Jesus In His NDE Made Him A Healer

How One Man’s Jesus NDE Awakened Powerful Gifts

Jesus is an influential and somewhat common figure in NDEs. A Jesus NDE has the potential to change lives in almost unimaginable ways.


Laurence Brock lived an ordinary life until a shocking car crash sent him off the cliff of mortal existence. In his Near-Death Experience (NDE), Laurence discovered depths of divine love and spiritual realms beyond imagination. He encountered none other than Jesus in a vision of guiding light during his NDE. But how did this utterly transform Laurence’s life purpose upon returning?

The Life-Changing Impact of a Jesus NDE

When Laurence regained consciousness from a three-day coma, he felt spiritually awakened with unexpected powers of healing and intuition. While modern medicine sees NDEs as neurological phenomena, those undergoing them often return with a renewed sense of mission. Over 35 years, Laurence incrementally integrated his NDE through spiritual practices and service. He awakened latent gifts by surrendering to mystical guidance from ascended masters like the Sufis. We’ll explore Laurence’s winding path to embracing gifts like energy healing that blossomed from sowing profound NDE insights.

Accelerating Soul Growth Through Facing Death

Confronting mortality through near-death scenarios can crack open the soul to awakening. By moving through resistance and fear around death, profound spiritual realizations can blossom. As Laurence recounts, “my near-death experience was a whack in the head to get me on track.” The intensity of an NDE often accelerates personal growth, and a soul may require years to activate through spiritual practice. In the white light of nearing the beyond, everyday assumptions get updated with transcendent truth in moments.

The Significance of Jesus In A NDE

While NDEs take diverse forms based on one’s expectations and beliefs, the presence of Jesus remains remarkably consistent. Even atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish people and more report encountering Jesus in NDEs as an embodiment of unconditional love. Christ’s persona’s centrality across humanity and inter-life realms is undeniable. Laurence’s Jewish background did not affect the breathtaking NDE revelation, helping him realize Jesus stood behind the divine presence exuding sacred light.

Beyond Religious Divides: Unity in the Spirit Realm

Experiencers often integrate NDE transformations outside preexisting paradigms. Laurence came to see beloved figures like Jesus, Buddha, and souls like the Sufi sages as allies on the same team holding sacred light. He notes, “In spirit, there are no divisions…it’s not like Jesus and Buddha are up there fighting!” Cultural conditionings melt away when immersed in the inter-life field of Oneness underlying earthly diversity. As religious texts point out, separation is the illusion, not our deep interconnection.

Unfolding the Integration Process Over Time

Rather than instant enlightenment, NDE afterglow fades without spiritual practice and community support. Laurence continually devoted himself to techniques like breathwork and meditation that kept his transformation alive decades later. He underscores, “even after 35 years of healing and studying mystical traditions, I still don’t fully understand my experience.” Staying open to unfolding insight about his NDE, without grasping for closure, remained essential. By repeatedly tapping transcendent states Laurence accessed during his brief death, he sustained spiritual growth.

Healing Modalities That Unlock Gifts After Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Studying modalities like polarity therapy, Laurence learned techniques to harmonize life force flow in the body. As he devoted himself to understanding the sacred light within, his hands grew hot with energy. Laurence discovered he could channel divine love for healing just by holding presence. The key was tuning his instrument – through meditative disciplines Laurence allowed those higher forces to align his cells. Rather than brute effort, he made space for grace by patiently integrating the frequencies first shown in his NDE.

How Past Life Gifts Can Surface Through NDEs

Though Laurence developed healing gifts in this lifetime, his soul likely forged these talents across many incarnations. As he recounts, “often gifts activated through NDEs reflect soul strengths built over eternal time.” Our essential nature of limitless consciousness persists in spite of appearing newly minted in each human birth. Studies show young children recall verifiable past life memories reflecting abilities they demonstrate intuitively this round. Like works of art expanding signature style through reinvented mediums, the soul retains its creative essence.

Supporting Others’ Death Journeys and Beyond With Spirit Communication

Learning to hold a loving presence enabled Laurence to support the dying and grieving. By relaxing fixation on physical separation, we process loss differently. Laurence notes that while bereavement flows in nonlinear waves, “I knew my deceased friend was at peace yet still missed her physical presence.” Even years later, our embodied bonds yearn for those who pass on until we transmute attachment. Yet by attuning to subtle realms interpenetrating here, living and dead reunite in light.

