. It has seemed clear to me from David‘s letters that there were other choices that would have been better for him, and for those that he loved, but I know that it was the only choice that he saw at the moment. The way that she talked about this experience being in a life plan has made sense to me for a long time. I have gotten a lot out of all of your Podcasts. This was extremely helpful and I passed it on to two friends who are struggling with the recent passing of their kids. Thank you for what you do.