Ingrid Honkala- A Brightly Guided Life- Podcast Episode 13

I have heard Ingrid in several interviews before and had the pleasure of having a conversation with her on behalf of Helping Parents Heal. But, I had not read her book “A Brightly Guided Life” until the day before this conversation. 
Ingrid has had two near-death/out of body experiences. Intuitive from a very young age, Ingrid has sense spirit and “light beings” around her all of her life. Her book reads like a novel as Ingrid has faced many challenges in her life. However, a key lesson that comes through loud and clear is that Ingrid’s life has been guided, even through events that no one would wish for themselves. Even during times when Ingrid told the Beings of Light she wanted to go on her own, they were there guiding her life.
As I was reading her book what I realized is that while Ingrid is unique in her experience with the Beings of Light, we all lead brightly guided lives, whether we are aware of it or not.
Ingrid is now an inspirational teacher, speaker, and author. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to have another conversation with her.
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