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His Memories Span Lifetimes- Christian Sundberg

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I was so excited to finally get to sit down with Christian Sundberg. I’ve heard him speak several times and wanted to share him with you. Welcome to this enlightening podcast interview with Christian. He shares his unique and profound insights into the human experience.

Christian is a remarkable individual who remembered his existence before coming to Earth as a child and then rediscovered it later in life through meditation and personal awakening. In this conversation, Christian discusses his experiences with Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and how they helped him remember his true nature. He shares his insights on the importance of love in our human journey and how we can connect with our deeper selves to live a more fulfilling life.

Christian’s perspectives are sure to change the way you view your life, and his wisdom is relevant to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Aside from his spiritual journey, Christian has extensive experience as a project manager in complex manufacturing projects, giving him a unique perspective on the intersection of spirituality and practicality.

He is also the author of the book “A Walk in the Physical,” which explores the larger spiritual context of our existence and emphasizes the importance of love in our human journey.

This conversation is essential for anyone interested in spirituality, personal growth, and living a more fulfilling life.

You can reach Christian at:


Some of the topics we covered:

* The reason for coming to be human
* The nature of the veil
* Our true nature/ what we really are
* Grief as an expression of love


The pre-incarnate state is very difficult to describe in language.


How to work with your guides to transform your vibration.


Reviewing this life in detail.


Why are we here? What is the point? What is the experience?


What’s the most real thing?


Go out and explore your unconsciousness.


The two simultaneous truths of the nature of our nature.


The Matrix is like the ultimate reality avatar.


What’s going to happen in the play.


Being in the cold is like being on Mount Everest.


The human spirit is mightier than all the crap on earth.


Love is like a chime on the wind.


We have the freedom to make choices that may not be according to plan.


Our joy is the substance of what we are.


What is love? What is fear? What is fear?

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  1. Wow Brian! One of the best interviews ever! I feel so moved by Christian’s sharing in such a deep way. There is nothing like the feeling when you know what you are hearing is the truth. Tears of gratitude and joy. Thankyou!