Overcoming Loss Through Understanding the Afterlife Transition Process

Humanity’s fear of mortality stems largely from not understanding death’s unfolding. We assume our loved ones vanish forever once the body fails when, in truth, soul transition is gradual. As Laurence explains, “I help clients understand that after physical death, the soul stays earthbound for a period before lifting to higher planes.” Through intention and released identification with form, spirits gradually orient to physical density planes until they inhabit their native formless domain. By grasping this death transition process, we relieve grief with meaningful context.

The Risks of Negative Energies Feeding Off Human Distress Patterns

Just as divine light profoundly uplifts human experience, negatively oriented forces thrive by harvesting human suffering. When fixating on death anxiety, fears, or attachment wounds we project, entities subsist emotional discharge unhealed traumas generate. As Laurence cautions, “Dark energies look for openings to make us doubt and generate fear.” Yet, in miracles of existence, far more powerful divine beings await an invitation to cut ties binding us to darkness. Setting the intention for support from angels, divas, and saints can overwrite destructive mind loops in invoking sacred presence. Until consciously dismantling negative attachments, they subtly manipulate human emotion Fields magnetically, drawing their matching energetic polarity across the veil.

Simple Techniques To Clear Negative Energies and Dark Forces

When asked about reducing harmful invisible influences, Laurence suggests gentle surrender rather than battening down. “Clearing space for higher light comes through inviting beloved divine figures to dissolve lower energies, not fighting directly against.” Adopting a compassionately neutral witness perspective defuses parasitic entities losing steam without emotional fuel. Basic spiritual practices elegantly override darkness by raising personal vibrations beyond divisive extremes. For instance, Laurence’s L Breathing exercise teaches grounding into the body for entering sacred embodiment.

Accessing the Divine Within Through Breath, Meditation and Presence Centering

Daily immersion in flow states awakens seed potentials gestating since Laurence’s NDE unveiling. Through journaling, attuning to inner guidance develops intuition and unpacking subconscious content. Regular meditation for dropping mental defenses unveils ever-present inner light. Even after extensive mystical apprenticeship, Laurence admits dedication wavers – and that’s part of being human. Simple breathing rhythms boost access to unwavering inner peace. Gradually, spiritual practice stabilizes as second nature presence. But until fully enlightened, the choice remains to either ground in mundane thought loops or sacred infinite consciousness.

Integrating Presence Through Lifestyle – How Routine Remembers Reality

Once tasting divine essence through NDEs or peak awakening experiences, the invitation becomes fully infusing such presence into lifestyle. Hence, small habitual reflections build spiritual embodiment spanning day-to-day existence. When chopping vegetables or brushing teeth, the invitation waits to surrender extraneous mental chatter. Laurence seeks to anchor the certainty that “everything was inherently okay he glimpsed in dying” into ordinary tasks. Through practicing micro-meditations while washing dishes and driving to work, bliss progressively interweaves everything. Fully integrated attunement with spirit dawns not through special effort but natural relaxation, ever-beholding eternal perfection, pervading now.

The Never Ending Journey of Spiritual Growth

Despite the profound transformation gifted by NDEs, lifelong learning continues as souls evolve. Even enlightened masters perpetually revolutionize helping hands to visit struggling worlds elsewhere. No one reaches the ultimate heights of knowledge; hence, the joyous journey never ceases in an ever-ascending fashion. As Laurence reflects, “there is always more to understand about my experience” – insight from near-death states unfurl over decades rippling insights. Forever changed by divine encounters, replenishing at ever-deepening wells of truth becomes the victorious forward path.


Meeting Jesus in a near-death vision utterly revived Laurence Brock’s divine calling to transform lives through sacred connection. By courageously walking the unknown path of his truth, he allowed heavenly currents to revolutionize fate’s limiting protocols. What glorious gifts long to blossom by fully surrendering to your soul’s magical potency? By patiently nurturing the seed revelations brought back from reopened eyes, we flower spiritual transformation even decades later. Death invariably resurrects opportunity for bold rebirth.

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Key Takeaways

  • Near-death experiences can catalyze profound spiritual awakenings and healing abilities over time through continuous surrender and integration.
  • There are always higher divine beings of love supporting us that we can call upon, whether Jesus, Buddha, angels, etc., based on our personal affinities.
  • Dedicated spiritual practice is essential for nurturing connection to higher states of being/guidance; even decades later, it requires continual devotion.
  • Everyone has innate intuitive healing gifts that can awaken through modalities like polarity therapy, meditation, and working with mystics.
  • While loss is deeply painful, our loved ones who pass on are often at peace in the spiritual realm – some train to support contact.
  • Dark/negative energies aim to separate us from light, but by asking divine figures to clear the path we can diminish these.
  • Simple but profound spiritual techniques like the L Breathing method can help us embody higher states.

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